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In this Rank Math Review 2023, you are going to uncover the benefits of using RankMath over other SEO plugins in the space.

Rankmath is one of the most popular SEO Plugins in the market and the first SEO plugin to use AI.

That being said, many features are distinctive to Rank math.

The Wealthy Affiliate Pre-Installs some plugins if you decide to build a website with them, but Rank Math isn’t one of them.

Rank Math Review - The Best WordPress SEO Plugin?I had to Search for a plugin that works well for my blog.

I moved from All-In-One, Yoast, and SEO Press and settled for Rank Math.

If you want to capture and dominate your niche, you must master how to optimize for keywords with the help of an SEO plugin.

Here is an overview of the RankMath SEO Plugin:

Rank Math SEO SuiteName: RankMath

Owners: Bhanu Ahluwalia, Nimit Kashyap and Suraj Vibhute

Website: Rankmath.com

Price: Free, $59, $199 & $499

Category: SEO Software

Where to buy:https://rankmath.com(Click to download)

Here is what you will learn in this review:

  • How to get started with Rank Math for Free
  • What are some of the unique features of RankMath
  • What is the Price of Rank Math
  • How can RankMath help you in keyword research
  • How to use content AI to beat your competition
  • I will answer some of the commonly asked Questions.
  • …and more
Table of Contents show

What is RankMath?

Rank Math Review- Rank Math Logo

RankMath is one of the Most Powerful SEO plugins that help you rank your content higher and faster in the SERP.

Rank Math is the swiss army knife of SEO tools for WordPress. It gives you complete control over your entire website’s on-page SEO.

It is also the first SEO Plugin to use AI.

Rank math makes it seamless to optimize your content inside your WordPress dashboard including doing keyword research.

It has easy-to-customize settings that you can deploy in just a few clicks.

This makes your content not only searchable but also indexable.

It is easy to grow your business with the correct settings and promotion strategy.

Rank Math will help you get rid of most plugins that may be slowing your website which is not good for both SEO and user experience.

Why Should I Use Rank Math?

Rank Math, founded in 2020 by the MyThemeShop team, has quickly become one of the most popular SEO plugins in the industry, boasting over 2 million installs!

There are dozens of SEO plugins, why Rank Math?

First, Rank Math is free.

Most premium plugins will cost you a fortune for what you are getting in Rank Math for free.

In addition, if you want to rank your website faster, this is the best solution with their “Instant Indexing” feature.

On top of that, if you want more advanced features, the premium pricing is affordable.

Rank Math is Recommended by your top SEO titans and blogs including; Search Logistics, Backlinko, Ahrefs, SemRush, Moz, and More.

Top SEOs Recommending Rank Math

RankMath has also detailed documentation and knowledge-base articles so that you are never going to feel stuck using Rank Math.

Do not forget that you are covered by 24/7 support to help you along your journey.

You are in safe hands.

Try Rank Math Now. It’s Free

What Are the Most Unique Features of RankMath?

I have used many SEO plugins in the past, but none of them comes near to what is offered in Rank Math.

Surprisingly, some free features in Rank Math are paid for in other SEO plugins.

That calls for a switch.

You name them, I have tried them.

The Most Affordable SEO Plugin


SEO plugin authors are aware that most content creators are dying to get on top of Google.

Therefore, they charge a fortune.

Rank Math comes with Freemium SEO features.

On top of that, it is also the most when it comes to premium SEO plugins.

You can use Rank Math for free for as long as you are ready.

If you like it and afford the premium, you will save thousands of dollars in SEO costs.


Do you like slow websites?

No one does.


Rank Math Review- Light Weight Plugin Compared to Competition

While some tools like FlyingPress and a fast host like OnRocket can speed up your website, Rank Math is light on its own.

Most people would exit a website that is either not loading properly or is slow.

Rank math is lightweight and will neither slow nor break your website.

You have the option to disable features that you are not using to speed up your website.

Set-Up Wizard

I don’t have to tell you what wizards do.

Rank Math automagically configures itself and sets up your SEO WordPress website ready to be searched and indexed.

You can Have all the basics the moment you install depending on the step you are in your SEO journey.

You can tweak the settings at any time as your website grows.

Rank Math Set- Up Wizard

They have:

  • Easy
  • Advanced
  • Custom

A quick set-up easily works on most websites.

Import Your Data in 1 Click

Want to migrate from your SEO Plugin or slash some plugins?

Importing Data From All in One SEOYou are in the right place.

Here are some Plugins that you can get rid of and don’t have to worry about losing rankings.

  • Confidently migrate from Yoast, All in One SEO, and SEOPress to RankMath
  • Migrate data from schema pro and ditch it.
  • Migrate data from Schema Pro
  • …and more

Display Breadcrumbs in Themes Automatically

Rank mtah Bread CrummpsBreadcrumbs play a pivotal role in enhancing both user experience and SEO, yet numerous themes lack their inclusion.

Rank Math takes the initiative to seamlessly integrate Google-compliant breadcrumbs into your website, significantly boosting the likelihood of their appearance within the SERPs alongside your website

Top-Notch Support

I was surprised that Rank Math Offers support to free members.

Rank Math SEO Support


That is not seen often in our industry.

The support team go a step further and login to your WordPress Site to fix any SEO technical issue related to the plugin.

See this thread when I was facing an issue with Instant indexing.

Rank Math Redirections

Rank Math Advanced Redirection Manager

Get rid of your redirection plugin.

Rank Math has got your back.

How many times have you created great content about a company or software only for it to shut down?

All your efforts are in vain.

That is not the case with Rank Math.

You can redirect the page to any relatable content which is great for SEO.

I love this feature because you don’t have to worry about losing traffic when you change the blog URL.

It automatically redirects to the newest URL without any issues.

Rank Math 404 Monitor

Rank Math 404 MonitorRank Math’s 404 monitor tool serves as a valuable aid in identifying areas where users encounter difficulties locating your website’s content.

By eradicating 404 errors from your site, you enable visitors to seamlessly navigate back to your content.

Through the 404 Manager, you gain the ability not only to spot errors but also to redirect incorrect URLs.

The 404 Manager stands out as a convenient component of the Rank Math SEO plugin.

This feature is available within the plugin’s free version as well.

Rank Math Image SEO

Rank Math Image SEO

You are probably aware that Google ranks images.

They are not ranked and other factors determine the ranking of the image:

  • ALT tag
  • Captions
  • Originality
  • Image quality.

You can easily optimize to get your images ranked.

The best part?

You can link your image in Google to the page where they are appearing to get traffic from the image.

How brilliant is that?

Advanced Schema Mark-Up

Dump your existing Schema plugin.

How To Add

Rank Math Enables support for the structured data, which adds Schema code to your website, resulting in rich search results, better CTR and more traffic.

All the basic Schema types are available in the free plan.

If you want more schema types, you have to go premium.

Here are the schema types available.

Article Book Course Dataset
Event FAQ FactCheck HowTo
Job Posting Music Person Podcast
Movie Product Recipe Restaurant
Podcast Episode Service Software Video

Note that some of the schema types are only in the premium option.

FAQ Schema Mark-UpRank Math FAQ SChema


This tool will make your competition cry.

When you are ranked for the FAQ, you are taking a BIG space, therefore, giving the searcher no room for looking for another website.

I have been using this feature and getting great results.

With other SEO Plugins, this is a Paid Addon.

Implementing this is hard.

You had to use Saija George FAQ Schema Generator or Mathew Woodward Schema Generator.

You might even break things in the process.

Rank Math comes to your rescue.

Rank Math Table of Contents

Again, you can ditch Your Table of Contents Plugin.

Rank Math Table of Contents
FAQ Section Dominating Search Results

The table of Contents improves content readability.

  • Enhances the user experience by offering improved usability.
  • Maintains content organization and formatting excellence.
  • Facilitates seamless navigation across various segments.
  • Simplifies the sharing of specific section links within an article.
  • Contributes to boosting click-through rates (CTR) from search results
  • Rank Math Instant Indexing

If you think it does not help. think again.

See the links highlighted in the search. 

Table of Contents Links

Rank Math Multiple Focus Keywords

In the realm of SEO, the focus keyword denotes the specific word or phrase you aim to achieve a high ranking for.

However, it’s important to recognize that this alone isn’t sufficient.

Rankmtha Focus KeywordTo secure a favourable position for your primary keyword, you must incorporate supplementary keywords known as LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords.

While the free version of Yoast SEO enables content optimization centred around a single keyword, Rank Math takes it a step further by enabling analysis and optimization for up to 5 keywords simultaneously.

By adopting this approach, your likelihood of achieving an improved ranking on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) is significantly enhanced.

Furthermore, the standout feature of Rank Math is that it empowers you to elevate your ranking without incurring costs, even when optimizing for multiple keywords.

Rank Math Instant Indexing

Rank Math Google Instant Indexing

How would you like your website to be indexed the moment you publish or update?

Isn’t it amazing?

With Rank Math, you can index your website on Google and Bing within seconds.

You don’t have to wait for months to get your website indexed.

Rank Math gives you IndexNow API to get Your Content ranked Instantly.

It works great for product launches. 

Get ahead of your competition and take the top spot both in SEO and on the leaderboard.

Rank Math Role Manager

Rank math Role ManagerThe functioning of the Role Manager is quite straightforward.

For every role, there exists a roster of Rank Math functions that can be either activated or deactivated.

You can choose to enable or disable particular functions based on the permissions you wish to grant or restrict for a given role.

As an illustration, an Administrator role should possess all the privileges associated with a website.

Non-administrator users can have their access to the Role Manager settings deactivated, ensuring that only administrators retain the ability to control this feature.

The Analytics settings are presented exclusively to users with Analytics access permissions granted via the Role Manager.

Should Analytics and Site-Wide Analysis be disabled, all associated options within Analytics and Site-Wide Analysis will become inaccessible for the particular user role

Rank Math Automatic Sitemap

Rank Math XML Site Map

No need for another sitemap plugin.

Rank Math covers that.

Sitemaps help search engines intelligently crawl your website’s content.

It tracks all your selected sitemaps which aid in helping your website rank higher.

Optimize for SEO Inside Your Dashboard

Have you completed your keyword research?


It’s time to optimize your keyword to get it ranked.

  • Add Focus Keyword to the SEO title.
  • Add Focus Keyword to your SEO Meta Description.
  • Use Focus Keyword in the URL.
  • Use Focus Keyword at the beginning of your content.
  • Use Focus Keyword in the content.

This makes it easy to know what you might have forgotten even if you are an SEO expert.

Life saver!

There are more suggestions that you will get when you install Rank Math.

Rank Math Link Suggestions

Rank Math Link Suggestions

How often do your link to your internal links?

Internal links help in SEO.

There are some paid plugins like Link Whisper but this Feature comes Free with Rank Math.

I don’t need to convince you to switch to Rank Math.

Adding links to your new article gives life to an old article which may in turn jump your entire site in SERP.

Note: The image shows suggestions for this post that I have added.

Rank Math Integrates with Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics Integration

Check how your website is performing without leaving your website.

Stop switching between tabs

Track your progress within your WordPress dashboard.

The set-up wizard also makes it easy to get started in seconds.

The Rank Math Analytics feature provides the following capabilities:

  1. Website Analysis: Gain an overview of your website’s SEO score (classified as Good, Fair, or Poor), search clicks, search impressions, ranking, and individual post-generated traffic.

  2. SEO Performance: Present the average position and click-through rate for each blog post, along with the total count of search impressions and click-throughs. It also permits tracking the top 5 successful and unsuccessful posts, including position history with the pro version.

  3. Keyword Performance: Monitor the Google search rankings for all ranking keywords, ranging from positions 1 to 100. Keep tabs on total search impressions, clicks, and averages. With Rank Math Pro, you can also track the top 5 keywords that are succeeding or declining, alongside their ranking positions.

  4. Rank Tracker: In Rank Math Pro, you have the ability to input focus keywords and oversee their performance in search engines. For each keyword, obtain insights into impressions, clicks, click-through rate (CTR), ranking position, and historical positions.

  5. Post Index Status: Access data on submitted, crawled, and indexed posts. This tool empowers you to supervise post-index status, indexing behaviour, mobile usability, rich results, and more, facilitating prompt corrective actions.

  6. Google Trends Integration: Utilize the built-in Google Trends integration to assess and compare keyword search trends. Optimize your content based on these insights to enhance your search visibility.

In essence, the Rank Math Analytics feature equips you with a comprehensive toolkit for monitoring and improving your website’s search performance.

Integrates with Your Favourite Page Builders


Rankmath Integrates with ElementorWill Rank Math work for me?


Rank Math works with most page builders including Elementor.

Rank Math Content AI


Rank Math Content AI

This is one of my favourite Rank Math Features.

The Free version is not enough though to help you crush your competition completely.

You will need the premium version.

I have used it and it works.

How to Use Rank Math

What is included in the Content AI?

  • Related Keywords – Which keywords are related to the researched keyword? You can sprinkle the keywords to get a rank boost.
  • Questions  – Questions can also be sub-headings and related questions
  • Links: Links refer to external links that top-ranking articles are linking up.
  • Word- Count: How thorough should your article be against the competition?
  • Heading Count: How many headings and sub-headings do you have? Break your points.
  • Media: No one is ready to read a block of text. Include images and videos. Apart from that it also has an SEO benefit.

Google, Bing, Alexa, Yandex & Pinterest Verification Tool

Rank Math Verification Tool

Getting your websites verified can be a pain if you are not technical.

Forget about the hustle of getting your website verified.

Verified websites show that you are an authentic author which helps in SEO.

Do all that on your WordPress dashboard with Rank Math.

Those are the best features that put Rank Math ahead of the competition.

Try Rank Math Now. It’s Free

Rank Math Review: Pros Vs Cons

While Rank Math is Awesome, not everything is perfect.


  • Ability to migrate from your previous SEO plugin with a click without losing your settings.
  • Free Option available
  • It’s lightweight
  • Integrates with your favourite tools like Google Analytics
  • Compatible with most Page builders like Elementor and Divi
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Pre-installed settings
  • Top-notch customer support
  • Instant indexing to rank your websites


  • FAQ & Table of Contents do not work in Classic Editor
  • Limited AI Credits
  • Lots of unnoticed features during installation

Who is Rank Math for?

While Generally, Rank Math is for any blog, here are some specifics:

Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate Marketing diagram

While there are some of the best affiliate marketing courses, most of them don’t teach the basics of affiliate marketing.

You don’t want your fellow affiliates to beat you in the game.

There are some affiliate marketing hacks that you need to master to stay ahead of the curve.

Have you forgotten that you are promoting the same product?

Rank high sing RankMath and beat your competition.

Frustrated with your Current SEO Plugin

Is your current SEO plugin frustrating you and not performing as per your wish?

Don’t worry.

Rank Math - The Most Powerful WordPress SEO Plugin

Rank Math will wipe your tears and won’t drain your bank.

SEO Agencies & Firms

Are you an agency or own a firm?

Help your clients rank higher in search results and be happy to pay you.

Don’t frustrate them.

With the help of RM, you can help them increase their search traffic.

News Websites

Breaking News

The news means new.

Get your articles ranked immediately after they are published using the instant indexing API.

Drive traffic first before the rest of the population.

Local Business

Local Business

It is easy to dominate search engines using Local SEO found in Rank Math.

Outperform your competition using RM.

Dating Coaches, Artists and Photographers


Want to get your craft to the crowd?

Rank Math is the best way to get your content.

For dating coaches: Teach how to hook up, how to get your ex back and more.

For photographers: Optimize your images with Rank Math Image SEO and outshine your competition who know nothing about Image SEO.

Don’t limit your reach.

E-commerce Stores

Optimize your product pages with structured data and direct traffic to important pages with the meta robots feature in Rank Math.

You can use a tool like Shopify to build your store or any other website builder besides WordPress although you will miss the great features of Rank Math.

Any WordPress Website

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs for WordPress

No matter what kind of site you run on WordPress, Rank Math is the type of WordPress SEO plugin that can help you increase your site visitors with its SEO power.

WordPress is one of the most popular website builders.

You can create content, create courses, and capture leads.

With the help of Rank Math, you are sure that your content will not be buried and forgotten.

Rank Math Pricing

Rank Math Pricing is straightforward.

Below are the basic pro features. 

Pro at $59/Year – Features

  • Unlimited personal websites
  • Free 15 Content AI Credits
  • Track 500 Keywords
  • Powerful Schema Generator
  • FREE SEO Course
  • 24/7 Support
  • Renews at $69 + taxes

Rank Math has 3- Easy to understand price points; $59, $199 & $499

Rank Math Pricing

Basic $59/year: Perfect For Bloggers, Individuals & Solopreneurs

Business $199/year: Perfect For Freelancers, Business, & Agency Owners

Agency $499/year: Perfect For Agency Owners with high volume.

I would recommend that you check the free version to make sure it’s the perfect fit for you.

Try Rank Math Now. It’s Free

Rank Math FAQ

I try my best to answer most of the questions.

If they are not answered, leave a comment with your question.

What is Rank Math?

Rank Math is a powerful SEO plugin for WordPress websites.

It offers a wide range of features to help optimize your website’s search engine visibility, including on-page SEO, content analysis, XML sitemaps, schema markup, and more.

How do I install Rank Math?

To install Rank Math, log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the ‘Plugins’ section, click ‘Add New,’ search for ‘Rank Math,’ and click ‘Install Now.’

Once installed, activate the plugin and follow the setup wizard to configure its settings.

Can I switch from another SEO plugin to Rank Math?

Yes, Rank Math provides a built-in feature to import settings from other SEO plugins like Yoast SEO.

You can access this feature in the Rank Math settings under ‘Import & Export.’

What is Schema Markup in Rank Math?

Schema markup is a type of structured data that helps search engines understand the content on your website better.

Rank Math allows you to add schema markup to your pages and posts, which can enhance search results with rich snippets and additional information.

Is Rank Math free to use?

Rank Math offers both a free version and a paid Pro version with additional features and support.

The free version, however, provides a comprehensive set of tools for most website owners.

Is Rank Math suitable for beginners?

Yes, Rank Math is designed to be user-friendly and suitable for beginners.

It provides a simple setup wizard and intuitive interface to help you optimize your website’s SEO without requiring advanced technical knowledge.

Does Rank Math offer content analysis?

Yes, Rank Math includes a content analysis feature that helps you optimize your articles and posts for better search engine rankings.

It provides suggestions to improve readability, keyword usage, and other on-page factors.

Can I optimize multiple focus keywords with Rank Math?

Yes, Rank Math allows you to optimize your content for multiple focus keywords.

This feature is available in both the free and Pro versions, enabling you to target a broader range of search queries.

Does Rank Math offer integration with Google Search Console?

Yes, Rank Math provides integration with Google Search Console.

You can connect your website to Google Search Console within the plugin’s settings to monitor your site’s performance, and index status, and receive important notifications.

Is Rank Math compatible with other WordPress plugins and themes?

Rank Math is designed to work well with a wide range of plugins and themes.

It follows WordPress coding standards and practices, minimizing compatibility issues.

However, it’s always a good idea to test compatibility when adding new plugins or themes.

Does Rank Math offer local SEO features?

Yes, Rank Math includes features to enhance local SEO efforts.

You can add local business schema markup, set up Google Maps integration, and optimize your website for local searches.

Can I customize the appearance of my search results using Rank Math?

Yes, Rank Math allows you to customize how your search results appear in Google by providing schema markup options.

This can help you control how your content is displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs)

Let me know if you have more questions or use the support forum.

Does Rank Math offer content analysis?

Yes, Rank Math includes a content analysis feature that helps you optimize your articles and posts for better search engine rankings.

It provides suggestions to improve readability, keyword usage, and other on-page factors.

Rank Math Affiliate Program

Rank Math Affiliate Program

Rank Math Affiliate Program is Easy to promote.

You don’t have to push your audience to buy anything.

The basic plugin is Free.

Just push people to sign up for the free plan.

You will be earning recurring commissions yearly from Rank Math.

Below is how you can earn:

  • Earn $0.20 for any free account created
  • Earn 30% Recurring yearly commissions
  • Premium plans recurring really payments range from $17-$149

You are also given affiliate resources that you can use in your promotion.

Join Rank Math

Rank Math Review 2023: Final Opinion & Recommendation

Rank Math is the best &  Most advanced WordPress SEO plugin for any Word Press User.

It is also the first SEO plugin to deploy AI, therefore, evolving with the technology.

That’s not enough, Rank Matally free for as long as you are ready for premium.

Keep in mind that you are not going to automatically rank.

You will have to know the basics of SEO and marketing in general

Thank You!

If you want to learn the basics of blogging from the largest affiliate community, check out Wealthy Affiliate.

On the other side, if you want to take your marketing to the next level, check out Affiliate Secrets and learn from one of the top 1% of affiliates in the world.

Are you going to try Rank Math Now? What is your opinion?

Share them in the comments.

Hope to see you near competing for some keywords!

Don’t outrank me though.

Use any keyword research tool of your choice like jaaxy, Ahref & Ubersuggest

Thank you for Checking my Rank Math Review 2023.

The 7-Steps to Become a successful Super Affiliate

FREE 6-Part Video Series

The Leave Your Soul-sucking 9-5 Blueprint

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Rank Math WordPress SEO Plugin
Rank Math Word Press SEO Plugin Review

Rank Math is a revolutionaly WordPress SEO plugin & the first SEO plugin to use AI. Get rid of most of your SEO Plugins since Rank Math takes care of it all.

Price: $59

Price Currency: Dollars

Operating System: WordPress

Application Category: SEO

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