How to Research and Choose a Profitable Niche For A Living- The Beginner`s Guide Vol 2

How To Research an Choose a Profitable Niche Market for a Living

Niche research is not only boring but also time-consuming.

I am not sure if the best niche exists but am sure there are profitable niches. It depends on what best fits you. It is a fact that the “Make Money Online Niche” is extremely competitive.

There are 3 Highly profitable niches that I will share with you along the way. Although I was warned not to choose the “Make money Online Niche” I ignored my mentor’s advice.

Note: Most are affiliate marketing Niches but you can still profit from product creation.

One thing that should be clear is that there is no saturated market or niche: We all do things differently.

Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome, focuses on passion, problems, and fears. He says that all of them must be considered before finding a profitable niche.

If you think that choosing a niche is the simplest thing, think again, please…

Codrut Turcanu from NicheHacks wrote an article where he consulted over 50 experts and ask them this simple question…

“How do you choose a profitable niche for a living?

I have all of that covered here and simplified for you, my dear reader.

Most professionals like Lifehack and Lornali focus more on passion( I have no problem with that since I also do). But I have a big question for you…

What if your passion is not profitable?

I see most people having personal blogs where they share their daily experiences and expectations. In fact, some site has very high readability than even those intended to make money.

What is a Niche?

I will be wasting your time as well as mine if I try to explain so much while you don`t Clearly understand what am I will be talking about. If you missed my guide on how to build a free website, you can get it still by clicking the link.

A niche is your target market. While choosing a niche, it is recommended to make it narrow as you cannot attract everyone; You attract those who are already interested.

In simple words, A niche is a group of buyers searching for something online.

You cannot make people love something that you create. Create something that people already love!

Video: Choosing Your Direction – It Starts With a Niche.

Choosing a profitable niche

How To Choose a Profitable Niche

This guide will tend to answer the following questions:

  • Can You make money in any niche?
  • How will I be making money on my niche site?
  • Can passions really be profitable?
  • Can I write on things that do not interest me?
  • Should I research before choosing a niche?

Watch the video walkthrough on how to choose a profitable niche.

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If you watched the video, you should have an idea on how to choose a profitable niche.

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There will also be a training on product creation that will be shared if you take the training.

Super Highly Profitable Red Hot Niches for 2017 and Beyond!

If you are confused about choosing a Niche, here is a list of Niches that are proven to be profitable. Get things the right way from the start.

  • Dog Training
  • Weight Loss
  • Diet/Nutrition/Natural health
  • Pregnancy/Fertility
  • Learn to Sing
  • Dating Tips for Men
  • Wholesale Sourcing
  • Self Help
  • Internet Marketing(In general)
  • Make money online
  • Survival
  • Save Your Relationship / Get Your Ex Back
  • Dating Tips for Women
  • Golf
  • Natural Health
  • Green Energy
  • Muscle Building
  • Hawaii Travel
  • Spirituality/Alternative Beliefs

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What about the three profitable niches that you promised?

I’m glad you asked.

The three niches have a very large market and EVERGREEN. Meaning, they will NEVER be saturated or lack buyers.

They are:

#1. Health: Who doesn’t want to look and feel healthy? Includes topics like fat loss, stress management, muscle gain, anti-aging and natural healing.

#2. Money: We love money! Includes Real Estate, Investing, trading and stock exchange.

#3. Relationships: Help people solve their relationship problems and they will happily buy from you. Things like get your ex back, dating tips and saving your marriage.

FREE Webinar: How to Make $10k/Month OnlineIf you are totally new to affiliate Marketing, make sure you check the article about affiliate marketing for dummies to get started in affiliate marketing the right way.

Summary of Choosing a Highly Profitable Niche from Day 1

#1. Find Something that interests You

Can you comfortably write about it like a pro? Again, nothing is perfect, you must start from somewhere. As time goes by, you will find creating content both easier and fun.

Most niche marketers will tell you that they start with a passion. Right?

Choosing the Right Products to Promote

Click to watch!

If you have a passion but cannot write about it, no one will ever find your website. When I first started this site, I was sure that I could give content in this niche since making money online sounds very interesting to me.

You should also make sure that your niche provides a solution to an existing problem. If you help people money just follow you automatically.

#2. Do Your Research(Keywords)

In case you missed my guide on choosing a domain name, get it here.

What is the estimated traffic that you can expect if you rank on top of search engines?(Some niches receive more traffic than others). Copy Blogger focuses more on Related keyword research to find a niche.

You can do your research for FREE with the tool that I use. It is advisable to pick a niche that has high traffic but less competition.

#3. Get Yourself Some Skills/Training

The easiest way to do niche marketing is affiliate marketing.

This is a fact. Unless you have your own products to sell on your site, you will not make profits. This is where affiliate marketing comes into place.

You need to learn how to get traffic to your articles and eventually make sales. While most marketers focus on both keywords and content relevance, other methods like Email marketing, video marketing, and social media marketing should not be taken for granted.

Assuming that you already choose a good domain name, you will still need to create content that gets ranked on search engines.(Not just ranks, Top Google ranks). You will need to be doing keyword research to achieve this.

#4 Create On-Demand Content

If you do all the above but don`t have content you are wasting yourself. Period.

Content creation will be your regular routine after you create a niche website.

Affiliate marketing for Dummies: Google ranking factors

Content that people care About

Why Should You create Content?

  • Gives your site more authority.
  • You can easily make sales.
  • You are building trust.
  • You will be increasing your following.
  • You will be sharpening your skills.(Hint: People who write are sharper)

Not All Niches are Profitable!

As you start a niche site, you should put your main focus on affiliate marketing

Some niches have products that are of low-cost meaning that you will also make less commission as an affiliate of that product. Does that make any sense to you?

Here is an example. Let’s say you find a product in your niche that cost $10. How many sales will you make to have a sustainable income? So many sales. Right?

FREE Report for a Limited Time
You should be wise in choosing the products to promote. In reality, it takes the same amount of effort to make a sale worth $1000 as well as that of $10.

What Do I do If I have no Passions?

Having a passion that is not profitable is like having no passion at all in the online World.

Assuming that your only hobby is watching movies, how will you make that passion profitable? Blank… 🙄 

Sincerely, it is hard to make such a passion bring profit to your site. This can only be a personal blog. (Personal blogs are rarely profitable the reason being you are not solving any problem). I know some know how to make their personal blogs look professional and no longer personal.

Do a Research.

If you have no passions, find a niche that you can comfortably research and write about it. In that case, you write about facts and drop some opinions here and there to make your article interesting.

The Bottom Line.

Some people expect to find hand-picked niches to work on. The truth is, you can pick any niche that you can research and write on.(The market has to be large to attract buyers)

Your website should be able to act as a bridge between you and the consumers. If you can write more than 400 words after doing a research, that is a good start for a new niche website.(I find it easier now in creating content than when I was starting out)

Have you followed this, and your Niche is still not profitable?

You are doing something wrong. Most marketers quit before giving themselves enough time to see results. Success is cumulative. You may think that you are wasting time while starting out, but it pays dividends in the long run.

I believe you can now research and choose a profitable niche to make a living on the Internet. Bye bye, and take care.

PS: Want to start a Niche site, Get hosting, Keyword research and expert help? Go Here.

In Case You Missed Them…

Hope this guide about researching and Choosing a Profitable niche was helpful to you. If so, please share and comment in the thread below to let me know what you think.

PS: Also share with us how your niche website is going after using the guide.

The Sky is the Limit,

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  • deelino the geek

    great content tony

  • Hi Tony!
    Thank you so much for your article, I found it to be very useful. I have been recently considering various niche possibilities for myself and am gravitating toward healthcare. I was excited to see that it made the Top 3! I watched your video and I was very impressed at how well you were able to articulate your viewpoint.
    Take Care,

  • While finding for the right niche, it happens more often that I’m interested in something but I do not have in-depth knowledge about the topic. I just find a niche cool and if I feel like working on it should I choose that as my website niche topic?
    I do have a few interests where I think I can write about but I guess I would soon run out of topics.

    • While beginning, it is advisable that you get started with ONE already proven profitable niches.

      Along the way, after you see some success, that is the time that you can write about your passion.(This are things that make you feel happy and help solve people’s problems at the same time.)

  • A very step by steo guideline, Tony. Posting example images will help newbies more, you can consider this!


    • Hi Kabir,

      Honestly, I find it a challenge. Which tools do you recommend for creating own images and inforgraphics?

      I will be happy to hear from you Kabir.

  • Hey Tony,

    thanks for showing us how to find a niche that we enjoy ourselves too, because then we can thrive instead of just survive. That’s my opinion and the longer I work that way the more excited I become every day just after waking up 😉 I love that feeling to help others with something you love yourself! I guess you can relate with what you are doing here 😉

    I am just curious, what was it that made you ignore the advice your mentor gave you when you started out? A bit risky don’t you think? Was it simply that you had been that passionate about making money online or did you enjoy the challenge?

    Would love to know man,

    best wishes,


    • Hi Philip,

      Are you an artiste? I just saw some lines from you. “You can thrive instead of just survive”.
      Yes, we can relate Philip, I also do what interests me most.

      Killing your curiousity…
      It was not risky at all. It was somehow hard to make money from it since I could not right enough. It is just like the example I gave. How can you make money if Your passion is only watching movies? You will have to be so creative man!

      It was challenging at the beggining but am now very comfortable.

  • Hi Tony

    In all honesty, The title is very inviting,This content has a lot of promise and seems that you took a lot of time and care in creating this content. It is not an easy thing to come up with a profitable niche. I will share this guide with my networks as well to asssist then in making a living online.

    I look forward getting more content from you so as I may also benefit from you.


    • Hi Kyle,

      I almost thought that you are Kyle the Co-Founder of Wealthy Affiliate.

      Every niche is profitable in a way if only you know how to monetize your site. This is the the best way how newbies can get their Start.

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