• Wealthy affiliate remains to be our best program Chris. The Premium membership beats IMPho by far. However, IMpho is still better when we talk about budget. $27/ month is manageable as opposed to $49/month in wealthy affiliate.

    Wealthy affiliate has also a yearly membership which is the best option if you can manage. You pay only $359(which is $29/month) This would be my best option.

  • Never heard of this one before but it certainly displays a few factors I have come across before online. It’s a shame that lack of support raises it’s ugly head as support is the main reason people succeed online. I couldn’t help but notice that WA advert pop up you have – heard of them before but unsure how effective they are?

  • Melanie Townsend

    Hello! I had never heard of this program before. I am glad that they have a free membership. If I were to go for a paid membership the lifetime membership definitely sounds like it has the most value. You say it is not for newbies and I would still consider myself a newbie. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and can only afford to join one program at this time but I will keep this information in mind for the future. Thanks!

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