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Marketplace Superheroes Ignite V2.0 Review 2024: Scam or Worth It?

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Welcome to this MarketPlace Superheroes Ignite v2 review 2024. 

I will reveal everything you need to know about selling on Amazon, as well as give you a sneak into the member’s area to provide you with an idea of what you can expect when you buy.

Selling on Amazon has proven to be a pandemic-proof way to make money and get true freedom.

Marketplace Superheroes Review -Mockup
Course Mockup

If you checked cheaper alternatives to the Amazing Selling Machine or the best Amazon FBA courses, MarketPlace Superheroes have always emerged on the list.

Interestingly, you can grab your FREE training and see if it is the right fit for you or if even selling on Amazon is a perfect fit for you or not.

Let’s uncover Marketplace Superheroes now.

Name: Marketplace Superheroes Ignite v2.0/The Superhero University


Founders: Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers

Price: $997 or $97 x 12(special deal if you attend the webinar)

Rating: 87 out of 100

Verdict: Recommended

Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days

Marketplace superheroes deliver over-the-shoulder FREE training series for seven days that will teach you how to build a profitable Amazon empire from scratch.

MPSH claims that you can quit your job and build a 7 figure business selling Simple, Everyday Products Globally On Amazon Without Tech Skills Or Complicated Advertising.

See what you will learn:

  • What is Marketplace Super Heroes by Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers
  • How you can get it for $97(12-payment plan)
  • Are there successful students inside MPSH
  • Who are the owners, and what is their background?
  • Why don’t you need hundreds of products to create immense profits on Amazon?
  • The exact type of products that you must avoid selling on Amazon at any cost
  • A unique strategy for finding incredible, high-profit, low-competition ‘hidden gem’ products that are practically invisible to our competition.

MarketPlace Superheros has received excellent ratings from independent members.

Marketplace Superheroes Student Results
Real Student Results

Marketplace Superheroes Review: What is it?

Marketplace Superheroes Review-Featured Image Marketplace Superheroes is an online course and service business that claims to “offer everything you need to get started selling globally on Amazon under one roof.”

Apart from the course material, you will access tools that will help you run your business smoothly and confidently.

You will make little to no mistakes if you follow through.

What differentiates it from other courses is unethical practices that may make your business run into the ground and permanently get banned on Amazon.

You neither need o buy fake reviews nor sell low-quality products.

Market Place SuperHeroes-Product Image

Who Created Marketplace SuperHeroes?

Marketplace Superheroes are proudly brought to you by Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers.

Robert is older in the game. He has made millions of online sales on Amazon and made dozens of mistakes along the way. He has over 21 years of experience under his belt.

Before Stephen met Robert, he found it hectic to find winning products with high-profit potential since he didn’t have any mentor or training to follow.

Robert rescued Stephen and started building Amazon empires together, forming a proper bond.

They both now have multiple 7-figure Amazon empires and are ready to deliver what they have learned to shorten the curve, money, and time you would waste if you know everything yourself.

They have a cumulative 29 years of experience and selling on Amazon FBA.

WOners of Market Place superHeroes - Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers
MarketPlace Superheroes Owners

Why MarketPlace Superheroes?

To start with, Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers have sold millions of dollars on Amazon. On top of that, they have thousands of successful students worldwide.

Unlike the One Product Challenge, MPSH focuses on the rule of 5; five products, five countries, five dollars, and five units sold daily in 30 days.

If you do the math, that’s around $19,000 in net profit.

Although you can get a lot of FREE information, it will be hectic to arrange all the information. On top of that, you will get access to some of that you will get access to tools not shared by other marketers.

Quick Facts and Statistics About selling on Amazon

Selling on Amazon can be a viable source of income if you can dedicate some time and have the capital required to get started selling on Amazon.

Who is Marketplace Superheroes for?

Marketplace superheroes are taught by millionaire mentors who make sales on Amazon daily and have built multiple 7-figure empires. Furthermore, they have positive ratings and testimonials among members. Can you relate to these?

  • If you have tried selling in the past on Amazon and have given up
  • If you want to sell outside the US. Most training courses are designed to help you sell in the US. With MPSH, you can trade in Canada, France, the United Kingdom, and more
  • If you are already an Amazon seller. You can sell more products and expand to more countries, leaving you plenty of money on net profit
  • If you want to diversify your income: One income stream is not enough. You can try and discover more possibilities to build another empire.
  • Suppose you want to spend more time with your family & kids. Working on a 9-5 is tiresome. You don’t get enough time to spend with your family, not to mention the low wages.
  • If you are a retired man/woman and have a fixed income: You can make the learning process enjoyable by learning, implementing then earning.
  • If you have an existing e-commerce website: You can still sell on Amazon on your existing website and capitalize on the traffic that you have built over time. Marketplace Superheroes Success stories

Check out More Success Stories Now

Who is Marketplace Superheroes not for?

Marketplace superheroes are not for everybody because selling on Amazon does not interest everybody. If this is not for you, there is no need to worry as I will give you other alternatives to make money online.

  • Suppose you are not willing to put in the work. This is not an automated system. You will need to be working a few hours a day until your business gets momentum.
  • Suppose you cannot afford at least $1,000. That may range up to $5,000 on inventory, depending on the type of product that you choose.
  • Suppose you cannot afford additional money for ads and tools. Most Amazon tools are not free. You will need them to be ahead of your competition. On top of that, you may need to automate your entire business at some point.

Marketplace Superheroes Pros vs. Cons

While the praises are more than the complaints, we’ll still review them to give you a better understanding of what to expect when you buy marketplace superheroes today.


  • It caters to people who want to sell outside the United States
  • Software suite included within the training
  • One-time payments(you get future updates for free)
  • Over-the-shoulder training from seven-figure Amazon sellers
  • Active and pay-it-forward community
  • 30-day no-questions-asked 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Training constantly updated
  • Plenty of student success stories and testimonials
  • Responsive and timely support system
  • Not excited about BS.


  • You will need some capital to invest
  • You can be overwhelmed with loads of information
  • it takes time to build up. It requires a solid foundation

Get  FREE Access Instantly(Valid for 7 days only)

An Inside Look into Marketplace Superheroes

marketplace Superheroes Review-Course Dashboard Are you hyped to see what’s inside the primary course material? Sit back and relax as I will show you all the modules and a sneak preview of each module. Marketplace Superheroes have 3-main training sections updated for 2022.

MPSH Ignite Phase 1 – Embark

Markett Place Superheroes Embark
Embark training

Mindset & Research for a 5, 6, or 7-figure international business on Amazon from absolute scratch.

  • Module 1
    • Section 1 – Interface
      • Amazon interface – getting familiar with Amazon Seller Central and the Amazon Platform in general
      • Types of products to avoid
      • How to filter the results of your product research
      • Navigating Amazon’s product categories
      • Finding the top 100 product ideas in your chosen markets
      • The reasons behind Marketplace Superheroes’ unique research methodology
    • Section 2 Researching
      • An intro to the principles that make up MPSH ROOTS Research System
      • Applying the MAP process to a potential product before moving to the supplier stage
      • Over-the-shoulder session so you can see the application of the MAP process on possible products
    • Section 3 Software Resources
      • Navigating the “Researcher” App in the Ecosystem
      • Building Block – an outline of the specific tasks required before moving on
      • Some more LIVE ROOTS Research
  • Module 2
    • Section 4 Suppliers
      • How to find suppliers, including the questions to ask and why
      • Making contact with a potential supplier
    • Section 5 Your Offer
      • Create your product point of difference in the market by finding “The Offer Defining Gap.”
      • All about putting together an excellent physical bonus
    • Section 6 Resources
      • How to use the “Communicator” software in the Ecosystem
      • Building Block to test your ability to move on to the next module
  • Module 3
    • Section 7 Profitability
      • Essential variables behind profitability
      • How to Prepare for Calculation Takeoff
      • Validating your product ideas
    • Section 8 Samples
      • Ordering and testing product samples
      • When to “pull the trigger” on a particular product and why – getting it ordered!
      • Watch another LIVE session on going through communicating with suppliers and ordering samples.
    • Section 9 Resources
      • Using the software – “Profit Calculator” in Ecosystem
      • More Building Blocks & to test your ability to move on to the next module

MPSH Ignite Phase 2 – Evolve

Marketplace Superheroes - Evolve
Evolve training Modules

Importing and logistics for a 5, 6, or 7-figure international business on Amazon from absolute scratch.

  • Module 4
    • Section 10 Your Business Entity
      • Creating a world-class entity
      • Significance of Limited Liability and Global Footprint
      • When and how to Establish business and Brand
    • Section 11 Banking
      • Banking as an integral part of business
      • How the overall banking picture looks
      • Forming a business entity
      • An intro to Payoneer
    • Section 12 Resources
      • Building Block to test your ability to move on to the next module
  • Module 5
    • Section 13 Placing the Order
      • What you’ll need to know to place your first order
      • Negotiating your first order
      • Functional Product Packaging and why it is important
    • Section 14 Packaging and Labeling
      • Labelling and barcoding requirements
      • Your product’s Master Carton
    • Section 15 Resources
      • How to use the” Purchase order” software in the Ecosystem
      • Building Block to test your ability to move on to the next module
  • Module 6
    • Section 16 Importing and Shipping
      • Importing and shipping your orders
      • Why you should use a hub – a location to first send goods to before forwarding to Amazon, save time and stress, particularly when it comes to customs clearance.
    • Section 17 PDP and Seller Central
      • PDP – Product Detail Page – How to create an outstanding listing
      • Seller Central Area
      • SuperHero Freight walkthrough
    • Section 18 Resources
      • Using “Listing Builder” and “SuperHero Freight” software in the Ecosystem
      • Building Block to review your knowledge about the training

MPSH Ignite Phase 3 – Expand

Marketplace Superhero Dave Shares his sory Business Expansion for a 5, 6, or 7-figure international business on Amazon from absolute scratch.

  • Module 7
    • Section 19
      • The Way to FBA
      • Business Launch Sequence
      • Simple Starter Pay Per Click Advertising
    • Section 20
      • Expansion into the UK & Europe
      • Expansion into North America & Australia
    • Section 21
      • After-Sale, Sales Data Reporting, PPC vs. Organic
      • Messaging and Notification Systems
      • Amazon House Keeping Duties
  • Module 8
    • Section 22
      • How and When to Replenish and Reorder
      • Economies of Scale
      • When to Add Products
    • Section 23
      • The Eyes and the Prize
      • $1k Per Day
      • A 7 Figure Empire

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Superhero Legal 2.0

Follow along with legal superhero Robert Wright and learn how to bulletproof your Amazon business in just a few hours.

M1 – Protecting Your Assets

Video 1 – Protecting Your Assets

The big picture we will be talking about today is protecting your asset.

M1 Video 2 – Sole Proprietorships

Let’s talk about the first entity you might form – SoleProprietorshipLet’ss go!

M1 Video 3 – Partnerships

Next, we break down everything you need to know about doing business as a partnership.

M1 Video 4 – Corporations

Hey Hero, Next on the list is Corporations. To form a corporation, you have to file articles.

M1 Video 5 – Limited Liability Companies

Welcome back, Hero. We’re getting close to the finish line as far as entities go.

M2 – Protecting Your Brand

Marketplace Superheroes Legal M2 Video 1 – Protecting Your Brand

Welcome to Module 2 of Superhero Legal 2.0. Module 2 is all about Bulletproofing your Brand Assets

M2 Video 2 – Copyright

Ok, Hero, we will dive headfirst into copyright the copyright realm,

M2 Video 3 – Trademark. Let’s shift our focus to our next type of intellectual property: trademarks…

M2 Video 4 – Patents

Our third bucket of intellectual property, if you will.

M3 – Safeguarding Your Sales

M3 Video 1 – Safe Guarding Your Sales

Glad to have you back in Module 3! Today in Module 3, we will talk about safeguarding your sales.

M3 Video 2 – What Do I Need To Get Brand Registered? Let’s talk about the benefits of a brand registry.

M3 Video 3 – When Should You Brand Register? Let’s now talk about another popular question: When should you register your Brand?

M3 Video 4 – What Should I Do If My Listing Is Hijacked?

In this video, we will be talking a little more about listing ownership.

M3 Video 5 – What Should I Do  if Accused’ I’m Of Infringement

This video explains what you need to do if someone accuses you of infringing on them.

M3 Video 6 – Are There Any Special Considerations Working With A Partner?

Ok Hero, This video answers the question – What kinds of special considerations do I need to think about while working with a new partner?

SuperHero Legal How-To Videos

Video 1 – Spitballed List and Types of Mark

This video shows you how to create a bulletproof eComm business!

Video 2 – Searching for Existing Marks

Step 2 of the process is searching terms.

Video 3 – How to Register a Mark

YouTube video player
SuperHero Legal Templates
  • Articles of Organization
  • Certificate of Authority
  • Commercial Purchase Order Contract
  • Commercial Purchase Order
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Copyright Cease and Desist Letter
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Counter-Notice Letter
  • Exclusive Reseller Agreement
  • Exclusive Stock Image License Agreement
  • Exclusive Supply Agreement
  • Lifestyle Product Photo Model Release Agreement
  • Logo Ownership Agreement
  • Minutes of meeting
  • Non-exclusive reseller agreement
  • Non-Exclusive Stock Image License Agreement
  • Non-Exclusive Supply Agreement
  • Operating Agreement (Manager Managed)
  • Operating Agreement (Multi-Member)
  • Operating Agreement (Single Member)
  • Optimized Listing Ownership Agreement
There is more to Superhero legal that I may not be able to cover in full in this review. MPSH will also train you to promote marketplace superheroes as an affiliate and an upsell to the Superhero Freight tool, which is $47/month. (You will get FREE 1-year membership as a member)

What is the Price of Marketplace SuperHeroes

Marketplace SuperHeroes v2 only costs $997. You may not afford $997, but payment options are available right now. (12x$97) You can get the training FREE for seven days to sweeten the deal. If that is not enough, I will share the alternatives to MPSH. Keep in mind that some may be completely business models but most relate to making money on the internet.

Marketplace Superheroes FAQ

What Marketplace Superheroes?

Market Place Superheroes Ignite(MPSH) is an online video training program (also in written PDF format) that shows you how to start and scale up an Amazon FBA business.

Is Marketplace Superheroes Legit or a Scam?

Marketplace Superheroes is not a scam. It is the most comprehensive Amazon private label course at this price point, evidenced by hundreds of testimonials and case studies. It includes an entire suite of software tools, and if you put in the work, essentially guarantees success.

How much do marketplace superheroes ignite cost?

The Marketplace Superheroes Ignite program costs $997, with a payment plan available. This includes lifetime access to the course, EcoSystem tools, and Facebook group.

What is Marketplace superhero freight?

Marketplace Superhero Freight is an all-inclusive package for members who are importing and exporting goods between countries to sell on Amazon.

Is Marketplace Superheroes a good course for beginners?

Yes. The marketplace is beginner-friendly for people with no prior experience. Advanced Amazon FBA sellers can also benefit and up their game

Are there Alternatives to Marketplace Superheroes v2?

Marketplace Superheroes’ price is the industry standard price for Amazon FBA courses.

What I don’t like about most courses is the unending upsells of other tools that are not essential in the initial stages.

Here are the best alternatives:

My Closing Thoughts on MarketPlace Superheroes

There are thousands of millionaires daily.

With Amazon buyers increasing daily, it’s time to tap into the industry.

If you don’t get the proper training tools and support, it will be extremely hard as a rock to profit from selling on Amazon.

If selling on Amazon is something that interests you, marketplace superheroes have all it takes considering the trainer is running multiple 7-figure empires.

Don’t Freak out though if you cannot afford the course, check the Free raining now or check out the Wealthy Affiliate and create a Free account.

What are your thoughts on this Marketplace Superheroes Ignite v2.0 Review 2024? Share in the discussion.

The 7-Steps to Become a successful Super Affiliate

FREE 6-Part Video Series

The Leave Your Soul-sucking 9-5 Blueprint

How To Quit Your 9-5 Job & Achieve Financial & Time FREEDOM

Market Place Superheroes
Marketplace Superheroes review Featured image

MPSH is one of the cheapest Amazon FBA courses with high ratings. Read my Marketplace Superheroes Ignite v2.0 Review 2024 to learn more.

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Course Provider Name: Superhero University

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