• The problem with WA is that their members post fake reviews about people and companies in order to steal the traffic to get a kickback from WA which is highly illegal!! On top of stealing graphics & logos (which is NOT fair use if you’re doing it for the kickback)

    • Thanks for your input John,

      I was a member of the Internet Lifestyle Network. So, there is nothing fake in this review John!

      I can’t steal traffic because no one owns Keywords!

  • Were you a member of the scheme?

    I was a member of Internet Lifestyle Network and so I had to share my experiece with everybody.

    If you need any more clarification let me know!

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts about what is internet lifestyle
    network?. Regards

  • DomingaSOldaker

    Good site you have here.. It’s hard to find excellent writing like yours these days.
    I truly appreciate individuals like you! Take care!!

    • Thank you Doming for appreciating my work. Writing is all about practice, it is a skill that has to be learned.

      Let me know if you need any help.

  • I am regularly chewing webs for scam. Good article. Thnx.

    • Hey Zhanna,

      It is such a great deal that we at Wealthy affiliate do not let any of our website visitors to fall into scams or half-baked products. My main aim is to deliver quality to my website visitors. Most of the people waste time promoting scams instead of building their own businesses. Most want easy and fast cash which does not exist.

  • Il ways looking for the scam reviews. This one is useful one. Thnx!

    • Great to here that my article is useful. That is my goal. Seeing other loving my website is such an achievement. We at WA provide quality.

  • Thank you for such a great article with a wealth of good information in it. I had not ever experienced these guys. I am glad your here to warn people what they are about. I got lucky and ended up with Wealthy Affiliate from the get go.

    • You were very lucky Lisa,

      Finding Wealthy affiliate is like you found success. It is such a great community. I will still continue to warn them on the programs that I know and I have tested. Escaping from the reality is not an option for me, it is an option for failures.

  • Great information and very valuable to all us newbies and maybe to some of the old hands as well. It always annoys me when I see join now for $999 and if you refuse they offer 777 refuse that and its 222 refuse that and its 97. That is so annoying.. Your post gives a good insight into these scams. Great stuff.

    • Hey Thomas,

      They are really frustrating. They do not care so much about you as long as money is pumping into their bank accounts. From newbies to experts, they should work with a community that cares about their success.

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