• Great post! I started Wealthy Affiliate back in March 2016 and I’ve never been happier! I’ve been scammed by other companies and wanted to bring awareness through my website by adding scam reviews.

  • Hi tony
    Thanks for this review about affiliate marketing. I wiil surely use affiliate programs on my website

  • Hi, Tonny,

    You did answer that WA is not available in Kenya.Do you mean the starter account?Please clarify what

    you meant?Thanks and see you in the member’s area.

  • Tony is nice seeing a busy person like you still devote lots of time, energy and passion attending to numerous questions from your subscribers etc. You are indeed the right guy.
    Please how can i get started with WA since Nigerians are not eligible for this unique programme?

  • Loucretia D. Grice

    I will like to started Today

  • If you have a website, can the website switch it’s hosting over to WA?

  • How much commission does Wealthy Affiliates pay you for people signing up through your “unbiased” “review” site ?

  • Hi,

    I am interested in promoting member-to-member opportunities. Not affiliate marketing. I have a website that generates leads each time I place ads. I pay for these ads. Does WA show how to generate traffic to other types of sites such as member-to-member sites? Many affiliate opportunities I have seen only offer $19 to perhaps $80 per sale. Member-to-member opportunities earn $250 – $1,000 per sale. Since it is just as easy to make a $19 sale as it is to make a $1,000 sale, I prefer to get paid $1,000 instead of $19 or so. My capture page is below. I am looking to generate leads at a lower cost. Thank you.

    • Hi Rex,

      Wealthy affiliate focuses on search traffic from Google and other search engines. I bet that’s how most people come to visit my site. So, I don’t need to pay for ads.

      When you own a website, you can promote any product even a $10,000 because you own the site, not Wealthy Affiliate.

      Continue with your venture Rex and thanks for stopping by.

  • This sounds like exactly what I am looking for, Tony. Yours is by far the best review of an affiliate opportunity that I have ever read — it has caught my attention and fired me up! I am a published audiobook narrator/independent publisher who writes my own marketing content 🙂 My goal (also with my audiobooks) is to build a strong residual income – and I came across your amazing review of WA through a search I conducted yesterday.
    I like every aspect of this program as you described it, and can devote two hours+ each day. This week is slammed, but when I’m ready to pull the trigger on WA, I will definitely sign up through YOU…

    • Hey Bill,

      Awesome that you are working on other marketing content. That’s great.

      Glad that you made it here and took action towards achieving your goals.

      I appreciate you signing up through me.

      See you in the members’ area.

  • Hi Tony,

    I have previously been a member but opted out. An age thing. I got so thoroughly confused with the information available it was easier to quit than continue.

    Having gone through your (and many others) review I was particularly impressed by your honesty and frankness and would like to rejoin, through your link. Can you please provide that, and enable me to rejoin as a premium member?

    • Hi Ashby,

      Thanks for sharing your past venture with the Wealthy Affiliates and what makes it easier to quit than continue.

      Yes, you can rejoin, I will contact you privately on how you can rejoin premium through my link.

  • Are the comments on your review for real? Is there a way to contact you and speak with you directly?

  • Lets face it, the only purpose of this web page is so when people join wealthy affiliate using your link you get 50% of the sale for as long as they are members.

    • People make an informed decision on what the program offers through this review, Jim,

      I want to help people find better options to making money online, learning affiliate marketing and build websites the easy way.

      and yes, I don’t see any problem being compensated 50% Commission when someone decides to buy through my affiliate link.

      Mind you, it’s completely up to them to join premium or not.

  • Been a member for 4 weeks now and I couldn’t be more impressed. I have gotten direct help from Kyle the owner on numerous occasions even when my questions may have been elementary/annoying.

    A few of the things that I really love about WA are the fact that you can connect and get help very easily. I also enjoy using their SiteRubix platform, it is very easy to build websites and I come from a Joomla background and I most likely won’t be going back. It is too simple and feature rich to use the website builder and all of the extra tools that one with it.

    Sometimes I do find that there is the odd spat within the community between members but it is much more helpful overall than anything I have been involved in.

    • Thanks for your testimonial Brian,

      It’s hard to believe that the owners help WA members one-on-one. That BLEW my mind to.

      The website builder is also top-notch to ensure that you concentrate on what matters. There are also some features like SSL that are worth over $100 if you host elsewhere.

      The Community support is Priceless.

  • Hello,

    Why is it that I keep getting free starter account is not available in my country?

    • Hey Sheila,

      Sorry that Wealthy Affiliate Starter is not available in your country.

      It is due to high levels of fraud. The owners want to keep their website safe to its users.

  • Hello Tony, am grateful for gurus like you. thanks for enlightenment and hope that i can still make real money online. l am a Nigerian, joining the affiliate marketing has not been easy, i tryed joining the premium like you said and its not still not working, Please help. thanks.


    • Hi Nsikak,

      I enquired from the founders and unfortunately, Nigeria cannot join WA affiliate. I’ll contact you via email and let you know the way forward.

      Have a great week ahead.

  • Mohamad Farid bin Abdullah

    Hey Tony Omary

    Barakallahu laka fii ahlika wa maalika(May the blessings of Allah be upon you, your families and your wealth).

  • Hi admin,

    Nice your honest reviews of WA, i like it very much. thanks for sharing with us.

  • I opened an account with wealthy affiliate 2016 but since then I have not done anything with it since I have to upgrade to premium before I can make money from it…and I happen to come across it again this time. So please I really want to know, if it really works and all the proves are not just mere lies to get people clicking on there links, how long does it take to get money from it. Is it possible to make some reasonable money the same month I upgrade to premium?

    • Hey My Josh,

      You are skeptical which is fine because it is now hard to know who to believe in this make money online space.

      This post has proofs that WA training works.(You have also probably found this article on Google which further proves the prowess in the game)

      I cannot guarantee you that you will make reasonable about of money when you join Premium but I have a BOLD GUARANTEE; You will remain the same place you are right Now if you don’t take action!

  • News Release

    Re: [Link Removed for the privacy]

    For Immediate Release – Wealthy Affiliate Scam Review Revealed!

    April 27, 2017 – It has come to my attention that the Wealthy Affiliate program actively teaches and allows their members to post fake reviews that are optimized with popular competitor company names + keywords like “scam” and “review”. When people use the search engines to find legitimate information about these competing companies, they are presented with fake review information that falsely makes their competitors look like scams. This is blatant slanderous activity and is liable under the law.

    Of course, at the end of each fake review is a link to Wealthy Affiliate. My advice to you is to not pay any attention to these fake reviews or any other review that has a monetary incentive at the end like a link to an affiliate program. Real reviews will have NO monetary incentive like paid ads, affiliate links, etc included in the review.

    If you are a company affected by one of these fake reviews, I highly encourage you to contact your attorney and sue the pants off of Wealth Affiliate for allowing and encouraging this kind of black hat, deceptive, and slanderous activity.

    If you are a victim of this slanderous scam, please contact the FBI internet crimes division and file a report today at http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx

    • Hi Bill,

      Glad that you noticed and sorry for removing the link because I had to. You are right. Most Wealthy affiliates(Not all) write fake reviews for the sake of making a sale with the wealthy affiliate. I was clear with my awesome readers in the introduction.

      Wealthy Affiliate is not the only “good thing” to promote(But the BEST for newbies in affiliate marketing) in the internet marketing industry. Mind you, WA does not teach you to write fake reviews.

      Anyway, no one owns keywords. It’s all about SEO. With the issue of “SCAM” and “REVIEW” keywords, it means that they are good for SEO(Search Engine Optimization) because the training within WA works!

      There are thousands of affiliate from non-internet marketing niches like health who are generating BIG BUCKS.

      In the part of affiliate links, I disagree with you. As long that there is a disclaimer in the website, it is your duty to make an informed decision. Smart entrepreneurs like Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income uses affiliate links since it a lucrative source of income.

      How will bloggers give free resources if nothing is compensated? It is expensive to host, have an auto-responder, Create content and any other thing related to developing a business.

      Have a Great week ahead.

  • Mukhtiar Ali Khan

    Thanks, Really Love to see your great information shared in this article. This article will really help to newbies who are interested in Affiliate Marketing.

    I want to contribute my complete affiliate marketing basic course with your readers. Hope my this little effort will help newbies to Learn Affiliate Marketing FREE.

    This affiliate marketing complete basic course is available on YouTube too.

    • Affiliate marketing is the most reliable way to make a living online. Great guide on how to learn affiliate marketing for free.

      But hey, I didn’t learn it for free to make money. You need some basic investment on education, hosting, auto-responder etc.

  • I appreciate that I learned from your article. I have been looking for some ways on how to make my affiliate blogs work like magic, I mean having sales. I am having a hard time in making sales. I do hope I can see changes after a couple of months. Many thanks again.

    • What is your main source of traffic Carlos? Search traffic remains to be the most quality traffic that converts like crazy. You also need to build an email list of loyal fans. Let me know if any of the methods work for you.

  • You are awesome! The old excited feeling I felt before when starting my affiliate blog seems to hit me again. can’t wait to see some good changes after following your ideas. Many Thanks!

  • Interesting ideas. I am new doing affiliate marketing and hope I can see a difference after trying out some of your ideas. Many Thanks!

  • Hi there,

    You mentioned that the free membership gives you access to the live chat and private messaging in WA. Is that still the case? Because I was of the understanding that, unless you’re a premium member, you completely lose access to the community and the ability to communicate with others after the first 7 days are up.

    • Hey Jordan,

      The live chat and private messaging are available for 7 days when you are a premium member as you mentioned. Nothing has changed. In order to get full access to the premium training(not available for starter members) and support, you will have to go premium.

  • Hey Tony,
    you built this website with SiteRubix in Wealthy Affiliate ?

  • Its not free in Kenya, need to pay about 360 dollars yearly or 49 dollars monthly. Not sure if it worth it really.

    • Hey Raphael.

      You are right Wealthy Affiliate is not available in Kenya which I mentioned in the FAQ. But when you try to balance what you get with the money, is worth it the money. From hosting, daily back-ups, support, Coaching, keyword research etc. Some people pay more than $49 for hosting alone.

      For your information, they are the best in the market having over 800,000 entrepreneurs and having been around for more than 10 years!

      Hope you will make an informed decision. It’s all up to you Raphael!

      Let me know if you need further assistance.

  • I am starting to launch my new affiliate website and reading your post gave me more ideas of what should I do to make it work effectively. Thank you sharing your ideas. Hope I can see more affiliate marketing tips from you. I need it badly as a newbie marketer. 🙂

    • Hey Dee,

      I’m glad that you found my wealthy affiliate review helpful. You also got the idea of an affiliate website which is awesome.

      More tips are coming Dee. Keep visiting the site.

  • money have nothing to do whether rich or poor, educated or not for money plays a vital role in a human life and with this informative script about making money online i have got my question answered for i have been searching for such information

    thanks for the information provided


  • That’s a very thorough review! You have really covered all the bases.

    For me, one of the most valuable aspect in WA is the community. Apart from the lessons, I have learned much from other people in the community, and they have helped me out a lot whenever I have questions.

    It’s seriously one of the best places to learn affiliate marketing.

    • That I my intention Edward. It now completely up to you to join or not since I have shown what is included with your membership.

      The community make wealthy affiliate stand out of the crowd. The support from fellow members is remarkable. The founders are also dedicated to helping members achieve their goals. Completely a guru-free environment.

  • To anyone who’s still on the fence on whether or not to join Wealthy Affiliate: Jump right in!!

    It’s free, you have nothing to lose. I guarantee you will learn a lot and after 1 month in, you will have a solid foundation for a successful online business.

    It really is as good as pointed out in this review. I can vouch for that. There is no other product that comes close to Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Hey Andrew,

      It’s really great to hear from people who have already tested WA as you(and me). I have also not found any better Place to learn other than Wealthy Affiliate University.

    • Hi Tony,

      Tried to sign up through you on the 19$ discounted premium plan, but when I’ve signed up I was asked to pay the regular price. It’s a bit frustrating to know that I can’t sign up for free (from Philippines) then I was being asked to pay money upfront without even having the option to test it? I’m even willing to pay the discounted price because of all the other reviews I saw on the internet, yours is the most comprehensive one,and it looks legit so I wanted to give it a go, but if this will be the case I have to step back a bit.

      I appreciate your opinion on this, because if I’ll be honest I felt duped.


      • I understand you, Mish,

        My country is not also allowed to try Wealthy Affiliate for FREE. I still feel that premium is worth it!

        Glad that you made it here and thanks for taking your time to comment.

        I’ll be right here to support you along the way Mish.

  • Hey tony. First, its amazing that we share a name. This is one(actually the best) review that true to word, anyone who wishes to make money online should read and waste no time thinking further. Am a very talented writer making some few pennies from academic writing and i just feel my time is more worth. I thank you for your review and am just going to try WA like ASAP! Am very positive about life and am going to work effortlessly towards my way to success online. Thank you for the very informative

    • Hey Tonnie,

      Glad that you stopped by to comment.

      Freelancing is also a way to make money online. The only problem with freelancing is you only make money when you work.

      Trading time with money is NEVER the best option.


  • Thanks for the great review!

    I think it’s great that platforms exist that aren’t scams. This is a full community with training and website builders, something unheard of in the make money online community.

    The free trial is a great plus. I don’t like purchasing things without testing them, and this shows that Kyle & Carson are confident with their product.

    • Hey Alec,

      Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. That is why they give you a chance to try premium for FREE before you pay anything.

      Because they believe in what they are teaching, unlike other internet marketing programs, they don’t promise overnight riches. Work must be done because it will pay you for lifetime.

      In addition, their confidence make them NEVER offer refunds whatsoever.

  • Your review of Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most extensive and in depth reviews that I have ever read about a product. If someone is still hesitant about WA after reading your review then then they might need to question what they are really willing to do in order to make money online.

    What do you think the most important thing someone who is just starting their online business should know in order to make the most money over the long term?

    • Hi Nate,

      The common reason why most marketers fail is because they want overnight riches. What you are working right now as a bigginer may pay you forever. When your article goes online, no one can remove it there but you.

      Start Now and don’t fear to make mistakes.


  • Hi, I think this is the most comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate which I have seen, and I have seen many because I am a WA member. There is nothing I could add to this review except to conform what you are writing here. I started here and built 2 sites. The lessons and support from the community are as you describe, I could not manage anything without the support. Only one remark about ambassadors, they get nothing. I am one of them so I should know, right?

    • Hi Jovo,

      Thank you for stopping by. I agree with you that the support offered there is rare to be found anywhere else…

      …and Yes, you are right. Ambassadors receive nothing, they are just the most active and helpful individuals within the community like Kyle the Co-founder.(An ambassador to like you.-:)

  • Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive system that seems to work for those who work. There is tons of learning involved (with tons of WA associates ready and willing to help) but if we take it one step at a time we will not get frustrated and quit.

    I also think that we tend make it more complicated than it has to be. If we stick to getting really good at one small aspect of internet marketing our success will be faster. Then we can continue to grow.

    What one area opportunity would you consider starting with (ie Amazon, affiliate, adsense. etc.)?

    • Hi Chuck,

      You just said it. Not everyone who joins wealthy affiliate is wealthy. One needs to learn and make it work. Those who take action have already seen the benefits.

      If I were to start again…
      I would start with Affiliate marketing. The main reason being it is FREE to join. When you are an affiliate, other things like adsense and amazon associates will follow since you already have a website.

  • Hi Anthony,

    You have the most insightful, well-articulated, visual and chock-full-of-information review of Wealthy Affiliate that I have ever seen. Period! Honestly your review found on this incredible article puts many other community members’ review of WA to shame by comparison.

    Any and everything that a perspective member trying to make his/her decision to join WA or not is provided quite clearly to the reader of this article. They could not possibly receive any more information to allow them to make a qualified decision.

    Bravo, sir bravo! Your review of WA should be used as an example to others on how to do it the right way! Gee if I were not a member of WA already myself, just reading all that is available in your review would get me positively stoked to join!

    Great job Anthony and I do mean that. 12 on a scale of 10, sir!



    • Haha. Thanks Jeff,

      I tried to make sure that I took everything into perspective. This is to ensure that someone makes the right decision and knows what exactly they will be doing.

      I appreciate the rating and lookiing forward seeng you around the awesome community.

  • This Was the post i was Searching For…There was some disarray in my mind which has been cleared by this Post. I laud the writer for his written work aptitude and innovativeness. Much obliged for sharing the post and helping bloggers like us…

    • Hey Arman,

      Glad that you found what you were seaching for on my blog. Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone who wants to build a business online. Seen their site tagline? “Wealthy Affiliate- Online Business Starts Here.”

      Have an awesome wek ahead.

  • اپیلاسیون مو های زائد

    Your article is fantastic.
    Many thanks for sharing Efective tips about affiliate marketing with us.

  • Thanks for sharing the article. I am also thinking about the add some affiliate links on my website. This article gonna be helpful.

  • Hello Tony,

    You have written great article on wealthy affiliate. I found your many points very useful. Thanks for sharing such kind of information.

    • Hey Anubhav,

      Thank you for the compliment. Wealthy affiliate can benefit anyone who wants to make money online following what they actually love.

      See you around,

  • Hi there,

    Thanks for the thorough review and assuring me whether if it works. I have seen a lot of reviews on the internet but I was still a little skeptical about it.

    I have been thinking to start a new blog or a new website again as my previous one is already two years. So far I have not been able to receive a single penny yet. I like the idea that I can learn to earn some money Wealthy Affiliate, that is a great news to me!

    I’ve been considering engaging in affiliate marketing for a very long time now but never really fully understand how it works. Well, put it this way, I have never had enough information to go ahead and pull the trigger on it.

    Thanks for this post! Now it is time to jump in! https://eliteaffiliatehacks.com/joinwa

    • Hi Alex,

      Thanks for stopping by. Thats so sad that you have runned a blog for 2 years without making a penny. You are just like many who think have a website is having money.

      If you have been considering affiliate marketing as you say, this is the best place to start.

      Let me know if you need a hand along the way.


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