• I joined My Email Mentor in mid 2015. I received my weekly download and uploaded it to server.stablemailer as required.
    I watched the commission grow and when it was R300.00, I submitted the required tax forms as a non American citizen.I then emailed using the gmail address provided in the program and requested my first payment of $400. It was ignored. I then sent a second, a third, a fourth but ALL of them were returned as undeliverable.
    I could still download my file and upload it to stablemailer. I continued to do so. My commission grew to $1000 and I kept trying to contact them for my money. ALL mail keeps being returned.
    Come 2016, suddenly all commission figures are zero. There are no files to download and you cannot log on to server.stablemailer at all.
    No honest operator works like this. I am afraid that, regardless of how many people are allegedly paid, this man is a scam artist and server.stablemailer are in cahoots with him in the scam.
    Many people are irate about this and a number wish to get hold of this “millionaire” For his sake, I hope he either pays what he owes and bows out gracefully, or disappears before someone actually traces him. Some of the mails circulating indicate intense displeasure with his lack of business ethics.

    • Hi John, thank you for your feedback on my Email mentor.

      I would stay away from a place where there is completely no support. Emailing 4 times without response is not pretty cool.

      Sorry John for losing your money to a Scam artiste. I saw that he also used fake testimonials from fever sales page.

      No more Words to add John, you have the experience with my email mentor.


  • Hi,

    I joined MEM end of June. Finally end of August I reached the $400 but neither got I paid in Sep. or Oct. and I paid more than $200 for the AR so far 🙁
    But the most annoying thing is that they never replied to any of my emails I sent since Sep 18th!
    And I lost my reputation because my friend wasn’t paid or her emails answered.

    In 2 days I have to pay the AR again what I don’t want to. . . but not paying means for sure that I can wave good bye to $650 I ‘earned’ so far. . .

    I always give credit to people until they prove me wrong and I wanted it to work but now I lost all hope.

    Any suggestions???

    • Hi Ranete,

      Am sorry that you never got paid. My email mentor is very risky and not an online business that I will ever recommend to anyone. Imagine, Bobby B. is using others to send emails which you are not even aware of the content to the receipients.

      The best way you can do is to cancel your account since they are giving no support.
      Let me hear from you soon.

  • Hi Tony,

    I’ve joined the program two days ago and it seems promising. But what buggles me is that if the program really pays.. Since you mentioned that some of your close friends have received payments from MEM, would it be possible if they can show us screenshots of their payments? And if they had any issues receiving the money..


    • Hi Ivan,

      I already did that all. I have screenshots on this blog post from members who have already earned and cashed outt from the program. On the other side, we still have complains from other members who were not paid.

      Check out this blog clearly and you will see the screenshots from paid members.

  • big ripoff
    stopped a payment of $440

    burn in hell

    • What do you mean Dali? As you have seen, we have both side. You mean that you were to cash out $440 but it was not possible? They have reasons for that to. Refer to this blog to know why.

      • It is a big scam and RIP OFF….Please ALL STAY AWAY. There is no such thing as Bobby…. I dare this Bobby to proof who he is. What a Big Scam!

        • Hi Max,

          Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment about my Email Mentor. Expressing your thoughts and feelings shows how open minded you are. I believe one day the so called Bobby may come and proof who he really is.

          On the contrary, I had some of my close friends who were paid heavily by the program. If you are in fear or feel to be on a high risk, stop by The Open education project and start making money today!

          The Sky is the Limit,

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