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Start Here: Let’s See What Works

Start here Hey, I’m Tony the creator of EliteAffiliateHacks.

You have entered the Internet world which is full of mess.

Don’t worry, welcome to our world, and thank you for being here.

I know how confusing because you don’t know where to start.

You probably want to start a business, a blog, a niche site, want to increase traffic, make more sales, make an extra income or quit the job that you hate.

This page is for you. I have made the process simple for you.

Why Start an Online Business?

Email Marketing Questions I believe you are not here by mistake or by fate. Maybe by Destiny:-).

You are a smart person who wants to build an online business or move your existing business to the next level.

You may have seen people sharing their Internet lifestyle photos which makes you admire their lifestyle.

Here is the FREEDOM the Internet Gives:

  • Spending your time with family and friends
  • Working in your own time with no boss
  • Shopping in your favourite malls
  • Have vacations any time you wish
  • Quit your job that you hate
  • Play all the sports you have dreamed of
  • Have money to pay bills and buy gifts
  • Travelling the world and seeing its beauty

MV5BY2M3ODkwYWUtMjc3Zi00NjRhLTgwM2YtNzRmOTE4ODNiNDI3XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMzY0MTE3NzU . V1 removebg preview You are the only one who knows what you want and you can live the life you deserve if you work hard toward your dreams.

One of the biggest reasons why we start an online business is that we don’t trade time for money. Do you know what I mean? We get paid even when we are not working. Got the point? Great!

Here are some of my payments…

Men cheat.

Women cheat.


Transactions don’t cheat.

Transactions speak louder than petty words!

I’m  Neither Showing you this to brag nor to Impress you but to show you what you can achieve with Affiliate Marketing by joining the largest internet marketing community.

Amazing Selling Machine Commissions

Payments from Amazing Selling Machine.

Wealthy Affiliate Payments

Payments from Wealthy Affiliate.

I’m not showing you this to brag but to prove that making money online is possible.

If you follow the training and take action, you can achieve your financial goals and quit the job that you hate!

Affiliate Marketing has been the first and ONLY true Love(*sorry ladies reading this-I love you too) that enabled me to make 4 figures at 22 years old when in college.

I Know:

That’s not important to you.

What’s important is how I can help you do create a living online and have the life you have always dreamed of no matter the backgroundeducation levelracecountry, or skill sets you have.

You can do this.

I Believe in you!

Before even moving any further, I want to make Some things Clear…

Myths About Starting an Online Business

I want to clear your mindset.

Make sure you are making the right business decisions.

Lower your expectations to avoid frustration.

1. Building Online Income Happens Overnight

Overnight Sucess Make $20 in the next 24 hours I will pay you $100 from my pocket for wasting your time.”

Most Internet marketers will try to persuade you and make you think it is as easy as buttering bread.

That’s a lie.

Why do they do that? When they convince you to buy, they are sure that they will get something out of you. That’s a Ripoff.

A big chunk of Hire Lamborghinis and beautiful models to film videos to make you desire their lifestyle and Freedom.

They are selling you a dream and not a real product, course, or information.

What’s hurting is that they end up giving you jun

I’ll try my best to offer you the information and tools that you need.

I won’t force you. It’s completely up to you my friend.

2. Generating Online Income is Easy

IMG 20220712 144454 Invite, your family members and friends and you will be a millionaire in six months.

I once fell for that while starting, you don’t have to. You want to build something solid. Right?

How long will you keep jumping after family and friends?

With online business, you are building a brand that will stay online for years.

It’s like real estate because its value increases with time.

Trust and enjoy the process.

3. Starting an Online Business if Free

FREE Bonuses

Enter your email address to get started for Free

That phrase is common with binary options. Some even go to the extent of asking for your phone number.

If you want to build a solid income, you need to invest both time and money.

While you can build a full-time income for free, it would take so much time as you would need support and other tools to smoothen the process.

4. You MUST quit your Job to Start Working Online.

I QuitMost people start while having a full-time job.

I started when I was a college student full-time.

You can work your hours and build a better future. Remember, point #1?

You will need a consistent income to supplement your side hustle.

I don’t recommend anyone quit their job to start working online.

Start now, quit later. Okay?

5. You Don’t Even Need a List as Long as You have a Facebook account.

Convertkit Mmmm…

I won’t cheat you.

Very few people are making a living from social media completely free of charge.

To build a solid foundation, you would need a website to keep your online presence and email marketing to nurture your tribe.

The truth is, you will need a lot of time and effort to make a decent income from social media alone.

6. Passion Alone is Enough

PassionYou may have often heard from marketing gurus telling you to turn your passion into profits.

If passion equals profit, why isn’t everyone driving a Ferrari or flying in a private jet?

Since that is not the case, you need to choose a proven profitable niche to make a living on the Internet.

7. Making Online Income is IMPOSSIBLE

Freedom Accelerator Bonus 2While I was just starting, it was hard to tell my close friends that I was making some money online.

One of my friends told me ” I cannot work where I cannot see the person paying me.”

Owning a website that generates traffic and income was once a dream for me.

I was not technical and never had any programming skills.

You don’t need them either to start.

It is possible and so, I want you to experience the same.

Where Do I Start Really?

Most profitable Affiliate marketing Niches 1. To get started, you need to choose a profitable niche.

You will learn how to create content that gets ranked, attract traffic and finally make sales.

Although there is competition, you need not worry.

You just have to STAND OUT.

Everyone has their style of doing things.

Maybe yours is the best!

Here are some of the articles to guide you:

2. Found A Niche? Buy Your Perfect Domain Name

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for WordPress It is too early?

That’s completely up to you.

You can decide to build a limited free website or buy a domain name.

Let me put a clearer picture.

  • FREE Blogs, you are limited to certain plugins and cannot advertise.
  • You also have limited customization options.
  • You are building your brand is someone else platform which we know is FREE. If it closes, you forget your business entirely.
  • It Looks Unprofessional. It is hard to build a professional-looking website with a free platform

3. Find Your Hosting

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for web Hosting I won’t tell you to host with my wealthy Affiliate hosting.

WordPress recommends Bluehost as well as Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome.

WPX has proven to be the fastest hosting as tested by Matthew Woodward.

4. Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing diagramWhen was the last time you purchased something online? What did you search for?

  • Coupon code
  • List Articles
  • Reviews about products
  • Ultimate guides
  • A comparison with competitors

Those articles were published by people like you who are making money for helping you find what you are looking for.

They don’t sell anything, they solve our problems.

See some in action:

5. Start a Website

How to build website free You need to position yourself online. If you are not comfortable, you can build a FREE website with SiteRubix.

To build it, you would need a theme. (Having a Free but premium-looking theme/template is not a sin)

Here is a summary of what you need.

See Also:

6. Start Creating Content

Great ContentCreating content can be one of the most challenging parts of a blog.

You will need some ideas on the type of content that you need to create.

Content alone is not enough, Create content that solves problems in life situations.

Content creation was tough, but not anymore.

Use and ChatGPT to come up with unique and unlimited ideas.

Where Do I Start Really?

Still, feeling confused?

Trying to figure things out all by yourself makes you overwhelmed.

If you are a complete beginner and want step-by-step training, Check Out Wealthy Affiliate.

For intermediate & Advanced marketers, check out Affiliate Secrets by the top ClickFunnels Affiliate.

Thank You For Being Here

Thank You! I appreciate you, my friend. Without you, there would be no EliteAffiliateHacks. When I created it, I had you in mind and always strive to solve your problems by giving out the best from my experience.

I manage EliteAffilateHacks.

You Own it.

I want to hear your stories too.

I want to know how I may help you or make this website better.

If you have a concern, you can email me or leave me a comment.

Since I’m Neither special, a guru nor a genius as most think.

I treat all people equally and therefore respond to all emails and comments.

Let’s make the Internet a better place.

Tony Omary Signature

PS: Reached this far? Grab my Free Affiliate Marketing Course here.

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