Is the Commission Miner Co-op a Scam(2023): The Million Dollar secret

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There is a secret to making it online.

If others are making it why should you do the same? The answer is simple. Because you do not know the secret of how millions are made online. Only a portion of internet marketers knows the secret.

For that reason, they have massive success while others still keep on struggling. You need to stop struggling and learn how to make money online today! Bryan, the product owner, is willing to share with you the secret!

For us to go hand in hand, let me share some of the major things that you may need to know as you continue reading this Commission Miner/Auto-commission miner Co-op review. Let’s get started. Shall we?

Name      : Commission Miner co-op/ Auto-Commission Co-op
Price: 30-day FREE trial $29 afterward
Owner: Bryan Winters aka `Goldrush Jack`
Rank: 90 out of 100

Summarised Review:

[schema type=”review” url=”” name=”Commission Miner” description=”Bryan Winters, the creator reveals how he made his first million dollar online. He has a secret that he wants to share with us interested to make a million dollar too.” rev_name=”Commission Miner” rev_body=”In his training, he reveals the underlying secret on how 1% of internet marketers make Millions online while 99% struggle and will continue to struggle.” author=”Tony Omary” pubdate=”2017-01-23″ user_review=”4″ min_review=”1″ max_review=”5″ ]

Does Commission Miner Reveals the Secret?

Yes, it does. Bryan shows the exact method that he used to make his first million dollars online. He did this while he knew nothing about internet marketing. He had to do some research. After some time, he was able to discover that there are secrets that gurus follow to make millions. That was not a very long time back.

Thereafter, it is now public. Of course, not everybody can get access to it since they are now aware. I am glad that you found it. The program launched on 15th June 2015.

Here is a definition from Wikipedia. Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s marketing efforts. You got to learn more. Keep reading?

Bryan is ready to share his million-dollar secret…

The Million Dollar Secret in Commission Miner Co-op Review

Bryan says that most marketers do what makes sense on the SURFACE while missing the underlying key of how millions are made online. Why are there still marketers struggling? The common mistake that many affiliate marketers do is promoting a product. Surprised? maybe you are asking yourself “what should I do then to make commissions?”…

Promote Affiliate income opportunities. Does this make any sense to you? Think about it for a moment, please…

Here is a video by Bryan sharing the Million Dollar secret with you. You are now in control. Enjoy the video 🙂

Join Commission Miner Today(FREE for one WHOLE month!)
            [This offer may expire soon since hundreds are joining daily. If you come tomorrow, you may never get it and never again]
Affiliate Income opportunities have recurring monthly commissions or even lifetime commissions as opposed to products. If you sold a product, you are only paid once for the first sale. with affiliate income opportunities, revenue keeps on growing.

Bryan claims to be among the 1% that makes millions while 99% are still struggling to make even their First Dollar. Since he discovered it, he is willing to share it with those who are ready. He also puts the Internet Lifestyle into perspective and showed us how powerful the system is. Below are some that I grabbed from him:

  • Being smart and being among the 1% that make millions
  • Generate a profitable email list using the system
  • Pile Monthly Commissions on the hottest affiliate opportunities online
  • Spend time with your family and friends along beaches
  • Shopping in your favorite mall
  • Play any spot that you have dreamed of eg golf
  • Have vacations any time that you wish
  • Pay all your bills without straining

Is that all about the secret? No. Bryan further teaches us that we should promote two-tier affiliate programs. But what does that mean? You may ask.

Two Tier Affiliate Programs in the Commission Miner Co-op

Two-tier affiliate programs are very powerful. Bryan tells us that he also once made $100,000 from only one affiliate. That is how powerful two-tier affiliate programs are. Your affiliates are your sales Force and anyone can become an affiliate. Everyone wants to make money.

Here is the difference between a one-tier affiliate program and a two-tier affiliate program:
If you make a sale in a one-tier affiliate program, you are only paid once and that is all. In a two-tier affiliate program, if you make a sale, you make a commission. That is not all. If your affiliate makes a commission, you make a sale too. Got it? The income potential of the Auto-income co-op is unlimited.

Having an Inside look at Commission Miner Co-op

What is inside?
The direction of succeeding online is very straight according to Bryan. If you have the right mindset, you only need to follow the 3f technique.

That is the proven method that Jack and other gurus use to make piles of money online. But what are they? You may ask. It is Formula, funnels, and Forum according to Jack.

Commission Miners Co-op Formula

Do you still remember the formula? What is the formula? I already discussed it with you but I will still clarify it to make things easier for you.

The Commission miner Co-op formula is Promoting two tie affiliate income opportunities or just affiliate income opportunities. Since you make recurring commissions after the first sale, after some time this money adds up pretty quick. Some that might interest you are IMpho, Chris Farrel membership, Affilorama, a wealthy affiliate not forget commission miner.

Commission Miner Funnels – What are they?

I have the right to call the lead capture pages while Bryan has the right to call them websites. You only need to know what they do. They are meant to generate leads to make you more money.

commission miner co-op funnels

As they say, the money is on the list. it is there. I call them lead capture pages because they capture emails while Bryan calls the websites since they perform the same function. We are all right.

Here are the funnels: Commission Miners Funnel, Commission Miner Co-op FREE offer Income Funnel, and Commission Miner Co-op Paid offer Income Funnel.

Commission Miner Funnels aka Type 1 Funnels

This is where most of us are expected to begin since it is the main model of the commission miner co-op program. They are accessed by the members on the left.

The training on how to use the funnels is also available in the member’s area.  The funnels help you in capturing emails before your visitors are taken to our offers.

You Earn an unlimited $14.50 from all referrals through the type 1 funnels. There is no limit to how many referrals you can have. Furthermore, if you have an existing affiliate marketing business, you can use the captured emails to promote yourself too. They will be on your email list.

Commission Miner FREE Offer Income Funnels aka Type 2 Funnels 

As a member of the commission co-op, you have the opportunity to promote affiliate income opportunities outside the commission miner. What is more interesting is that most programs in the type 2 funnels are two-tier programs.

One can even start making unlimited commissions during the trial period. Promoting two-tie programs means that, you will be making passive income from your 2nd  tier. Is that interesting?

Commission Miner PAID Offer Income Funnels aka Type 3 Funnels

These are paid programs. You need to invest in these programs to promote them and make more money. You need to become a member of these programs to earn through them. The programs are also outside the commission miner co-op membership.

The type 2 and type 3 funnels are optional. Even if they are optional, they are highly recommended if one needs passive income. There is training by Bryan that is easy to follow and starts earning almost immediately.

What I found even more interesting is that the type 2 and 3 funnels can be promoted to fellow commission miner co-op. That means that you are the only limit as the commission miner member.

Sign Up For Commission Miner Co-op FREE for 30 Days!!!

Commission Miner Co-op Training

If a program does not offer training then it is probably a scam. There is nothing like making thousands of dollars overnight. I have had some people cheating others that they only need a piece of software to start making money instantly. Commission miner does not teach that. One has to have the right mindset before they start with the system.

One is taught how to build an “Army/team of affiliates” who join the program under you. Your affiliates are your sales force. I also got my mind changed when Bryan says that anyone can be an affiliate. I found that essential in building a sustainable online income.

The training here is amazing. Most training is on how to have more traffic to make money Money as you continue with the training.

CMC Traffic Portal

CMC traffic portal-the million dolar secret

This training is exclusive to members only. One will learn the method that they can use to generate traffic. Since the training is for CMC members only, it is also offered for FREE!

Here are some of the traffic generation methods that you will learn:

  • Forum Marketing
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Solo ad marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Banner marketing

CMC Traffic Directories

“There is nothing like FREE traffic,” Bryan said. If you are new to affiliate marketing, you should understand that traffic is the backbone of internet marketing. You either invest time, money, or both to generate traffic.

Let me explain my point further. If you post an ad on Facebook or write a blog, you spent your time getting that traffic. Is your time Free? It is not free traffic either.

Is the commission miner a scam?- traffic redirectory

In the traffic directory, you expect two things. Bryan does not only guarantee you to get the best results but also warns you to expect the least from the directory. With that said, it means that not all directories work the same way or give the same results.

Here are some of the traffic directories offered within this CMC traffic directory:

  • Free Traffic exchange. 
  • Classified ads
  • Online forums
  • Mobile PPC networks
  • Social media sites
  • FREE article directories
  • Blogging platforms
  • Pay Per View Traffic
  • Even much more…

The Miner’s Forum and Marketplace

Bryan does not tell us things that do not apply to the program. Remember the 3f? The formula, funnels, and forum. Autopilot Income Co-op has all the 3 of them. One can get access to the forum while in the member’s area.

The forum is expected to be there to help new members get started as fast. You will find Bryan, other members, and I help new members to get started. If one needs help or has a question, they are all answered in the forum.

What about the marketplace?

I find the forum and the marketplace almost the same. Members can promote both inside and outside programs in the forums and marketplace. There is also an option to add a signature while in the forum which is a brilliant marketing tool!

Remember the type 2 and 3 funnels? You can promote them too here and earn residual commissions while helping fellow members out. You can Claim your Commission Miner co-op account for FREE.

Auto-Pilot Income Auto-Rotator for Only $97 One Time For Life

This is the only upsell but optional in commission miner. But is auto-pilot?

You will have to promote CMC to get these commissions. There is nothing like free money. Do not just sit there and expect to receive commissions. Be smart and apply what is taught. 

Each time someone purchases the auto-rotator from you, your receive a $48.50 commission. I think everyone would want this since this is a time FEE. What I did not like about the auto-rotator is that you only have one chance to get it. That is only during signing up.

Does the auto-rotator work?  
Below is proof that the auto-rotator works… Commission miner bigger capture.-autorotator

Some of the commissions do not necessarily come from your referrals. They are on the complete auto-pilot. This only happens to `Virgin members.

Important Note: The Auto-rotator is only available during sign-up. If you miss it during signing up, you cannot upgrade later!

But why is it Called an Auto- Rotator You May Ask!

Some of the income come on auto-pilot through auto-rotation. When visitors come to the commission miner through the commission miner website, they automatically join the program. Bryan is willing to share some part of his commissions with us. 50 % to be specific.

For example, if a ‘virgin member‘(Joins through the homepage, not referred) joins the program and purchases the auto-rotator, members receive 50% commissions or rotation.

Is the Commission Miner Co-op Legit?

Of course, it is. I rarely rank programs more than 80%. Online scams rarely have a trial period. Auto-pilot Income co-op has nothing to hide. They give you a 30-day FREE trial in which you can still make sales and build a list while promoting outside products.

With that said, it is important to learn the basics of internet marketing. You need the skills to be the best in your field. Make sure you check my #1 recommendation to learn the skills.

Commission miner co-op join button

Try commission miner for one whole FREE month as you decide afterward. You have nothing to lose. Try it below… and remember the auto rotator is only available during signing up!

Commission miner is legit and not a scam. If it were a scam, there would be nothing like a FREE trial. You can find this on our 10 proven ways to avoid scams online.  PayPal payment is also a secure method as opposed to credit cards.  try it Below!!!

Commission miner scam review- Free to join Here

                                   Try Commission miner Here FREE for 30 Day

Auto- Commission Miner Co-op at a Glance

Name      : Commission Miner co-op/ Auto-Commission Co-op
Price: 30-day FREE trial $29 afterward
Owner: Bryan Winters aka `Goldrush Jack`
Rank: 90 out of 100

Thanks for checking my Commission Miner review in 2022

Have you come across Commission miner co-op aka auto- commission miner? I would love to hear from you. What are your experiences? If you have any questions or concerns, drop them in the comment box, I will get back to you soonest.

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The Sky is the Limit,
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The 7-Steps to Become a successful Super Affiliate

FREE 6-Part Video Series

The Leave Your Soul-sucking 9-5 Blueprint

How To Quit Your 9-5 Job & Achieve Financial & Time FREEDOM

60 thoughts on “Is the Commission Miner Co-op a Scam(2023): The Million Dollar secret”

  1. Hey Tony,

    I appreciate your in depth review of the “Commission Miner” Program. I am very interested in it, but concerned about ALL the upsells. The upsells is what has “scared” me away from such programs. So I guess I’m on the fence here. I want to join, but I want to be reassured, that what do I actually need to pay for to actually succeed with Commission Miner. I already know about the “Free Trial” and there’s what? the $29 a month payment? then is there more monthly payments? I can see myself paying for ALL these upgrades, If I was already having a steady flow of income, but what If you are new? somebody just starting out? what would I need to start making money today? I also like the $97 rotator but that’s a heck of a price to pay, if you’re just starting out…but that’s just me. I appreciate your thoughts on this, because If I do join, I’d like to join under you, with hopes I can get help from you If I need It….Thanks Again Tony……Ronald Kerr, Granite Falls NC USA

    P.S. I meant to tell you, that I DON’T have a Website of my own…will this still work for me?

    1. Hey Donald,

      First off, sorry for the delayed reply.

      There is only one upsell which is optional but brings profit much faster.

      Hope that clears things up for you Ronald.

      If you don’t have a website/ have traffic/following. It will be hard.

      For me, I was already into profit within the first month.

  2. Hi Tony

    This looks like a fantastic product and Bryan Winters is a well-known marketer so ti has the feel of being a legit way to start making good commissions online.
    The auto-rotator looks like a really good feature, I notice it has been a couple of years since you made this review, is it still working well for you?

  3. Hello Tony,

    I just want to update on my Commission Miner progress. I have set up my Funnel 1 and 2. Next is I believe the most challenging to get traffic. I’m planning on doing paid traffic like solo ads. I may buy 100 to 200 clicks per month. Would you pls give me advice what other alternatives that are best for me to execute. Looking forward to learn from you.

    Best Regards,

    1. Hey Brad and congratulations on taking steps on the training offered within the commission miner.

      Traffic can be quiet a challenge but for long-term goals, you will need a website that will help you generate targeted traffic.

      Solo ads are the easiest to drive traffic to your funnels although not a long-term strategy!

      The Sky is the Limit,

          1. Hi Tony,

            I have joined WA and Commission Miner from your links. My plan, for now, is to concentrate on commission miner because of the 1 month free membership and lower monthly payment. I’m looking forward to connect and learn from you. Thank you for showing us the great programs here. Have a wonderful new year.

          2. Glad to have helped you make an informed desicion Brady and thanks for your support!

            The 30 day free trial gives commission miner an added advantage over other programs.

            Let me know if you need help along the way with the program.

            Have a rocking 2017!

    1. Hello Tony
      I have just discovered your site and I like it.
      I am interested in the Commission Miner program.
      I have been “milked”many times and I am always “fun shy” but I looked at this program some time back and kind of let it slide, but have been looking at it for the last couple of weeks.
      Your review has given me the itch to sign up.
      One question: What happens if I join and buy the rotator, and then, I dropped Commission Miner Program?
      Is the rotator still mine and functioning?
      Is it still generating an income if I continue to promote it?

      1. Glad that you discovered my site Simpson.

        The internet is full of junk products. For that reason, many have given up making money online.

        The Auto-rotator is a one time upsell that you can only get while signing up. It will not generate income for since you will no longer be a member. But why should you drop it?

  4. I’m still a little bit in the dark about how this actually works – are you promoting this Brian dudes products or courses or something? How do you make the money? But aside from that I like the way that there is a 30 day trial period – do they need your credit card details for this sign up period?

    1. Hi Chris,

      Yes, I’m promoting the product because I have tested it for you guys.

      I make money since I am a paying affiliate.

      With Commission miner, you can only sign up for the 30 day FREE trial if you have a verified paypal account.(Not credit card.)

      Hope this answers your question Chris.

    1. Hi Olga,

      Commission miner is not a scam. I have tested it myself before writing this review. I can easily tell a scam. There are no fake promises. In fact, they have a 30 day FREE trial. Which scam can do that?

      Thank you for your commnent.

  5. Hi Tony
    I stumbled across your site and I am really glad I did.

    The information you offer is clear and to the point. It is encouraging to see that you offer a Free signup option prior to making a decision. Definitely the way to go with so many scams on the internet it is important to learn what is on offer first.
    Thank you

    1. Am always happy when I help folks get additional income streams to make money online. Since you ae an internet marketer, you should not let opportunities like this pass you by!


  6. Nice site, I enjoyed your review on Commission Miner, I’d never heard of it until now. I’ll definitely have to look into it, I’m always trying to find new ways of making money. I went out and did some research myself after looking at your site and so far it looks legit. Thanks again for the information!

    1. Thanks Gabino.

      As an affiliate marketer, you have to find numerous streams of income that will fatten your wallet. Commission miner can help you with that. Otherwise, you may need to learn the basics of internet marketing.


  7. Nicely done article. While there are sooo many programs out there. It is nice to know that there are those like yourself that present the pros and cons of marketing programs in a concise and informative way so the person reading can feel confident in the review.

    I had never heard of commission miner co-op. But after reading your review, it may be something I would be interested in. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Valrie,

      You are right. This days it is hard to find a program that you can trust. Most programs are made in order to make the creator more richer and not to assist others. If you are not helping anybody, you have no business online.

      Glad that you found this review both honest and informative. Looking forward working with you now and in the days to come.

      The sky is the Limit,

  8. At first this site looks like a one of those sleezy get rich quick schemes. I do like the sound of the 30 day trail, although I signed up for wealthy affiliate two days after reading about. I think the latter looks attractive to the skeptics. This uncover the secret I’ve seen it on the wealthy affiliate website.

    1. Commission miner looks like a get rich quick scheme, no wonder Bryan says that there is really a secret of making millions online. I am glad that Am now among the 1%. You need too.:)

  9. I really liked your review on commission miner and their services. I almost would be hesitant to sign up for a service that has been offered less than two months. With your review I most defiantly will consider signing up. I think your site is one of the best that I have ever come across.

    1. I will always support anyone who ask for my help in the affiliate programs in our website. Just take your time and do not rush things. Move at your own speed, as Kyle says to all premium members. This is a journey and not a race.


  10. This website seems very informative I gotta say the pictures of the guy in the suit holding throwing money at you seems a bit sleezy. I wouldn’t recommend this to any new affiliates in building there website. If the site is true then maybe I can check it out in the future. For now I would like to say that at first glance it looks like another one those get-rich-quick sceems.

    1. You are right Muhammad. I would also not recommend this program to those who are new in internet marketing. One needs to learn the basics of internet marketing before signing up for programs like this.

      For a person like you who already own a website, you can give it a shot!

  11. Hello Tony it’s good to see that there are the occasional good affiliate programs out there and this seems to be one of them. You are right of course about the 30 day free trial in that it is a great selling feature and gives people confidence that it’s a legit program.

    I may have to take a look at this and find out for myself thanks for keeping your readers informed about the great programs that are available. 🙂

    1. You are right Peter. Commission miner is also one of the best affiliate marketing programs that I have tested. The trial period gives one an opportunity to try before they pay. SCAMS will never do that.

      It is also good to check out by yourself and take advantage of the affiliate program and take advantage of the earning opportunities.

  12. I have some reservation on programs started by Bryan winters. From your post, the main focus is his auto-pilot 2 tier affiliate program. Again he might say is not MLM but the way he put it. It seems everyone will be spending their time recruiting for the 2 tier affiliate program. At the end of the day he the one who will benefit most. Proceed with extra caution.

    1. Thank you for the caution Jimmy.
      I mentioned in the review that commission miner is not a two tie affiliate program. It is a One tier with 50% commissions not MLM either. That is just for clarification Jimmy..

  13. Just wanted first to say thank you for such a thorough review of the various affiliate marketing programs and their benefits. I’ve personally never joined any of them but I’m very interested in online marketing and would definitely try them out (especially since some of them let you try for free for the first month).

    Thanks again for sharing and keep up the good work in passing on your knowledge to others!


    1. You are a wealthy affilite. It lacks no meaning if an affiliate do not promote affiliate programs or affiliate income opportunities. You will find it easier to promote these progtrams as your site matures.

      I will work with you Gin to boost your affiliate income.


  14. Hello Tony,

    I have been looking to get back into affiliate marketing for a while now. I tried it a few years back and think I gave up on it too soon. In my search for legitimate programs, I came across your site. The first thing I look for is someone I can trust and Judging from your “about page” you seem to be a real person. I like several things about this program. I like the 30-day free trial, the autopilot income co op, the training and the fact that it is affiliate marketing. I will give it serious consideration.

    1. Getting back to affiliate marketing is the best decision that you can ever make Rick. Failing once does not mean that you cannot rise up again. With a legitimate program, you can make lifetime commissions and NEVER give up again.

  15. Melanie Townsend

    Hello! This is my first time visiting your website. I have never heard of this program before. It is good that they give you a thirty day free trial. Though you have explained the program I still feel a little confused. The whole thing sounds overwhelming. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate. How would you promote Wealthy Affiliate through this program?

    1. Hi Melanie,

      You are right, the program has a 30 day Free trial which gives you an opportunity to try before you pay.(Wealthy Affiliate does the same – this is to proof legitimacy)

      I am a member of wealthy affiliate too Melanie, therefore I find nothing overwhelming here. You do not have to be confused, just understand how the program works.

      About your Question,” How would you promote wealthy affiliate through commission miner?”
      Good question. There are two main ways that you can promote wealthy affiliate: Through email marketing and the forum.

      I have many email addresses that I use to promote wealthy affiliate.(The emails are captured with the CMC funnels.

      Hope I answered your question, You can join commission miner before they remove the trial period!

  16. Hi there,

    While looking for info I landed on your site and very glad i did, you have explained commission coop miner so well and l could read the knowledge you have for this product.

    What l like the most is that they have a two-tier affiliate commission, this adds up faster if one has a good downline.

    Brian was right when he said anyone can be an affiliate, the only difference is making a success as an affiliate through hard work.

    l just find the Auto rotator expensive, at $97 for a beginner,that`s quite alot of money.But thanks so much for very informative post.

    1. There is an update on that. The program has now a one tier affiliate program which pays 50% instant commissions. This money adds up faster.(Payments are made through paypal). What is even more interesting is there are two-affiliate programs inside it.

      The Commission miner co-op is the main package. The auto-rotator is completely optional. If you have any question or need a hand with the program, shoot me an email.

  17. Actually, The program that I am excited about is commission miner .I really enjoyed your review on that that the program I ve been doing due diligence on so that s the one that I would like to work with you on. Thanks Tony,I appreciate your help!

    Jerry, if you join Commission Miner make sure you pay the one time upsell within it to get the auto rotator earning you $32 dollar commissions.

    1. Am Glad that you enjoyed my review Dyson,

      I am willing go help anybody who joins the program under me. I will be offering some sort of training to make sure that you are into profits within the shortest time possible.

      Paying the $97 is totally optional. You can still make full time income with the funnels provided within commission miner.

      If you have any more question or need help, contact me back.

      The Sky is the Limit,

  18. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for a very informative review of the Commission Miner program. I have never come across this program, but I am glad that I found it on your site. You have a lot of knowledge on the Internet Market subject and I will take your advice and look at the Commission Miner. It is nice to know that there is a company that is willing to back their product by giving you a 30 day free trial. There are so many scammy products on the internet that promise you can make millions of dollars over night.

    It looks like you also recommend Wealthy Affiliate as a great program to build your own web site. Do they also offer a free trial period and how detailed is the online training?

    Once again, thank you for a very informative article. You are providing a very valuable service to the online community.


    1. Hi Valerie,

      The internet is very powerful. The moment you decide to take affiliate marketing, you must be ready to promote other legit affiliate income opportunities. Internet marketing is ever changing so as we as internet marketers. Commission miner actually gives a 30 day FREE trial. The emails harvested can be used to promote any other program or product.

      Bryan proves to the whole world that he believes in his product that is why he he offering a 30 day free trial.

      About you question, Yes I recommend wealthy affiliate for newbies who no nothing about internet marketing. They also have a 7 day FREE trial to access the premium membership. After that, you pay only $19 the first month then $47 thereafter.

      Hope this answers your questions Val. If you have any more feel free to Comment back.

      The Sky is the Limit

  19. DarrelBBehringer

    What’s up, just wanted to say, I liked this article. It was practical.

    You are an expert in this field. I would recommend this website to all My friends just to say thank you for exposing the commission miner co-op to me.

    Keep on posting!

    1. Hi Darrel,

      You are right, Commission miner is practical. No one promises you riches overnight. Further more, Bryan reveals the proven method that internet marketers have been using ti make fortunes online.

      What is more interesting is that the program has a 30 day Risk free trial. One can cancel at any time. There should not even be the word risk because you are not risking.

      One can still make commission promoting outside programs within CMC. Most of the programs pay instantly through paypal. I will give you the support that you need to make it in CMC.

  20. Dear Tony,

    This is great detailed information on The Commission Miner program. At first by name alone I was skeptical thinking this might be a scam. Yet, as the saying goes, you can’t judge a book by its over, you need to be the judge of what it represents when you read the pages. So, I was shocked to see I was wrong to make that notion this was a scam when in truth it is just another one of those legitimate online opportunities out there on the Internet these days.

    I think I shall stick to what I know already in terms of being an affiliate at a great place like WA itself. The training and support by online community is more than enough to help me become better as an affiliate marketeer on the web. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing such specific information on this program which I am only hearing about since I landed on your website blog post article here. 🙂

    Wishing you all the best with your online accomplishments above and beyond the horizon,


    1. Thank you Angel for coming to this website,

      At a glance, one may think that commission miner is a scam. As you just said,the name suggests. I also thought just like you at first. Since I am an affiliate marketer, I had to give it a trial. “If a program is not Free or free to try then it is probably a scam.” Bryan believes in his product and offers the 30 day risk FREE trial.

      Since you already know the basics of internet marketing which you learnt within Wealthy affiliate, you can leverage awesome affiliate income opportuinities. Remember level 2 of affiliate bootcamp? NEVER leave money on the table.

      The Sky is the Limit

  21. This sounds like a pretty good program to try out. I always look to see if they offer a free trial period so you can see just what exactly they do have to offer. Your program has a 30 day FREE trial which gives you a good amount of time to check it out.

    You gave lots of detail to brake down what to expect which I find very helpful and easier for making a decision.
    Great post.

    1. That is true Travis,

      If a program has a trial period, it means that the owner has nothing to hide. The program is just like wealthy affiliate which has a 7 day FREE trial. One can take advantage of this trial and even make sale for CMC income funnel 2 which are products outside CMC. The support in the forum is also awesome.

      Am glad that you found this article of help to you. I believe that you too will try the program and see exactly what am talking about. If you need any support or have a question, I will be here to answer.

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    1. Hi Carolyne,

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      1. Hello,

        I would like to ask you one thing. Can I have another account after registering with free trial? I mean if I want to pay $97 after creating free trial account can I register with another email but with same withdrawal Paypal account?

        1. Hi Undraa,

          You can register with another email a different account. The anto-rotator is a one time payment. If you do not take it at first, the only way is by creating another account.

          Another paypal account may be required since it will appear as if you are paying yourself which is not possible.

          Hope this helps. I will always be here to answer you and help you along the way.

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