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Wealthy Affiliate Review 2023. The only real, honest, Complete, and unbiased review that other affiliates keep a Secret and are unwilling to share with you.

Make Money Online

You have landed in the right place since I have learned how to rank for very competitive phrases(like “Wealthy Affiliate Review”) that people like you and me are searching for.

Wealthy Affiliate Review - The Affiliate Program

People do millions of searches daily.

That is where most content creators(like me) come in because we give you answers and solutions to exactly what you are searching for.

You get the idea. Right?

So, Stick with me, Elites, because this is the Only Wealthy Affiliate Review You Need to Read Right Now!

This is not a sales pitch you may have seen on other Wealthy Affiliate fake Scam Review websites or negative reviews bashing non-wealthy affiliate products!

This review of Wealthy Affiliate is somehow different and unique.

Unlike most, I wrote this review after about a year of joining and seeing results. (Almost a year later)

I did not just promote it blindly as other affiliates who are trained to promote Wealthy Affiliates through their affiliate BootCamp training.

In fact, I made my first $1,000 promoting an Amazon FBA course.

I will share with you my results(and why I don’t need a job after graduating from college because I’m officially Unemployable)

Let’s kick things off:

Table of Contents show

Can you make real money online With Wealthy Affiliate?

YES, You Can Make Money Online.

This is aGIF of Wealthy Affiliate Review showing a man Throwing money into a Trash Can because of Abandance

I know I could lie to you and make you believe that this is the only way to Make Money Online.

To be honest, there are a dozen ways, but this is one of the best!


I get it.

It was also a dream for me to make a full-time income online.


Here we go! Not to brag but to motivate you!

Wealthy Affiliate is not the only thing I promote. I also sell on other platforms like Jvzoo, ClickBank & Digistore.

This is an Image Showing Commissions I made on JVZOO after Joining Wealthy Affiliate

Oh! That was for today. I know someone would ask about Yesterday 😎

This is an Image Showing Todays Commissions that I made on JVZOO after Joining Wealthy Affiliate in a Review
This is an Image Showing Wealthy Affiliate Payment Proof in this review of a Sigle Black Friday Weekend

commission machine Money Made on a single weekend![/caption]

This is an Image Showing Elite Affiliate Hacks Bonuses

If by now you are ready to buy, you can skip this entire review and join the Wealthy Affiliate With my Bonus Package.

Click here to Join Now. You will only get my bonuses if you decide to *go Premium within the First 7 Days*!

We, Will, discuss all the bonuses later in this review that no other Wealthy Affiliate is giving.

You can only get the bonuses “IF” you join through my affiliate link.

No Exceptions! View all the bonuses here and Join Now to get them Instantly.

This is an Image Showing Payments That I made on Other Affiliate Programs Apart From wealthy Affiliate
This is an Image in a Wealthy Affiliate Review Showing Clickbank Commissions

Below are also some Paypal Payments from Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliiate Income Proof from other Affiliate programs

Thanks to What I got From Wealthy Affiliate.

Come, join me at Wealthy Affiliate for FREE!

What would $300/week mean to you?

More Freedom?

More happiness?

More Fulfillment?

More Time for family and friends?

More ladies? :-


It’s not all about the money.

It’s about the financial and time freedom that you’ll be having.

You know what money can do in helping you achieve your goals, Dreams, Needs, and desires.

Have something better to sell?

Let your website visitors thank you for solving their problems while making money along the way.

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Affiliate Payments
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My Short Story: The Story I Never Told

Are You are probably thinking I'm an overnight success?


Here is the story that I Never Told:

I started this "make money online" thing sometime back in 2015.

I've tried almost everything that you may be thinking of.

From surveys, Freelancing, MLM, and other boring stuff including bone-breaking scams.

All these were due to the struggle for money in college. You know the challenges if you've been there:

  • No money for basic needs like food or shelter
  • No money to take your girlfriend on a date
  • No Freedom to travel the world and visit your relatives or friends anytime you wish
  • Not shopping in your favourite malls
  • Paying all the bills without straining
  • No designer suits
  • Not playing your favourite sports
  • Have vacations without asking anyone for permission

I said, "enough of all that Tony".

This is the time that I found Wealthy Affiliate after seeing that people were making passive income by doing things they love.

The weird thing is that I risked part of my tuition Fees without caring that I didn't even own a laptop.


Life was tough on me so I had to get rougher to grind it.

To cut the story short, I spent most of my time in the college computer lab building the foundation of my online Affiliate carrier.

The fight for Freedom took around 11 months but it's worth it!

I Now Own a Profitable Online Business and probably earned more than my professors on Campus before I even graduated. I was making 4 figures at 22 years and NEVER looking back.


Wealthy Affiliate Preview

Listen Up:

When you join Wealthy Affiliate Starter membership now, you will not only get FREE membership but direct support from me and the founders.

You can taste the waters and create your Wealthy Affiliate Account without lifting your credit card and see if the system is for you or not.

That's entirely up to you. No one will be pushing you to buy a premium.

Besides, you will also get a 61% discount if you decide to go Premium within the first seven days of joining.

I'm not sure if this will be available for long.

So, the time to act is now. By now, you know there is no risk on your side.

Authors Note: We spend so much on education but earn less than $500 after graduation. I am also a believer that knowledge is power.

You need to invest in Financial Education(Affiliate Secrets, Amazing Selling Machine, Marketplace superheroes, Amazon Bootcamp, or BuilderAll) that shows you how to make a living.

It is not a must to study at Harvard like Mark Zuckerberg, the Owner of Facebook, to be great!

I will be as detailed as possible to make sure you make the right decision and know precisely what you are venturing into.

I won't excite this review either like other Wealthy Affiliates!

I'll share a unique take and share the Ugly truths that other affiliates are hiding from you!

It's going to be brutal 😥

You are an intelligent person.

Let's now begin...

But let's first see what others are saying about Elite Affiliate Hacks...

Happy Customers, Happy me!
Wealthy Affiliate review - Testimony
Wealthy Affiliate Review - Fanbase
Wealthy Affiliate Review - Helping
Wealthy Affiliate Review - Shortcut

Oh, it's not about Elite Affiliate Hacks. It is about Wealthy Affiliate :-).So, let's keep diving into Wealthy Affiliates.

Real People Giving Real Feedback Inside Wealthy Affiliates

This is an Image Showing What are Others Saying About Wealthy Affiliate?

Are you looking for ways to make money online without gambling or waiting to qualify for surveys and get paid pennies for your efforts? OR...

You have tried so many promising systems but failed and fell from scam after scam? or

You are just looking for ways to make extra passive income and increase your income streams.

This review of the Wealthy Affiliate is for YOU!

Before that, I want to be transparent that I'm a paying Member of WA. 😎

This in n Image Showing that The Reviewer is a Paying member of the Wealthy Affiliate

You may also consider paying while reading my review 😆

Wealthy Affiliate Video Review

While some of you would prefer to watch my Wealthy Affiliate Review on YouTube, you can watch it directly here without leaving the website.

YouTube video

Why Wealthy Affiliate is Home of Affiliate Marketing...

This is an Image on a Wealthy Affiliate Review Showing the Features You need to Succeed with Wealthy Affiliate

I previously shared how to get started in Affiliate Marketing step-by-step, including:

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • Affiliate marketing myths
  • What do you need before getting started?
  • The type of content you should be creating for maximum profits
  • How to get traffic to your offers?
  • Why Affiliate Marketing?

Go right now and check the article about Affiliate marketing here, then come back and join Wealthy Affiliate on this page!

Wealthy Affiliate: Join Today over 2.1 Million Entrepreneurs

Top 10 Reasons to Join Wealthy Affiliate Today...

#1. Wealthy Affiliate shows you how to make real money

Unlike other programs that you may have found, you are just told that you can make money but don't know how.

Wealthy Affiliate shows you exactly how.

#2. Wealthy Affiliate has the most Supportive Community

I have never seen such an active community.

It is a community of like-minded people who share ideas.

The CEO himself is very active within the community.

You can even communicate with him directly

#3. Wealthy Affiliate is Completely FREE to Join

How many programs that show you how to make money are FREE? Not so many.

#4. Wealthy Affiliate is a community of Experts willing to help

There is nothing worse than the blind leading the blind.

We have experts who already run successful businesses online and are eager to help.

#5. Wealthy Affiliate is Always updated

You are not going to get outdated information. Kyle & Carson and other professionals are always aware of online.

#6. Wealthy Affiliates make things simple

Building a website has never been that simple.

If you want to have your first website or run a web design firm, that is the right place.

#7. Wealthy Affiliate Improves from time to time but makes the price constant

There have been a lot of improvements since it started in 2005.

There has never been upselling since it started.

#8. Wealthy Affiliate Community cares so much about you

It is a "pay-it-forward community."

You will find people at different times of the day helping one another. It is created in a way that there is a "pay it forward mentality."

#9 Wealthy Affiliate is Under One Roof.

Whether you want expert support, hosting, training, or tools, they are all included here. (Others Treat every package differently)

#10. Wealthy Affiliate doesn't promise overnight riches:

The training is the real deal.

Wealthy Affiliate will not promise you that you will be using secret software and make money with just a few clicks of the mouse.

The path won't be easy but worth it.

Or Continue Reading my Wealthy Affiliate Review...

By now, you probably have an idea of EXACTLY what you will get and what you join.

If you have a few minutes, check my Wealthy Affiliate Video Review or read the entire review below to make a more decisive step.

Wealthy Affiliate has Millions of Entrepreneurs Worldwide and gives you Every reason to join Without making an Excuse.Click To Tweet

What is Wealthy Affiliate, and Who are the Owners?

This is an Image Showing the Owners of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a community that teaches people how to make money online through affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate was started in 2005 by Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim.

They did not know about Internet marketing, so they decided to learn independently.

Both of them have had some interest in online business since 2002.

In 2005, that was the time they decided to join forces and start The Wealthy Affiliate Community.

Wealthy Affiliate has Many Names. I won't touch the history, though. 😆

  • Niche Marketing Inc
  • Wealthy Affiliate University
  • Open Education Project

Learn a little about Kyle...

Kyle being a broke college student(like many of us), had to FORCE himself to make money online. Here is the breakdown...

MONTH 1: He borrowed some money from his Girlfriend - Now his wife to start a PPC(Pay Per Click) Campaign.

He was on a budget of $5/day. Although it wasn't super profitable, he got $75 back.

MONTH 2: He already had some knowledge, and people knew him. People were now begging him to advertise their products on his website.

Advertising was such a great deal at that time.

MONTH 3-5: This was when he worked tirelessly to make things work.

It was learning, unlearning correcting. (Repetitive).

He finally started seeing profits coming in not only from advertising alone.

MONTH 6: Finally hit over $10,000/month.

He was still a student making more money than his learned professor. The feeling is Cool. Right?

MONTH 12: Everything was working right, so he wanted to create a learning environment for everyone.

They decided to join what they had learned and developed a wealthy affiliate.

They have over 20 years of experience combined, helping thousands make their first dollar online.

You Can Make Money online no matter who you are, the colour of your skin, your nationality or education level #Collegehustle #makemoneyOnline #affiliatemarketing #wealthy Affiliate.Click To Tweet

Wealthy Affiliate Negative Reviews(No Other Affiliate Dares to Share This!)

Wealthy Affiliate Review It's tough to find Negative reviews or complaints about Wealthy Affiliate, operating since 2005.

That's insane!

Success in Affiliate marketing depends on you and may take time.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme or a regular job.

You'll be building a passive income.

That's why most people start doing their regular jobs before firing their bosses.

It's both funny and unbelievable that there are few to no complaints.

Here are the things that I need to WARN you about before you join Wealthy Affiliate!

  • There are plenty of Wealthy Affiliates Bashing non-wealthy affiliate products to make a Quick buck by shifting buyers' decisions!
  • A community like live chat can be addictive and make you forget to focus on your business.
  • Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You have to work!
  • The Starter membership may be too basic. So you'll need to go premium
  • There are too many reviews about Wealthy Affiliate
  • The 7-day Free Premium Trial may be too short
  • The education can be too much to focus on where to start
  • You have to Stay Focused. Building a business is not about jumping after every shiny object
  • You have to afford $10/year to buy your Domain.
  • The Education may be Overwhelming, making it super hard to focus. So, work at your own pace.
  • It is tough to make money online without spending.
  • You cannot downgrade from premium to basic/starter membership

By now, you know that WA may be the only way left for you to make money online through Affiliate marketing.


There are some other complaints.

Wealthy Affiliate also has excellent ratings on Trustpilot.

Check the Wealthy Affiliate independent Reviews on Trustpilot.


That is it For the Wealthy Affiliate Complaints and negative reviews.

Wealthy Affiliate Negative Reviews that no other Affiliate dares to share.Click To Tweet

Carson Believes in Simplicity, and He Truly Makes Things Simple

Everything is simple within Wealthy Affiliate. Period.

The Process of making money online is simplified into Only Four Steps:

This is an Image Showing the 4 step Process of Building a Business Within Wealthy Affiliate

Choosing an interest Aka Niche

This could be anything that interests you.

You choose what you can write about without getting bored.

We will help you in doing it, no worries.

Don't worry.

I have a list of 101+ profitable affiliate Niches that are evergreen and never saturated.

You will get them ONLY if you join on this page(They are not available inside The Wealthy Affiliate)

Building a website

Within 30 seconds, you can have your website running.

You do not need any programming skills. Super simple. (The support is still there to back you up).

After building a website, you will e creating content that people are searching for and help them solve their problems or create a better, fulfilling lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Related: Best Websites Builders for your Professional Blog

A lot is going on in this process, like creating content, building a landing page to collect leads, and an autoresponder to send automated emails to make you money while you sleep.

Getting rankings

Have you wondered how people get ranked on Google?

We make it easy.

You can also get a #1-page ranking.

What do you do when you want to buy something?


Since you will learn to write content that gets ranked, people can easily find you.

Watch the video below to get more insights.

YouTube video

Earn Revenue

 You can Earn any amount you want. From $10/day, $100/day or even $1000/day. You are the only limit. Since you have your website, you can promote anything and get paid for that.

Interesting reading:

Wealthy Affiliate Is Neither An MLM Not You Are Going To Handle Any Selling...

Do you hate marketing?

You are not required to market anything, even Wealthy Affiliate.

It is very irritating to marketing, you are the one to find people, but from what is taught, people will find you!

When people search for information, they will find you and finally buy from you. Ideally, you are not selling but helping people find what they already want.

Wealthy Affiliate is not an MLM.

Here is the idea...

There are millions of people online. At the same time, big companies are willing to pay you to help them find a customer.

You have to find your niche and then partner with any company that fits you.

Every imaginable niche has an affiliate program.

The best part of it, all affiliate programs are FREE to join.

So, You NEVER need to pay to join an affiliate program. (Some are members only which is good for low competition.)

What's Inside Wealthy Affiliate?

As I mentioned initially, it is an all-in under one roof platform. You get all that you need to run a thriving business. Only your imagination hinders you.

Wealthy Affiliate Websites

The Most Powerful website Builder

Building a website is simple since we have the most powerful website builder inside Wealthy Affiliate.

It is going to take you seconds.

There are over 3,000 Templates to choose from. Just put your brain to work and see the amazing things you can do.

Website Building

With so many templates, you can build a website of any kind.

The process is simple with the inbuilt SiteRubix website builder.

The process is easy to accommodate any age or experience, from a 10-year-old kid to a 90-year retired folk.

We make that possible.

Wealthy Affiliate Hosting

This is where your files are stored.

With the hosting plan within the wealthy affiliate, you can host up to 25 domains you own.

That is more than enough to run a business in as many niches as possible.

It is hard to run five sites yourself. Indeed you are the only limit

Wealthy Affiliate Hosting

Beyond that, there are more features, as shown in the screenshot below.

This is an Image in a Wealthy Affiliate Review Showing Wealthy Affiliate Powerful Hosting and Performance

There is more Included with your hosting...

What is Included With the Wealthy Affiliate Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate Support

Sometimes you may find that your website is not running as you intend.

If you have any technical issues with your site, you should contact Wealthy Affiliate support.

Hosting Support Within Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle is also available to give you technical support. How long does your hosting company take to respond? Support within WA takes less than 2 minutes. It seems like a live chat.

On most platforms like CartFlows, you will get support through a Facebook group.

Wealthy Affiliate Feedback

Do you have a website that has never received feedback from an expert?

You are still missing something.

You can always get feedback from real people within the community.

You get it from design, content, or generally the look of your site. (Others charge hundred to give you feedback)

Wealthy Affiliate WebSite Feedback

The Health Of Your Site and Whether is Ranked on Google

This is a Wealthy AffIliate Review Image Showing the SiteHealth of your site


You will be doing nothing if your site is not ranked.

It means that the health of your site is diminishing, which may later lead to its death.

You will see which factors matter and fix them to keep your site healthy.

Wealthy Affiliate Website Security

Do you hate hackers?

We will protect them from attacking your site.

Your security is guaranteed when you host your site within the wealthy affiliate.

The system generates secure passwords and watches your website 24/7/367.

Say Goodbye to hackers!

Wealthy Affiliate defeated 27+ Million Hacks this year
This is an Image on Wealthy Affiliate Review Showing Hacking attempts Defeated

Wealthy Affiliate Website Backups

Although some plugins can offer you backup, the most reliable backup services are paid for.

With a wealthy affiliate, you are going to get backups daily.

For example, if for any reason your website breaks, you can ask for your backup and get a response in a timely.

Wealthy Affiliate Site Comments VanDerLaan

Are traffic and engagement your problem?

Wealthy Affiliate Website comments

You are going to get real people to comment on your content.

Engagement leads to trust in people and search engines too.

People will now easily find your articles which means that you will be making more money.

One thing, though, is that you need to comment on other people before you get comments on your site.

Every niche is catered for, and you will get comments from only interested people.

You may also choose to get organic comments(Like I do) to get people to engage with your content.

Choosing your Interests for Commenting in Wealthy Affiliate Site Comments

Wealthy Affiliate SiteDomains

This is a new feature introduced in 2016.

The Wealthy Affiliate has made the world of website building both simple and exciting.

You can easily grab premium domains in seconds.

You get all the domain features at a flat rate to make it even more enjoyable. No paying separately. It is all-inclusive for $13.99.

This is an Image Comparing Wealthy Affiliate Domains to Industry Domains and Price

See the comparison with other major domain registers like Namecheap.com, Name.com, and GoDaddy.com compared to Wealthy Affiliate.

There are no Upsells. You have WHOIS security.

You can create unlimited domain-specific email accounts(you don't need many anyway) and domain protection.


These features were released to the wealthy affiliate community on January 3, 2017, although SiteProtect already existed.

SiteProtect(Spam Blocker)

When hosting with wealthy affiliates, you will not need a third-party plugin like Akismet and AntiSpam Bee to protect you from spam. WA has got it sorted.

What will this mean for your site?

  • No slow website
  • No Wasting time recovering accurate comments
  • No automated comments or bots will hit your site

This will ensure that your site is not only free from spammer/bots but also super fast due to the reduced number of heavy plugins that could corrupt your website database.

Wealthy Affiliate SiteSSL and SiteProtect
Wealthy Affiliate SiteSSL(HTTPS)

We all want secure websites both for ourselves and our visitors. Right?

Do you see a Green Padlock on your browser on this site?

SiteSSL gives you a FREE SSL certificate.

SSL means Secure Socket Layer While HTTPS means Hypertext Transfer Protocol (Secure)

Why SSL Certificate with Wealthy Affiliate?

  • Easy to install. Only a toggle ON or OFF
  • You can securely accept payments on your website
  • Your visitors are guaranteed security since their personal information is kept secure.
  • It is impossible to hack 256-bit encryption.
  • Search engines tend to favour websites with SSL meaning your website will rank higher.

Wealthy Affiliate SiteSpeed

This feature was first released on May 1st, 2017.

Wealthy Affiliate SiteSpeed Tool Integration

It is almost similar to CloudFlare or MAXCDN.

As a premium member, you will reap all the benefits of a search engine like Google.

Also, it is almost impossible to hack a website or get attacked by Bot spam or Harmful similar bots.

Wealthy Affiliate Review - SiteSpeed

You no longer need any Caching plugin or Pay Expensively for Content Delivery Networks (CDN)

It is FREE to all Premium members.

By now, you know that Premium membership is worth it, considering how much you are getting with websites alone!

Wealthy Affiliate SiteEmail

You no longer have to pay for a third-party email service.

With a wealthy affiliate, you can create a yourname@yourwebsite.com email.

That will save you a lot of hassle.

In addition, you are also trained on how you can receive emails on Gmail so that you can have all your emails in one inbox.

Wealthy Affiliate Education

Wealthy Affiliate Education-Your Brain is Capable of Amazing things

Wealthy Affiliate Education is simple but works.

Every day, the training materials are improved to accommodate all levels of entrepreneurs.

This ensures that you always stay ahead of your competition. We strongly believe that you can do great things if you take action.

Wealthy Affiliate Certification Courses

This is where everybody in the community begins. It is a series of step-by-step training.

They are easy to follow and often updated.

Here are the Courses.

Certification Courses within wealthy Affiliate


I'll give you a steal on levels 1-3. You'll see the rest of it when you sign up. Right? Cool!

Wealthy Affiliate Certification Level 1 Training
Wealthy Affiliate Certification Level 2 Training Lessons
Wealthy Affiliate Certification Level 2 Training Lessons

They are step-by-step and task-based.

Wealthy Affiliate Review -Task-based training
This is an Image Showing Wealthy Affiliate Certifications Courses Step-by-step Training

Not only that.

Every training is task-based.

You ONLY move to the next training after completing them.

It is the same direction that those who make millions follow.

The Wealthy Affiliate Classes

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Classes
Wealthy Affiliate Classes
Wealthy Affiliate Review- Classes

This is where you will be learning. Here is a little breakdown of the classes:

  • Getting started
  • Website Development & Programming.
  • Everything Word Press.
  • Creating Content.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Pay Per Click Marketing.
  • ...and so much more

The classes are active, so you will find people contributing happily.

Below, you will see proof of the Co-Founder replying in real-time. We are Real people. 🙂

This is a Wealthy Affiliate review Image Showing direct Support from the Owners

Live Video Classes(Webinars)

Every Friday, there is a live class where you will be learning something new.

These are webinars that are presented live.

Besides, you can also get a replay if you missed them.

What does that mean?

Every new member gets access to all video classes.

This is an Image Showing Live Video Classes in Wealthy Affiliate

There are exactly 52 video classes added every year.

The Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp

There is also easy-to-follow training if you are comfortable promoting Wealthy Affiliate(Make money niche).

Wealthy affiliates will not be the only program that you will be promoting.

You can promote any product/program in the niche.

The training takes you from creating content, getting it ranked, and how you can defeat your competition.

The Wealthy Affiliate BootCamp


As you may have noticed.

I haven't completed the entire training, yet this website gets a sustainable amount of traffic every month.

This is an Image Showing Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Phase 1

Below is a preview of the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Phase 1

After completing phase one of the training, you may have seen some clicks to your affiliate links meaning that your website generates traffic that may lead to your first sale.

If you can make one sale, you can make ten or even thousands of deals as your business grows.

The Wealthy Affiliate Community

Wealthy Affiliate is a guru, Scam, and spam Free zone. (If you thought you would join to spam or sell something, it is a no-no.

It feels like you are in a real family when you are inside.

You can rub shoulders with millionaire marketers inside.

A wealthy Affiliate community is like any Other best affiliate marketing Facebook Group that you know and are part of.

Wealthy Affiliate Expert Support

Wealthy Affiliate Expert support

Since it started, some people have been there, including the founders willing to give you a hand.

The Founders communicate directly with members.

See Kyle messaging me directly!

The founders give all their members one-on-one coaching, insights, and criticism.

Where else will you get support directly from the CEO?

Wealthy Affiliate Support
Wealthy Affiliate Support from Founders

The Wealthy Affiliate Network

No man is an island.

While starting, you may only find the co-founders and some Ambassadors interacting with you.

As time goes by and you are active within the community, new networks are built naturally.

These are the people who will be giving you feedback and correcting you.

Wealthy Affiliate Tools

Apart from the benefits you reap through Wealthy Affiliate Hosting, more tools make your work more efficient and productive.


Creating content that people are yearning to read and Free of errors is hard. Introducing...

Wealthy Affiliate SiteContent

Wealthy Affiliate Review - SiteContent

Released in June 2017 to make Writing Perfect!

Any website owner would wish to have this tool in their arsenal.

The NEWS is that it is Free to both Premium and Starters.

Worth over $29/Month!

This is an Image Showing Wealthy Affiliate SiteContent Checking Grammar

You no longer need a Grammar Checker or Grammarly.

You no longer need to Write your affiliate disclosure or privacy policy.

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Pre-Created Templates

You'll be producing top-notch content. Period.

Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool

This alone is worth $49/month elsewhere but is accessible to all premium members.

It is almost similar to other tools like SEMrush.

Update: Jaaxy is Now the Official Keyword Tool at Wealthy Affiliate. Fully Integrated!

This is an Image Showing The Wealthy Affiliate Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

One can figure out the traffic and the competition before writing an article about anything.

Ideally, people find information online by searching for information written by people like us.

Why Not Get a Slice of the pie?

Find Hight Ticket and High Converting Programs

This tool was released on May 18th, 2019.

You can now find products without having to leave your Wealthy Affiliate dashboard. Amazing. Is it?

You will see popular categories, popular keywords, and trending opportunities.

This is an Image Showing the Most Trending Opportunies for you to Earn

That's not all.

You also can see which programs have a high commission, high percentage, and the platform they are running their affiliate program on.

This is a Wealthy Affiliate Review Image Showing the Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

Wealthy Affiliate Niche Finder

Find niche ideas with a single click.

This tool can also help you find domain ideas for your brand.

You can also get keyword ideas that you can incorporate into your content

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Niche Finder Tool
Wealthy Affiliate Review - Niche Finder Tool

Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate

Ah finally.

That is what you are here for. Let me talk about it!

Even though it is not necessary to promote a Wealthy Affiliate, there are opportunities to make money within the community.

The Wealthy Affiliate Program Compensation Plan

Wealthy Affiliate Program

It is always EVERGREEN and pays 50% Commissions. Which means more money to you.

Wealthy Affiliate pays you as an affiliate a 50% commission on the 1st day of every month. (There are no delays whatsoever)

Here is the commission breakdown:

  • Premium $49 + free domain (first month) => $20
  • Premium Plus+ $99 + 2 Free Domains (first month) => $40
  • Premium Monthly $49/Mth => $23.50 recurring
  • Premium Plus+ $99/Mth => $46.50 recurring
  • Premium Yearly $497/Year=> $230 recurring
  • Premium Plus+ $697/Year => $320 recurring
    Wealthy Affiliate Program

    The default payment method is PayPal because it is fast and free to open an account.

    You can open one here.

    Also, since you will be promoting more products along the way, you should get yourself a Payoneer Prepaid Master Card for free too to get paid Internationally.

    Join the EVERGREEN Affiliate Program Now!

    Credits For Creating Content

    You may have read many reviews about Wealthy Affiliate, but most don't tell you everything.

    Every training material that you create gets likes and helps people.

    You are going to get credit for that. Who pays you for showing them something in a forum?

    Make Money by creating courses within wa

    Some marketers can make a full-time income just by creating content.

    Caution: You aim to build your business and help others along the way.

    If you focus on money, you are moving nowhere.

    You have to create quality training.

    You will get monetary credit starting from $5. (It increases as your contents get more exposure and helps many).

    Disclosure: Only the founders know the criteria they use, so don't struggle to create something mediocre!

    Does What Wealthy Affiliates Teach Work?

    Let the screenshots speak.

    Wealthy Affiliate :$10k in Just 3 years HumanProofDesigns
    Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof 1
    Wealthy affiliate income proof 2

    Wealthy Affiliate Incentives

    You will be getting a special treat for your achievements.

    Wealthy Affiliate Review - Las Vegas Super Affiliate Confrence All Paid Wealthy Affiliate Ambassadorship

    Some people think that these are the people who make most of the Wealthy Affiliate. Wrong.

    Ambassadors are those who are most active in the community. What could they be doing? You may ask.

    • Helping Fellow members out
    • Creating Blogs( Every member has a personal blog)
    • Creating training
    • Contributing to discussions
    • Welcoming new members

    Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas Incentive

    Wealthy Affiliate Review- Las Vegas Confrenc
    Las Vegas

    If you reach 300 sales in a calendar, you will be invited to hang out with Kyle, Carson, and other Super Affiliates.

    Wealthy Affiliate Review - Super Affiliates Swag
    Super Affiliates Swag

    Wealthy Affiliate Conference

    Make ONLY 300 sales/Year the go-to Vegas. That means that by making just one sale per day, you will achieve this.

    What Do you get?

    • Flight Expenses(Up to $600)
    • Fully paid Hotel Accommodation
    • Private meeting with Kyle $ Carson
    • 3-day Interactive conference
    • Entertainment on the Vegas show

    The Wealthy Super Affiliate Conference

    Get it when you make ONLY 3,000 Sales/year.

    What do you get?

    • Fully paid flight expenses
    • Get picked up at the Airport in style. (in Rolls Royce)
    • 3-day Interactive super affiliate conference
    • VIP treatment in Vegas( VIP access to clubs and shows)
    • Meet with other Supers Affiliates.
    • Drinks, sports, fun...
    This is a Wealthy Affiliate Review Image Showing The Owner of Wealthy Affiliate in a Rolls Royce for thr Super AffiliateConfrence

    Want to Get All These benefits?

    Just test starters here for FREE.

    Wealthy Affiliate Review - Las Vegas Entertainment for Super Affiliates
    Entertainment for Super Affiliates

    If it's worth it, you can join Premium later.

    You See? You have a lot to benefit from, not just about making money.

    Now, What Will I Be Doing in Wealthy Affiliate to Make Money?

    I have got this question countless times.

    While there are thousands of ways to make money online(most are still taught within), wealthy affiliates simplify things for you.

    After you join, you MUST choose your niche.

    This will now be the basis of your website.

    It is recommended that you follow your passion and turn it into profits.

    It is also the basis for starting the foundation of your business.

    Tony, What if I have no passion?

    Wealthy Affiliate Review - The Affiliate Program

    I'm glad you asked. That is still OK.

    An affiliate Boot camp training takes you through making money online from a SCRATCH, even if you are a complete newbie.

    Ideally, after choosing a niche, you will earn on your website through various ways like affiliate marketing, selling ads, selling courses, services, etc.

    What's The Wealthy Actual Price?

    While deciding on the format, I'll use it in defining the price. The price is commonly based on when you join Wealthy Affiliate.


    They are also referred to as Wealthy Affiliate Starter Memberships.

    This is the introductory price. You will get premium access for the first seven days.

    What do you get?

    • 2 Free Fully functional and self-hosted websites.
    • Affiliate Program
    • Access to the live chat[Limited to 7 Days]
    • Private messaging including the owners[Limited to 7 Days]
    • Certification Courses[Level 1 Only]
    • Affiliate Boot Camp Courses.[Phase 1 Only]
    • Access to some of the community training.[Not limited to premium]

    First Month Only $19

    They are also referred to as Wealthy Affiliate premium members.

    Premium is worth it! It is an investment that will pay you BIG time!

    This is where the meat is. Prepare yourself to eat!

    For any of my website visitors who join premium now or during the first seven days, you will get a 61% discount on the regular price for your first month.

    What do you get?

    • All that you get for FREE
    • They are hosting up to 10 domains.
    • You can build over 5 websites + host them.
    • Unlimited private messaging(Anyone including owners)
    • Private Coaching
    • Advanced Certification Courses
    • Access to webinars and replays(Live video classes)
    • Advance Boot Camp training
    • FREE keyword tool for content creation
    • 2x Higher Commissions.

    Learn more about How to get a Wealthy Affiliate Discount Here.

    Monthly Membership Only $49

    Wealthy Affiliate Review - Monthly Pricing
    Wealthy Affiliate Monthly Pricing

    After trying and testing it for $19 the first month, you would have seen its value.

    Your website will be running, and you could be making some money.

    No one is going to force you to pay.

    ONLY pay when you see the value.

    You can also CANCEL with one Click, which is not as complicated as other companies.

    Note: Refer to the first month's features.

    Premium Plus(Only $99)

    Premium Plus comes with 2 Free domains and costs only $99/month.

    You can hot up to 10 domains to a dedicated server.

    Yearly Membership: Only $497

    Wealthy Affiliate Review - Yearly Pricing One more thing, you cannot go yearly before trying it for $19 the first month.

    This ensures that you make an informed decision and know what you are paying for.

    With this, you are saving big. (36% discount).

    You are investing less than $1/day for Your future.

    The main reason why most marketers fail is not giving their business enough time to see results.

    In one year, you could have achieved a lot.

    Remember the Story of Kyle? It took him 6 Months to profit.

    This includes:

    • Weekly Expert Classes
    • 2 websites (grandfathered)
    • Jaaxy Lite
    • Unlimited help and support
    • 24/7 Website Support

    Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus Yearly($697)

    Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus, with Jaaxy Enterprise, and Premium Plus Hosting.

    • Weekly Expert Classes
    • 50 websites (grandfathered)
    • Jaaxy Enterprise($99/month)
    • Unlimited help and support
    • 24/7 Website Support

    Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus with Dedicated Server($3,990)

    Everything is included in Premium Plus, with a dedicated server.

    This includes:

    • Daily Expert Classes
    • 50 websites
    • Dedicated Server ($399/mo value)
    • Includes Customized Site Migration
    • All Premium Plus+ Features

    The Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    Every year, the price for Black Friday and Cyber Monday tends to decrease. It is now only $395. That was a whopping 47% discount.

    There are many bonuses and advantages for the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Sales.

    An intelligent person like you cannot afford to miss the deal.

    In case you missed it last time, I am giving you now a 61% discount for the first month. Claim it here for only $19

    Recently(, Wealthy Affiliate Introduced a Premium Plus Membership. You can try it if you want or have a surplus budget!

    I will keep you updated on the price in 2022 just in case of any update in pricing.

    Make sure you visit this site and bookmark this page

    Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?

    Honestly, when I tried to find out the specific group of people, I never found one.

    It is for anyone who wants to make money online.

    Maybe you need some extra cash to boost your income, or you want to go full-time online.

    Wealthy Affiliate Review - All Level of Marketers

    Here is who it may be for:

    • A broke college student who needs extra money
    • If you are tired of being a VICTIM Of SCAMS
    • Retired folk who wants some income
    • Someone who wants to work online
    • You are working in a risky job like the army, handling dangerous chemicals, name it!
    • Someone who wants to work from anywhere.
    • Affiliate marketers who want to boost their sales
    • Multi-level-Marketers who want to be on top of the game
    • Serious Bloggers
    • If you are tired of buying product after product with no success
    • Anyone who needs a website.
    • A website owner who needs hosting
    • Content marketers who want to get their content ranked
    • Someone suffering from a lack of traffic
    • Someone who needs private coaching
    • Those who own products and want to sell
    • Artists and celebrities who want to be known and make money at the same time
    • Any company or business.
    • Job seekers.
    • Graduated college students are tired of the job market.
    • ... the list continues, baby 🙂

    By now, you have everything that you need to know about wealthy affiliates. So, you will be making an informed decision.

    Don't Just Take my Word for It, Here is What Others Are Saying:

    These are actual members sharing their real Success

    VanDerLaan From jvanderlaan.com


    Mike From MakeTimeOnline

    Mike from make time online

    Leo Emery From NetWiseProfits Wealthy Affiliate Testimonial by Leo Emery From Netwise Profits

    Marcus From WorkFromHomeWatchDog

    Wealthy Affiliate Testimonial by Marcus from Work From Home Watch Dog

    Mark From Affiliate Marketer Training

    wealthy Affiliate AffiliatemarketerTraining.com

    ...And Patty Wealthy affiliate testimonial


    Nathaniell From OneMoreCupof-Coffee Wealthy Affiliate Success Story - Nathaniel From One More Cup of Coffee Steve Steve From IveTriedThat Wealthy Affiliate Testimonial by Steve from IveTried That Shawn From JustBuildItNow Shawn From Buildit now

    Here is the Deal:

    Sign up for Wealthy Affiliate Right Now for FREE, and you could be the next success story and have a Highly Authoritative Website that Generates its Traffic and Give you Passive Income like Clockwork.

    Wait a Second:

    Before you say I am Biased, I have proof that this is the only unbiased Wealthy Affiliate Review on the internet.

    Here are some more independent Wealthy Affiliate Reviews on the internet:

    By now, you know this is the only Wealthy Affiliate Review you should read, and sign up for a Free Wealthy Affiliate account right now!

    Come, join me @Wealthy Affiliate Now

    Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives

    With over 2.1 Million entrepreneurs, Wealthy Affiliate is by far the most prominent internet marketing community boasting over 13 years in Business(April 2020)

    There are still Alternatives to Wealthy Affiliates.

    I know that some countries are prohibited from joining wealthy affiliates.

    Don't feel left out. You can make money online from any part of the world as long as you have laptops and internet connections.

    Some may also supplement your affiliate earnings.

    Here are the Top 10 Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives:

    • Amazon Bootcamp: Want To sell on Amazon? Amazon Bootcamp by the Selling Family is the Perfect Choice that teaches how to profit through Amazon FBA(Fulfilled by Amazon)
    • Freedom Break Through, Freedom Accelerator & Super Affiliate System: Some of the best affiliate marketing courses.
    • One Product Challenge: Forget about launching a product in weeks. For only $97, you can launch your product in only seven days.
    • One Funnel Away Challenge: ClickFunnells flagship course costs only $100 to get started. Build a 7 figure business in only 30 days.
    • Amazing Selling Machine Foundations: if you ever want o get the Amazing Selling Machine, this is also proudly brought to you by "The Amazin.". It costs only $997.
    • MarketPlace Superheroes Ignite: The MPSH Ignite Program mainly shows you how to create your private label product and sell it using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)- It costs $997 only.
    • Affiliate Secrets by Spencer Mecham: Spencer is in the top 1% of Clickfunells and has generated millions in commissions using CF alone. Affiliate secrets only cost $1,497.
    • Kevin David Amazon FBA Ninja: KD had around 1.5M Subscribers of YouTube and thousands of followers across other networks. His system is receiving a favourable rating among students.
    • The Amazing Selling Machine: This is their flagship course and one of the best in the market. it costs $4,997
    • BuilderAll: You can easily create your store using BA and collect payments, although you will fulfil the orders. It can also be an additional tool in your arsenal to create capture pages and send periodic emails to build rapport with your customers.
    • Solo Build It: It's almost similar to Wealthy Affiliate with practically all the tools you'll find inside Wealthy Affiliate. In terms of age, wealthy Affiliate started it in 2001 while WA was Started in 2005. Do the Maths! They would not be in business for over a decade if customers and students weren't satisfied.
    • Digital Course Secrets: Kevin David is an 8 Figure marketer that teaches others how to profit by teaching what they already know. He has other courses like Amazon FBA MasterClass.
    • YouTube: YouTube is a vast gold mine. You can get most of the information for Free. Keep in mind that you will have to join different puzzles. It will not be a step-by-step process like the other courses listed herein.

    Related: Top Affiliate Marketing Courses

    Wealthy Affiliate is Awesome but Have you seen other Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives that you can use to supplement your income?Click To Tweet

    That is it, Ladies and Dudes.

    By now, you know that Wealthy Affiliate beats most of these products in terms of Pricing, training, tools, and Support.

    Wealthy Affiliate FAQ 2023

    Is Wealthy Affiliate free to join?

    Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is FREE to join. The free membership gives you limited access to the training material, Wealthy Affiliate community (7 days only), and website-building tools.

    You can save money on the Premium and Premium Plus memberships by paying a year in advance. You can also take advantage of perioding offers.

    Is Wealthy Affiliate a pyramid scheme?

    Wealthy Affiliate is not a pyramid scheme. At least not in the strict sense of the term.

    A pyramid scheme is one where new recruits pay upfront costs to members at the top of the pyramid under the promise of receiving payments when they recruit new members “below” them.

    You get paid 50% commission on one level only.

    Also, you can choose not to promote Wealthy Affiliate as there are hosting, keyword research tools, and more within the platform.

    What is Wealthy Affiliate?

    Wealthy Affiliate is the Home of Affiliate Marketing Where Elite Affiliate Marketers meet. It has training, tools, and expert support to help you make money online.

    How do I join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE?

    Simply use one of the links on his page or sign up here now for FREE.

    Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth the Money?

    Yes. Wealthy Affiliate is worth the money. It is not a get-rich-quick, though.

    It may take some time to see results, but they will be worth it.

    Does Wealthy Affiliate Make you Money?

    Yes. Wealthy Affiliate makes you money when you join their Affiliate Program, entirely FREE..

    You can also make money by leaving feedback or comments on a website inside the member's area. In addition, you get $1 for every account created*

    Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

    Yes. Wealthy Affiliate does not promise to get you rich overnight.

    Building a sustainable business takes time. Wealthy Affiliate Make it clear throughout the entire training.

    How long does it take to make money with a wealthy affiliate?

    You can start to make money as soon as today. Some people make it quicker than others. On average, it takes 6-12 months to see some income flowing.

    How much does it cost to join a wealthy affiliate?

    Wealthy Affiliate premium membership cost $49/month. You will get your first moth for $19.

    What is Jaaxy?

    Jaaxy is the most advanced Official Keyword Tool within Wealthy Affiliate.

    What do you do on Wealthy Affiliate to make money?

    You will be promoting other people's products on your website by writing reviews, guides, tutorials, and YouTube Videos to get closer to the potential customer.

    What are Affiliate Marketing Companies?

    Affiliate marketing companies pay you for every customer you bring that purchases a particular product or service.

    Most of them are commission-based and may pay anywhere from 20% to 100% commission.

    Yes, that was not a typo!

    Is Wealthy Affiliate Available Globally?

    Yes, However, the FREE starter is unavailable in the following countries: India, Nigeria, Philippines, Pakistan, Vietnam, Kenya, Bangladesh, and Egypt.

    Will I lose my Website when I Quit Wealthy Affiliate?

    No. With wealthy affiliate, you buy your domain. (You OWN it) If you decide to leave for any reason, you will only change your host and continue your business. No Hard Feelings.

    And here are more commonly asked questions...

    Are the Guys Behind Wealthy Affiliate TrustWorthy?

    YES, I am personally a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community.

    It started in 2005 with two guys named Kyle and Carson(Co-Founders).

    Kyle is the marketing Chief while Carson is the Design Chief.

    You will find them interacting with other members of the community.

    Together, they have over 27 years of experience combined.

    I must agree they are at the top of the game.

    It is hard to get DIRECT support from Owners.

    Can Wealthy Affiliate Work in Any Niche?

    YES, you will be taken on step-by-step training to create content that gets ranked when you sign up.

    There are thousands of members from different niches already successful with the program.

    There will always be someone to look up to.

    Just be interactive within the community when you sign up.

    I'm on a Tight Budget. Can I Still Join Wealthy Affiliate?

    YES, this program does not need a lot of investment. For Only $49($19 the first month if you sign up Today).

    You get hosting, keyword research tools, support, feedback, and one-on-one coaching for the same price.

    You will only need to buy a domain name(You OWN it) and an auto-responder, and you are good to go.

    But, if the $19 or $49 is for rent or food, you may have to struggle to join the puzzle for a while.

    Keep in mind that WA is like any other education.

    So, what you will learn NOW may benefit you for a lifetime.

    I'm Not a Good Writer. Can I succeed with wealthy Affiliate?

    YES, There are hundreds of resources inside the member's area that you can use to create content ideas.

    Also, it will only take some practice, and in no time, you may realize that your mind is capable of great things.

    I have no Existing Audience. Is That Okey?

    YES, It is designed in a newbie-friendly way.

    Although having an email list/audience is an added advantage, the training shows you how to get traffic from social media, forums, and other free methods to generate leads.

    Is there Upsell within Wealthy Affiliate?

    YES, there are, but you do not need the right now to get started.

    There is a Yearly Offer where you would pay $359/year instead of $564, which you may need to consider later.

    You will be getting a 36% discount on the regular price.

    Is There a Discount when I Join Wealthy Affiliate Today?

    YES, When you buy it today, You get a 61% discount.

    That means that you will only pay $19 in your first month and get everything that premium offers.

    Claim your First month's 61% discount on this page. After creating a free account, you can Upgrade there.

    YouTube video

    Can you Pay My Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership then I'll pay you when I Make Money?

    NO! This is a weird question, but it has been asked a dozen times.

    It's like an education in Universities and Colleges. You keep the education whether you get a job or not!

    How Much Money Can You make with Wealthy Affiliate?

    It all depends on you. I will not lie to you that you will make $100 in your first month, or I'll pay you $500 out of my pocket!

    You have to make things work, take action on the training, and develop your ideas.

    Some folks earn from $0,$100 to even seven figures a month. You are no different since you will get the same training and learn from Super Affiliates who are Ultra successful.

    Must I Promote Wealthy Affiliates to Make Money?

    No, you can promote anything online.

    Even if you Have an Existing offline business, you will do just fine. Some people would like to make money from the non-Internet marketing niche.

    I'm an Amazon Seller, Will Wealthy Affiliate Work for Me?

    YES, you need the skill to run your business long-term.

    Every business needs customers and repeat sales to be profitable.

    You will need to have fans who are happy with your product.

    Furthermore, building an online presence will work for you even when you are asleep.

    I am not Technical, and I manage This.

    Yes, Totally. If you can read and type what you have read, you can do this.

    Since you can read this, the wealthy affiliate can work for you.

    The technical part will be handled by other experts who are always willing to help.

    Is There Proof that wealthy Affiliate Works?

    YES, sure. Members of this community are rocking it, and you can too.

    Some are already making six figures with this program. When you buy it, search for "success stories" inside the member's area.

    I have also shared some success stories in this post.

    Is this the Program Responsible for Making up to 8 Figure Affiliates?

    YES, to the best of my knowledge, that is true. But see, I don't have access to the affiliate accounts of the members. Most people post their results on the member's forum and their websites.

    Is Everything I need Including Inside Wealthy Affiliate?

    Yes, From a website, hosting, Keyword Research, technical support, website-building tools, and other resources are readily available.

    Other things like premium themes, plugins, email marketing, and landing pages are optional. You'll ONLY Need around$13/a year to buy a domain.

    Do I need to Pay for Wealthy Affiliate Premium?

    YES, Let's compare it to education. How much have you spent on education?

    We spend so much then earn very little.

    With wealthy affiliate, you pay to get training tools and support.

    Everyone needs help along the way.

    The starter membership is limited to premium support for seven days.

    Besides, Premium members get 2x high payouts than starters which means a high level of success.

    I don't want to Quit my 9-5 Job. Can I Join Wealthy Affiliate?

    YES. You will be working at your own pace.

    You can start by working 2 hours/day before you start working full-time.

    Just stick to what you are doing, continue learning, and quit when comfortable with your income.

    I'm Unable to Register. What is the Problem?

    Sign up for premium! I'm kidding.

    The main problem is the cache and cookies.

    Kindly clear cookies on Your browser, then make sure you sign up using any of the links on this page.

    In most browsers, Hold CRTL+SHIFT+Delete.

    Is there support within Wealthy Affiliate?

    YES, Kyle and Carson(Founders) have created a pay-it-forward-mentality community.

    You helped me today. I will help you tomorrow.

    You have a community of over 800,000 experts to give you a hand. I'm also available to you.

    Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit as It sounds too good to be true?

    YES, It is legit. I cannot risk my reputation. For that reason, they give you seven days to try premium FREE. (No credit card required)

    I am a complete newbie. Should I join Wealthy Affiliate

    YES. If you are willing to spend about 4 hours of your day learning and practising what you know, you can do this.

    Buying the program and doing nothing will not give you any results. You have to work hard!

    I have Heard of Many Products in the BizOp space. Is Wealthy Affiliate Different?

    YES. Most of the products that are SCAMS have not been there for long. After a product is identified as a scam in reviews from guys like me, a good part stays away.

    The wealthy affiliate has been in business for over 12 years.

    How can over 2.1 Million entrepreneurs be wrong?

    Wealthy Affiliate FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions on the Internet.Click To Tweet

    Now, you know that Wealthy Affiliate has absolutely everything you need to be successful online. It may be the only piece of the pie you have been missing all the time.

    Wealthy Affiliate Bonuses(Yours Free)

    I'm going to sweeten the deal and give you my crazy Wealthy Affiliate bonuses not found anywhere on the internet.

    Make sure you buy using any of the links on this page. I might remove the bonuses at any time.

    Act first or miss out!

    Bonus 1: 101+ Most Profitable Niches for Affiliate Marketing.

    Let’s get real.

    Niche research is boring & time-consuming.

    Don’t waste your time trying to find the most profitable niches for affiliate marketing.

    Choose from the pre-selected niches that suites you and your audience at the moment.

    Don’t Reinvent the wheel.

    Bonus 2: Ultimate List of Recurring Affiliate Programs Recurring Affiliate Programs

    Recurring Affiliate Programs are one of the best ways to make passive income online.

    Make a sale once and get paid every month as long as the customer sticks with the software, tool or course.

    I have 237+ Recurring Affiliate Programs that you can start promoting as soon as today.

    Software and membership sites work the best.

    You can also sell online courses that charge monthly subscriptions which is a great way to supplement your income monthly/yearly.

    Bonus 3: The 7-Steps to Becoming a Successful Super Affiliate guide

    The 7-Steps to Become a successful Super Affiliate

    Do you know that there are some secrets that super-successful super affiliates don't want you to know?

    I will show you how to become a super affiliate in 7-steps.

    You can easily quit your soul-sucking 9-5 by just following this guide.

    Here are the 7- simple steps in brief:

    • Choosing the perfect niche
    • Picking the perfect product
    • Creating your passive income system
    • Choosing your traffic source
    • Creating consistent content
    • Building Your Email List
    • Scaling and retargeting.

    Bonus 4:One on 1 Support

    You can talk to me directly via Facebook or email.

    You can also join my Facebook group using the button below.

    Bonus 5: White Label my Bonuses

    Use my bonuses as your own to skyrocket your business.

    Bank with my Bonuses in your promotions.

    Those are my Freedom Accelerator bonuses.

    After completing your purchase, email me here with the " Freedom Accelerator bonuses" as the subject line.

    Thank you for your purchase!

    This is What You Should Do Now...

    #1. Create Your FREE Account Now

    #2. Add a profile image and describe a little about yourself.

    #3. Start the Online Certification Training Level 1

    #4. Join Premium if it's worth After your Trial Grab my Bonuses

    #5. Take MASSIVE ACTION.

    #6. Ask ME or anyone for help when STUCK.

    #7. Be Active in the Member's Area

    #8. Boom! Make your First $1, $10, $100, $1,000 or Even $10,000 paydays.(You are the Only limit here)

    That is it.

    Hurry. Don't miss out.

    Closing Remarks on Wealthy Affiliate Review

    I will make sure that I contact you within One Hour of joining. (Just reply.ASAP)

    I have kept the surprise a secret from the public. I will contact you to get my bonuses and give them straight to your inbox. (Seriously private)

    Please Share with Your Network.

    It has been my pleasure having you here.

    Thank you for reading my Wealthy Affiliate Review 2023. If you need any clarification, have a review, complaint, compliment, or comment, let me know, and I will clear things up for you. Now Your Turn!

    To Your Success,

    The 7-Steps to Become a successful Super Affiliate

    FREE 6-Part Video Series

    The Leave Your Soul-sucking 9-5 Blueprint

    How To Quit Your 9-5 Job & Achieve Financial & Time FREEDOM

    224 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review 2023:The BIGGEST Scam of the Year?”

    1. Thank you so much for this review over Wealthy Affiliate.  I have personally found that this site can help with so many things, and that includes building a beautiful website.  I now have three thanks to the training I have learned from WA.  Joining is free!  The community is great!  The training is the best!  Do you have a favorite expert that you like to listen to when you are going through the different trainings?

      1. Hey Jessie,

        Thank you for your input.

        WA members are so welcoming.

        I do not have a favorite. The support from Kyle alone is priceless.

    2. Thank you very much for this valuable detailed post about wealthy affiliate. Actually, I have been connected with WA for about two years now. I didn’t know anything about affiliate marketing at first. I learned everything about affiliate marketing from WA. And today I earn money from affiliate marketing. I highly recommend WA to anyone. Keep posting reviews like this.

      1. Hi Pasidu,

        Thank you for stopping by.

        Wealthy affiliate is the best place for beginners to make their first dollar online.

      1. Go ahead Rosemary.

        Wealthy Affiliate has no refund policy since they give you access to the premium membership FREE for 7 days.

        To a greater decade!

    3. Hey Tony,
      I’ve got a few questions in mind and I would really appreciate your honest thoughts. I’ve been contemplating between getting WA or builderall and I’ve read several reviews on both, including yours.

      I noticed that WA does not have an autoresponder and as they say “the money is in the list”, I find it compelling to move towards builderall for that reason along with the fact that they have so many more features and tools included.

      What are your thoughts on that? Do you think an autoresponder is necessary in order to make the big bucks?

      One last question. Is it actually possible to make money off of the free websites provided by WA or is it almost impossible considering its much harder to get them to rank well?

      Any response would be appreciated. Thanks in advance Tony

      1. Hi Shazan,

        Thanks for stopping by to check my review of Wealthy Affiliate.

        I use both platforms to run my business.

        Builderall is more superior than Wealthy Affiliate is terms of tools. The only downside is that you will have to forget about WordPress. The Autoresponder, chatbots, app creator, Studio and over 23 other tools inside BuilderAll is a no brainer.

        Wealthy Affiliate is where I got my start as they will take you step-by-step from beginner to pro

        To your last question:

        It is possible to make money with a FREE website as they rank pretty as well.

        Hope that helps Shezan!

        1. If you had to pick one of the two, which one would you stick with in your personal opinion? Since you started off with WA and moved to builderall, do you feel like it would have been a better option to start with builderall instead since it has everything you need unlike in WA?

          Are there any upsides to WA as compares to Builderall apart from WA using WordPress?

          Thanks again for your response, really do appreciate it.

          1. For now,

            I would stick with BuilderAll. There are more tools that would cost hundreds if not thousands if bought separately.

            For example, I pay an additional $49/month for Convertkit(my autoresponder for this WordPress Site)

            You would pay an additional $97 for a funnel builder like ClickFunnels.

            The list goes on.

            I highly recommend BuilderAll!

            Hope that helps you make an informed desicion Shezan.

    4. This is a comprehensive and detailed review and everything you have said about wealthyaffiliate is right. The thing is that making money online is not a one-day thing but would need consistent effort in order to succeed. For newbies, training would be needed for you to know exactly what you are doing and even for experts to get additional up to date information which is why wealthyaffiliate is a good place to get these information from. Their teachings are simplified so anyone and consider and the platform contains almost everything you need to build your online business from the ground up.

    5. Wow! This is the most comprehensive Wealthy Affiliate review ever! It’s so interesting to read and very motivating! I am encouraged to forge on here despite the fact that I haven’t made any money here but I am sure I will make money. I am impressed by the helpful community in here. Lets keep at Wealthy Affiliate.

      1. Success is cumulative and doesn’t happen overnight Rutz but it is totally worth it.

        It is just a matter of time before you see results as long as you stay consistent.

    6. I have been with WA since last August and It ha been a really nice leaning experience. The live training is really amazing and it is always up to date on what is going on in the industries. I also love the features that you can write a post in the community and someone that has more experience can stop by and answer your question (god knows I have so many lol 😅) I am happy with the sevice 😀 Great review.

      1. You made the right desicion. The expert support is top-notch, timely and out of this world.

        Thanks for sharing your experience with my tribe.

    7. Your post is supremely detailed, well delineated and presented in a way that seems legitimate and genuine way to earn financial freedom.  I especially like the visual aids you provide with analysis and progress reports.  It sounds to me like a soluble manner in which to level up someone’s financial status and I will definitely look further into it and pass the link along.  Thank you for dialling in such a well informed post.  

      1. Thanks for stopping by to Comment Bex. WA is where I got my start and made thousands since then.

        Wish you much success in your journey.

    8. Hi,
      Thank you for a detailed review.
      I have still some confusions about this program, I would be really thankful if you can answer these..

      1) On one of the blog I was reading that WA do not teach how to create Conversion Focused Websites, is that true?

      2) SEO : do WA tells complete advance SEO techniques to rank in search engines, complete SEO (on-page + off-page with exact methods) or they simply give basic/rough idea about SEO?

      3) Budget & Expenses : Since I am a student and doing blogging as a part time, I have a limited budget. I would like to know how much budget or amount in total should I have (or idea about amount in my mind before starting) to create a site basically for Amazon Affiliate & then start generating sales (limited budget so can’t go for paid Adds, will be focusing totally on SEO)

      1. Hey Jack and hope you are having an awesome holiday.

        First of, Sorry for the delayed reply.

        1. The basic training does not teach how to build funnels and convert website visitors. That is taught in detail on weekly webinars with Jay Neil as the host.
        2. They do teach SEO in all levels. For that reason, you’ll see most Wealthy Affiliate sites ranking super high in Google no matter the niche they are in.
        3. I see we are coming from the same angle as I also started this as a student.
        $100 on average as there are other ways you can make money inside Wealthy Affiliate.

        Cheers and see you on the other side!

    9. Hello Tony,

      I had joined WA about 3 years ago and well, like many shinny things I was running after at that time, it didn’t go anywhere…

      Now that I’ve gotten my head screwed on properly, I’m looking to get into Affiliate Marketing and all the roads point to WA and more importantly, they point to your road in helping me make it successful this time around!

      Looking forward to contacting you & getting my Premium account set-up so that THIS TIME it’s for real and not just another shinny pipe-dream!

      Thanks for taking the time in giving this straight forward & more importantly, truthful review of what Affiliate Marketing can bring to someone.



      1. Hey Marc,

        Glad that you knew your weakness and admitting it.

        Looking forward working with you.

        The Sky is limit.

    10. I left WA. I was lost. The first lesson is not as ‘beginner’ as it should be. Jargon isn’t explained, you need to research vocabulary separately. If you need to start at sesame st level computer info, you have NO IDEA what’s going on. The support is all very lovely but you can get 20 different answers to questions and not necessarily from experts. A great many also just use it as expensive Facebook. Often distracting Chit-chat is front and centre but you have to find lessons, The website is cluttered and overwhelming. It’s a swamp! I listened to most lessons twice as I found the info hard to catch, anything I learnt was just which button to push. I walk away none the wiser about affiliate marketing and webpage building. Nice community, good price but do some abc’s first

      1. Thanks for your insights Tash.

        I agree most people get caught up in the community aspect rather than building their businesses.

        See you around,

    11. Hi Tony,

      This is Dick Sha again and thank you very much for your reply.

      I still feel a little bit confused with FREE sub-domain and bought domain. All I want to know is that a domain with my website/blog created, if it is created during WA training period, can work 100% independently, within or outside of WA.

      During WA training period, do we cerate both FREE sub-domain and paid domain ?

      Thanks again for your help.

      1. With the free sub domain, you have to stick within Wa.

        With your own domain, you have complete Freedom.

        A Subdomain is not required. It is for people who want the Free option while still building their businesses

    12. Hi Tony,

      Glad to come across your block, I ‘m impressed by the content. I am still a beginner in IM industry. I ‘m trying to get more understanding about WA before I really feel confident enough to join. I. have some questions about WA . I’ll appreciate very much if you can spare sometime to provide me with the answers. These questions may look funny to an IM expert, but they are really questions to me and need to be clarifiedbefore I do anything further.

      1. Domain:
      I understand that WA member can create their own website/blog with the help from WA during training period. It looks like that member’s domain for their website is the SUB-DOMAIN of WA’s main domain. If this is the case,
      (1) how much independence the member’s sub-domain can have? or can member’s website/blog can
      really work independently?
      (2) Will all the traffic driven by member’s website/blog go to member’s own mailing list/autorespoder
      (3) In case of necessary, can member transfer their website/blog freely to other domain provider
      without any impact from it’s MAIN DOMAIN

      2. Mutual support among members within the community:
      Theoretically, members with the same or similar NICHE are competitors against each other. It looks like that it is not true within WA community, Why and how? (I still feel confused)

      3. People always talk about website and blog. Are they the same thing? From your point of view, what is the difference?

      4 Within the same website/blog that member created from WA training, can they also sell other products with in the same NICHE they selected during training period?

      Thank you very much for your help.

      1. All the questions make sense. I get it how it feels like while starting out as everyone was one a beginner.

        1. The FREE subdomains are for WA You’ll get a YourAwesomeSite. SitRubix.com

        They do work but you don’t want to build your brand on a FREE subdomain, you need to buy your own domain. The FREE domains are just for helping newbies have a softer start.

        It’s your business, you are the one to attract traffic. You’ll be taught how with the training inside.

        If you decide you leave WA. You can always transfer the domain to another provider

        2.We are competitors but we are not in the same niche. If we are on the same NICHE, we do share ideas.

        3. There are more the same. Basically, A blog is where all your articles will be appearing on your website. Blogging= Writing

        4. You have the FREEDOM, It’s your business. Therefore you can promote the products of your choice.

        Do let me know if you need more clarification

    13. Hi Tony,

      Sorry, I couldn’t find the contact form so I am sending you my invitation via comment section.

      My Name Devesh here, have a small blog Internationalfreeoffers.com and one of the WA affiliates. I have been promoting since 2017 and made some sales but recently I found a new marketing tool about two months ago for WA…I got more sales since then.

      It will cost you just $9.99 or $29.99 cents. Why spend so much for Clickfunnels, Leadpages etc.

      Features and Tools!

      This marketing tool comes with a full-fledged marketing software with over 18+ tools. The best part, there is no limit on how many websites you can create include unlimited visitors, plus an amazing inbuilt autoresponder that hit inbox most of the time.

      • HTML5 (Drag & Drop) Site Builder
      • 10,000 Subscriber Professional Email Marketing Platform
      • Responsive Website/Blog Builder
      • Animated Videos Creator
      • Floating Videos Creator
      • Design Studio Mockups
      • Presentation Builder
      • SEO On Page Report Tool
      • Browser Notifications
      • Click/Heat Map Tool
      • iOS/Android App Creator

      More Design – Page Builder Tools

      • More than 1,000 Professional Templates
      • Create Mockups With
      • Intelligent And Personalized Forms
      • Shopify Integration
      • External HTML Code
      • Social Media Plugins
      • Hundreds of Styles For Your Menus And Buttons
      • Personalized Font Pattern
      • Create Optimized Versions For Mobile Devices
      • Intuitive Builders
      • Easy-to-Duplicate Pages
      • Unlimited Layouts Per Website
      • Video Backgrounds
      • Effects Image Galleries
      • Group Hover
      • Scroll Animation
      • Parallax Effect
      • Builderall Design Studio
      • Create Animated And Sales Videos in Minutes
      • Exclusive Floating Video Tool
      • Multiple Effects For Page Transitions
      • Icon, Image, Arrow And GIF Galleries
      • Integrated Image Editor And Filters
      • FADE OUT Effect For Texts And Elements on Banners
      • Predefined Elements And Form Blocks

      This tool is very much needed for WA followups and capturing leads.

      Also this tool comes with an amazing affiliate program 100% commission + 2 tier monthly recurring income.

      My Id in here..hope you will sign up through me 

      [link removed]

      Am an affiliate of both WA BUILDERall

      Here’s the link. You can test drive for free.

      For Builderall business please click below

      [link removed]

      Best regards, DV

      1. I’ll be there to support you along the way. The founders are also committed to help members achieve their goals.

        See you on the other side.

    14. Baraka Stephen

      Tony this is great! You look like someone from Nairobi? I can feel something like this Internet Africa in Nairobi some times i was there and made no cash actually. They tell you to refer your friends and family members to buy website and blog and they tell you to sell eBooks etc like that. Good i came across this post. I have been following you for some days now. I understood WA is a learning system that helps you market other peoples’ product like JvZoo. Clickbank etc. My question is this if i refer people to join Wa affiliates do i have commission?

      1. You get paid 50% commission on every sale. That is $23.50 fir monthly refferals or $175 for yearly refferals.

    15. Hai, I just joined WA without any links.

      I would realy like to join under your expertise, can it still be done??

      1. You can talk to Kyle(co-owner) and tell him you joined through EliteAffiliateHacks recommendation. It’s easy!

    16. Looks like you’ve got this under control brother. Obviously you know a lot about building a website. . I’m feeling a bit intimidated even offering my comment.
      It’s a great page! Well done. (are you showing off?)
      Just kidding. I envy your expertise at such a young age. It inspires me to continue. Thanks!

      1. Thanks, Joel.

        I appreciate your comment.

        Glad that I started at a young age and being an inspiration to many entrepreneurs.

    17. H. Erin Nelson

      Hi Tony! Great Review! I love the reverse Psychology you use in relaying your message. Your flair for writing and keeping my attention should be commended–great job! I am fascinated with WA and it has changed my life! Not only do I see myself as an entrepreneur now, but I am living as one! Great insight into an awesome platform! Continued success to you!

      1. Hey Erin,

        Thanks for stopping by and glad that you are succeeded using the training inside WA.

        Happy to know I grabbed your attention with my copy-writing skills.

        More success to you Nelson.

    18. Amazing post about WA community!

      I’m a member for almost two months and cannot stop recommending this platform.

      I agree with all the benefits Wealthy Affiliate provides, and in combination with my organic traffic booster, I already have monthly passive income (for just two months!!!).

      I suggest everyone try WA and organic traffic booster together[Link Removed]

      Amazing earning combination!


      1. Awesome Mario,

        Thanks for stopping by to comment and sharing your thoughts on Wealthy Affiliate.

        Congrats on making the passive income within your first two months.

    19. Great review about wealthy affiliate. I have to say this was probably the longest and most in-depth review I’ve ever read.

      Being a member myself, I can say your right about wealthy affiliate being one of the best places to make money online and learn how to grow a real reputable business that can last you for years online.

      I’m glad to see they training has worked for you so well, and I hope you continue to do good with your business.

      1. Hey Michael,

        Thanks for stopping by to comment and sharing your experience about Wealthy Affiliate.

        I’m achieving more success that I could Ever imagine. WA is the best place for beginners since I knew nothing about making money online or building websites.

    20. Hi Tony

      The power of convincing is defined by your article, I found it very interesting in the many point mention with Wealthy Affiliate. I don’t really think people really don’t understand the power this community can change lives. You are a prime example based on your success report and the affiliate income report that anyone can achieve in owning their own business. I very encourage by your article it has made me think a little harder about what can I do to have my own success story and the answer is Wealthy Affiliate stick with it. I wish you greater success Tony and Thanks again for powerful article!

      1. I have learnt copy-writing to know the type of words to use.

        Anyway, thanks for stopping by to comment. It means a lot to me.

        Hope you’ll be the next success story and get to the Super Affiliate Conference in Vegas.

    21. Do you have any idea how sick we are of clicking on links in search results looking for honest information about a product or service only to find that the so-called review of said product or service is nothing more than a sales pitch?

      I get it, you’re an affiliate of WA and a premium member. You went through their affiliate boot-camp training and created this site per the course instructions. And honestly, you did a very nice job. A lot of info is presented, some of which I haven’t seen on other WA “review” sites.

      But I just can’t get past the elephant in the room, which is. This is NOT a review, it is in fact a sales letter created to promote (not review) WA. It is misleading and unethical and this the problem I have with affiliate marketing in general.

      Your title states: Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018: The BIGGEST SCAM of the Year?

      Very eye catching, and also VERY dishonest.

      I know you will not allow this post in to your comment section and that’s fine. I just wanted you to know that not everyone buys into this form of advertising. Some of us just want real information without the bait-&-switch tactics. Just be honest.

      1. Hey Don,

        Getting people to Click your link is a skill. In fact, I’m working on a post on how to write titles that get clicked and get people to read your content. By the way, before writing such kind of post, I do Keyword Research to find out which drives the most traffic.

        Thanks for appreciating my knowledge and Wealthy Affiliate review outstanding from other WA review sites. Honestly, I have Nothing to hide but you are entitled to your own opinions Don. I hope you are seeing other peoples success stories herein and Every information that you may need to know about Wa.

        Have a nice venture online and sorry for feeling that way about affiliate marketing.

    22. In my opinion,WA is much better than most Jvzoo,W+ products,which are mostly gurus,bias and scammers.These guys just focus on theory and something we are even getting free while WA seems to be more actionable and practical.

      What’s the paid traffic sources on WA training? Solo Ads,Youtube Ads,Bing Ads,Google Ads,Facebook Ads,etc,i would like to focus more on paid rather than free.

      1. WA cover all except solo ads for some reason.

        You can also leverage the training inside Wealthy Affiliate, create your own product that would help your audience solve their problems.

    23. Hi Tony,

      Just wanted to give you a thumbs up. It’s a thorough review. You seemed to have tackled everything that you may need to know.

      btw I signed up for your newsletter.
      As a reminder to come back and visit this site regularly.

      Take care,


      1. Hi Karin,

        Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate.

        You’ll be receiving updates and some promotions(Minimal) of highly converting offers

    24. OnlineBzDog - TQ

      Hi Tonny,
      I just joined Wealthy Affiliate. At first, I was a little skeptical about the program as many people saying wealthy affiliate is a scam, but I found your article is very helpful as I can learn some of the good points from your post. Thank you for sharing.

    25. RichPersonality

      This is a great review! Probably one of the longest one’s I’ve seen so far 🙂 Wealthy Affiliate is truly one of the best platforms that can help you earn money online. I’ve tried out many other programs as well, and failed to make any kind of money with all of them. Some other’s are legit as well, but nothing matches the training, tools and the whole community that we have here on WA!

      1. Thanks for stopping by Rich and sharing your experience about Wealthy Affiliate. The community of over 800,000 entrepreneurs and the pay-it-forward community is  unbeatable  with “out of this world training”

        To your continued success.

    26. Thanks for the encouraging article. It helped remind me why I joined WA in the first place. Such a great community of people and opportunities. The growth of your success truly is limited only by how much work you want to put into it! It’s super cool that you have found so much success. I’ve only been a member for about a month so I’m excited to see what the future holds!

      1. One of the biggest problem that I’ve seen online when it comes to success is that most people do not give themselves enough time to succeed.

        Building a sustainable online business from scratch takes time(But pays for life) and makes you money while you sleep so that you no longer have to trade your precious time for money.

        Do hit me up if you need anything along the way.

    27. I’m hot on your trail. Been with the Wealthy Affiliate for over two years and it’s been working for me. I’m not where you are as far as progress goes but it’s happening. This is a great platform to learn on and it’s been a rewarding experience no doubt. I wish you more success!

      1. Hey David,

        Thanks for your testimonial. With time, you will definitely achieve more than you could ever imagine since this is something that your entire life could depend on. I appreciate the wishes and wish you more success too online.

    28. Hi Tony,

      Thanks for the information packed review of WA. I am interested in signing up for WA under you, as a Premium member of $19, for the first month and then $49 monthly thereafter. However, every time I am trying to sign up for $19 first month package I am being taken to a page where I am being asked to sign up for the Starter or Free pack, which you have also pointed out is not available for India,where I am from and a few other countries. I’d be glad if you could email me the link to sign up for the first month Premium $19 package to my email address mentioned below at your earliest.

      Thanks and regards,
      Dipankar Ray

      1. Hey Ray,

        The banned countries also don’t get to try the first month for $19. You’ll have to pay $49 to join Wealthy Affiliate Premium Right away.

        I’ll email you more details(Check your inbox)

      2. No offense, but isn’t making money via Wealthy Affiliate commission through giving them a good review to prompt others to join essentially a pyramid scheme? Seems like you are luring people with the promise of the “easy money” on the internet that is actually a lot harder to obtain, by using earning you made from Wealthy Affiliate by convincing others to join in terms first place.

        1. There is nothing that I mentioned here that is not true. Mind you, I just noticed that you have been a Wealthy Affiliate member for a short period of time. WA is not a get rich quick scheme, you’ll need to invest, be hardworking and work towards your goals. All that takes time. Don’t tell me that sharing my story how I struggled for 11 months is promising people easy money. No!

          Sometimes, I have to use the earning proofs to motivate people and show them what is possible with affiliate marketing keeping in mind the many scams out there.

          Elite Affiliate Hacks is an information hub for Affiliate marketing. It’s up to my smart visitors to decide what is good for them since I share with them everything they need to know about a particular topic or review.

          -Tony Omary

          1. Thanks for the reply, but you didn’t really deny my statement that being an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate is essentially being part of a pyramid scheme. My review was mostly negative though, so I’m not really an affiliate. But why is it that you barely mentioned how you have to struggle to make money via commissions in Wealthy Affiliate? Or how most of the program consists of writing content? Could’ve mentioned how this program is not for people not really interested in writing because you have to be interested and love what you do in order to be committed. You only mentioned that this is not a get rich quick scheme like once, which is cliche nowadays because of that Tai Lopez guy, so people may think that only time is needed, but making money will be a piece of cake. False reassurance essentially. Meanwhile, most members are struggling to make a commission based on the blogs I read. That’s why I will just focus on product reviews and not stress out about writing articles. Lastly, I feel like showing your earnings is not exactly proof, but rather motivation for them to join as they feel like they can make that too, but that only means you keep receiving the earnings to get new people in the future to pay for membership and repeat the cycle.

            1. I don’t deny anyone from sharing their thoughts on my blog.

              Everyone has the FREEDOM to share with the world what they think people have the right to know.

              Unless you are living in another world, Someone has to buy something from you in order to get paid. Isn’t that also the case with Amazon associates?

              Would you call Amazon a Pyramid Scheme?

              Check the real Definition according to Wikipedia:

              “A pyramid scheme (commonly known as pyramid scams) is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products or services. As recruiting multiplies, recruiting becomes quickly impossible, and most members are unable to profit; as such, pyramid schemes are unsustainable and often illegal.”

              Let’s Disagree to Agree Kevin:

              Wealthy Affiliate has products like keyword Tool and Services like hosting just to mention a few. This means that you can run your Business there without necessarily promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

              With writing, I have to agree with you. One has to write to drive traffic. Again, if you have traffic or an email list, writing may be just a bonus.

            2. Yes, you have to have something bought from you in order to get paid, but as an affiliate marketer, you are more of a middleman than a seller. Like a car salesman if anything. I’d say the entire world of affiliate marketing is a bit of a grey area because of the profits that are involved. Because I feel like affiliate marketers may be more like advertisers trying to sell you a product many times rather than actually give an honest outlook on a product and anything wrong with it. Not telling the entire truth

              As for where I made the pyramid scheme analysis, it may be stretching it a bit far, but Investopedia says it well, “If the recruit gets 10 more people to invest, he or she will make a profit with just a small investment.” Sound a lot like getting a person to join Wealthy Affiliate, though I’d be fine if it was just a product and nothing else. Sure it may offer all of those resources like keyword research and hosting, but that’s just the bread of a hamburger, meaning the true “meat” of the program is the fact that it teaches you how to build an online “business” in which you are an affiliate for certain products. May even be a bit like MLM, but instead of the participants who recently joined receiving a smaller percentage of the money in which they got others to join (WA gives half, I’ll recognize that), they will still struggle in the end trying to build a website and generate traffics to have products bought through them in such a saturated market. Such reality cannot be downplayed in a review for Wealthy Affiliate.

            3. Affiliate products are everywhere.

              You are right, product reviews should be honest(Like this one.or is it?)

              You don’t have to promote Wealthy Affiliate in order to make Money online. In fact, I know some Wealthy Affiliate members who are crushing it by creating their own products.

      1. Awesome, Hope you are having a great time inside Wealthy Affiliate.

        Don’t hesitate to hit me up when you need a hand along this journey. You are not alone!

    29. Hi admin..
      Pls post the links of sites i can work on free since i cant register as free member in WA though I truly wish that philippines will be unbanned from your site.

      Thank you in adv.

      1. Will be working on that,

        Subscribe to the newsletter(If you haven’t already) to get notified when the article goes live.

    30. I just couldn’t depart your site prior to suggesting that I incredibly enjoyed the standard information an individual supply for your visitors? Is gonna be back often so that you can inspect new posts.

    31. This is definitely one of the most detailed reviews of wealthy affiliate I have ever come across on the net.

      I like to look at mine from the surgical perspectives.

      Thanks for the details and it has been an informative read.

      1. Hey Richard,

        Thanks for stopping by.

        It helps greatly to rank for keywords related to wealthy affiliate.

        I believe you are enjoying the training over there and making some great progress.

    32. Hi Tony, thanks for the info. i ma still new to all of this looking to make some cash. where do i start from? I am in Nigeria and a lot of online sites don’t have Nigeria participating.
      Thanks for your help

    33. Hello. I’ve been reading this link on Wealthy Affiliate, and I think I may have found something that can help me in the near future.

      I already have a website at:[Link removed for Privacy]

      I used Bluehost for the Domain, and WordPress.

      My biggest problem so far, is getting traffic to my site, and making an income from the site.

      If I joined Wealthy Affiliate, do you think you can help me?

      1. Hey John,

        Absolutely, I can help you plus the training inside WA will teach you how to get targeted traffic to your website.

        See you on the other side.

    34. hi Tony
      am really interesterd in joining you after reading the your article abt SBC and WA But i have some question to
      1. is it amust i upgrade when joining so as to start earning
      2. i understand it entails building a website ,so how can i be sure totally that my website is legit and ready to earn me some cash .thats what am afraid of coz i think all can go well i mean the procedures but but the website part eventually complicates matters and what follows next makes me quit and feel a loser

      1. Hi Ethany,

        Thanks for stopping by.

        1. It is not a must for you to Upgrade to start Earning. That’s completely up to you… But you’ll need to learn the skill and get the required expert support along the way which is ONLY available with Premium.

        2.You are the author of your own website. You decide what to write on it and build trust. Most people will land on your website juts the way you did. It will take some time but totally worth it.

        I will share with you my SEO strategy for ranking for competitive keywords like “Wealthy Affiliate”

    35. Tony, can I do the free sign up to “dip my toes in the water’ and then still get the reduced premium price if I like what I see? Call me a little skeptical still on all of this.

      1. Kester,

        You will still get 61% discount if you join premium within the first 7 days.

        I totally understand you. Try it for Free before diving fully.

    36. Hi Tony, i bumped into your website while looking for a review for Global Internet Solutions. i was meant to go for their training today but i decided to get more information since their website has very vague information. let just say you saved my time and money.
      On the other hand i have had an account with wealthy affiliate but have never activated it as was not convinced enough to pay for the premium amount since it is not free in Kenya.
      From your review i think it is worth my time and will go ahead and activate it, i really want to make it working online and help others.

      1. Hey Anne,

        Glad that I saved your time and money. That was my pivotal reason while starting this website.

        If you already had an account previously, simply log in and upgrade.

        You can interact with me further inside the member’s area.

        Have a great Sunday and an awesome week ahead.

    37. Hi Tony pls can you help? I have tried to join WA the premium package but it’s telling me that my country is not supported. Nigeria. Can this be fixed. I really want to join the paid package. Thanks

        1. Please if there is a way you can help us here in Nigeria, I would will really appreciate it. I am from Nigeria, and I have been looking for a legitimate online business that I can start this year, fortunately I came across his program “Wealthy Affiliate”. But now I discovered that Nigeria is not included in the program, I will love to join the premium package if there is way.

          Please help us here, is not every body in nigeria are scammers, we still have good people here who want to take advantage of this Global presence

          1. Unfortunately, the system has restricted Nigeria.

            You can take BuilderAll as alternative.

            The Premium package offers “out of this world” training, tools and support.

      1. I don’t have a physical office. I work in my spare bedroom.

        You can always reach me via email or on social media.

        Happy holidays, let start the new year strong.

      1. Sorry that you cannot access your account.

        If you already have an account with Wealthy Affiliate Login Here.

        Hope that helps.

        Do hit me up if you need a hand.

    38. Hello Tony,

      This article has inspired me to pursue in creating financial freedom and working at home. I’m tired of waking up for my 9-5 job and I’m tired of being managed in general.

      Wealthy Affiliate seems like the doorway to creating that kind of success, but it doesn’t seem like an easy task. Heck anything legitimate to make money is not easy, so I will give it a try.

      Thanks again for your review,

      1. Hello Eric,

        Glad that you made it here and this article helped.

        Most people hate their jobs as it limits them from doing the things they love like: spending time with family/friends or having a holiday anytime they wish.

        It is not easy but totally worth it as It creates Passive income for life!

        Hit me up when inside.

        1. hello, i’m in vietnam, my english is bad i can join the WA community and you are willing to help when i sign up for your link, what is your name in WA

          thank you !

          1. You’ll have my support as well as my personal strategies when you sign up on this site.

            Your English is just fine, you will get used to it as you get the skills!

            See you on the inside.

    39. I have heard so many great things about Wealthy Affiliate! This was VERY INFORMATIVE!

      How long did it take you to begin profiting in your career at Wealthy Affiliate? What other items do you promote?

      Is this your only website or do you have others as well?

      Thanks for this information! I look forward to doing more research on this topic!

      1. Hey Dr. Misty and thanks for stopping by.

        I began profiting after around 11 months of struggling. I’m not the typical success stories that you may be seeing online. Started the affiliate marketing carrier with Neither money, laptop or reliable internet connection.(Hint: I’m from a third- World Beautiful Country, Kenya)

        I do own several websites to supplement my income and share my knowledge.

    40. Well for someone running a fake scam report to get positive signups for Wealthy Affiliate i would think you’d at least try to proof read your front page capture lines for spelling unless “the most through and unbiased review” is the site description you want to use. Your tactics are pretty low
      your trying to get honest signups with a deceptive fake landing page.I’m sure Kyle and Carson would be real impressed since one of their main guidelines is to help people with their problems. Truth and honesty i would assume are looked upon as a lower level tactic for gaining peoples trust.Is it safe to assume that this is the way they promote Wealthy Affiliate? I’m just curious if that’s part of the training that the Wealthy Affiliate Platform is built on .I mean if the purpose of Wealthy Affiliates training is to entice with and offer from a fake review page.Then hell just take em right from the landing page directly to the sales page since your already lying to them anyway why not see if we can’t sell em something else.Seems like if were not helping them solve a problem we may as well milk as much money as we can can because as soon as they figure out we just conned em. I’m sure they will hurry back to buy more junk.

      1. There is Nothing fake about this review. It is based on my experience with and there MUST be a Reason why people Seek my Guidance.:)

        I wonder why my site description or my Capture line Should worry you since you are not my Copyrighter.

        You did not land here by Magic Bryan, it’s because my tactics work pretty fine.

        Wealthy Affiliate Training Works. Period. I don’t know why you have so much beef, Bryan. How can over 800,0000 Internet Entrepreneurs inside WA be Wrong?

    41. I have been scammed in the past, so my trust level is low. Is this as good as it says? I have a day job and don’t have a whole lot of time to commit to this, however, it sounds profitable. I am not a writer, plus how can I generate a lot of traffic with little to no experience?

      What support will I get and how will the support help to the point of starting to earn income, even on first try basis?

      I want to know more and still interested based on the review and testimonials. Is WA available in Jamaica?


      1. Hey Ritchie,

        I had also been scammed severally before I found WA. So, I completely understand you.

        Time should not be a barrier. You can create time before or After work and start creating the foundation for your business.

        You’ll get support from me, The Co-Founders and the Entire WA community.

        Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is available in Jamaica.

    42. Cherukuri Sinivas

      My Dear Brother Tony!
      Good morning at the outset.
      Having tried and got tired of various scams,posing /claiming to be the most genuine and promising programs/schemes to provide training and correct path to achieve the reasonably set goals,by the beginners believing innocently in good faith,I honesty request your advice whether I can join WA with 100% faith in it to flourish myself first and then help my fellow beings who truly deserve such financially help?I want to give an honest and diligent try.I need your guidance and support .I am seeking this advice since I already got my fingers burnt in such scams and lost lost of money.I may please be understood in right perspective.
      Thanking you,
      With regards,
      From India

      1. Hey Sanivas,

        I understand you completely. I also Joined Wa After falling from one scam after the other.

        The training works and will lead towards financial freedom. The common issue that most people have is not giving themselves enough time to succeed.

        When you join via my website, you can be sure of my full support along the journey.

    43. Hi Tony, Thanks for the review. I am from Nigeria. I will like to register with your link so that u can couch me along the process. After my registration now, Will the premium accept 19$ bonus since i am in Nigeria???

      1. Hey Godfrey,

        Nigeria is now banned completely from joining WA. You can Neither join as FREE or Premium.

        I’ll Contact you via for the way forward.

      2. I hope you’ve gotten the help Godfrey? I’m a Nigerian too. There’s always a way out. We’ve been kept on the dark side but they way out always prevail! Let’s mingle bro.

      3. Really nice review. I’m a Nigerian, currently having a free account with wealthy affiliate. Will upgrade to premium soon.

        The premium is over worth it! The Domains, hosting, free themes, emails, SSL, backup, training, real time support etc.

        I currently run a YouTube channel; BEazzy Shifts. Can’t wait to start blogging.


    44. Hi! Does Wealthy Affiliate take any percentage of your website’s income in any way? They just seem to do a whole lot with websites and such, I wasn’t sure if there was anyway for them to be earning more than just the $49 per month. Also, how does this differ from trainings such as ClickBank University? Thanks!

      1. Hi Samantha,

        Wealthy Affiliate does not take any percentage of your website earnings because you own the site, not the wealthy affiliate.But, if you Choose to promote WA, you make 50% commission on all sales

        WA is not the only thing you can promote. There are great products out there that people will be happy to buy from you.

        Clickbank University is awesome but focuses on promoting products from ClickBank and selling your own products.(Awesome Advanced training). WA, on the other hand, focuses on Affiliate Marketing alone.

    45. Hi Tony,

      Is it important to have 3-4 websites running if we want to earn like 5k-10k per month. Can’t it be possible with just one website. Also If I start now, then how much time will it take to earn $1K per month. 🙂

      1. Hey Vanish,

        It’s possible to make enough money with just one website. In fact, it’s recommended to work on ONE website till you have success.

        You’ll Start seeing results in approximately 3-6 months working 4 hours a day but like.

        Hope that sheds some light Vanish.

      1. Yes I’m from Kenya.

        You have my support here, on Wa or on social media.

        Currently not open to phone conversation.

        I believe you know it cost $100+ for consulting. I prefer giving mine for free in the channels.

    46. Hey Tony,

      I need your help to accelerate my financial goals. I want you to coach me, so will I be directly on your team if I signed up at the above link? I was a starter at WA 3 yrs. ago but was so overwhelmed with all the info., got frustrated, and impatient, so I cancelled. Thanks!

      1. Hey Denise,

        If you already had an account, you can only sign up under me if you create another account with a different email using a link from this article.

        Talk soon.

        1. Hi Tony,

          I had a premium account a year ago, but it got a bit overwhelming for me so I cancelled my account. After reading you post it has sparked my drive to start up again, but under you guidance and advice.
          What do you advise? Shall I reinstate my account or open a new account through your link?
          Your honest opinion would be most appreciated.

          Kind Regards,


          1. Hey Yawande,

            Sorry that you felt overwhelmed with information. I know exactly how it feels especially if you are a complete Newbie. The training is top-notch, step-by-step and it works.

            It will be easier for me to assist you if you open another account through my link.

    47. Great post! I started Wealthy Affiliate back in March 2016 and I’ve never been happier! I’ve been scammed by other companies and wanted to bring awareness through my website by adding scam reviews.

    48. Hi, Tonny,

      You did answer that WA is not available in Kenya.Do you mean the starter account?Please clarify what

      you meant?Thanks and see you in the member’s area.

      1. Only the starter account is not available in Kenya Milly.

        Premium is available worldwide.

        See you there Milly!

          1. Hi Seth,

            Use any of the links on this page to sign up and you will get direct help from me.

            If you need any more help, contact me via email.

            Your friend,

    49. Tony is nice seeing a busy person like you still devote lots of time, energy and passion attending to numerous questions from your subscribers etc. You are indeed the right guy.
      Please how can i get started with WA since Nigerians are not eligible for this unique programme?

      1. Thanks for the compliment Obed,

        It’s been my mission to help people make money online because I know you guys need a hand while starting out.

        You are not alone Obed. The Only way you can join the program is by Joining premium directly the time of signing up.

    50. How much commission does Wealthy Affiliates pay you for people signing up through your “unbiased” “review” site ?

    51. Hi,

      I am interested in promoting member-to-member opportunities. Not affiliate marketing. I have a website that generates leads each time I place ads. I pay for these ads. Does WA show how to generate traffic to other types of sites such as member-to-member sites? Many affiliate opportunities I have seen only offer $19 to perhaps $80 per sale. Member-to-member opportunities earn $250 – $1,000 per sale. Since it is just as easy to make a $19 sale as it is to make a $1,000 sale, I prefer to get paid $1,000 instead of $19 or so. My capture page is below. I am looking to generate leads at a lower cost. Thank you.

      1. Hi Rex,

        Wealthy affiliate focuses on search traffic from Google and other search engines. I bet that’s how most people come to visit my site. So, I don’t need to pay for ads.

        When you own a website, you can promote any product even a $10,000 because you own the site, not Wealthy Affiliate.

        Continue with your venture Rex and thanks for stopping by.

    52. This sounds like exactly what I am looking for, Tony. Yours is by far the best review of an affiliate opportunity that I have ever read — it has caught my attention and fired me up! I am a published audiobook narrator/independent publisher who writes my own marketing content 🙂 My goal (also with my audiobooks) is to build a strong residual income – and I came across your amazing review of WA through a search I conducted yesterday.
      I like every aspect of this program as you described it, and can devote two hours+ each day. This week is slammed, but when I’m ready to pull the trigger on WA, I will definitely sign up through YOU…

      1. Hey Bill,

        Awesome that you are working on other marketing content. That’s great.

        Glad that you made it here and took action towards achieving your goals.

        I appreciate you signing up through me.

        See you in the members’ area.

    53. Hi Tony,

      I have previously been a member but opted out. An age thing. I got so thoroughly confused with the information available it was easier to quit than continue.

      Having gone through your (and many others) review I was particularly impressed by your honesty and frankness and would like to rejoin, through your link. Can you please provide that, and enable me to rejoin as a premium member?

      1. Hi Ashby,

        Thanks for sharing your past venture with the Wealthy Affiliates and what makes it easier to quit than continue.

        Yes, you can rejoin, I will contact you privately on how you can rejoin premium through my link.

    54. Lets face it, the only purpose of this web page is so when people join wealthy affiliate using your link you get 50% of the sale for as long as they are members.

      1. People make an informed decision on what the program offers through this review, Jim,

        I want to help people find better options to making money online, learning affiliate marketing and build websites the easy way.

        and yes, I don’t see any problem being compensated 50% Commission when someone decides to buy through my affiliate link.

        Mind you, it’s completely up to them to join premium or not.

    55. Been a member for 4 weeks now and I couldn’t be more impressed. I have gotten direct help from Kyle the owner on numerous occasions even when my questions may have been elementary/annoying.

      A few of the things that I really love about WA are the fact that you can connect and get help very easily. I also enjoy using their SiteRubix platform, it is very easy to build websites and I come from a Joomla background and I most likely won’t be going back. It is too simple and feature rich to use the website builder and all of the extra tools that one with it.

      Sometimes I do find that there is the odd spat within the community between members but it is much more helpful overall than anything I have been involved in.

      1. Thanks for your testimonial Brian,

        It’s hard to believe that the owners help WA members one-on-one. That BLEW my mind to.

        The website builder is also top-notch to ensure that you concentrate on what matters. There are also some features like SSL that are worth over $100 if you host elsewhere.

        The Community support is Priceless.

      1. Hey Sheila,

        Sorry that Wealthy Affiliate Starter is not available in your country.

        It is due to high levels of fraud. The owners want to keep their website safe to its users.

    56. Hello Tony, am grateful for gurus like you. thanks for enlightenment and hope that i can still make real money online. l am a Nigerian, joining the affiliate marketing has not been easy, i tryed joining the premium like you said and its not still not working, Please help. thanks.


      1. Hi Nsikak,

        I enquired from the founders and unfortunately, Nigeria cannot join WA affiliate. I’ll contact you via email and let you know the way forward.

        Have a great week ahead.

    57. Mohamad Farid bin Abdullah

      Hey Tony Omary

      Barakallahu laka fii ahlika wa maalika(May the blessings of Allah be upon you, your families and your wealth).

    58. I opened an account with wealthy affiliate 2016 but since then I have not done anything with it since I have to upgrade to premium before I can make money from it…and I happen to come across it again this time. So please I really want to know, if it really works and all the proves are not just mere lies to get people clicking on there links, how long does it take to get money from it. Is it possible to make some reasonable money the same month I upgrade to premium?

      1. Hey My Josh,

        You are skeptical which is fine because it is now hard to know who to believe in this make money online space.

        This post has proofs that WA training works.(You have also probably found this article on Google which further proves the prowess in the game)

        I cannot guarantee you that you will make reasonable about of money when you join Premium but I have a BOLD GUARANTEE; You will remain the same place you are right Now if you don’t take action!

          1. If you already have an account, you’ll find me in the member’s area helping folks like you get started.

    59. News Release

      Re: [Link Removed for the privacy]

      For Immediate Release – Wealthy Affiliate Scam Review Revealed!

      April 27, 2017 – It has come to my attention that the Wealthy Affiliate program actively teaches and allows their members to post fake reviews that are optimized with popular competitor company names + keywords like “scam” and “review”. When people use the search engines to find legitimate information about these competing companies, they are presented with fake review information that falsely makes their competitors look like scams. This is blatant slanderous activity and is liable under the law.

      Of course, at the end of each fake review is a link to Wealthy Affiliate. My advice to you is to not pay any attention to these fake reviews or any other review that has a monetary incentive at the end like a link to an affiliate program. Real reviews will have NO monetary incentive like paid ads, affiliate links, etc included in the review.

      If you are a company affected by one of these fake reviews, I highly encourage you to contact your attorney and sue the pants off of Wealth Affiliate for allowing and encouraging this kind of black hat, deceptive, and slanderous activity.

      1. Hi Bill,

        Glad that you noticed and sorry for removing the link because I had to. You are right. Most Wealthy affiliates(Not all) write fake reviews for the sake of making a sale with the wealthy affiliate. I was clear with my awesome readers in the introduction.

        Wealthy Affiliate is not the only “good thing” to promote(But the BEST for newbies in affiliate marketing) in the internet marketing industry. Mind you, WA does not teach you to write fake reviews.

        Anyway, no one owns keywords. It’s all about SEO. With the issue of “SCAM” and “REVIEW” keywords, it means that they are good for SEO(Search Engine Optimization) because the training within WA works!

        There are thousands of affiliate from non-internet marketing niches like health who are generating BIG BUCKS.

        In the part of affiliate links, I disagree with you. As long that there is a disclaimer in the website, it is your duty to make an informed decision. Smart entrepreneurs like Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income uses affiliate links since it a lucrative source of income.

        How will bloggers give free resources if nothing is compensated? It is expensive to host, have an auto-responder, Create content and any other thing related to developing a business.

        Have a Great week ahead.

    60. Mukhtiar Ali Khan

      Thanks, Really Love to see your great information shared in this article. This article will really help to newbies who are interested in Affiliate Marketing.

      I want to contribute my complete affiliate marketing basic course with your readers. Hope my this little effort will help newbies to Learn Affiliate Marketing FREE.

      This affiliate marketing complete basic course is available on YouTube too.

      1. Affiliate marketing is the most reliable way to make a living online. Great guide on how to learn affiliate marketing for free.

        But hey, I didn’t learn it for free to make money. You need some basic investment on education, hosting, auto-responder etc.

    61. I appreciate that I learned from your article. I have been looking for some ways on how to make my affiliate blogs work like magic, I mean having sales. I am having a hard time in making sales. I do hope I can see changes after a couple of months. Many thanks again.

      1. What is your main source of traffic Carlos? Search traffic remains to be the most quality traffic that converts like crazy. You also need to build an email list of loyal fans. Let me know if any of the methods work for you.

    62. You are awesome! The old excited feeling I felt before when starting my affiliate blog seems to hit me again. can’t wait to see some good changes after following your ideas. Many Thanks!

    63. Interesting ideas. I am new doing affiliate marketing and hope I can see a difference after trying out some of your ideas. Many Thanks!

      1. Glad that my ideas helped you Hanspeter. Affiliate marketing is one of my favorite ways to make money online.
        Let me know if you need further help.

    64. Hi there,

      You mentioned that the free membership gives you access to the live chat and private messaging in WA. Is that still the case? Because I was of the understanding that, unless you’re a premium member, you completely lose access to the community and the ability to communicate with others after the first 7 days are up.

      1. Hey Jordan,

        The live chat and private messaging are available for 7 days when you are a premium member as you mentioned. Nothing has changed. In order to get full access to the premium training(not available for starter members) and support, you will have to go premium.

    65. Its not free in Kenya, need to pay about 360 dollars yearly or 49 dollars monthly. Not sure if it worth it really.

      1. Hey Raphael.

        You are right Wealthy Affiliate is not available in Kenya which I mentioned in the FAQ. But when you try to balance what you get with the money, is worth it the money. From hosting, daily back-ups, support, Coaching, keyword research etc. Some people pay more than $49 for hosting alone.

        For your information, they are the best in the market having over 800,000 entrepreneurs and having been around for more than 10 years!

        Hope you will make an informed decision. It’s all up to you Raphael!

        Let me know if you need further assistance.

    66. I am starting to launch my new affiliate website and reading your post gave me more ideas of what should I do to make it work effectively. Thank you sharing your ideas. Hope I can see more affiliate marketing tips from you. I need it badly as a newbie marketer. 🙂

      1. Hey Dee,

        I’m glad that you found my wealthy affiliate review helpful. You also got the idea of an affiliate website which is awesome.

        More tips are coming Dee. Keep visiting the site.

    67. money have nothing to do whether rich or poor, educated or not for money plays a vital role in a human life and with this informative script about making money online i have got my question answered for i have been searching for such information

      thanks for the information provided


    68. That’s a very thorough review! You have really covered all the bases.

      For me, one of the most valuable aspect in WA is the community. Apart from the lessons, I have learned much from other people in the community, and they have helped me out a lot whenever I have questions.

      It’s seriously one of the best places to learn affiliate marketing.

      1. That I my intention Edward. It now completely up to you to join or not since I have shown what is included with your membership.

        The community make wealthy affiliate stand out of the crowd. The support from fellow members is remarkable. The founders are also dedicated to helping members achieve their goals. Completely a guru-free environment.

    69. To anyone who’s still on the fence on whether or not to join Wealthy Affiliate: Jump right in!!

      It’s free, you have nothing to lose. I guarantee you will learn a lot and after 1 month in, you will have a solid foundation for a successful online business.

      It really is as good as pointed out in this review. I can vouch for that. There is no other product that comes close to Wealthy Affiliate.

      1. Hi Tony,

        Tried to sign up through you on the 19$ discounted premium plan, but when I’ve signed up I was asked to pay the regular price. It’s a bit frustrating to know that I can’t sign up for free (from Philippines) then I was being asked to pay money upfront without even having the option to test it? I’m even willing to pay the discounted price because of all the other reviews I saw on the internet, yours is the most comprehensive one,and it looks legit so I wanted to give it a go, but if this will be the case I have to step back a bit.

        I appreciate your opinion on this, because if I’ll be honest I felt duped.


        1. I understand you, Mish,

          My country is not also allowed to try Wealthy Affiliate for FREE. I still feel that premium is worth it!

          Glad that you made it here and thanks for taking your time to comment.

          I’ll be right here to support you along the way Mish.

    70. Hey tony. First, its amazing that we share a name. This is one(actually the best) review that true to word, anyone who wishes to make money online should read and waste no time thinking further. Am a very talented writer making some few pennies from academic writing and i just feel my time is more worth. I thank you for your review and am just going to try WA like ASAP! Am very positive about life and am going to work effortlessly towards my way to success online. Thank you for the very informative

      1. Hey Tonnie,

        Glad that you stopped by to comment.

        Freelancing is also a way to make money online. The only problem with freelancing is you only make money when you work.

        Trading time with money is NEVER the best option.


    71. Thanks for the great review!

      I think it’s great that platforms exist that aren’t scams. This is a full community with training and website builders, something unheard of in the make money online community.

      The free trial is a great plus. I don’t like purchasing things without testing them, and this shows that Kyle & Carson are confident with their product.

      1. Hey Alec,

        Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. That is why they give you a chance to try premium for FREE before you pay anything.

        Because they believe in what they are teaching, unlike other internet marketing programs, they don’t promise overnight riches. Work must be done because it will pay you for lifetime.

        In addition, their confidence make them NEVER offer refunds whatsoever.

    72. Your review of Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most extensive and in depth reviews that I have ever read about a product. If someone is still hesitant about WA after reading your review then then they might need to question what they are really willing to do in order to make money online.

      What do you think the most important thing someone who is just starting their online business should know in order to make the most money over the long term?

      1. Hi Nate,

        The common reason why most marketers fail is because they want overnight riches. What you are working right now as a bigginer may pay you forever. When your article goes online, no one can remove it there but you.

        Start Now and don’t fear to make mistakes.


    73. Hi, I think this is the most comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate which I have seen, and I have seen many because I am a WA member. There is nothing I could add to this review except to conform what you are writing here. I started here and built 2 sites. The lessons and support from the community are as you describe, I could not manage anything without the support. Only one remark about ambassadors, they get nothing. I am one of them so I should know, right?

      1. Hi Jovo,

        Thank you for stopping by. I agree with you that the support offered there is rare to be found anywhere else…

        …and Yes, you are right. Ambassadors receive nothing, they are just the most active and helpful individuals within the community like Kyle the Co-founder.(An ambassador to like you.-:)

    74. Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive system that seems to work for those who work. There is tons of learning involved (with tons of WA associates ready and willing to help) but if we take it one step at a time we will not get frustrated and quit.

      I also think that we tend make it more complicated than it has to be. If we stick to getting really good at one small aspect of internet marketing our success will be faster. Then we can continue to grow.

      What one area opportunity would you consider starting with (ie Amazon, affiliate, adsense. etc.)?

      1. Hi Chuck,

        You just said it. Not everyone who joins wealthy affiliate is wealthy. One needs to learn and make it work. Those who take action have already seen the benefits.

        If I were to start again…
        I would start with Affiliate marketing. The main reason being it is FREE to join. When you are an affiliate, other things like adsense and amazon associates will follow since you already have a website.

    75. Hi Anthony,

      You have the most insightful, well-articulated, visual and chock-full-of-information review of Wealthy Affiliate that I have ever seen. Period! Honestly your review found on this incredible article puts many other community members’ review of WA to shame by comparison.

      Any and everything that a perspective member trying to make his/her decision to join WA or not is provided quite clearly to the reader of this article. They could not possibly receive any more information to allow them to make a qualified decision.

      Bravo, sir bravo! Your review of WA should be used as an example to others on how to do it the right way! Gee if I were not a member of WA already myself, just reading all that is available in your review would get me positively stoked to join!

      Great job Anthony and I do mean that. 12 on a scale of 10, sir!



      1. Haha. Thanks Jeff,

        I tried to make sure that I took everything into perspective. This is to ensure that someone makes the right decision and knows what exactly they will be doing.

        I appreciate the rating and lookiing forward seeng you around the awesome community.

    76. This Was the post i was Searching For…There was some disarray in my mind which has been cleared by this Post. I laud the writer for his written work aptitude and innovativeness. Much obliged for sharing the post and helping bloggers like us…

      1. Hey Arman,

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