Hostinger Review 2023: Cheap Web Hosting or Risky Solution?

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Hey and Welcome to my Hostinger Review 2023.

I know this post is different since I’m not used to writing reviews of hosting companies because there are plenty of hosting companies that have been around for decades. You will normally find articles about affiliate marketing hacks and affiliate programs that you can promote.

For collaboration, I think I can try :-).

Let’s see what we’ll have today. Shall we?

Company: Hostinger

Category: Hosting

Price: From $2.15(Yes, Really)

Official Website:

Heads Up: You got me, This article is contributed by Paul Mahony from Hosting. review and Tony Omary. Welcome!

Hostinger is one of the top-notch web hosting companies in the world. It started in the year 2004.

Hostinger is renowned for providing world-class and reliable web hosting services that can fit everyone’s budget.

At present, there are more than 29 million Hostinger users spread across 178 countries with the company receiving more than 15 thousand new sign-ups every day.

Let’s examine the services by Hostinger and see if they live up to the hype expressed in all the previous Hostinger reviews.

Hostinger Review: The Services

Hostinger’s Web Hosting Services

At present, Hostinger provides four types of web hosting services –

  • FREE web hosting
  • Shared Web Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Domain Registration
  • SSL Certificates

FREE Web Hosting

Yes, really. You read that right!

Hostinger review - FREE Web Hosting
Hostinger FREE web Hosting

Ever wanted to go online but were afraid of the initial investment required? Not anymore.

000webhost which is powered by Hostinger offers FREE hosting for you to start and grow your business.

Unlike other FREE web-hosting, there will be no ads, 1-click WordPress Installation and, a FREE website builder, and 100s of beautifully designed templates for you to choose from and customize according to your brand.

Shared Web Hosting

Under the shared web hosting service, Hostinger offers 3 types of hosting plans namely-

  • Single Web Hosting
  • Premium Web Hosting
  • Business Web Hosting

SSL certificates are important as they make your website secure not only to your visitors but also from external attacks. Also, it’s an important ranking factor


  • There is a FREE web hosting with 000webhost which is powered by Hostinger
  • All of these 3 web-hosting plans are protected by 30-Day Free Trial.
  • All of these 3 web-hosting plans are cheap, reliable, and affordable
  • Premium and business web hosting plans come with unlimited SSD disk space and bandwidth. Moreover, you get unlimited MYSQL databases and e-mail accounts.
  • These web hosting plans are optimized for faster WordPress speed.
  • There are more than 90 auto-installer scripts available for you to choose from.
  • Live customer support is available with Business hosting.
  • As per our research, most web-hosting services don’t offer this many features for this price range.

The premium web hosting plan is the best for any starting business that has the plan to grow in the future.


  • “Unlimited hosting” is not unlimited shared hosting, there is a restriction on what you upload. You may need to buy your Virtual server
  • You cannot do anything if your domain name is not pointing to Hostinger Name servers. Destruction for me

VPS Hosting

Want to stop sharing web server resources? Well, you can upgrade your plan and get your On Virtual Private Server to accelerate your website speed.

The Price is pocket-Friendly too.

VPS server plan 1 to VPS server plan 6, Hostinger has 6 VPS plans. You can begin to host your website with full SSH root and cloud infrastructure at approximately $4.95/mo. You can speed up your hosting up to 30 times faster than normal speed with Hostinger Cloud VPS offers.

Hostinger Review - VPS Hosting
Hostinger VPS Hosting

Hostinger all Cloud VPS plans come with a 100 MB/s network, IPV6 Support, and SSD drives. Moreover, these Cloud VPS hosting comes with the highest virtual server reliability so that you can get complete access into your hand. VPS Hosting empowers your website with dedicated server space at a minimum web hosting price.

Free Domain and Instant Domain registration

Yes, it is true. Hostinger allows you to register your domain name free of cost in a premium or business web hosting plan.

The free domain name, domain registration, 24/7 live support, rt, web host, ng, and website builder, all these features are available in a single package.

So, if you’re looking for free domain registration along with the cheapest web hosting, Hostinger is the perfect choice for you.

SSL Certificates

Now encrypted communications between your website and internet browsers are more easy and cheap. Hosting provides affordable SSL certificates that assure all the sensitive information of your clients such as credit card details and passwords are secured on login forms, payment page, es, and login pages of your website.

SSL is available for both premium and business users. It is easy to install that is done directly from the member’s area at

Hostinger Review - SSL Certificate
SSL Certificate for a Lifetime!

SSL certification approval with Hostinger generally takes 1 to 2 business days.

I prefer Hosting VPS, which I have been using for quite a long time and I find it perfect according to my requirements and budget.

Hosting Pricing

Below is a Comparison Table to aid you in choosing the right plan for you.

Hostinger Review - Pricing
Hosting Pricing

Domain Registrar Evaluation in Hostinger

It is quite an easy procedure. You just need to check for the ICANN Accreditation list. Through this list, you can confirm whether or not the domain registrar is certified. Since 2013, Hostinger has been a fully certified domain registrar.

The best part of having Hostinger as your web-hosting partner is you get various free added-value features. Some of them are given below:

Reviews & Tutorials from Hostinger

This tool seems to be effective for newbies looking for online tutorials related to web development, web development, web designing,  hosting, etc.

Hostinger provides a list of more than 500 tutorials on CMS guides, web development, server management, etc. You can access these tutorials free of cost; even if you do not have a Hostinger account.

Hostinger Review - Tutorials
Hostinger Tutorials

I know that some gurus out there are charging to access the exact information that you’ll find in those tutorials. They are easy to follow.

I didn’t like the fact that most of the tutorials are in text format only. A video here and there would make the tutorial more interactive.

Affiliate Program

Hostinger accepts and follows all the basic affiliate systems of the Industry.

However, the best part that makes Hostinger distinct from its competitors is that it provides 100% commission for every shared web-hostinpurchaseng.

In short, Hostinger lends you the possibility to earn affiliate money completely free of charge.

It doesn’t end there…

You’ll also get 50% commissions for every VPS purchase through your unique affiliate link. That means more money for you.

Website Builder

The other thing that I found great about Hostinger is its website builder feature.

Hostinger Review - Website builderYou get access to a lot of pre-designed templates.

The website builder has a large collection of SEO-friendly web templates using which anyone can design an attractive, responsible, and mobile-friendly blog, website, and e-commerce website.

Hostinger review : customized templates
Templates for you to choose from

You just need to pick a template that matches your theme best and customize it as per your requirement. The website would hardly take 5 to 10 minutes to go live.

So, if you’re wondering how to design a website without having a lot of coding knowledge, Hostinger website builder is the best platform for you.

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Smart Domain Availability Checker

Although the web is filled with a variety of domain name suggestion tools yet as per my own experience, a smart domain availability checker from Hostinger is an exceptional one.

It does not just let you check the registration status for the typed domain but also gives you some of the best domain choices in the suggestion.

I tried searching for “commission gorilla” and see some of the suggestions…

Hostinger Review - Domain Suggestion
Domain suggestion

It finds out domain name instantly along with price and extension (.org, .com, .net, .gov) details. Additionally, it makes the domain name search easier by choosing keywords relevant to your audience. Additionally, the Smart Domain Availability Checker tool gives you the option to secrete your identity from the public eye under its privacy registration facility.

As per the reviews of web experts, and real customers, I can say Hostinger’s web hosting services are worth it.

[button_1 text=”Visit%20Hostinger” text_size=”21″ text_color=”#d6d6d6″ text_bold=”Y” text_letter_spacing=”0″ subtext_panel=”N” text_shadow_panel=”Y” text_shadow_vertical=”0″ text_shadow_horizontal=”0″ text_shadow_color=”#ffff00″ text_shadow_blur=”0″ styling_width=”8″ styling_height=”13″ styling_border_color=”#000000″ styling_border_size=”1″ styling_border_radius=”6″ styling_border_opacity=”100″ styling_shine=”Y” styling_gradient_start_color=”#ff4400″ styling_gradient_end_color=”#ff5635″ drop_shadow_panel=”Y” drop_shadow_vertical=”1″ drop_shadow_horizontal=”0″ drop_shadow_blur=”1″ drop_shadow_spread=”0″ drop_shadow_color=”#000000″ drop_shadow_opacity=”50″ inset_shadow_panel=”Y” inset_shadow_vertical=”0″ inset_shadow_horizontal=”0″ inset_shadow_blur=”0″ inset_shadow_spread=”1″ inset_shadow_color=”#ffff00″ inset_shadow_opacity=”50″ align=”center” href=”” new_window=”Y”/]


In a nutshell, I would like to say that Hostinger services have been designed keeping the requirements of newcomers and intermediate website owners in mind.

Its various services and features are best suited for local businesses, start-ups, and small-scale industries.

The major objective of Hostinger is to provide cheap, fast, and trusted services, and newbies who do not want to spend extra bucks on hiring web developers separately can take benefit from Hostinger’s services.Adventures on the River

Get Hostinger Hosting Here!

Thanks for reading our Hostinger Review 2023. Do you have any questions, reviews, or concerns related to Hostinger? I will be glad to hear from you. Be Free to share them in the comment thread below. Check out wealthy affiliate or affiliate secrets if you want to monetize your brand.
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