13 Best Affiliate Marketing Facebook Groups Elite Affiliate Marketers & Entrepreneurs 2023

In this post, I will share with you the best Affiliate marketing groups in 2023 that you need to join today if you want to be ahead of the competition.

There are different aspects when it comes to marketing online. You will have to master them.

Have you ever had a technical headache only to find that someone around you could fix the problem in seconds?

It could be about YouTube, Affiliate Marketing, Sales Funnel, Search Engine Optimization, Amazon FBA, or anything that we face in our daily marketing activities.

Entrepreneurship is one of the most competitive sports in the universe.

You will be competing with some of the smartest minds to ever live.

The worst part is that it is a very lonely journey.

Well, you don’t have to do this alone.

Why Should You Join Affiliate Marketing Facebook Groups?

While you may find a group with thousands of members, it does not always mean that the group is good.

There are groups with just a few people that give you premium treatment and a sense of belonging.

Before you start thinking that you can figure everything all by yourself or you can spam Facebook groups to acquire customers and make sales, think again!

Here are the main reasons. Don’t join for the wrong reason:

  • Support: If you are not part of a Facebook affiliate marketing group, it is hard to get timely support. Let’s say for example you have a new blog post.

    You have zero chances of getting your excellent article to get shared and reaching your potential customer. That will be a total waste of your time if no one cares what you have to offer.

  • Inspiration & Motivation: Let’s get real. Sometimes we are down and start thinking that everything is not working in our favour. We forget that one thing remains constant.

    If you quit, you will NEVER achieve. A group will inspire you to go harder to achieve your bigger goals.

  • Networking: Surprisingly, we live in a world where we don’t really know the people living next to us.

    With an Affiliate Marketing Facebook group, you will get to know members and what they are up to.

    Don’t ignore the famous saying:

    Your Network equals your net worth. Since you all have a common mindset, you will get plenty of ideas and tactics to push you forward.

  • For Getting Timely-responses: Unlike responses from support emails, you can get a response within minutes.

    The best part is that, if you have another question or need clarification, you will get immediate answers.

  • Serving: You are not the master, you are there to serve and always there for the community.
    You should, therefore, provide help without expecting anything in return.

    This will make people trust you which may lead to a long-lasting win-win-situation

  • Adding Value: Don’t look down upon what you already know.

    There are some people who are willing to pay for what you already know.

    A candle does not lose its light by lighting another candle. Let’s do it!

  • Making Sales & Getting Traffic: This is not the ultimate reason and may get you blocked and kicked out of most groups.

    However, some people ask VERY direct questions that you may have a post about or a video about.

    You can drop them and get that buyer intent traffic.

Hand-Picking The Best Affiliate Marketing Communities

There are so many affiliate marketing groups.

With that in mind, it is hard to decide which Facebook groups to join. Most of the Affiliate Marketing Facebook communities are both spammy & scammy.

After checking into my analytics and tracking, a share in most groups brings almost zero traffic and lots of disgusting engagement of people promoting and replying to comments.

That’s not worth your precious time for traffic’s sake.

Take, for example, one of the biggest affiliate marketing groups (Over 300,000 members) Affiliate Marketing Worldwide.

Almost everyone is there to make a quick buck.

There are currently over 620 Million Facebook Groups and growing.

How many groups are you in? In fact, you may need to exit some of the groups that add no value to your affiliate business on marketing in general.

Best Affiliate Marketing Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs

This will not be your typical list of the biggest groups on Facebook that no one cares about. These are groups that you will find me there and some of the smartest minds in space.

Below is what I used to determine if the group is worth our time.

  • Who is the Owner? We will have a look at their track record and what there are up to now
  • Is the Group closed or public? Most public groups are full of spam since no one is there to moderate what is appropriate for the community.
  • How often is the group updated – A good group should have daily updates from admins & members alike.
  • The Number of members – Although more members do not always mean that the group is reliable, when combined with other factors, we can decide!
  • Anti-spam-policy

Well, in this post, I have done the heavy lifting for you so that you don’t have to waste your time on those scammy & spammy groups.

Make sure you join all the groups on the list. I’m also part of them. The best part? You can always exit the groups without anyone noticing if for some reason you don’t vibe with the members.

Share this article(It has taken me a lot of time to hand-pick) and when you join, introduce yourself and say you come from this article. I’ll see you on the inside.

Let’s get into it.

EliteAffiliateHacks.com Smart Mastermind Group

Elite Affiliate Hacks Group Cover - Best Affiliate Marketing Facebook Group
Elite Affiliate Hacks Group Cover

Members in the Group: 1,000+

Owner: Tony Omary

Group type: Closed

Topics Discussed: Affiliate Marketing, SEO, sales Funnels & Amazon FBA

Join Elite Affiliate Hacks Today!

Call me biased but the charity will always begin at home. This is where you can interact with me directly and other like-minded individuals from all corners of the universe. You will find some of the smartest minds to interact & network with.

Read my Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing & My 101+ Most Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niches. Also, don’t forget to check me on Youtube

Here are my Socials:

Request FREE Instant Access Now

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Automation Nation

Automation Nation Affiliate Marketing Group by Spencer Mecham- Best Affiliate Marketing Facebook Group
Automation Nation Affiliate Marketing Group Cover

Members in the Group: 21,000+

Owner: Spencer Mecham

Group Type: Closed

Topic Covered: Affiliate marketing, Sales funnels, FB and Google Ads & Email marketing

Join Automation Nation Now

Spencer Mecham is the #1 ClickFunnels Affiliate and the creator of the infamous Affiliate Secrets 3.0.

Both newbies and advanced marketers will learn something from him.

The creator has also won several dream-car awards for bringing most people to click funnels.

In addition, through his course, he has helped over 20 dream car winners(Some also have the most engaged and helpful Facebook groups)

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Affiliates Profits Mastermind

Affiliate Profits Master Mind Affiliate Marketing Group with Chris Fong - Best Affiliate Marketing Facebook Group
Affiliate Profits Master Mind Affiliate Marketing Group Cover

Members in the Group: 4,300+

Owner: Chris Fong

Group Type: Closed

Topic Covered: SEO, Email Marketing & ClickFunnels

Join Affiliate Profits Mastermind Now

Chris Fong is actually a master when it comes to marketing online and runs his business over SmartBusinessTrends.

His writing is styled to keep you hooked through his entire piece.

I also like the way he offers his bonuses to incentivize you to buy through his affiliate link.

When it comes to SEO, he is really on top of the game.

Most of his articles are ranked on page 1 bringing his traffic and revenue along the way.

Moreover, he is also a ClickFunnels dream-car winner Courtesy of Affiliate Secrets by Spencer Mecham.

He is very active in his group answering questions and helping fellow marketers. Definitely worth your time.

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The Affiliate SEO MasterMind

Affiliate SEO Mastermind with Matt Diggity - Best Affiliate Marketing Facebook Group
Affiliate SEO Mastermind with Matt Diggity Facebook Cover

Members in the Group: 29,000+

Owner: Matt Diggity

Group Type: Closed

Topic Covered: SEO,

Join Affiliate SEO Mastermind

Matt Diggity is the founder of Diggity Marketing, Leadspring LLC, The Search Initiative, Authority Builders, The Affiliate Lab, and the Chiang Mai SEO Conference.

Matt is probably one of the most successful affiliate marketers that we know. 

You will also learn from other experienced SEO affiliates & know how to fight the current or future Google update that slaps most websites to the ground.

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Make Money Online With Liam James Kay

Make Money Online With Liam James Kay Affiliate Marketing Group - Best Affiliate Marketing Facebook Group
Make Money Online With Liam James Kay Affiliate Marketing Group

Members in the Group: 23,600+

Owner: Liam James Kay

Group Type: Closed

Topic Covered: Sales Funnels, email marketing, Google and FB ads

Join The Group Now

Liam James Kay was the #1 Builderall Affiliate during an Affiliate contest recently.

After having some experience with BuilderAll & ClickFunnels, he decided to shift to Kartra where he sells his courses and promotes affiliate products too.

In addition, he also has a gigantic YouTube Channel where he shares what works for him.

After Joining the group, you should definitely check him out on youtube.

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Wealth Warriors – Affiliate Income & Passive Income Secrets

Wealth Warriors Best Affiliate Marketing Facebook Group
Wealth Warriors Facebook Group Cover

Members in the Group: 4,000+

Owner: Daniel Chou and Nathan Bokkers

Group Type: Closed

Topics: Affiliate Marketing, Coaching and Sales Funnels.

The Wealth Warrior has some of the most successful students.

The coaches have achieved insane results promoting Freedom BreakThrough and Freedom Accelerator.

Freedom Breakthrough Review -sales Daniel Chou started out when he was $35,000 in debt and a lawsuit from American Express.

He becomes an internet star in 18 months.

Nathan Bokkers quit his $87,000/year trucking career.

DNathan Bokkers Affiliate Commissions for Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 The coaches are also crushing it BIG time.

Wealth Warriors have their own coaching program called Elite Income Empire.

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Join Wealth Warriors Facebook Group

Affiliate Marketing & Passive Income – For Everyday Aspiring entrepreneurs

Affiliate Marketing & Passive Income Best Affiliate Marketing Facebook Group
Affiliate Marketing & Passive Income Facebook Group Cover

Members in the Group: 1,800+

Owner: Alwi Batarilan

Group Type: Closed

Topics: Sale Funnels, email marketing, High Ticket Affiliate marketing & coaching.

Alwi Batarilan is one of the top affiliates for both Freedom Breakthrough and Freedom accelerator.

Freedom Breakthrough Review Student Success. He was working a normal soul-sucking 9-5 before he decided to quit and do high-ticket affiliate marketing.

In his group, he often gives and share student results.

Join Affiliate Marketing and Passive Income

Easy Marketers[Learn How to Get Traffic & Sales]

Easy Marketers- Best Affiliate Marketing Facebook Group
Easy Marketer Facebook Group Cover

Members in the Group: 1,300+

Owner: Rahim Farhouni

Group Type: Closed

Topics: Traffic and Sales

Easy Marketers group is one of the most engaged Facebook groups and is free from spam.

Rahim is there to answer your questions timely.

There are also awesome premium resources shared.

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Join Easy Marketers Facebook Group.

WP Speed Matters

Wp-Speed Matter Best Affiliate Marketing Facebook Group
WP-Speed Matters Facebook Group Cover

Members in the Group: 20,000+

Owner: Gijo Varghese

Group Type: Closed

Topics: WordPress, Website Speed and Hosting

Website speed can affect conversions dramatically.

Gijo has authored a speed caching plugin called FlyingPress.

You will find members getting held by WordPress Experts.

Rocket is the Recommended managed the fastest hosting which includes CloudFlare Enterprise in their Package.

Let’s solve all your Speed problems

ClickFunnels Avengers(Affiliates)

Clickfunnels Best Affiliate Marketing Facebook Group
ClickFunnels Facebook Group Cover

Members in the Group: 81,800+

Owner: Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels

Group Type: Closed

Topics: Promoting ClickFunnels, Sales funnels, ads, copywriting.

Join ClickFunnels Avengers Now

Russel Brunson is a genius when it comes to selling online.

He has a FREE Affiliate Bootcamp Training For ClickFunnels Affiliates dedicated to promoting Clickfunnels.

Through the training, he expects you to earn a full-time income from just one affiliate program.

That is why the success rate is so high amongst consumers and affiliates as I will highlight later in the article.

The One Funnel Away Challenge is his flagship course where you can launch your first or next profitable funnel in only 30 days.

You will be taking the challenge as a group and sharing your progress.

Don’t freak out. there are also Resting days.

ClickFunnells has many premium products including Network Marketing Secrets, Dot Com Secrets and Copywriting Secrets.

The Internet Jetset

John Crestani Intrnet Jetet Best Affiiate Marketing Facebook Group
Internet Jetset Facebook Group Cover

Members in the Group: 15,o00+

Owner: John Crestani of the Super Affiliate system.

Group Type: Closed

Topics: Affiliate Marketing in General & Advertising

Join The Internet Jetset Now

John Crestani is one of my favourite marketers and his course is the Super Affiliate System.

He is also a Click-funnels Dream-car winner and received a 2comma-club award having generated over 1,000,000 with Just One Funnel.

In the past, John Crestani was featured on Forbes, Business Insider, and Yahoo finance.

On his Facebook group, you won’t lack an “I made a sale” post. There are both complete newbies and industry titans

John Crestani Student success

John Crestani is also active on YouTube with over 400,000 subscribers.

There he also shares with the YouTube Community the milestone of his students.

ZonBase Affiliates

Kevin David Affiliates Facebook Group
Kevin David Best Affiliate Marketing Facebook Group

Members in the Group: 10,000+

Owner: Kevin David.

Group Type: Closed

Topics: Amazon FBA, Facebook ads, creating courses.

Join Kevin ZonBase Affiliates Group Today

Kevin David’s story is somewhat different.

He was able to create a profitable business, and buy his dream car and house in just 18 months after quitting a well-paying job o Facebook with a solid retirement benefit.

Digital Course Secrets and Amazon FBA Ninja MasterClass are some of the most successful courses among his students that publicly share their results.

Kevin David has created some of the largest communities of loyal fans online. That includes FBA Ninjas with Over 130K ninjas, Digital Course Secrets with 7k Members, 245K followers on Instagram, and over 1 million subscribers on Youtube.

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Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer  Best Affiliate Marketing Facebook Group
Legendary Marketer Facebook Group Cover

Members in the Group: 61,000+

Owner: David Sharpe.

Group Type: Closed

Topics: Affiliate marketing, Sales Funnels, online businesses, and agencies.

The legendary marketer is one the best affiliate programs to promote.

You are not only getting to promote high-ticket offers but also low-ticket $1 offers.

Earn commissions in the entire funnel.

Some of the Legendary Marketer courses include 15-second free leads which cost $1 and 15-Day Challenge which cost $7.

The FB group is active and you can expect to get timely support.

Join Legendary Marketer Facebook Group.

My Closing Thoughts On The Best Facebook Affiliate Marketing Groups

Have you noticed anything similar among the owners of these groups?

100% have affiliate websites, 40% have created courses and 80% are ClickFunnels power users.

That must give you an idea.

Don’t just join groups without taking action.

If you want a faster WordPress blog, check Rocket Hosting, If you want to learn how to sell your own product and other people the right way, check One Funnel Away.

I believe that you found a lot of value in this post about the best Affiliate marketing communities.

Join the groups then use them as an inspiration to create and grow your own group.

Stop complicating things.

Model what works.

If you are a complete newbie and on a tight budget, check out Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have a budget for a course, Affiliate Secrets is one of the best affiliate marketing courses.

Have you joined any of the Affiliate Marketing Facebook groups in 2023? What was your experience? Share in the comments. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your tribe.

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