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Zaxaa Review 2024: Launch Your Product in Under 20 Minutes

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In this Zaxaa review 2024, I will show you what’s inside, features, pricing and more.

Want to launch your first product and sell it online?

With Zaxaa, you can do it in less than 20 minutes.

Continue reading to know exactly how!

Zaxaa ReviewUnlike many other competitors like JVzoo and Clickbank, you don’t have to worry about customer emails being taken by the giants, be the only one to keep the emails of your customers.

I don’t have to tell you that it is one of the few that can give instant commissions to affiliates and only charge the membership(You keep the profits no matter how much money you make.)

Let’s begin.

Name: Zaxaa

Official Website:

Owner: Welly Mulia

Price: $77/Month and $99/month

Category: Shopping Cart for Product Owners(More than a shopping cart, details below)

What is Zaxaa?

Zaxaa is a platform where product owners can sell their products without handling any payment.

Your sales funnels will be set up giving you more time to concentrate on what matters.

It also includes an email automation tool[BEATS Email system] to make your marketing effort fruitful.

Make more sales and money.

Zaxaa ReviewZaxaa Summarized Review

Zaxaa is a shopping cart that has everything that you’ll ever need to launch a product.

From OTOs, Upsells and down sales, Limited time offers, paying and managing affiliates, selling automation, highly responsive customer support and more.

With Zaxaa membership, there will be no fees charged after selling.

You’ll have the ability to set coupon codes, see the super affiliates, sell multiple products, have affiliates to promote your awesome product, ability to upgrade/downgrade membership and set up any type of program 1 tier or two-tier

Try Zaxaa for FREE here

You will also get free Access to Zaxaa members which is a WordPress Membership plugin for Free.

Zaxaa Member

Zaxaa Members is a WordPress Membership Plugin that is Free.

Stop worrying about where you will sell your product or course.

You can launch your product in mere minutes.

Here is a little breakdown.

  • Drip-feed lessons and content however you want.
  • Secure your content (pages and files) from unauthorized access.
  • Tease users inside your membership site and upsell them to a higher-level membership or product.

Download Zaxaa Members here(Free)

38 Questions Smart Marketers Ask Themselves To 10x Their Profits(PDF)

Zaxaa Features

There are so many features in Zaxaa that will completely blow your mind.

Some metrics that you never thought were possible are available in Zaxaa.

Want to know the lifetime customer value?

Let’s jump right in. Shall we?

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1. Product Stats

Zaxaa Product Stats
Zaxaa Customers at Different Levels/Pricing

Owing the direction that your business is moving is important.

With the product stats, you’ll see things like:

  • The average retention rate
  • Unique visitors
  • Conversion rate
  • Refund rate
  • Earning per click and much more

These are some of the most important things that any serious business owner should care about.  

If you have a lot of refunds, know how you can improve your product or increase support.

There could be many things to make people request a refund.

If the product is as it says, the refund should be low but expect one or two unhappy customers in some cases.

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2. Check Stats for OTO for a Special Group

Zaxaa Time Sensitive offers
Zaxaa Limited time special

Funnelling is one of the best methods to make money online if you have a quality product. 

All your top creators use sales funnels to automate the selling process.

See how your Funnel is performing.

Which of your products is performing the best?

Wealthy affiliate costs $497 yearly price, and $299 on Black Friday.

You are also grandfathered to your original price while you were joining.

With Zaxaa, you can serve all your members who purchased at different price points or a limited-time special discount.

Customers are not treated the same.

For example, if for any reason you decide to increase/decrease the price, old customers should always be given some sort of VIP treatment.

Authors Note: Selling different products after the first purchase increases sales like crazy.

This is because the ‘Buyer mode’ is activated meaning you’re ready to buy.

3. Manage Your Affiliates

Zaxaa Managing Affiliates
Manage affiliates and compare the traffic they bring vs Sales

With Zaxaa, you can have affiliates promote your product and make sales with no additional effort on your side.

Affiliates are the main source of traffic for many sites.

See how your affiliates are doing.

Who is bringing in more sales?

You have the right to protect your product and your credibility.

Anyways, no need to remove affiliates(unless they go against the Terms and Conditions) because they are the main source of traffic.

You see how much each affiliate is making and reward the top affiliate. 🙂

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4. Advanced Sales Report

Zaxaa Sales Report
The ultimate goal of any affiliate and product owner is to make more sales which equates to money.

Another great thing about Zaxaa is you can not only become a seller but also an affiliate of your product or that of others.

See how much money your awesome product is bringing in.

5. Creating Offers

Creating Offers in Zaxaa
Create any offer that you’ve ever imagined of

There is nothing better than making offers.

It makes customers feel special.

Things like one-time offers give them a fear of missing out if they don’t buy when it is available.

In addition, you can also have a front-end offer.

This could happen after a customer completes a certain task like completing the whole course.

You can tweak anything as you imagine.

6. Zaxaa Stats

Zaxaa Affiliate and Product Owner stats

Another good thing I like about Zaxaa is that you can not only sell your product but also become an affiliate.

You can have both views either separately or together.

Even if you have an OTO program or a two-tier affiliate program, it makes it easy for you to view and manage your finances

Dime sales.

Increase the price after every sale!

Limited time. eg for only 72 hours.

Don’t play games, be true in the game.

You can open it later after a month or so.

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Other Reasons to Use Zaxaa

  • Ability to create sub-affiliate links.
  • Super responsive support
  • Zero Fee per transaction as long as you’re a member
  • Easy setup and launch your product
  • Ability to create coupon codes
  • Sell everything within your site unlike other shopping carts
  • Instant commission to affiliates(Never seen this anywhere else)
  • Get a potential customer on your list(Sell them later)
  • Customizable auto forms
  • Integrates with most payment processors eg PayPal, & stripe
  • Integrates with major autoresponders like Aweber
  • Delivers your products instantly and securely. No need to worry about people stealing your product if they have the direct URL.
  • It’s evolving
  • Customers can see all your products, therefore, promote you or buy

Zaxaa Cons

  • Done for You Product set up. This can be done in minutes but you may not need it.
  • There are not many users.
  • No training on how to do it although it is super easy to set up your product 

But What Are Others Saying about Zaxaa?

Zaxaa Saves You time to launch Your Product
This is Amazing. Under 20 minutes?
Zaxaa better than Jvzoo?
Zaxaa could become better than Jvzoo
Zaxaa is easy to use
If you can own a product, using Zaxaa is so easy!
Let Zaxaa set up your product for you. Keep the profits
 Easy to set up and profit

Who Is Zaxaa For?

  • Product owners who do not want to share commissions with the vendor. Only pay the membership
  • Product owners who want to launch their products fast
  • Product owners who do not want their greatest asset(email) to be shared with the platform they are hosting a product
  • Product owners who need an army of affiliates to promote their product
  • If you need more advanced reporting including Lifetime Customer Value
  • Product owners who do not want to pay expensively to sell their products


Zaxaa Pricing

Zaxaa has only two prices.

The good thing is that you can either upgrade or downgrade your account.

If you want to use your autoresponder $77/month is a great start.

The main reason could be you cannot integrate your autoresponder.[Serves up to 30,000 contacts]

Here is a Limited time FREE trial exclusive for my readers.

Another price is $99/month.

It includes BEATS the Email System an inbuilt autoresponder to sell hyper-relevant emails to your customers according to your behaviors.

Some features include Broadcast, sequences, tags and rules.

Also found in other email marketing platforms.

Zaxaa Pricing
Try Zaxaa for FREE here

My closing Thoughts on Zaxaa

Zaxaa is more than just a shopping cart.

It is one of the cheapest tools that any product owner should use since it has many features all under one roof.

Before you launch your next product, make sure you check out Zaxaa as it will save you a lot of time and make you more money because it lets you focus on the things that matter.

As you saw, there are plenty of outstanding features not found on other platforms.

Things like OTO, front-end offers, Coupons, limited-time offers and so much more.

Thank you for checking out Zaxaa Review 2024. Do you have any experience, Questions, reviews, testimonials, complaints, or compliments about Zaxaa? Feel free to drop them in the comment thread.

The 7-Steps to Become a successful Super Affiliate

FREE 6-Part Video Series

The Leave Your Soul-sucking 9-5 Blueprint

How To Quit Your 9-5 Job & Achieve Financial & Time FREEDOM

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