Commissionology Review 2020: Can You Really be Forced To Make Money?

Are you tired of opening your affiliate accounts only to see A BIG FAT ZERO? Is this the only way for the little guy to Get rich online as Michael Cheney claims? Get all the details in my Commissionology Review Below.

Michael Cheney has seen great success in Affiliate marketing. He has taught how to make money through affiliate marketing and live the internet life people dream of. Continue reading the review to learn more about Commissionology.

He is also the creator of Commission Machine. Commissionology Review

Let’s Dive into the review.

Name: Commissionology

Owner: Michael Cheney

Price: $27/month + Upsells


Recommendation: If you are already a successful affiliate, you’ll learn how to make more out of your email list(Including proven profitable affiliate promos).

If you are a total newbie without a website or list, Check out my recommendation on how you can make money online.

Before we start. I have a brief confession!

I had never made a sale on Jvzoo for about a year until I bought recently one of his products.

100% commissions paid!

Who is Michael Cheney?

Michael Cheney is a product creator who has done affiliate marketing since 2000. He has created so many products including Commission Machine which is still on the market and pays 100% commissions.

Just like you, he was also discouraged by his family and friends telling him it cannot work because most think you are wasting your time staring at the computer.

He has generated millions of dollars Working less and lives the life that most of us dream of.

A Closer Look into Commissionology

Affiliate marketing is a profitable, solid business model, therefore, making it takes time.

At first, you may think that you are failing but you need to keep grinding when you think that things are not working for you as intended.

So many people are having success with Cheney products.

Commissionology Review Tagline

Opening your affiliate account only to see ZERO is frustrating!

Image Credit: Commission Machine

You want to quit Affiliate marketing.

It’s hurting you and your bank account!

Affiliate marketing works and his training and other “affiliate secret weapons” works too! Michael Cheney Support on Facebook

You make Nothing if nobody buys from you.

What is Commissionology?

Just to clear things up. Commissionology is not a course.

It’s a copy and pastes done for you affiliate promos responsible for generating millions online.

Simple. Copy. Paste. Profit.

Shhhh! Secret(Don’t disclose): It’s easier to get approved as an affiliate to promote products on Jvzoo when you buy from this website.

It claims that you can make money with:

  • No list
  • No website
  • No money for Ads

I’m still a believer that to make a sustainable income, you’ll need a website. But with Michael Cheney, Things are different.

He claims that it is going to be an easy copy, paste and profit formula. Interesting-eh?

Can your boss pay you just for copying and pasting

Michael will teach you how to get paid for copying and pasting.

What You Need to Make Money In Affiliate Marketing

Making money in Affiliate marketing is not such a hard thing.

To some people, making money online still remains a dream buried in the valleys.

It can still resurrect.

Imagine how many people search online when they want to buy something online.


If you help them find exactly what they want, they’ll buy from you. That is the power of affiliate marketing.

Help first, then profit.

For this to work, you’ll need this key ingredient

#1. Traffic

This is HUGE

Without traffic, your business is doomed. Free Webinar With Mark Ling #2.Products to Promote

Don’t promote anything.

Promote quality products and your visitors will ‘Thank you’

#3. Converting Copy

Michael has got you sorted here 100%

You are talking to people.

Try to associate with their problems and fears than solving them.

Cheney promises to give you all the 3.

Who is Commissionology By Michael Cheney For?

Don’t expect an A-Z training from a $27/month product.


Don’t. There are plenty of things that you can benefit from like traffic and much more.

If you have NEVER made money online, this may be for you.

If you are already making money but want to scale it and move to over $10,000/month then it is for you.(I fall here)

If you are a guru and want to increase your earnings like Kam Fatz. Cheney is going to give you his affiliate promotions responsible for making him over $6 Million.

NOTE: Cheney beats big Names like Mark Ling(Clickbank top Affiliate) in affiliate promos


If you like money, Buy it Now Here!

Just Kidding. 😛 

Do Not Buy Commissionology

I know.

You read that right.

I said do not buy Commissionology.

Do not buy commissionology if you are making more than $500/week. You are already kind of super affiliate.

Do not buy Commissionology if you are not serious about making money online through affiliate marketing.

Do not buy commmissionology if you don’t love or envy the lifestyle that internet entrepreneurs live.

Do not buy commissionology if you are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme.

Do not buy commissionology if you cannot follow simple instructions.

What About Commissionology Pricing?

Commissionology has two Upsells and a $27/month introductory price.
Commissionology Review-Pricing
The Big Commissions Bonus Bank includes some of the most lucrative bonuses that Cheney has used in his promotions. This is used to make people buy from you instead of the competitor.

The Upsells are optional so you are not forced to buy them. I don’t think they are worth the price. Imagine paying $47 to just get emails to copy and paste.

Michael Cheney has made millions through affiliate marketing but you need a website or a list to make it easy to drive traffic and finally making sales.

UPSELL 2: 7 Figure Franchise

Optional high ticket Upsell.

Costs $997 and $1997. As an affiliate, you’ll get a cut $550 and $1,000 respectively.

Commissionology Review
7- Figure Franchise works

You MUST purchase in order to promote as an affiliate. This is great as it reduces competition.

My Closing Thoughts on Commissionology

I have learned a  lot about email marketing from Stuart Walker(NicheHacks) who is a student of Michael Cheney which means his training actually works!

Also, I have bought some of his products which led me to make my first sale on Jvzoo.

If you are totally a newbie, Commissionology is not a product to purchase but if you already have a website and get some sort of traffic, you can buy Commissionology to get more out of your website. 

Ask every internet marketer. It is not as easy to drive traffic. You will need a list to send offers and create a fan base.

You can get a step-by-step training here on how to choose a profitable niche, build a website, attract traffic and profit from it. That is it and thanks for reading my Commissionology Review.

What was your experience with commissionology or any of his products? Please share with us in the comments thread below.

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  • Harjit says:

    Thanks for this very thorough review. Commisionology looks like a great product and something to look into. I have a website up and running so I think this would be of benefit to me. The only thing I am not keen on is the upwelling afterwards.

    Overall I think from reading your review it looks like something I would purchase.

    • Tony Omary says:

      You are right Harjit,

      To be blunt, it’s hard to make a dime if you neither have a list or website.

      For a person like you who have a website already, you can take your affiliate career to the next level when you buy!

  • Anna Kat Napier says:

    Tony, this is very compelling! I’ll have to look into it for sure. Thank you for sharing all of this very detailed information! One note: your pics never loaded even after I read the entire article. I just saw a bunch of blank spots so I thought you’d want to know 🙂

    • Tony Omary says:

      You can check it later and take advantage of promo emails responsible for making thousands online.

      I am working on fixing the image problem. Check back soon.

  • Israel says:

    Hey Tony!

    This sounds quite good. So they give you affiliate promotions for you to copy paste them and make money from that? If it’s that easy, sounds awesome.

    Is there a free trial or you have to put the first month fee up front?

    And is it just affiliate marketing, or is there any other MLM side scheme where you get money from your referrals?

    Thanks for the review on this one, I didn’t really know this program.

    • Tony Omary says:

      This is brilliant Israel. Can any boss pay you just for copy pasting?

      There are no trials because you get the Same email promos instantly that Cheney has been using to cash thousand online.

  • Elbert Yaw says:

    Hi Tony,

    As a newbie, i cannot judge the effectiveness of your blog because I am dogged about staying the course and following my lessons through Wealthy Affiliates . I just do not believe that I should be sidetracked into another product or program (even if supportive) while trying to learn from Lessons by Kyle and Carson. So, my opinions are only from what I see…

    Your site has personality showing even thou it is similar to dozens I have seen on the subject of internet marketing. Personally, I did not pick up on the appeal of your promotion of this expert marketeer because I have seen plenty like it, and it was a front end sale that I have performed before without obtaining the benefit stated. 

    With Wealthy Affiliates , I was given an option to start learning, see the course content, and work with the system before I had to pay one dime… The course produced and I joined as premium member , and that is where I am at today.

    Don’t know whether the above review makes sense to you, but I hope you see that you have a hard sell to this Newbie a front end purchase… However, you got my attention, and I will keep it in mind for study later on when I feel your promotion can help my progress.

    Best Wishes for your continued success,


    • Tony Omary says:

      Glad that you are enjoying the training over wealthy affiliate.

      I mentioned clearly that Commissionology is for experienced Internet marketers who want to increase their affiliate profits and move their affiliate career to the next level.

      Since you are already a Premium member of the Wealthy Affiliates, you can buy commissionology at a later day

  • Andre says:

    Well this is very interesting. I will have to do some digging to see if this is really legit. I must say that it sounds great. Almost too good to be true. However it it turns out to be all that you say it is. I just may buy it. Thanks for all the info. Very nice article.

    • Tony Omary says:

      No Need for digging. I did that for you!

      You may consider Buying it to multiply your income.

      Since you are an experienced marketer with a website already in place, it’s a perfect fit for you.

  • Mikael says:

    Interesting, but not sure I quite yet get what I would get out of a membership at Commissionology? I understand that it is mostly copy and paste and that I can learn a lot about email marketing, but in what way? In general I have not yet seen a program that offers copy and paste methods that really works, so very curious about how this works.

    Is there a free trial or another way to test it before buying?


    • Tony Omary says:

      Hi Mikael,

      No Trials here. Either buy or leave!

      No wonder most affiliates continue to struggle to make commissions because they are ignorant to information. Moreso “others” just bash almost all programs to get someone into their program.

      It’s because you get access to the entire email copies responsible for making thousand online.

  • Andrew says:

    Hi there. I just wanted to drop you a quick comment to say thank you for the Commissionology review but was wondering if you could answer a couple of questions that I have.

    I was first of all wondering how you made that commission? It would be great if you could explain the process that you took to make this money. Also I was wondering if Commissionology was all you needed to start making money like this? Do you really need to buy the additional updells in order to start earning?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Tony Omary says:

      Hey Andrew,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      I made it using the simple traffic strategies that Michael shares.

      The upsell are optiinal but Worth it because you get 100% commission on all his products.

      The 7-figure Franshise is also a steal because you get $1,000 commission deposited directly into your paypal account.

  • Tran Nguyen says:

    There are three things i don’t like about Jvzoo’s products.First is the difference between the impressive look on the salespage and the product in reality.Second is that after we buy a product,we need to cancel all upsell in order to get the product and they are all autoplay video.Last is the Jvzoo affiliate review site,it seems like they just copy paste the salespage and then offer some cheap PLR bonuses,i rarely see real Jvzoo’s reviews.I think only 50% of Jvzoo’s products are really high quality.

    • Tony Omary says:

      Hey Tran,

      I totally agree with you about Jvzoo products.


      Michael Cheney know his things since he has been making money since 2000. That’s why my “Who is the product for” 0n my site is very important.

      For instance, Commissionolgy if for people who already have some sort of traffic and not complete newbies.

      The issue of upsells work and it’s very profitable. That’s why review sites like mine are there to make the buyers aware.

      The issue of copypasting is true and giving PLR bonuses.

      I Only offer bonuses that will help the users achieve result efficiently and within the shortest time possible. In addition, I either show them the members area of a Receipt to confirm that I’m a real user/reviewer.

      Thanks for stopping by and happy holidays!

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