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Welcome to My Amazon FBA Zon Ninja MasterClass Review which is a course by Kevin David.

Kevin David Claims that his course is the only Amazon FBA training you will ever need.

Are all the claims true or just made up to make you buy?

Stick with me Elites because I will uncover everything you need to know about this Amazon FBA course to help you decide whether to buy or not!

What you will learn?

  • Who the Heck is Kevin David?
  • Is Selling on Amazon Saturated?
  • How Kevin David Quite a job on Facebook to build his dream life
  • How to get a preview of this course for Free
  • How much do you need to start an amazon FBA business(you will be surprised)
  • How to get Organic FREE traffic using 3 simple tricks
  • …and More

Let’s Jump to the main content…​

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Who is Kevin David

Amazon FBA Masterclass Review
Kevin David

In a Very Short Time, Kevin David has built a following of hundreds of thousands of inspired Entrepreneurs!

He quickly became a 7+ Figure eCommerce Seller utilizing the power of Amazon FBA, Shopify, and Facebook Ads!

After Mastering the Process, he began pursuing his PASSION.

His Training has helped thousands of like-minded individuals to leave their 9-5 Jobs Behind and Free them from Corporate Slavery!

His pieces of training continue to create Success Stories all over the world for Thousands of his Students.

Will you be next?

Apart from That Kevin David has also been featured on your favorite news websites like Forbes, Enterepreneur Magazine, Inc, The Huffington Post, and The Profit just to mention a few.

What is The Amazon FBA Zon Ninja MasterClass By Kevin David?

The Amazon FBA Master Class is an 8-module course that teaches you step-by-step how to build a profitable Amazon Business using the FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) Model. Kevin David learned from the best and brightest Amazon sellers’ data-driven methods and strategies to dominate Amazon FBA using some specific product research techniques that he shared in the course.

Amazon FBA by Kevin David has 3 unique components not seen anywhere.

  • How to find and purchase a product that generates tens of thousands of dollars every month
  • Never shared before PPC methods that lower your cost of advertising which increases the profit margin
  • How to use FREE traffic and rank your products organically while still being compliant

The Training shows you how to outsmart your competition and dominate the market while improving your ranking, ratings, and sales without spending more.

Amazon FBA Zon Ninja MasterClass Pros Vs Cons


  • The price is Affordable(You’ll get an additional discount if you buy on this page)
  • Easy-to-follow video training
  • Kevin David is an Amazon Seller
  • Teaches you how to smart your competition
  • It shows you how to minimize your ad spend
  • Work all over the World
  • The Private FB group is super supportive
  • Training is constantly updated with the latest strategies
  • Additional YouTube videos along the journey
  • Kevin David is Super active on social media to support you


  • You need money for advertising
  • You need around $3,000 to get started successfully(Let no other Guru cheat you)
  • You require persistence. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme

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An Inside Look Into Amazon FBA Zon Ninja Masterclass

Amazon FBA Master Class continues to receive the highest ratings amongst the students.

With so many business models like affiliate Marketing, Investing in stocks, or starting a Social Media Marketing Agency, one is left confused about which model they should focus on.

Well, Kevin has done a great job showing you how to profit on Amazon.

Was your last purchase done on Amazon? That means that somebody like you and me getting paid.

The best part?

All the buyers are warmed up meaning a high possibility of buying. When you visit Amazon, you probably want to buy something. Right?

Below are the 8 Modules(and some Bonus 3 Modules)

Module 1: Product Research

Divided into 3 Main chapters.

You will learn how to conduct effective product research and find high-trafficked products to help you determine the products that you will sell on Amazon for Maximum profit. Use the data available and the proven products. No more guesswork.

Part 1

  • How To Set Up Your Seller Central Account The Right Way
  • Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Your Seller Account Name And Setting Up Your Account
  • Should You Borrow Money Too Quickly Expand Or Fund Your Product Launch
  • Examples Of Perfect Fba Products With Explanations!
  • How To See If A Product Has A Trademark Or Patent!
  • Itrack 999 Cart Method And Why You Need To Be Using It
  • ***Product Research Resources

Part 2:

  • Amazon Fba – Three Simple Fool Proof Methods To Find A Homerun Product To Sell On Amazon
  • How These Weird Product Research Methods Found Me 3 Homerun Products 
  • How One Simple Trick On Junglescout Found Me Three Products Doing 15k Per Month Each!
  • Entire Process Showing How My First Fba Product Earned 11k-month 3 Hacks To Guarantee Your First Product Is A Home-run
  • How Going Against The Grain – How Doing The Opposite Of The Norm Made Me Thousands!
  • How To Find 5 Products In 5 Minutes By Searching Other Successful Seller’s Product Portfolios!
  • How To Use Amazon’s Fba Product Profitability Experts Against Them
  • How To Use Camelcamelcamel, Google Trends, And Google Keyword Planner To Find Homerun Products
  • How To Use Best Seller Sub Category Lists To Identify Home Run Products!
  • How To Find The Best Products To Bundle With Your First Private Label Product
  • How To Determine The Best Number Of Products To Sell – If You Plan To Sell More Than 1 Of A Product As A Pack
  • How to Research Products To Sell In International Markets!
  • How To Use Amazon Launchpad To Find Innovative Trending Startup Products To Sell

Part 3

  • Mistakes To Avoid When Originally Setting Your Product Price
  • How To Survey Real Amazon Customers To Answer Questions About Your Product!
  • Amazon Fba Fulfillment Fees + Storage Fees + Longterm Storage Fees – What You Need To Know

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Module 2: Supplies and Shipping

Divided into 3 chunks.

Learn how to get trusted suppliers directly from China and Alibaba and other wholesalers to get maximum profit after your orders.

Don’t lose money working with suppliers or get turned down when you want to order products.

Part 1

  • Manufacturer Template – How To Get Any Manufacturer To Respond Quickly And With Their Best Prices
  • How Many Units Should I Buy On My First Order?
  • Upc + Fnsku Explained!
  • How To Pay Your Supplier And Protect Yourself And Your Money!
  • ***Shipping + Supplier Resources!

Part 2

  • Manufacturer Template – How To Get Any Manufacturer To Respond Quickly And With Their Best Prices
  • How Many Units Should I Buy On My First Order?
  • Upc + Fnsku Explained!
  • How To Pay Your Supplier And Protect Yourself And Your Money!
  • ***Shipping + Supplier Resources!

Part 3

  • How To Get Your Products Inspected The Right Way

Module 3: Listing Optimization and Ranking

You have already found your suppliers and how they can ship your products to a warehouse, get inspected, and later shipped to your customers.

It’s time to list them to the public.

In this module, you will learn how to rank organically and get Free traffic both from Google and Amazon.

In addition, you will also learn how to pay less in your PPC campaigns to ensure that you make the most of the profit.

Part 1

  • Is Brand Registry And Registering A Trademark Right For Your Business?
  • Mistakes To Avoid When Originally Setting Your Product Price
  • How To Control Your Canonical Url
  • How I Hack My Amazon Images To Significantly Increase My Ctr And Ranking
  • How To Stop Your Competitors From Spying On Your Sales Numbers
  • How To Find Any Competitor’s Exact Backend Keywords
  • *** Listing Optimization Resources

Part 2

  • How Kevin David Increased his Organic Sales 197% By Indexing All Related Keywords To My Product
  • How To Build Organic Keyword Rank Quickly And Effectively
  • How One Trick Shows You Every Word You Currently Index For
  • How To 10x Your Listing Conversions Using Hypnotic Copy In Your Product Bullets
  • How To Make Amazing Videos That Appear On Your Amazon Listing
  • Mistakes To Avoid With Enhanced Brand Content
  • How To Use Your Competitor’s Titles To Index For Maximum Long Tail Kw Phrases!
  • Creating A Listing From Scratch With a Fully Optimized Title, Bullet Points, And Backend Keywords!

Part 3

  • Hijackers On Your Amazon Listing – The Way To Remove Them Fast
  • What To Do If You’re About To Stock Out

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Module 4: Product Launch Strategy

In this module, you will discover how to explode your sales with simple tweaks that your competition isn’t using.

You will learn how to earn more, spend less, and instantly explode your sales

Part 1

  • how To Find The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Your Product
  • How To Create A Profitable Video Ad For Your Amazon Product
  • Do Not Make This Mistake When Running Giveaways!
  • *** Product Launch Resources!

Part 2

  • How To Properly Price Your Product For Maximum Sales
  • How To Advertise Directly On The #1 Top 100 Best Sellers In Your Niche
  • How To Collect Amazon Customer’s Emails And Differentiate Your Product By Digitally Bundling With An Ebook
  • How To Collect Customer Emails For Future Launches And Skyrocket Your Sales
  • The Service I Use To Launch My Products With Huge Momentum
  • How To Use Lightning Deals To Catapult Your Product Launch
  • How To Get Huge Traffic And Sales Through The Worlds Largest Affiliate Website For Your Amazon Product

Module 5: Email Follow-Up and Reviews

Like any business, you need an email list.

Even a website like this one builds a list to build a relationship with its audience.

Email is great in that follows up with those who didn’t make a purchase and also gets those who purchased back to purchase more.

On the other hand, reviews show that you are a trusted brand. Positive reviews= More $$.

Part 1:

  • Terms Of Service Explained Related To Discounts + Promotions And Reviews
  • How To Get 63% More Reviews For 9 Dollars A Month
  • How To Use Facebook Review Groups The Right Way To Get Reviews!
  • *** Email And Review Resources!

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Part 2

  • How One Hack Got Me Over 100 Reviews In A Week
  • How To Give The Illusion Of Each Follow-Up Email Being Personal To Greatly Increase Your Reviews
  • Create Subtle Illusion Emails Are From Amazon And Your Customer Is Required To Respond
  • How To Use Short Concise Emails To Illicit A Higher Response Rate
  • How To Use Ellipses In Your Email To Hook Readers Until The End
  • How To Use Emojis To Double Your Open Rate!
  • How To Get More Positive Reviews And Less Negative!

Module 6: Amazon PPC

Did you know that Amazon has an advertising network just like Facebook and Google?

When you advertise on Amazon, your products will be seen by many people on related products. The best part is that you will only pay after someone clicks on your listing.

Part 1

  • PPC Cheatsheet Explained in In-depth
  • How To Find Keywords That Convert For Your Product!
  • How To Find Hundreds Of New Exact Customer Search Term Keywords In 5 Minutes
  • How To Use Ams Headline Ads Autofill Textbox To Populate Homerun Ppc Campaigns!
  • The One Trick That Changed Amazon Ppc Forever – Low Bid Broad Match Discovery Campaign!
  • How To Find Common Misspellings And Make Exact Match Ppc Campaigns For Extra Low-Cost Sales!
  • How To Use Headline Ads And Landing Pages With Ams To Get Paid To Advertise Your Products
  • How To Automatically Set Your Ppc Bids 1 Cent Higher Than Your Competitors
  • How One PPC Report And Bid+ Tripled My Conversions!
  • How To See Which Keywords You Are Ranking For And Hack Your Ppc Campaigns
  • How To Optimize A Large Number Of Ppc Campaigns In 5 Minutes

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Module 7: Facebook Marketing

In this module, you will learn how to create your audience both on Facebook and Instagram and create a more targeted audience to increase your sales.

Part 1

  • Instagram Influencer Marketing 
  • How To Advertise And Build Highly Targeted Facebook Groups Related To Your Business Fast And Cheap
  • How To Make A Custom Facebook Ad Audience For Your Amazon Product Niche Based On Your Actual Amazon Customers!
  • ***Facebook Marketing Resources!

Part 2

  • How To Target Facebook Users Who Are Most Likely To Buy Your Amazon Products
  • How To Sell Any Amazon Product On Facebook Through Expert Targeting!
  • How To Use Facebook Advertising To Drive Traffic Directly To An Amazon Product Page The Right Way!
  • How To Use Clickfunnels To Explode Amazon Sales And Collect Customer Emails!

Part 3

  • Marketing Resources 
  • Lessons From Scaling To $1,551,816.56 In Sales Per Month!
  • How To Add An Autoresponder That Links To Your Website Automatically!

Here are some success stories before you move to the last moduleAmazon FBA NInja MasterClass Review

Module 8: Millionaire Seller Hacks

My Favourite module.

To achieve this, you will need attention which Kevin David teaches you how to get.

Part 1: Seller Central Hacks

  • How To Ensure Your Account Doesn’t Get Taken Over By Hackers
  • Better Support Staff + Free Headline Ads + Pro Amazon Inserts + Twitter Boost
  • Find Any Reviewers Profile (Even When They Use A Fake Name)
  • How To Remove Negative Seller Feedback!
  • *** Millionaire Seller Hacks Resources!

Part 2: Amazon Ninja Hacks

  • How To Open Multiple Amazon Accounts The Right Way To Mitigate Risk Of Suspension
  • How To Cross-list All Your Amazon Listings On eBay In 5 Minutes!
  • How To Get $1000’s Of Dollars You Didn’t Know Amazon Owes You In 5 Minutes
  • How To Get Ungated In Beauty And Grocery
  • How To Make Your Products Appear In The Frequently Bought Together Section
  • How To Outsource Your Amazon Customer Service The Right Way
  • Super Url Amazon Update Time Stamp 
  • The #1 Way I Use VAs To Power My Amazon Business
  • How To Link Your Sellername To Your Ams Brand Page!
  • How To Be Featured In Popular Blogger Gift Guides For Top Ten Holiday Ideas And More

Part 3: How to Beat Amazon Suspension Hack

  • Three Secrets To Getting Your Account Back After Suspension
  • What To Do If You Get Suspended Included Example Plan Of Action That Worked!

More Bonus Modules…

Bonus Module 1

  • How to Identify niches that will make you thousands in sales
  • How to Explore your Amazon Busines With Software
  • How to Sell on Amazon Without a USA bank account
  • How to Earn $10/month on Merch on Amazon
  • Selling in the UK market

Bonus Module 2

  • 2 Student Ninja Q and A with Kevin David
  • Student Voted Question of the Week
  • Product research Collab

There are more modules updated from time to time.

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Who is Amazon FBA Ninja MasterClass For?

Amazon FBA Ninja MasterClass is for complete Newbies who have never sold on Amazon and want to get everything right straight from day 1 without having to waste time or money.

Have you tried selling on Amazon with no success? This may be the last Amazon FBA Course you will ever need. The process is actionable meaning, you can learn and apply everything right now.

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Is There Support?

The Amazon Ninja Facebook group of Amazon Superstars is super active and with over 108,000 members from all over the world.

You will also get support from Kevin David Himself.

In addition, Kevin is very active on YouTube and Instagram

Are there alternative Courses to Amazon FBA masterclass by Kevin David?

While there are so many courses teaching Amazon FBA, I have only Selected the Best two which are both worth checking out.

Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass at a Glance

Name: Amazon Ninja Masterclass

Owner: Kevin David

Pricing: $997


Rating: 95 out of 100

Category: Amazon FBA

My Final Closing Thoughts

There are thousands of people making purchases online. This number continues to skyrocket every day making Jeff Bezos the richest man on the planet.

With its search engine of ready buyers, you can take a slice of the pie in this billion-dollar industry.

While some people are selling on Amazon, you can lose a lot of money if you don’t know what you are doing. Don’t risk before learning how everything works on Amazon.

Register for the FREE Masterclass with Kevin David now

Thanks for Taking Your Time to read my Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass Review 2023. If you have any questions, reviews, complaints or compliments share them in the comments section below.

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