Amazon BootCamp v4.0 Review 2021: Amazon FBA Business Simplified!

Want to sell on Amazon? Forget about the painful process of dealing with shipping products for your customers. Amazon can do that for you using their FBA program. Continue reading my Amazon Boot camp V4.0 Review and see if it will save you the pain with the help of The Selling Family.

Amazon Bootcamp V4.0 Review
Amazon Bootcamp Amazon FBA course


Name                 : Amazon BootCamp V4.0

Owner                : Jessica Larrew( The Selling Family)

Price Tag          : $495 one time or 3 x $195

Official Website :

Category: Fulfillment by Amazon

Rank                   : 93 out of 100

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What IS Amazon Boot Camp v4.0

Amazon Bootcamp by the Selling Family is a complete guide to show one how to sell on Amazon. The training is based on a series of video courses that show one how to make money online by having An Amazon FBA business. It will be your step-by-step manual to finally make money selling on Amazon.

A Brief Introduction of Amazon Boot Camp and Larrew

Jessica the founder of the Selling Family

Jessica is the person behind the Amazon Boot Camp. She was before an e-bay seller before thinking of creating The Selling Family. She never had any breakthrough so she had to continue with her day job which could not sustain all her needs and that of her family.

Jessica knew that she could always do something better. When she gave birth, things became even worse. She had to drop her son Aidan every day before attending her day job and pick him afterward. She felt that there was a way to replace her income and make her stay at home with her son. (This was a mission)

It is always a brilliant idea to do what you love. Right? Jessica had something she loved too. Guess what is it…


She started on e-bay but still, this could not make her stay at home with Aiden. The process was complicated due to shipping and the likes. She continued with this only to realize that there was a cheaper way. ” Could there be a cheaper ways Tony?” You may ask.

She Discovered FBA ( Fulfillment by Amazon) and everything changed afterward. Since 2011, Jessica, Cliff(her husband) and her family are have been making SIX FIGURES selling on Amazon using the FBA program working less than 20 hours a week.

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What to Expect When You Buy Amazon Bootcamp Today!

  • Instant and Lifetime access to the Amazon Bootcamp Course. No Upsells
  • High-quality videos to help you work from anywhere
  • Printables and checklist to track your progress
  • Exclusive Membership

Below is the Modules Breakdown of Amazon Bootcamp V4.0

Amazon Bootcamp Modules Breakdown

What's Inside Amazon Bootcamp V4.0?

Over the past years, a lot has changed when it comes to selling on Amazon. The course is always updated to keep up with the latest Amazon seller updates to keep you in business.

Below are the Main Modules inside Amazon Bootcamp:

Module 1: Amazon Business Basics

Amazon Bootcamp Review - Module 1
Woman running small business from home, looking at documents

In Module 1, you will lay a strong foundation for your new Amazon business.  We'll cover the different ways that you can sell on Amazon, how you can get inventory to sell, setting your business up legally, making sure your keeping track of your money correctly, and even how to treat this as an actual business rather than just a hobby.

Here is a breakdown of the chapters.

  • Benefits Of Selling On Amazon
  • Knowing The Amazon Lingo
  • The 4 Main Amazon Business Models
  • The Two Ways You Can Sell On Amazon (FBA & MF)
  • Treating Amazon Like A Business
  • What Type Of Business Entity Do You Need
  • Tracking & Separating Your Business Funds
  • Tracking Business Mileage

How To Sell On Amazon – A Beginners Guide For Getting Started With FBA

Module 2. Amazon Seller Account Setup

Module 2, is a walk through the entire process of setting up your Amazon Seller Account, select the right type of account for your new business, choose the right seller name, and you how the entire Seller Dashboard works!

  • Amazon Seller Account Type (Professional Vs. Individual)
  • Choosing a Seller Name
  • Setting Up Amazon Seller Account
  • Seller Central Dashboard
  • Amazon Fees

Module 3: Scanning Apps & Other Supplies

Module 3, is about the tools that make an Amazon business run like a well-oiled machine!  Discover exactly how to set up your scanning app so that you can find profitable products in stores and you'll get a list of the must-have supplied so you can get your first shipments out the door ASAP without waiting for boxes or tape

  • Installing & Setting up The Amazon Seller App
  • Alternative Ways of Scanning
  • Installing & Setting Up the Scoutify 2 App
  • Basic Supplies Needed

The Best Amazon Scanning Apps Explained

Module 4-5 : Amazon Categories, Ranks & The Buy Box

Modules 4 & 5, is digging deep into the information Amazon gives us that helps us determine if a product is able to be sold by us, how well it's selling for and how we can get the product in front of eager buyers.

Module 6: Evaluating If A Product Is Worth Selling

Module 6, is a walk-through of the entire process of determining if a product is worth purchasing to resell or not.  We'll take a look at not only it's profitability, but how many you should purchase and looking at the product's history to determine how good of a seller it really is!

Module 7: Retail Arbitrage Sourcing

In Module 7, you are getting to the meat of how to find profitable products in regular retail stores like Big Lots and Target. Get the strategies for navigating multiple different store types and even get a behind the scenes look at some of the real-life sourcing trips!

  • How Does Retail Arbitrage Work?
  • Why Does Retail Arbitrage Work?
  • How to Source Clearance
  • How to Source Thrift Stores
  • How to Source Discount Stores
  • How To Source Liquidation Stores
  • How To Source Regular Priced Retail Items
  • Live Sourcing Video – Discount Store – Grocery Outlet
  • Live Sourcing Video – Clearance
  • Live Sourcing Video – Regular Priced
  • Analyzing Products Using the Amazon Seller App

Retail Arbitrage 101 – The Ultimate Guide for Buying Retail and Reselling on Amazon

Module 8: Online Arbitrage Sourcing

In Module 8, it's all about finding profitable products online.  If you are not a fan of going store to store, then this is your bread and butter.  You'll learn what tools we use to quickly analyze and decide on products from online stores.  I'll share strategies you can use to make this business model almost completely hands-off.  I still wouldn't call it 'passive income' but it's pretty darn close!

  • How Does Retail Arbitrage Work?
  • Why Does Retail Arbitrage Work?
  • How to Source Clearance
  • How to Source Thrift Stores
  • How to Source Discount Stores
  • How To Source Liquidation Stores
  • How To Source Regular Priced Retail Items
  • Live Sourcing Video – Discount Store – Grocery Outlet
  • Live Sourcing Video – Clearance
  • Live Sourcing Video – Regular Priced
  • Analyzing Products Using the Amazon Seller App Amazon Bootcamp Review - Testimonial

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    The Top 5 Ways We Source Inventory For Amazon FBA

Module 9-10: Pricing & Listing Your Products on Amazon

In Modules 9 & 10, you start getting your products actually listed on the Amazon platform.  Get a walk through the entire process step-by-step.  Uncover multiple ways you can get the products on Amazon.  Most importantly, learn how to strategically price your products so that they will sell quickly and for the highest possible profit.


  • Pricing When There Are Other FBA Sellers
  • Pricing When There Are No FBA Sellers
  • Pricing Against Amazon
  • Pricing When There Are No Sellers
  • Dealing with Price Drops
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Rankings and Best Seller Rank:

  • Amazon Best Seller Rankings
  • Items That Have No Rank
  • The Buy Box
  • Suppressed Buy Box
  • Using The Buy Box When Sourcing
  • Best Categories for New Sellers
  • Restricted Categories & Brands – How to Know if You’re Restricted
  • Restricted Categories & Brands – How to Get Approval

How Much Does It Cost To Start An Amazon FBA Business?

Module 11-13: Prepping - Packing - Shipping

Amazon Bootcamp Review - Shipping and supplying
moving boxes on Amazon

In Modules 11, 12 & 13 it's all about getting those profitable products out of your house and into an Amazon FBA warehouse. Learn exactly how to safely package your products, no matter the type.  You'll be able to send your items off confidently and keep track of them until they are live on the Amazon site for purchase


  • Prepping Your Products (Before Creating Your Shipment)
  • Creating a Shipping Plan
  • Using a Thermal (Dymo) Printer
  • Printing An Item List For Your Shipment
  • Packing Your FBA Shipments
  • Finalizing Your Shipment
  • What Happens After You Ship Your Items


  • When To Send A Shipment
  • Inbound Shipping Settings
  • Inventory Placement Settings
  • FBA Product Barcode Settings
  • Using A Custom Seller SKU
  • FedEx vs. UPS
  • ROI and Profit Goals
  • Calculating Your Total Cost
  • Determining How Many to Purchase
  • Expiration Dates
  • Hazardous Items
  • Meltable
  • The Products' Packaging
  • Is Amazon a Seller?
  • No Item Found
  • Evaluating a Product With No Sellers
  • How to Use Keepa


  • Packaging Products for FBA
  • How to Label Amazon Products
  • Packing Cloth or Open Items
  • Expiration Date Labels
  • Packing Multipacks / Bundles
  • Packing Fragile Items
  • Prepping Liquid Items
  • Prepping Loose Items
  • How to Apply Box Labels

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Module 14: Managing Your Amazon Account

In Module 14, you'll discover how to handle all of the behind the scenes operations of selling on Amazon.  This is where you can keep track of all of your sold items, reply to customer messages, communicate with seller support and so much more!  

  • How To See Your Sold Items From Seller Central
  • Seeing Your Sold Items From The Amazon Seller App
  • Repricing Inventory
  • Buyer Emails
  • Stranded Inventory
  • Inventory Removal
  • Contacting Seller Support
  • Customer Returns

The 5 Most Popular Ways To Start (or Grow) An Amazon Business

Amazon Boot Camp V4.0 Pros Vs Cons


  • Quality training.
  • Covered with 60-day money back Guarantee
  • The active community of fellow Amazon Sellers
  • Frequently asked questions which give light newbies.
  • Available Scanning App for FBA business and how to use it.
  • Guide on where to find products for good prices.
  • Timely support within the group.
  • Awesome bonuses.
  • There are some Free training modules before you buy.
  • The price can be broken into 3 payments.
  • For only $495, you get lifetime access.



  • Support is on Facebook(Free Platform)
  • There is no way to ask questions after the training. (Ask  them on the Facebook group.)
  • Finding specific information can be difficult since it is a video-only training.
  • The price tag is expensive for some people.
  • With Amazon, you must invest upfront. So, prepare your wallet!

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 Who is Amazon Boot Camp V4.0 For?

As I mentioned during the introduction, Jessica is a former Amazon seller. Amazon Boot Camp V4.0 is For those who want to shift from E-bay to Amazon due to shipping expenses.

It is also for those who want to make money online by selling on Amazon. Most people have tried it and failed due to lack of training or resources.

What to Expect From Amazon Boot Camp V4.0

There are also other resources that you will get...

  • Tools of the trade.
  • Bonus Modules.
  • Laying the foundation.
  • Sourcing for products in person.

Amazon Boot Camp V4.0 2020 Video Review

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Amazon BootCamp V4.0 Pricing

Amazon Bootcamp 4.0 by the selling family has 3 price points.

$295 one time, $495 one-time or 3 payments of $195.

With the $295 plan, you will not get Facebook group support to interact with fellow Amazon sellers, Click and Larrew. You only get the course material. I don't recommend you taking this route as support is one of the most important aspect of building an empire.

If you have never seen a Millionaire Amazon Seller, you may NEVER be one! If you are on a budget, take the instalment plan.

See Amazon Bootcamp Pricing Now

My Final Thoughts On Amazon BootCamp V4.0

Amazon Boot Camp makes having an FBA business easy with the Training modules. Besides, you will copy what the founders did to make their SIX FIGURE online. 

With the increased number of online shoppers, there is almost a 100% guarantee that you'll profit if you use the training to $tart your Amazon FBA Business.

      Get Amazon BootCamp V4.0 Now!

Are There Alternatives for Amazon Boot Camp V4.0

Amazon BootCamp is an Alternative to Amazing Selling Machine which is now closed. Amazon boot camp is cheaper than the Amazing Selling Machine.

If you are new to Internet marketing and do like the idea of selling on Amazon, the Wealthy Affiliate is also an option. It shows you how to build a website, grow any online business and make more money even if you are a complete newbie and never made a dollar online.

In the community, people get expert help and know where to get started. with skills, tools, and support, your business will grow automatically. (You have to do some work, though)

It is no longer available. Amazon Bootcamp is the Most Affordable, Quality Amazon Training and Worth every cent.

Final Overview on Amazon BootCamp

Name                  : Amazon BootCamp V4.0

Owner                 : Jessica Larrew( The Selling Family)

Price Tag             :  $495 or 3 x $195

Official Website  :

Rank                    : 93 out of 100


Verdict                : LEGIT, Quality training on how to Make Money with Amazon FBA

Thanks for checking Amazon boot camp v4.0 Review by Jessica Larrew aka the selling family. Do you have any questions or experiences with Amazon Boot camp? Share your testimonial with us.

The sky is the Limit,

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  • LinaB says:

    Greetings Anthony,

    Upon visiting your post on Amazon Bootcamp, I must say that the overall review was straightforward and the message very clear. I don’t feel that anything was left out. The visuals also made the subject more interesting.

    Once or twice you mixed up the Amazon Bootcamp and Ebay ( Look under: Who is Amazon Bootcamp V2.0 for?). That needs some correcting for after all you don’t want to confuse your readers.

    Tony, you’re doing a good job here. Carry on.

    • Tony says:

      That is exactly what I meant Lina. There is no mistake in that. Amazon Bootcamp is for people who want to shift from E-bay to amazon. The FBA program make things easier!

  • Katie says:

    Hi Tony,

    This is the first I have heard of a Amazon bootcamp, very good and robust overview of this product, sounds a good prospect for those with sales experience, your article is well written and I really like the video that gives a visual side of the product , it is easy to understand, reviews help reassure those looking to invest in a online business venture and even though it seems expensive however it is still a low risk investment after all we will need to spend some money along the way to grow our business. I also like the last minute call to action presenting them with a another offer to join wealthy affiliate

    • Tony says:

      Am always happy when I give honest reviews. Biased reviews will chase away my visitors. I want them to find it easy to make decisions before they purchase.

      For those looking forward to making money with amazon, they can give it a shot. The reason why I recommend wealthy affliate more is only that it is more affordable.

  • G.C.Horton says:

    Thanks for a clear explanation of Amazon BootCamp. Fulfilled by Amazon is a business model I’ve been interested in for a few years, but I’ve gotten the impression that it’s saturated. What do you know about that?

    It seems the people who make big money with it somehow get a control over the product they sell.

    • Tony Omary says:

      Hi Horton,

      If you have been willing to learn about the FBA model of business, then Amazon Bootcamp is the best alternative for you. The training is quality and the support is supurb.

      Why are you thinking it is saturated? You can dominate anywhere if you are ready to learn. The online market never gets saturated.


  • Tasos Perte Tzortzis says:

    Hello there Tony , it’s interesting to find a cheaper alternative on the Amazing selling machine , which I find it is pretty expensive.

    I have to further investigate those free videos to have a better understanding of what is included.

    Amazon has a great reputation and co-operating with this colossus can be proved valuable for any entrepreneur.

    Thanks for this review , cheers.

  • Tony Omary says:

    Hello Tasos,

    It’s unfortunate Kam Fatz from Adventures on the River closed the program to NEW members. He Now direct new members to EpicConvertions.

    I feel wealthy affiliate remains the best place since they have been in business for over 10 years now.


  • Seif Sillimi says:

    Hi Tony,
    Do you think FBA can be an investment for the future? Is it wise to invest a lot in a business that’s totally dependent on a third party (amazon)? What if they decide to end FBA? Also, I agree with Horton, I believe that it’s starting to get saturated… Every product you can think of has hundreds of sellers, or maybe I lack creativity! :p

    • Tony Omary says:


      FBA has been in business for a long time. It is hard for it to end in the near future. Remember, the number of buyers is also increasing Silimi.

      If something is saturated, it means there are buyers. Why not get a slice of the pie?

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