Freedom Accelerator Review 2023: Is it Worth it or a SCAM?

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Welcome to my Freedom Accelerator Review 2023.

Did you know that you can drive floods of traffic to your offers using a 5-second silent method that no one else is talking about? You will learn all that in this

Traffic is the backbone of every online business when you start to build your website.

Google traffic on the other hand can run your website into the ground with a single algorithmic update.

For that reason, you will need an alternative traffic source.

Freedom Accelerator Review - Free Master Class

Mr Jonathan Montoya has released this method to the world to make affiliates crash it with affiliate marketing and I will reveal some results in just a bit.

Before we get into the details, here is an overview of Freedom Accelerator by Jonathan Montoya.

Name: Freedom Accelerator


Free Training:

Founders: Jonathan Montoya

Price: $1,497(save $294) or $597 x 3

Rating: 87 out of 100

Verdict: Recommended

Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days

Freedom Accelerator has created multiple 6 figure earners in a very short period.

Freedom Accelerator Review - Offer Stack

Here is a brief of what you will earn in this freedom accelerator review:

  • How to create 5-second silent videos
  • What is the fastest way to get instant traffic to your offers
  • How to promote Jonathan Montoya products for up to 75% commissions
  • How to get the scripts to create your short-form content
  • How to create YouTube shorts ads that are not publicly available
  • How to connect with top affiliate marketers
  • Instant Business in 90 minutes. Pick one done for your offers.
Freedom Accelerator Success Story - Daniel Chou
Table of Contents show

Quick Affiliate Marketing Facts and Statistics

Here are some facts and statistics that you should know about affiliate marketing.

What is Freedom Accelerator?

Freedom Accelerator logo

Freedom accelerator is training by Jonathan Montoya with a blueprint on how to move from $0 to $100,000 a month through affiliate marketing by following a simple 4-phase process.

Freedom Accelerator includes training, coaching, and support for building and growing a business or investing in income-generating assets.

The goal of Freedom Accelerator is to help individuals achieve financial independence and the ability to live the lifestyle they desire without the constraints of traditional employment.

Freedom accelerator focuses on the affiliate stacking ecosystem where you drive all your leads to the same options page and then promote multiple offers on your email campaigns.

The main traffic source taught in freedom accelerator are short-form videos(Including paid YouTube shorts training)

Freedom Accelerator Review - Affiliate Mastermind Group

The training outlines how easy it is to scale a business to $100,000 a month.

When you sign up for freedom accelerator, you will get many done-for-you resources as they will be mentioned as we continue with the review.

There is no need to master anything about choosing a niche, website builder, landing pages, or email marketing.

Just deploy!

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Who is Jonathan Montoya?

Jonathan Montoya is the founder of Passive Income Lifestyles have built multiple 7 Figure businesses online using and leveraging Affiliate Marketing.

Freedom Accelerator Review - Jonathan Montoya

Jonathan teaches Beginners How to Leverage the internet & create a life full of freedom, passion & fulfilment. Jonathan has two programs at the time of writing this:

He is also Clickfunnels(Recurring month affiliate commission )Dream car winner and a 2-comma cub award winner.

Why Freedom Accelerator?

Freedom Accelerator student Success Story

While there are so many affiliate marketing courses, why should you choose Freedom Accelerator Over the rest?

Freedom Accelerator has been tested on a group of students before it was officially released to the public.

The results are tremendous!

Freedom Accelerator Affiliate Commissions - Alwi Batarilan

Not enough to convince you. Here is another result.

Freedom Accelerator Results - Nathan Bokkers

How mouth-watering is that?

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Who is Freedom Accelerator for?

Like any other high-quality product, Freedom Accelerator is not for everybody.

Qualify/disqualify yourself fast!

  • People in a normal 9-5 job – Start with small wins and build your business from the ground up.
  • Want to quit your job and achieve true freedom? Don’t quit now when you don’t have a source of income. Start now, quit later
  • Complete newbies: Don’t figure out everything by yourself. Get most of the technical staff done for you. Just copy and paste.
  • Advanced affiliates who want to scale their income: When you join Freedom Accelerator, you get paid 75% commissions on all Jonathan Montoya products
  • You have tried and failed: It is not all lost, there is an easy way out
  • You don’t want the boring niche selection process: Get the top 15 affiliate stacking niches and start building from there.
  • You want a done-for-you business: Yes, it’s possible, just set up everything initially. Get scrips, funnels, emails, landing pages and more,e.

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Freedom Accelerator Pros Vs Cons

While Freedom Accelerator Pros have outshined the cons by far, let’s get to know them before you join.


  • Done-for-you templates and scripts
  • One-time payment for a lifetime
  • The strategies shared are already tested
  • Training constantly updated
  • 75% commissions paid to current and future Jonathan Montoya products
  • Jonathan Montoya is a trusted internet marketer
  • Access to a private Facebook group of top affiliate marketers
  • Weekly coaching call to get the latest trends(Shorts)


  • $1,497 is not cheap but a payment plan is available
  • You will have to pay for other tools like ClickFunnels to clone the system

Freedom Accelerator Video Review

From $0 to $100,000/Month - Freedom Accelerator Review - Best Affiliate Marketing Course?

As you saw through this review, Freedom Accelerator is working for 90% of Jonathan Montoya’s students.

An Inside Look Into Jonathan Montoya Freedom Accelerator

As a member of Freedom Accelerator, you will learn the top secrets and strategies for turning your Facebook profile into a traffic machine and income cash cow.

Freedom Accelerator Review - Featured Image

The main training is divided into 4-phases that I will try to briefly explain.

I don’t want you to get bored.

Freedom Accelerator is the easiest way to start an online business:

  • – Without products of your own
  • – Without after-sales fulfilment
  • – Without shipping and handling
  • – Without needing to pay for ads to start
  • – Without having a big following

Let’s get to the phases shortly

Phase 1: First $10,000/month

This phase objective is to get you from $0-10,000/month.

Freedom Accelerator Review - Phase 1

Involves identifying your customers, where they hang out and your highest-performing offer.

Phase 2: Instant Traffic system

Do you want to wait to get your first ideal customers?

Freedom Accelerator Phase 2

Of course not.

Learn how to get unlimited traffic to your core offer and capture their emails.

The platforms used are Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. TikTok is the main focus though.

This phase objective is to take you from $10,0000 to $30,000.

Are you in?

Freedom Break Through 2.0 - Passive Income Lifestyles YouTube Channel

Phase 3: Evergreen/Everlasting Traffic

Most of the social media traffic fades after just a few days.

Freedom Accelerator Review - Phase 3

How do you keep track of your traffic?

YouTube and blogs like this one can bring you consistently massive traffic.

Generate super affiliate commissions without an increase in traffic or marketing budget.

The objective is to get you from $30,000 to $50,000 with the same amount of traffic.

Phase 4: Automation & Scaling

This is the final phase of the training.

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Automation Nation Affiliate Marketing Group by Spencer Mecham
Automation Nation Facebook Group Cover

Jonathan Montaya refers to it as the “Vacation Phase

It means that you can get your entire business to run on complete autopilot

Start enjoying the time and financial freedom that your business gives.

Travel the world.

Build your own “A-TEAM” that will handle most of the boring stuff for you.

Your team will be doing your day-to-day operations like social media, customer support and more.

Your team will be doing all the heavy lifting for you.

Your business should be running and generating profit consistently.

The objective of this phase is to get you from $50,000 to $100,000 online.


What is the Price of Freedom Accelerator?

Freedom Accelerator only cost $1,497 or 3 easy payments of $597.

You save $291 instant by choosing the full payment option.

The choice is yours!

Freedom Accelerator Pricing

Choose wisely!


Freedom Accelerator FAQ

Here are the answers to your commonly asked questions.

What is Freedom Accelerator?

Freedom Accelerator is training by Jonathan Montoya with a blueprint on how to move from $0 to $100,000 a month through affiliate marketing by following a simple 4-phase process.

Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Recent reports show that affiliate marketing spend generated by the affiliate marketing industry amounts to over $6.8 billion in the United States, and affiliate marketers generate between 5 and 25% of sales for businesses

Who is Jonathan Montoya?

Jonathan Montoya is the founder of Passive Income Lifestyles have built multiple 7 Figure businesses online using and leveraging Affiliate Marketing.

Jonathan has 2 flagship courses: Freedom Breakthrough and Freedom Accelerator

What is the Difference Between Freedom Breakthrough and Freedom Accelerator?

Freedom breakthrough focuses on building an online business while Freedom Accelerator focuses on moving from $0 to $100,000 online.

You also get 75% commissions on all Jonathan Montoya products

What if I Don’t Like Freedom Accelerator?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have up to 30 days to request a refund.

Is Freedom Accelerator a Scam?

Freedom Accelerator is not a scam.

If you find someone calling it a scam and try to recommend another program, don’t believe them.

Beware. Fraud alert.

Some scam websites try to sell another program in the name of Freedom Accelerator.

Please buy from the official website only:(I have all the links at the top of This Freedom Accelerator Review)

Freedom Accelerator Affiliate Program

Freedom AcceleratorJo has one of the most promising affiliate programs in the digital marketing space.

The affiliate program pays 50% commissions which are $748.50.

If you buy freedom accelerator here, you earn $1,122.75 per sale which is insane!

Freedom Accelerator Affiliate Program Review 2023 by Jonathan Montoya:Digistore 24 Review

Freedom Accelerator Review conversions

If you buy his premium products, you get your commissions increased to 75% commissions.

If you want to get instant and guaranteed approval, join here.

Are There Alternatives to Freedom Accelerator?

While Freedom Accelerator is great, there are other alternatives that you may want to consider.

  • One Funnel Away Challenge: This is the ClickFunnels Flagship course that costs only $100
  • Affiliate Secrets: Affiliate Secrets is a Course by one of the top Click Funnels Affiliates. He has helped hundreds with their dream car promoting CF.
  • Amazing Selling Machine Foundations. Want to get a discount on the Amazing Selling Machine? this course also sells for $997, and it’s worth every penny
  • One Product Challenge: Forget about launching a product in weeks. For only $97, you can launch your product in only seven days.
  • Freedom BreakThrough: Freedom Breakthrough is an affiliate marketing teaching program created by a real affiliate marketer, Mr Jonathan Montoya with proven results that he can back up.
  • Super Affiliate System Pro: John Crestani affiliate marketing course teaching both paid & free traffic. Comes with over $1,000 in advertising credit.
  • Amazon Bootcamp: A comprehensive course by The Selling Family
  • The Amazing Selling Machine: This is their flagship course and one of the best in the market. it costs $4,997
  • Wealthy Affiliate: If you cannot afford to pay $97, Wealthy Affiliate comes at only $49 and teaches the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, not forgetting the tools and support that you will get
  • BuilderAll: You can easily create your store using BA and collect payments, although you will fulfil the orders. It can also be an additional tool in your arsenal to create capture pages and send periodic emails to build rapport with your customers.

What will I get When I buy Freedom Accelerator Today?

Don’t forget that you are also $1,122.75 as an affiliate when you promote all current and future courses.

The Freedom Accelerator Program – Start & Grow Your Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem

A Home-Study Program Designed To Take You From Fast Startup To Massive Scaling

Freedom Accelerator Review - Offer Stack

Inside The Freedom, Accelerator Program Is Everything You Need To Start Your New Online Affiliate Marketing Business Using a Unique Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem Method…

The 5-Hour Fast-Start – A Done-For-You Funnel To Start Promoting A High-Converting Offer

When You Join Freedom Accelerator, You’ll Get Access To Jonathan Premium Offer You Can Promote As An Affiliate, And Get 50% Commission For Every Sale You Make!

Freedom Community – Connect & Partner With Top Affiliate Marketers

When You Join Freedom Accelerator, You’ll Get Access To A Community Where You’ll Be Surrounded By People Who Already Achieved What You’re Looking For…Total Freedom!

Freedom Accelerator Facebook Group

Weekly Coaching Calls – See What’s Working & Converting NOW

Unlike Some Other Courses, Jonathan Montoya Want To Be There To Support You Along The Way & Always Keep You Up To Date With What Works NOW…

Freedom Accelerator Bonuses(Yours Free)

Profitable Niches Bonus I’m going to sweeten the deal and give you my crazy Freedom Accelerator bonuses not found anywhere on the internet.

Make sure you buy using any of the links on this page.

I might remove the bonuses at any time.

Act first or miss out!

Bonus 1: 101+ Most Profitable Niches for Affiliate Marketing.

Let’s get real.

Niche research is boring & time-consuming.

Don’t waste your time trying to find the most profitable niches for affiliate marketing.

Choose from the pre-selected niches that suites you and your audience at the moment.

Don’t Reinvent the wheel.

Bonus 2: Ultimate List of Recurring Affiliate Programs Recurring Affiliate Programs

Recurring Affiliate Programs are one of the best ways to make passive income online.

Make a sale once and get paid every month as long as the customer sticks with the software, tool or course.

I have 237+ Recurring Affiliate Programs that you can start promoting as soon as today.

Software and membership sites work the best.

You can also sell online courses that charge monthly subscriptions which is a great way to supplement your income monthly/yearly.

Bonus 3: The 7-Steps to Becoming a Successful Super Affiliate guide

The 7-Steps to Become a successful Super Affiliate

Do you know that there are some secrets that super-successful super affiliates don’t want you to know?

I will show you how to become a super affiliate in 7-steps.

You can easily quit your soul-sucking 9-5 by just following this guide.

Here are the 7- simple steps in brief:

  • Choosing the perfect niche
  • Picking the perfect product
  • Creating your passive income system
  • Choosing your traffic source
  • Creating consistent content
  • Building Your Email List
  • Scaling and retargeting.

Bonus 4:Free Affiliate Marketing Course

Use this course to promote over 15 affiliate programs.

If you don’t want to promote, use the course to learn.

It is best to promote competing products in the space.

You don’t want to miss this!

Bonus 5: One-on-1 Support

You can talk to me directly via Facebook or email.

You can also join my Facebook group using the button below.

Bonus 5: White Label my Bonuses

Use my bonuses as your own to skyrocket your business.

Bank with my Bonuses in your promotions.

Those are my Freedom Accelerator bonuses.

After completing your purchase, email me here with the ” Freedom Accelerator bonuses” as the subject line.

Thank you for your purchase!

My Final Opinion About Freedom Accelerator

While there are so many affiliate marketing courses out there, none come close to Freedom Accelerator.

Students of the program are getting ground-breaking results within a short period.

If you can afford the investment cost, this is the best place you can get.

Grab yourself a freedom accelerator and start using the 5-second silent method to scale your business.

This article has been distributed on: Medium, Linked In, and Quora

What is your opinion about Freedom Accelerator? Did you take the course? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Thanks for checking my Freedom Accelerator review 2023.

The 7-Steps to Become a successful Super Affiliate

FREE 6-Part Video Series

The Leave Your Soul-sucking 9-5 Blueprint

How To Quit Your 9-5 Job & Achieve Financial & Time FREEDOM

Freedom Accelerator Review 2023🚀: :Is it Worth it or a SCAM?
Freedom Accelerator Review Featured Image

Freedom Accelerator Review 2023 by Jonathan Montoya. Is it the best affiliate marketing course or a scam? Learn about the 5-seconds miracle method!

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12 thoughts on “Freedom Accelerator Review 2023: Is it Worth it or a SCAM?”

  1. Wow, Wonderful idea about accelerating the website and the effects of google traffic on your website. I enjoyed reading your text, especially the part which was talking about freedom accelerator reviews. you have shared good tips that anyone needs to know. I will share this post with my friends who are active in this post.

    1. Hey Liam, 

      Thank you for stopping by.

      Make sure you buy from links on this web page to avoid another scam product.

      Thank you for sharing.

  2. For some time, I have been an affiliate marketer and am always searching for innovative ways to enhance my abilities and multiply my profits.

    So, I’ve got a few questions for you: Have you personally tried the Freedom Accelerator program? How has it helped you in your affiliate marketing journey? Can you give us a little more insight into what the program entails and what kind of results you’ve seen?

    I’m all for finding ways to speed up success and streamline processes, and if the Freedom Accelerator can do that for affiliate marketers, I’m all ears! However, I also know that there are a lot of scams and ineffective programs out there, so I always like to get a second opinion before jumping in.

    From what I can tell from this article, it seems like the program is focused on teaching the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and providing a supportive community for marketers to network and grow together. That’s definitely a unique aspect, and one that could be really beneficial for those just starting out or even experienced marketers looking to expand their knowledge and network.

    So, what’s my overall opinion? Well, I’m definitely intrigued and would love to hear more about your experience with the program. But until I know more, I’m hesitant to fully endorse it. However, if it can deliver on its promises and help affiliate marketers achieve their goals, then I think it’s definitely worth considering.

    In the end, affiliate marketing is a competitive and constantly evolving field, so any program or resource that can give you an edge is worth considering. So, keep us posted on your experience with the Freedom Accelerator!

    1. Hey Bob,

      Yes, I have joined Freedom Accelerator.

      Freedom Accelerator is new therefore I will share my case study when complete.

      As you saw in the review, there are countless testimonials from students who have already seen results using the “5-Seconds Silent Method”

      If you are over the fence, check the links for Free training. In addition, you are covered by a 30-day Money Back guarantee.

      You can get a full hassle-free 100% refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

  3. I am always on the lookout for more courses and tips on affiliate marketing, because I want to learn and obviously make more money. But if someone claims that you can make money with this up to a 100.000 a month, an alarm bell goes of lol.

    While I’m sure that there are marketers making this sum of money per month, I think that you would need to have the money to invest in writers and more, and claiming that you can make this money just by doing short videos seems like an even bigger lie to me to be honest. Especially for that kind of money. Just my opinion.

    1. Hi Lizzy,

      I know 100k A month is such a bold claim.

      There is actually proof that what he teaches works as you will see in the Facebook group.

      Thank you for stopping by Stabel!

  4. Fantastic Evaluation! Despite the high cost of membership, Freedom Accelerator seems like a worthwhile program. The stats you’ve presented in this piece are impressive, and they show that affiliate marketing is a viable alternative for making a lot of money online. That the affiliate marketing sector is worth billions of dollars is news to me.

    1. Hey Dimanka,

      Have you checked the Webinar yet?

      If not, Check out the webinar before you make an investment.

      The strategies mentions are new and you need to get the wave to take you!

  5. Awesome Review! Freedom Accelerator sounds like a decent program to join even though the price for joining is a bit expensive. Affiliate marketing is certainly a great option for generating lots of money online and the numbers that your post has provided are outstanding. 

    I never knew the affiliate marketing industry is worth more than billions, that’s insane! 

    Anyway great post man I really appreciate you for sharing this information. 

    1. Hey Terence,

      It’s expensive but a one-time payment.

      If you cannot afford it, take the payment plan option.

      Thank you for stopping by!

  6. I have learned a lot about the Freedom Accelerator program from within your review. It seems as if it’s worth it for if you want all of the secrets of affiliate marker. Especially from the CORRECT website, and not the fake sign up pages like you mentioned that are trying to pretend to be Freedom Accelerators. 

    I’m curious, how did you come across this platform? Have you had much success if you’ve joined with them?

    1. Hey, Jeremy thanks for stopping by.

      There are many fake websites selling courses in the name of Freedom Accelerator.

      Make sure you buy from the official website.

      I came across it through a Facebook friend recommendation.

      I have implemented it for my business and the views on YouTube short and TikTok are tremendous!

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