Is Traffic BlackBook the Way to Generate Targeted Traffic?

Traffic Blackbook 2.0 review 2015

Traffic BlackBook
Traffic Blackbook focuses majorly on paid advertising to generate traffic. It seems like an A-Z about paid advertising.
Traffic BlackBook
Written by: Tony Omary
Date Published: 02/05/2017
If you are not a fan of creating content like I do to attract traffic, this may be an alternative. Read my review more to see what is inside.
4 / 5 stars

Hey there, thank you for stopping by my Traffic Blackbook 2.0 review. Searching about a product before you buy is very wise of you. I know you might be thinking that it is a scam because most programs promise what they cannot deliver. Traffic Blackbook may also be the same as the ” Other scams out there”  Want to learn more? Keep reading the Traffic Blackbook review and see if it can help you make money through paid advertising.

Name: Traffic BlackbookTraffic Blackbook Pdf

Official Website:

Product Owner: Chad Hamzeh

Price: $997

Rating: 71 out of 100(Quality Product way too Expensive)

Category: Paid Advertising

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What is it?

It is a complete guide that has everything you need to know about paid advertising. There are a series of videos and PDFs that are there to guide you. PDF are useful as you may refer in future when you need specific information.

There are also tools that are mostly used for tracking how successful your campaigns are. One can easily create an irresistible offer to attract more customers using the guide.

Traffic Blackbook Summarized Review

Traffic Blackbook mainly focuses on paid advertising. From Facebook ads, Bing ads and Google ads. If you did not know, paid advertising is one of the fastest ways to get traffic to your site or income funnel. One can make millions through paid advertising if only they understand how it is supposed to happen. Traffic Blackbook can help you in that.

There are also other methods like:

  • Setting an Aweber list to make money.
  • Understand about traffic networks.
  • Buying media that can bring profits.
  • And much more…

Taking an Inside Look to Traffic Blackbook

The Owner does a brilliant job to get this job done. Unlike many other gurus who promise what they cannot deliver, Chad Hamzeh does this differently. He clearly tells you what to expect before you buy. You will exactly get what Chad promises in the sales page.

In addition, there are no upsells which most gurus scams and gurus use to rip you off and sweep your wallet. This is also a method that can be used to detect online scams. What Chad says may differ from marketer to marketer as he says that blogging is a waste of time. He is convinced that you better invest money than waste time with something that you are not sure of like organic traffic from search engines.

Who is Working with Chad Hamzeh?

Chad Hamzeh works with a community of experts who spend millions online to make sure that are on the top of the game as far as paid advertising is concerned. The experts used proven methods that work for them as well as other companies that they work for.

The experts have different skills related to paid advertising. Here are some of the examples:

  • Strategic Planning and Digging for Gold Expert with Mike Colella. Everything needs to be planned. Planning is what will decide if one will win a campaign or not. You need to do research on who your customers are and what they really want before running any campaign. Without knowing who your audience is, it is hard to target.
  • Killer ad Creatives and Lucrative Landing Pages Expert. Mike Colella reveals 4 little-known elements for a successful banner ad. Mike reveals the secret resources to banner creation and persuasion techniques. The techniques have been proven to work since they are seductive in nature and arouses the potential buyer.
  • Testing, Tracking and Optimization Master Mind with Nana- Gilbert Baffoe. Traffic BlackBook has a software to track how effective your campaigns are. After setting up the first campaign, you will see what has worked for you and change what you see is not working. You will be taught how to use the Tracking 202 software.( Linked with landing pages in a Way.)
  •  “R” for Retargeting with Julian Farley. Most people do not buy something somewhere on their first visit, that is why you may need to capture their emails and target them again severally. We call this owned traffic as you can send them to your site at any time.
  • Driving Massive Traffic- Bring out the Big Guns. This is done by the owner himself. This module focuses on getting traffic from authority sites that receive tons of traffic. Some examples are Facebook advertising and google advertising Network.

Traffic Blackbook Pros Vs Cons


  • One can make a lot of money by doing very little.
  •  It focuses on methods that are proven to work.
  • The videos are of high quality and easy to follow.
  • Saves time.
  • One of the fastest way to generate traffic and make money.
  • You can easily track your campaigns.
  • Awesome bonuses that are valuable.
  • The training is advanced and up to date.
  • The money back guarantee is awesome.
  • You can even access the training on a mobile device.
  • Chad demonstrates how to use affiliate product like Aweber without leaving any affiliate link.( He is not greedy) I do not mean being an affiliate marketer is greed.


  • The price is not so cheap.( You have to invest)
  • At times it can be hard to get instant support.
  • If you do not play your cards well, you may lose your money.
  • It is only for advanced marketers and quick learners.
  • You have to be consistent and a bit patient to get results.

Who is Traffic Blackbook 2.0 For?

For those who hate writing or blogging. As you can see here, Traffic BlackBook website is only 1 page. Chad only focuses on bringing traffic to that page. He does not blog so often like I do or maybe he does not even blog at all.

Do you have money to invest but lack the time to work for your business? Traffic Blackbook is for you. You only need to set up the first process then wait for the returns.

Traffic Blackbook is also for internet marketers who want to learn more about paid traffic. A website without traffic is like a train without an engine. Your website will be running slowly and slowly to the ground if you lack traffic.

Note: Traffic Blackbook is not for Newbies in the Internet Marketing Industry. You will be trying and fail at times. You, therefore, Need some basic skills in Internet marketing.

My Closing Thoughts

Traffic Blackbook is a great program for those who want to take paid advertising to the next level. Like any other business, nothing happens overnight.

In fact, Chad gives you six month for you to be in profits. You, therefore, need a budget of more than $300 to be into profits and get all the support from the experts.

                                                 Final Review

Amazon bootcampGet Traffic Blackbook 2.0 Here

Most people would want to start online with a budget of less than $50. If you want to get started online and start making money today, sign up for The #1 program that teaches how to make money with websites. Paid advertising is also covered in detail. You may need to invest some time or even money to see fulfilling results.

Traffic Blackbook at a Glance

Name: Traffic Blackbook

Official Website: Official site Here)

Product Owner: Chad Hamzeh

Price: $997

Rating: 91 71 out of 100(I updated the rating after the price increase)

Verdict: LEGIT, The Paid advertising Compass.

Thank you for Reading my Traffic Blackbook 2.0 review. You can now get the right direction towards paid advertising.

Do you have any experience or your own review of traffic black book? Feel free to share them and be as thorough as possible.

If you have any questions about the traffic BlackBook 2.0 encyclopedia feel free to ask them and I will respond timely. 🙂 

The Sky is the Limit,

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