Top 11 Best Email Marketing Tools/Autoresponders Services in 2021 for Your Small Business!

If you are not using email marketing in 2019, your business is doomed!

You have to stay ahead of our competition. Entrepreneurship is the most competitive sport. Today we’ll discuss the Top 10 Email Marketing Tools/autoresponders software in 2019 and beyond.

Every time:

  • Every time you don’t produce content, your competition wins
  • Every time you don’t update posts, your competition wins
  • Every time you don’t have traffic, your competition win
  • Every time, you have poor design, your competition wins
  • Every time you don’t optimize your articles for SEO, you lose

Do you see?

A simple mistake will make your business drown slowly but surely.

Email marketing is so important and here to stay.

In fact, some marketers create a one-page website using a landing page builder software to collect emails while others like me leverage content to capture emails.

Either way, we all collect emails for our businesses.

The Money is Not in The List…

I know that may come as a controversy but it’s true.

As an online marketer, you don’t send random emails. You need to understand your prospects and segment them accordingly.

The Harsh truth.

Some people on your list may be way better than you.

Email Marketing
List Building

Here is why Email Marketing is important in 2019 and beyond:

  • You have instant traffic. Think about this for a moment. Every time you have an offer or have a blog post, you can easily share with your audience. I know some of you may have come to read this post from an email that I send after publishing a post.
  • You don’t need to Worry about Algorithms: Google has been constantly coming up with algorithms that could take our traffic and income overnight
  • You can automate Your Entire business. Add sequences that will be sent automatically to all new subscribers
  • Cost effective. I would be costly if you were to spend money on ads. A study by and Forrester research found that 85% of US retailers consider email marketing as the most effective way for customer acquisition.
  • Personal and customizable. Have you ever received an email with your name on it? It creates a personal connection that you are talking to a real person and not a bot
  • Increases customers trust. Sometimes we do crazy things and let them reply to emails without even buying anything
  • Link triggers. What do you want them to do after a certain action? The can be taken to the next sequence or added to another list
  • People use their mobiles to check their emails constantly. Most people nowadays make phone their best friend and therefore checking on it constantly. A study by Exacttarget found that 91% of people use phones to access their emails.

That being said, there are also some downfalls of using email:

  • Costly. Although the ROI is high, you need money to use there email marketing software
  • Deliverability. Some emails may end up in the spam folder and never seen by the potential customer
  • Get creative. Don’t use swipe files, you have to be creative Like Stuart from Niche Hacks. I love his writing style that will not get you bored even if most of his emails are pretty long.

That being said, let’s get to the main reason why you are here.

Top Email Marketing Autoresponders Softwares

HubSpot Email Marketing

Hubspot Email Marketing

Name: HubSpot

Free Trial: Free Plan Available

Starting Price: $0/month

Where to

HubSpot is Free To Start With and Affordable while you are building your brand.

No excuses not to start using email marketing to start or grow your existing business.

HubSpot takes personalization very serious.

In your email marketing campaigns, no matter what you are selling or the content you are promoting…

You are talking to real people.


You have to treat them like one!

Not bot or aliens.

Build Real, close and personal relationships and show them that you care.

Surprising Features:

  • Drag and drop live editor
  • Dozen of email templates so you don’t have to design from scratch
  • Ability to add a call to actions
  • AB test your campaigns and choose the best
  • Marketing automation based on your leads behavior
  • Monitor brand mentions(Request for a link if there wasn’t)
  • Scheduling your social media posts
  • SEO- Create content that is easy to rank and bring you more traffic
  • Track your Facebook, Instagram and linked in ads and see your ROI



Best Autoresponders For Your Business Name: Aweber

Free Trial: Get 30 Days FREE Trial Now

Starting Price: $19/month

Where to

Aweber is one of the most popular autoresponders helping entrepreneurs drive results with powerful email automation

Aweber Brilliant Features:

  • Bounce auto removal. If an email bounce 3 times, it gets removed to keep your email list clean
  • Split testing. Split test headlines, link clicks, email design and see which one works best for your audience
  • Stock Image Gallery. Get access to thousands of images and use them in your email or articles
  • Automatically send a new blog post to subscribers
  • FREE image hosting: Host all your Images pon Aweber Server



ConvertKit Email Autoreponder Softtware

Name: ConvertKit

Free Trial: Get 30 day FREE Trial

Starting Price: $29/month

Where to buy:

Founded by Nathan Barry.

Formally referring to itself as email marketing for professional bloggers which later switched to Email Marketing made by creators for creators.

Cool features:

  • Integrates with your favorite tools. Zapier, Gumroad, Paypal, WordPress, Shopify, LeadPages
  • Makes migration from another autoresponder easier
  • 24/7 support
  • Industry-leading deliverability

I personally use ConvertKit and Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome recommends it too.

Mailing Boss

Mailing Boss Email Autoresponder
Mailing Boss

Name: MailingBoss

No Trial: $49 Lifetime

Where to Buy:

This is probably the only one in the list with a one-time fee

Unique Features:

  • One-time Fee
  • Send unlimited emails
  • Have unlimited subscribers
  • Subscription boxes in seconds
  • Smart Segments
  • Easily personalize your emails
  • Link Triggers based on activity
  • Social sharing. Publish your emails on social media to get more exposure
  • Google analytics integration
  • AB split testing

Started using this Last year after Joining BuilderAll in 2018 and I’m really impressed thus far.


Maiilchim Email Autoresponder

Name: MailChimp

Starting Price: FREE

Where to buy:

If you are just starting out, MailChimp is your best Choice. Keep your account for FREE as long you are under 500 subscribers. That is more than enough if you are just starting out.

Key Features:

  • Free as long as you have less than 500 subscribers
  • Hundreds of email templates to sed beautiful emails
  • Connect Your favorite tools


InfusionSoft Now Keap

InfusionSoft Autoresponder

Name: Infusionsoft

Starting Price: $199/month

Where to Buy:

Infusion soft is for serious marketers with a large list or anticipates to have one.

Infusionsoft combines email marketing and your shopping cart.

Awesome Features:

  • All-in-one payment and invoicing tool
  • Marketing Automation
  • Organize your sales, marketing
  • Drag and drop landing Pag builder
  • Sell products and services and receive payments


Get Response Email Autoresponder
Get Response

Name :GetResponse

Free Trial: Yes

Where to buy:

Great choice for small businesses because of the price.


  • Landing Page builder included
  • Marketing automation
  • Create and schedule webinars


Karttra Email Autoresponder

Name: Kartra

FREE trial: No

Starting Price: $99

Where to buy: with $1 14-day Trial)

Kartra is the #1 choice for those who want everything in one place.

Kartra boldly claims to be an easy way to build an entire business fast without hiring developers, web designers or system integrators.

Features you’ll love:

  • List builder to build your list
  • Landing page builder
  • Build your own membership site
  • Sell both physical and digital product. No additional fee.
  • Cart abandonment follow up to get more purchases
  • Send expertly designed emails
  • Live chat support


Sendlane Email Autoresponder Name: SendLane

FREE trial: Yes

Starting Price: $25/month

Where to buy(With trial):

SendLane is one of those autoresponders that has been there in the market for long and have a proven track record of deliverability.

Outstanding Features:

  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Intelligent, behavior-based automation, tags, and event-based automation
  • Suite of triggers
  • Powerful Feedback loops and event automation

Kajabi(Formerly New Kajabi)

Kajabi Email Autoresponder Name: Kajabi

Free trial: Yes

Starting Price: $199

Where to Buy:

Kajabi has been featured on several Authoritative sites like Forbes, Enterepreneur, Inc, CNBC, Business Insider and Time. Its time get it on Elite Affiliate Hacks Tribe.

Why has it been Featured anyway?

  • You can create your own website and host in Kajabi
  • Complete email automation
  • Done-for-you customized membership site.
  • Ability to collect payments using the in-built shopping cart
  • No transaction Fees as the competition. Set your own prices
  • Customize the Checkout process
  • Live chat and email support
  • Email automation included with your Membership



Drip EmAil Autoresponder Name: Drip

Starting Price: $49

Free trial: Yes

Where to buy:

Do you ever get overwhelmed because of information overload?

You don’t want your customers to feel the same. Give them information/offers in small digestible chunks.

“Understand your customers, build real relationships, and sell like a human for humans. You’ll outlearn, outlove, and outsell your competition”

That is what the Drip Sales Page says and they are definitely right.

Key Features:

  • Send a one-time email
  • Personalized Emails for the first time and return buyers
  •  Intelligent facebook Ads metric
  • Great for e-commerce websites
  • Integrates with Your Favourites app



Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to acquire customers and follow up with them.

While most content creators use articles and videos. Elite Creator like Backlinko Focuses on building a list as it is evident both on the YouTube Channel and the website that gives people multiple opportunities to sign up for the newsletter.

After building trust with your customers, you’ll be getting customers who will be happy to buy from you over and over again.

If you haven’t started creating a list, You are making a BIG mistake. Your competition is having sleepless nights and spending thousands of dollars on ads to compete for the same customer with you.

Remember, No one wants to get rich slow and Enterepreuship is the most competitive sport on the planet.

Thanks for checking my Top 10 Email Marketing Tools/Autoresponders For Your Email Marketing in 2019. Which is your favorite email Autoresponder? Share in the comments below.

See you Inboxer!

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