Public Likes Review: The HOTTEST Scam of the Year?

  • tom says:

    From public likes to ——————————————————————————another RussianAdSite
    Here is the link: [Link removed]
    You will have to use it with Google’s translate feature to make your way around.
    It’s in Russia. Yes! A certain Russian ad network is paying 5 rubles—for those who don’t know, that is Russian money, for each “captcha” you solve.
    I say “captcha” because it’s not technically a captcha but looks like one. All you need to do to get your 5 rubles, is view the ads, key-in the displayed number and press Continue. That’s it.

    So how much can you make from it? From 1500 to 5000 rubles
    It’s COMPLETELY FREE for now but who knows how long that will last.
    Is it a Scam?

    • Tony Omary says:

      While researching, it seems that there is no information online concerning It’s NEW!

      But it seems a SCAM because: It doesn’t have an SSL(https), hyped claims, not international and doesn’t pay throgh PayPal which is the most convenient payment method.

  • Ck Kenndey says:

    Nice and informative article Mr. Omary.

    Unfortunately a I am a victim of the PL. I knew it from my past experience with con men and pyramid schemes that whoever will promise anyone to double their income will end up embarrassing the person.

    Can you guide me on making money on WealthAffiliates. I signed up a month ago but I don’t seem to be making any move at all. I’ve also tried Clixsense and “Neobux”.

    I am desperately looking for away in which I can make even 10K/month. Any help will be sincerely appreciated. Happy Blogging

    • Tony Omary says:

      Thanks, Kennedy and glad that this article helped you.

      When it comes to making money online, everyone achieves different results. As you say, anyone promising you heaven is lying.

      Clicksense and Neobux pay pennies so it’s hard to make a sustainable income.

      If you signed up for Wealthy Affiliate, start taking action. Click on the GREEN getting started button and take massive action.

      It is the same place that took me from $0 to profit!


  • Josphat Wekalamoyo says:

    Real we are stuck since we have not withdrawn money and we hear of this site being a scam from social medias.please for lasting solution for your clients.

  • chrissotany says:


  • Victoria says:

    And now its survey moons,they have gone with our money,do research about it they changed everything but their website is still on

    • Tony Omary says:

      Sorry Victoria, I’ll check them out and update you.

      • victoria says:

        Okey Mr omari,do check please,thankyou,can I join wealthy affiliates using a smart phone or i must use a desktop

        • Tony Omary says:

          Yes, you can still use your phone to sign up but make sure you use my link to get my support easily when inside.

  • Brianvick says:

    Boostpal has come in. Now what about it please help with more research

  • Lucy says:

    kindly do research on Boospal, is it a scam

    • Tony Omary says:

      I’ll let you know Lucy

    • Kimeu says:

      Boostpal is the new scam in town. Their website looks like Public Likes’. They are just the same guys with a different name.

  • william says:

    Boostpal is a scam, the website is completely deleted and it has gone with people’s money. This pay bill number 770190 and the the company name BIKRON KNIGHTS LTD. These are robbers

  • Daniel says:

    is bootspal the new scam in town…….

    But it seems people are making monies from it too………..
    But needs more info on it before I invest in it……

    Help help plz

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