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Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review 2024: Is it Worth $1,497 or Scam?

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Heard of the Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem? That is precisely what you will learn in this Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review 2023, a product by Jonathan Montoya.

Jonathan Insists on creating an affiliate stacking ecosystem to move from zero to a $100k a-month business.

Jonathan has created multiple successful students; his group has over 20,000 from all over the world.

MAJOR Update: Freedom BreakThrough has been updated and rebranded as Freedom Accelerator. It has the most up-to-date training including AI(Artificial Intelligence)

Freedom Breakthrough Review - Facebokk Group

Here is an overview of Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review by Jonathan Montoya.

Name Freedom BreakThrough 2.0

Free Training:

Founders: Jonathan Montoya

Price: $1,497(save $294) or $597 x 3 or 3 day Change for $7(Join the Challenge here)

Rating: 90 out of 100

Freedom breakThrough Affiliate Program: Join the Challenge here to get approved as an affiliate

Verdict: Recommended

Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days

Jonathan Montoya moved from $0-$100 in Just 9 months using what he is teaching in his course.

Jonathan has also created another affiliate marketing course called Freedom Accelerator.

Here is What you will learn in this Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review:

  • What is Freedom Breakthrough 2.0
  • Who is Jonathan Montoya?
    What is Freedom Breakthrough?
  • What is the Affiliate Stacking ecosystem?
  • How you can earn 75% affiliate Commissions promoting Freedom Breakthrough 2.0
  • How to Create Proven YouTube Ads

There is so much that you are going to Learn in this Freedom Breakthrough review

Freedom Breakthrough Review -sales
Table of Contents show

Quick Affiliate Marketing Facts and Statistics

Here are some facts and statistics that you should know about affiliate marketing.

Freedom BreakThrough 2.0 Review? What is Freedom Breakthrough??

Freedom BreakThrogh 2.0 is an affiliate marketing video course that takes step-by-step instructions on creating an affiliate marketing ecosystem that will generate thousands of dollars with just one Funnell.

Freedom Breakthrough Review by Jonathan Montoya

His central concept is building a successful high-ticket affiliate marketing business.

The main course is a 12-module course that I will break down in just a moment.

Although Jonathan Montoya teaches you how to promote his course, the strategies mentioned are for any high-ticket affiliate program in any niche.

There are so many Freedom BreakThrough 2.0 reviews on the internet.

Other reviews are just bashing Freedom Breakthrough to promote another business model or their #1 Recommendation.

Who is Jonathan Montoya?

Jonathan Montoya is the creator of Freedom Accelerator and Freedom Breakthrough.

Freedom Accelerator Review - Jonathan Montoya

Before starting an online business, he was working in an electrical engineering job earning $80/year.

In just 9 months, he was able to quit his 9-5 job.

Here is what he has achieved over the years:

  • Win the Clickfunnels Dream Car Contest and become one of the top Affiliates
  • Won the 2-Comma Cub Award generating over $1 Million with Just one Funnel
  • Grew his Facebook group to over 20,000 members.
  • Featured in Legendary Marketer TikTok Course as an expert
  • Jonathan is also very active on Facebook interacting with industry titans and newbies.

Why Freedom Breakthrough 2.0?

While there are so many affiliate marketing courses, why Freedom Breakthrough 2.0?

While other courses may make affiliate marketing seem like a get-rich-quick system. Freedom breakthrough works.

You will See Affiliates making huge commissions in a short period which is Promising.

Freedom Breakthrough  Review - Commissions

Here is another from one of the top affiliates.

Nathan Booker Affiliate Commissions for Freedom Breakthrough 2.0

Newbies are also killing it.

Freedom Breakthrough - Hardwork Pays

Keep in mind that this information is available online for anyone to see. Not some cooked testimonials of Freedom Breakthrough.

Those are independent reviews of Freedom Breakthrough.

Who is Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 For?

Freedom Breakthrough is for anyone who wants to quit their 9-5 co-operate grind.

Qualify yourself first and grab Freedom Breakthrough 2.0

Freedom Breakthrough Success
  • You can Afford $1,497 or the Payment plan available
  • People in a normal 9-5 job – Start with small wins and build your business from the ground up.
  • Want to quit your job and achieve true freedom? Don’t quit now when you don’t have a source of income. Start now, quit later
  • Complete newbies: Don’t figure out everything by yourself. Get most of the technical staff done for you. Just copy and paste.
  • Advanced affiliates who want to scale their income: When you join Freedom Accelerator, you get paid 75% commissions on all Jonathan Montoya products
  • You have tried and failed: It is not all lost, there is an easy way out
  • You don’t want the boring niche selection process: Get the top 15 affiliate stacking niches and start building from there.
  • You want a done-for-you business: Yes, it’s possible, just set up everything initially. Get scrips, funnels, emails, landing pages and more.

Freedom BreakThrough 2.0 Pros Vs Cons


  • Newbie friendly
  • Expert support from the industry
  • Proven strategies that work
  • Already successful students from the program.
  • One-time Payment for lifetime updates
  • Successful mentors
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can get support.


  • $1,497 is not cheap but a payment plan is available
  • You will have to pay for other tools like ClickFunnels to clone the system

Keep in mind that there are other tools like AWeber, ClickFunnels and Hosting like WPX on OnRocket that you will need to pay for.

An Inside Look Into Freedom BreakThrough 2.0 Review by Jonathan Montoya

As I mentioned during the introduction, Freedom Breakthrough is divided into 12 main modules. Templates, Funnels, scripts and email templates are available for you if you decide to promote Freedom Breakthrough.

Freedom Breakthrough Review - Featured Image

Here are the Modules

Module 1: The Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem

This module explains how the affiliate marketing stacking ecosystem works and how you can get results faster than any other student.

Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review - Module 1: The Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem

You can get faster results as well as long-term results by applying the strategies mentioned herein.

This module will give you access to the 5 following videos;

  • Video 1: How The Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem Works
  • Video 2: In-Depth Example Of The Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem
  • Video 3: How To Pick Extremely High-Paying Niches
  • Video 4: Picking The Main Core Offer
  • Video 5: Finding Support Offers For The Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem

Module 2: The Perfect Affiliate Funnel

Although there are many sales funnel builders, Jonathan recommends ClickFunnels.

Freedom Breakthrough Review - module 2

These are the modules:

  • Video 1: What is The Perfect Affiliate Funnel
  • Video 2: What Is A Lead Magnet & Why We Need It
  • Video 3: How To Create The Lead Magnet
  • Video 4: Which Landing Page Software To Use
  • Video 5: Create The Perfect Bridge Page
  • Video 6: Done For You 6 Figure Funnels & Lead Magnets
  • Video 7: Signing Up For Clickfunnels Live
  • Video 8: Creating Effective Opt-In Affiliate Funnels Fast
  • Video 9: Creating Extremely High Converting Funnel Pages (50%+ Opt-in)

You can clone the entire affiliate funnel with a click.

This module is not about getting money but also about getting your time back and Freedom.

Module 3: The ATM Machine(Emails)

Email is one the best and most instant traffic sources that one can rely on.

You can print money at any time if you have the right list.

Recent research has shown that for every $1 spent, you are expected to get $40 in return.

Freedom Breakthrough  Review : Emails

He even gives you a 6-month done-for-you email template promoting different offers.

This module has 12 videos:

  • Video 1: Intro – How Email Marketing Prints Money
  • Video 2: Email Marketing Definitions
  • Video 3: Signing Up For Getresponse
  • Video 4: How To Integrate Clickfunnels & Getresponse
  • Video 5: Setting Up A Professional Domain Email Address
  • Video 6: Adding Your Professional Email To Response
  • Video 7: The Secret Sauce (6-Figure Email Sequence That Works)
  • Video 8: Get Your Emails Written For You
  • Video 9: How To Automate Emails Live Build & Integration
  • Video 10: How To Send Broadcast Messages To Your List
  • Video 11: Staying Out Of Spam And Increasing Open Rates
  • Video 12: What Now?

Jonathan also shares effective strategies on deliverability, Bounce rate and also how to avoid your email falling into the spam folder.

Module 4: The King of Free Traffic(YouTube)

YouTube is the second largest Search engine after Google.

You can get thousands of Fresh leads daily if you create evergreen content.

Freedom Break Through 2.0 - Passive Income Lifestyles YouTube Channel

This Module consists of 13 in-depth videos:

  • Video 1: YouTube Setup Walkthrough
  • Video 2: The YouTube Ecosystem
  • Video 3: How to Guarantee Your Growth on YouTube (The 3 Phases)
  • Video 4: Growing on YouTube from 0 (This Works Every Time)
  • Video 5: How to Optimize the Video to Rank at the Top
  • Video 6: Automate the Optimization Process
  • Video 7: Key Metrics to Grow on YouTube
  • Video 8: Watch Time and Perfect YouTube Script
  • Video 9: Click Through Rate & The Perfect Thumbnail
  • Video 10: First 24 Hours Velocity Tricks
  • Video 11: YouTube Analytics Tricks
  • Video 12: The YouTube Golden Keywords Guaranteed to Rank
  • Video 13: YouTube Shorts

Jonathan has created his channel with over 50,000 Subscribers in a short period and still growing.

Module 5: Free Traffic With TikTok(Short Form Content)

The concentration span is decreasing.

People are consuming short-form content more than ever before.

Jonathan grew his TikTok to over 190,000 Followers before his account was banned from the platform and generated thousands of dollars.

Here are the modules in the TikTok Training Course

  • Video 1: The Big Picture (Really Important)
  • Video 2: Using TikTok to Blow Up our Business
  • Video 3: Downloading and setting up the TikTok app
  • Video 4: Optimizing Your Bio & Adding Social Media Handles
  • Video 5: Content Ideas – How to Guarantee Growth on Tiktok
  • Video 6: How Much Should I Post on Tiktok
  • Video 7: Editing Videos & Batch Filming
  • Video 8: TikTok Algorithm Revealed
  • Video 9: How We Will Use TikTok to Get Leads and Sales
  • Video 10: Create 12 Videos in An Hour
  • Video 11: TikTok Live Secrets
  • Video 12: Stiches, Duets, Comment Replays

He has also been featured in one of the courses inside Legendary Marketer.

Module 6: Free Traffic with Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are one of the easiest traffic sources you can rely on.

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not talking about spamming on groups.

These are the Modules for Free Traffic with Facebook Groups

  • Video 1: Intro to Facebook Groups
  • Video 2: How to Create The Facebook Group (Key Elements)
  • Video 3: Growing From 0 to 1000 Using a Facebook Profile
  • Video 4: Grow Fast using a Lead Magnet
  • Video 5: How to Use The Algorithm to Your Advantage
  • Video 6: How to Write Super-Engaging Posts
  • Video 7: How to Save Time Not Replying Back
  • Video 8: Use This to Get Social Media Posts Written for You
  • Video 9: Numbers are KEY
  • Video 10: The Big Vision

It’s about creating and nurturing your group members.

Freedom Breakthrough Review - Facebook Group

If you are just starting, join groups in your space and be helpful to brand yourself as an expert.

Module 7: Daniel Chou High-Ticket Sales

Daniel Chou is one of the top students of Jonathan.

I shared his results while I was Introducing this review.

Together with Nathan Bokkers, they have created The ” Wealth Warriors” Facebook group and their Elite Income Empire Coaching Program.

Freedom Breakthrough Review - Results

Module 8: Joshua Ong Facebook Profile Funnel

He is going to share the exact blueprint that he used to quit his 9-5 using Facebook.

Joshua Ong is an expert when it comes to optimizing a Facebook profile.

Freedom Breakthrough Review Module 8
  • Video 1: Introduction to Joshua Ong
  • Video 2: Intro
  • Video 3: Psychology & Mindset of Success with Facebook
  • Video 4: Success Cycle
  • Video 5: The Power of Momentum
  • Video 6: Branding You Inc – Profile Setting & Funnel Set Up
  • Video 7:  Deleting Inactive Friends or not the target audience
  • Video 8: Adding Your Ideal Client
  • Video 9: Daily Method of Operation
  • Video 10: Limitless Content Strategy
  • Video 11: Content Strategy
  • Video 12: The Value Framework
  • Video 13: Engagements Algorithm
  • Video 14: Facebook Posting Strategy
  • Video 15: The Power of Facebook Stories
  • Video 16: High Intention, Low Attachment
  • Video 17: Lead Generation with Facebook Groups
  • Video 18: Outbound strategy
  • Video 19: Follow-up Strategy
  • Video 20: 5 Pillars to Close High Ticket Sales on FB Messenger

Module 9: Creating an Affiliate website for Blogging

An affiliate website like this one is a great way to build an audience and bring consistent traffic just like YouTube.

You will also build your brand and get your voice out there through blogging

He recommends WordPress CMS and Bluehost.

This module takes you step-by-step and you can get your Blog up and running in a few Clicks.

Here are the modules:

  • Video 1: Website Asset Intro
  • Video 2: Find Your Domain
  • Video 3: Start Your Website and Lockdown Your Domain
  • Video 4: Backend Tour of Your Website
  • Video 5: Deleting Slow Plugins
  • Video 6: Installing Essential Plugins
  • Video 7: Installing WordPress Theme
  • Video 8: Creating A Blog Post
  • Video 9: Creating A Category
  • Video 10: Adding Legal Pages
  • Video 11: Adding Menus
  • Video 12: Creating The About Page
  • Video 13: What Are Widgets
  • Video 14: Creating Email Forms & Popup Forms
  • Video 15: Website is Done, Now What?

This is the best module if you want to remain anonymous or don’t want to appear on camera.

Also, a smart way to scale your income.

Module 10: Google SEO Mastery with Nathan Lucas

You are going to be blown away!

Ranking articles like the one you are reading is hard but it doesn’t have to be.

This module has 12 Videos:

  • Video 1: Intro to Nathan
  • Video 2: Why Blogging? Stats
  • Video 3: Understanding Search Results
  • Video 4: Search Traffic Buyer Intent
  • Video 5: Search Traffic Informative Intent
  • Video 6: Find The Best Keywords & Siphon Traffic From Your Competitors
  • Video 7: Generate Endless Topic Ideas
  • Video 8: Crafting The Perfect Blog Post
  • Video 9: SEO Keywords to Include LSI
  • Video 10: Generate Leads from Your Blog
  • Video 11: Automate & Outsource Your Blog
  • Video 12: On-Page SEO

Nathan Lucas is a 7-Figure affiliate and a mentor in Legendary Marketer.

Freedom Breakthrough Review - Module 10

You can easily rank articles on the first page of Google which brings you consistent traffic and sales.

Module 11: Paid Traffic with Google.

We are almost there.

With paid traffic, you can easily scale to 6-figures since you are promoting high-ticket offers.

You will learn how to use Googe ads and YouTube ads at a scale.

This module has 11 Videos

  • Video 1: Intro to Google Ads
  • Video 2: Installing The Google Ad Pixel
  • Video 3: Keyword Research (Plan For Success)
  • Video 4: How to Run A Search Campaign Ad
  • Video 5: How to Run Retargeting Ads on Google
  • Video 6: How to Run YouTube Ads
  • Video 7: YouTube Ad Custom Placements
  • Video 8: Creating Custom Audience to Retarget
  • Video 9: Analysing The Data In Google Ads
  • Video 10: Scaling Your Google Ads
  • Video 11: Copy My Exact Ads Safe Landing Page

He even teaches you a hack to run YouTube short ads.

Module 12: Launch Jerking

This is one of the easiest ways to get sales as a new affiliate.

I’m not a big fan since I want to promote Evergreen offers.

Great for you if you want to make your first sale and gain confidence in the affiliate journey.

Launch Jerking is when you find products before they launch, get approved as an affiliate and get your content to rank before anyone else publishes about the program.

You will find 8 videos inside this module;

  • Video 1: Launch Jacking Intro
  • Video 2: How It Works & How Much You Can Make
  • Video 3: Common Questions & Concerns I Get
  • Video 4: How to Get An Article on Your Website
  • Video 5: Getting Articles Written For You
  • Video 6: How to Force Google To Show(Index) Your Site
  • Video 7: Advanced – Creating Bonuses
  • Video 8: Launch Jacking With YouTube

That is it about the Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 Review of the modules.

See how your information is used by passive income Lifestyle here

Freedom BreakThrough 2.0 Announced Bonuses

These bonuses help you make even more money by promoting Freedom Breakthrough 2.0.

It is hard to pass.

Bonus 1: 3-Day Challenge white Label course

This product sells for $7. You can check it here using the ink at the beginning of this review to prove it.

  • White-label rights to use it as your own with your desired price
  • You get the sales
  • You make $100% commissions
  • Easily import to your Click Funnels account

Bonus 2: YouTube Ads BreakThrough

Never released YouTube ads course.

It is a full 8-module course that you can use to scale to 6 figures.

Bonus 3: 75% Commissions for life

If you decide to become an affiliate, you get a 75% commission for all Jonathan Montoya products.

That is a whopping $1,122.75 per sale.

Let’s go!

What is the Price of Freedom BreakThrough 2.0?

Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 only costs $1,497 or 3 easy payments of $597.

You save $291 instantly by choosing the full payment option.

The choice is yours!

Freedom Breakthrough Review - Pricing

If you are not ready to pull the trigger yet, join the 3-day business builder challenge for $7 or the Freedom Breakthrough webinar using one of the top links for free.

Remember, you are getting 75% commissions as an affiliate and a while-label course.

Freedom BreakThrough Affiliate 2.0 Affiliate Program Review and Updates

Freedom Breakthrough Affiliate Changes - Affiliate Program Major Updates (Freedom Breakthrough 2.0)

Freedom BreakThrough 2.0 Review FAQ

Here are some Commonly asked questions about freedom Breakthrough 2.0 review since it was Launched.

Hope I answer most of them.

What is Freedom Breakthrough 2.0?

Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 is an affiliate marketing video training course that teaches affiliates how to promote high ticket affiliate offers using the affiliate stacking ecosystem.

How much does Freedom BreakThrough Cost?

Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 cost $1,497(save $294) or 3 instalments of $597

What is the 3-Day Freedom BreakThough Challenge

The 3-day Challenge is a mini-course of Freedom Breakthrough that cost you only $7. You can decide to buy Freedom Breakthrough Later.

Does Freedom Breakthrough have an Affiliate Program?

Yes. Join the 3-day Challenge for $7 and get instant approval. If you want to get a 75% commission, you will have to buy Freedom Breakthrough.

What is the Refund Policy for Freedom BreakThrough 2.0?

Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 has a 14-day money-day guarantee which means that you can get a full refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

Is Freedom Break Through 2.0 a Scam?

Freedom BreakThrough 2.0 is not a scam.

I understand the price tag is $1,497 which is cheaper than a product that charges you every month.

Thousands of Successful Students are crushing it with the program.

Freedom Breakthrough  Review Student Success.

Although there may be a learning curve, Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 is legit and not a scam.

Freedom BreakThrough 2.0 Affiliate Program

Although they make it easy to think you can get approved as an affiliate, they want to make it exclusive to members.

Join the 3-day Business Challenge for $7 using one of the links provided and get guaranteed approval.

If you want to get up to 75% commissions, join Freedom BreakThrough here(Payment plan available)

Are there Alternatives to Freedom BreakThrough 2.0?

Although Freedom BreakThrough 2.0 is a great program, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all.

Here are some of the best and most affordable alternatives

  • Freedom Accelerator: A course by Jonathan highlighting the 5-second silent method
  • Affiliate Bootcamp: A 100% Free affiliate marketing Course from ClickFunnels that shows you how to profit within 100 days flat.
  • One Funnel Away: CickFunnels flagship course costs only $100 to join.
  • Wealthy Affiliate: Wealthy Affiliate is by far the largest affiliate marketing community. The basic package is free. Premium packages start at $49.
  • Affiliate Secrets: A course by Spencer Mecham who is the first affiliate to generate $ 1 million in commissions promoting CcikFunnels.

My Final Opinion about Freedom BreakThrough 2.0

Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 is a decent program regardless of the level of experience that you are in.

If you are not yet ready, grab the 3-day challenge or take the payment option.

Likewise, you can pick any of the alternatives above.

This Freedom Breakthrough 2.0 review is for anyone serious about quitting their 9-5.

The affiliate commissions that you earn depend on how much you earn.

Jonathan shares with you how you can make up to $2,000 in commissions instead of $50.

He shares over 7 income streams that you can plug into your funnel.

Thank you for reading my Freedom BreakThrough 2.0 Review 2024. Let me know what you think in the comments.

The 7-Steps to Become a successful Super Affiliate

FREE 6-Part Video Series

The Leave Your Soul-sucking 9-5 Blueprint

How To Quit Your 9-5 Job & Achieve Financial & Time FREEDOM

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