Amazing Selling Machine 13 Evolution Review 2021: Scam or Worth $4,997?

Hey, and Welcome to my Amazing Selling Machine 13 Evolution review 2021, which shows you how to Build a Successful Amazon Business as a seller and get a Slice of over $220 Billion in Sales generated last year and projects to sell Over 4.891 trillion dollars in 2021!

Will you get a slice this year? Continue with the review to learn More about Amazing Selling Machine 13 Evolution, or Sign up now for 100% FREE training.

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Amazing Selling Machine Evolution Quick Overview

Name: Amazing Selling Machine Evolution(ASM 13) Review

Official Website:

Founders: Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback

Price: $4,997 or 6 instalments of $997

Rating: 89 out of 100

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What you’ll learn in this review and The Amazing Selling Machine 13 Evolution:

  • How to get a $2,500 Discount on Amazing Selling Machine 
  • How to get a secret Software that reveals the hottest Opportunities on Amazon
  • The simple process of creating your brand for any product you sell
  • A secret source to promote your products after you launch
  • How to Private Label Products so that they have your brand
  • Why Amazon needs your help
  • How you can automate the entire logic using Amazon Available resources
  • How to get FREE training From Amazing Selling Machine
  • How to sell even if you are not living in the US
  • Can you get ASM 13(Amazing Selling Machine Evolution) in Other Languages?
  • Are there cheaper alternatives to Amazing Selling Machine 13 Evolution?

Close any ASM pages, including the sales page, and pay close attention to this review Only;-). 

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Amazing Selling Machine FREE Training What is the Amazing Selling Machine Evolution(ASM 13)?

The Amazing Selling Machine 13 Evolution is a 9-week step-by-step premium program with videos that show you how to Build a Successful Amazon FBA Business. All the videos are brand new and re-recorded with the latest changes in Amazon.

As you may have noticed(or Not), there are other versions of Amazing/Amazon Selling Machine previously released.

Some of the earlier versions include ASM6, ASM7, and ASM8, ASM 9, ASM X, ASM 11, ASM12, and now Amazing Selling Machine Evolution(ASM 13). Each version is different from the previous one.


What is the Amazing Selling Machine then all about?


Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback co-founded Amazing Selling Machine back in 2011 to teach others how to build a profitable Amazon Business. Since then, it has created millionaires and thousands that have changed their lifestyle following the training.

Before we Dive in, Below are some real students’ results.

This is an Image Showing Amazing Selling Machine student testimonials
Amazing Selling Machine student testimonial

Let’s get to know the owners better. Shall We?

Quick Facts and Statistics

Learn How To Start Selling On Amazon Today

Amazing Selling Machine 13 evolution Video Review

Who is Jason Katzenback of The Amazing Selling Machine Evolution?

It did not all start at Amazing Selling Machine Evolution.

This is an Image Showing Jason Katzenback who is the Co-Founder of Mazing Selling Machine

Jason was creating information products like ebooks and selling them for profit to solve a particular problem.

In fact, in 2005, he created a Profit Feeder product, teaching people how to promote their products to grow their businesses.

In 2011, magic happened.

He met a young guy who was generating crazy amounts of money Selling on Amazon.

Was he skeptical?

Of course!

He decided to give it a shot.

Within a few months, he was getting massive profits.

He later asked him if he would like to be a content partner to teach more students how to do the same. 

The guy(Mentioned later in this article) agreed to partner with Jason and found a passion for Making People’s lives Amazing.

For years they have been teaching students not only how to run a business but also lead them.

You can read more stories about him in Other Publications:

Let me Introduce you to Someone(The Co-Founder) Now…

Who Is Matt Clark of The Amazing Selling Selling Machine Evolution?

Amazing Selling Machine Review - Matt Clark

Unlike(or like) many of us, Matt also had an opportunity to go to University. He graduated from the #1 ranked undergraduate entrepreneurship program in the world, the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship, majoring in Finance & Entrepreneurship

In fact, at the age of 22, he started following his passion for health & fitness, trying to make ends meet. He knew that people could have sold something online but had no clue how.

Through trial and error, he started his first online store. Surprisingly, it generated around $700 for the first month. It was at this stage that he learned everything about online advertising and selling online consistently.

In 2011 after he had built several multi-billion dollar companies where he discovered that only a few people are taking advantage of Amazon, making it even worse, those who know about selling on Amazon don’t know how to share the knowledge with others.

Matt believed that anyone could achieve the same level of success and Freedom and everyone has the right to quit their jobs by showing them every step they need to follow.

Amazing Selling Machine was born. In the first year alone, over 2,000 students took the course.

Matt Clark has also been featured in your favorite publications that you know & trust:


The ASM training comes in 3 additional languages. So, it does not matter if you don’t speak good English. Raise your hand if you speak these languages:

  • German
  • Spanish
  • Romanian

Profit from a Trillion dollar industry Amazing Selling Machine 13 Evolution Pros Vs. Cos


  • One-time fee of only $4997. No upsells
  • The Owners are successful e-commerce titans
  • Complete Step by Step Amazon updated Video training.
  • The training is geared towards helping you see results
  • Lessons are broken down to make learning easier
  • Access to ASM members-only super active community
  • The badges that you are given at every stage gives one motivation and a feeling of progress
  • There are 8-live sessions where you get all your questions answered(recordings are also available if you cannot make it live.
  • Includes Amazon seller Approval guidance
  • Amazon needs more sellers(you) to feed the market
  • Discounted tools for ASM 13 evolution members ONLY
  • There are already successful students who get results
  • Very few to none Amazing Selling Machine 13 evolution complaints
  • You can sell from anywhere
  • There is a pricing plan
  • Comes with a 100% 30 day risk-free no questions asked money back Guarantee
  • 60-day buyback Guarantee
  • $100,000 set aside for ASM 13 evolution members to advertise their Business
  • Responsive support from experts who have generated a thousand online, you are not alone!
  • The # of people buying from Amazon is increasing
  • Task-based, learn while earning


  • The Price is Expensive, but hey, how many cheap courses have you purchased but never got the results intended. ASM anticipates getting you results!
  • ASM is not for Everybody

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(Success stories)Are People Getting Results with Amazing Selling Machine 13 evolution?

Matt Clark first launched the Amazing Selling Machine in 2013.

Since then, it has always been updated and improved to follow the latest trends and technology about selling on Amazon.

Amazing Selling Machine Success story
Pat Success Story
Amzing Selling Machine Success Story Nick

Amazing Selling Machine has helped over 27,000 students in over 120 countries build their own lifestyle businesses using the power of selling on Amazon.

Those are just a few stories over the year since the launch of ASM.

See even more success stories in the video below:

By now, you know that people are getting results by applying the tactics, training, and tools shared within the Amazing Selling Machine Community.

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An Inside Look at Amazing Selling Machine 13 Evolution

Amazing Selling Machine Review - Welcome Module
ASM Welcome Module

As stated in the introduction, ASM 13 Contains 9 Main modules and a welcome module. Welcome Module: The ASM Business and Mindset

  • This module is geared towards the mind only to succeed in the course
  • It shows you how to get the most of the course, where to get support and the Basics of Amazon FBA

The Welcome Module

  • The ASM Membership Dashboard  – How To Use The ASM Hub To Get The Most From It Including The Video Player, Tools, Alliance, And More
  • The ASM Community  – Walkthrough the Amazing ASM Alliance Community Where You Can Get Any Question Answered
  • How To Earn Your Progress Badges – Let Others Know That You Are Taking Action, Doing The Work, And On Your Way To Success
  • ASM Mentor Program  – How To Get The Maximum Benefit From The Amazing ASM Mentors
  • Success Principles  – How To Get More Profit In Less Time With Less Stress
  • The 7-figure Foundation Principles  – What It Takes To Reach 7-figures And Beyond
  • Different Ways To Structure Your Physical Product Business
  • Which Amazon Marketplace To Start With  – Choosing The Right Marketplace That Suits Your Situation Is Critical To Your Success
  • Seller Central Overview And Requirements  – See Exactly What You Need To Create Your Amazon Seller Central Account
  • Setting Up Payoneer Or World First  – The Best Two Options For Receiving Funds From Amazon If You Live In A Country Amazon Will Not Pay Directly
  • Seller Central Account Critical Guidelines  – How To Avoid The Many Pitfalls Of Creating Your SC Account
  • ​Seller Central Documentation  – How To Craft Your Documents To Make Sure You Get Approved The First Time
  • Seller Central Setup Walkthrough  – Look Over Our Shoulder The Entire Set-Up Process
  • Seller Central Review/Suspension Scenarios  – What To Do If Anything Goes Wrong With Your Seller Central Set Up


  • Dominate Your Competition By Building A Real Brand  – Why Building A Brand Is Crucial To Your Ongoing Success
  • The 7 Elements Of A Red Hot Profitable Product Opportunity – What Your Product Needs To Have To Beat The Competition
  • Which Categories To Choose For Maximum Result And Those To Avoid For Your Products
  • ​What Products To Avoid For Your First Profitable Product  – Due To Excess Competition, Patents, Or Other Legal Issues
  • ​The Perfect Product Selection System  – Complete Overview Of The Entire Product Selection System
  • ​What The ASM Criteria Are And Why They Are So Important To Your Success
  • ​What Tools Should You Use To Achieve The Fastest And Most Profitable Results
  • ​Proving Product Viability With Competing Products  – How To Make Sure Your Hot Product Opportunities Are Viable And Not One-Off Products Whose Sales Can’t Be Replicated
  • ​Speeding Up The Product Selection Process  – Tips And Tricks For Speeding Up The Entire Process
  • ​Stretching The ASM Criteria  – Found A Product You Are Passionate About But Does Not Quite Match All The Criteria? This Lesson Shows You What You Can And Can’t Modify
  • ​Alternative Search Method  – Using A Different Tool For A Different Way Of Searching For Your Profitable Product
  • ​Patent Search – How To Perform An Initial Patent Search To Check If Amazon sellers Should avoid any Of Your Product Opportunities


This is An Image of the Amazing Selling Machine Showing Your How to Pick Profitable products
  • Understanding Amazon’s Fees  – How To Understand Exactly How Much It Costs To Sell On Amazon
  • ​Product Tuning  – How To Make Your Product Stand Out Amongst The Rest
  • ​Simple Product Sourcing  – How To Source Your Products From Anywhere In The World
  • ​Creating A Professional Online Presence  – How To Create A Professional Online Presence To Make You Look Like A Pro From The Start
  • ​Finding And Contacting Suppliers With Our Proven Templates  – How To Communicate With Potential Suppliers Using Our Professionally-Written Templates
  • ​Calculating The True Cost Of A Product – How To Ensure That The Product, You Choose Will Make You A Profit After All Costs Are Taken Into Account
  • ​Calculating Final Profit Numbers For Your Focused Opportunity List  – How To Use The True Cost To Determine Your Final Profit Potential For Each Product
  • ​Getting Samples For Your Top Opportunity  – How To Order Samples For Your Top Product Opportunity


  • The Samples Have Arrived! Now What?  – What To Look For Once Your Samples Have Arrived
  • ​Choosing The Best Supplier And Getting The Highest Profit Margin  – How To Choose The Best Supplier Using Our Own Criteria Which Will Also Help You Get The Best Prices
  • ​Getting Ready For Your First Inventory Order  – What You Need To Place On Your First Inventory Order
  • ​The ASM Brand Name Creation Process  – Your Brand Is Critical And Choosing Your Brand Name Is Too
  • ​Creating Your Powerful Brand Logo  – How To Get Your Brand Logo Created Simple And Fast
  • ​Purchasing Your UPC – Amazon requires a UPC To Add A Product. This Lesson Shows You Your Options
  • ​Quick Start Product Listing  – Creating A Quick Product Listing Is Needed Before You Can Ship Your Inventory
  • ​Designing Your Product Packaging  – The Easiest Ways To Get The Best Product Packaging
  • ​The Power Of Package Inserts  – How To Start Building A Customer List From Day 1
  • ​How Much Inventory Should You Order?  – How To Determine The Right Amount Of Inventory To Order For Your First Order
  • ​Shipping By Air Or By Sea  – The Pros And Cons Of Shipping By Sea Or By Air
  • ​The “Secrets” Of Placing Your First Inventory Order
  • ​What Happens After You Order Your Inventory  – Important Steps To Take While Waiting For Your Inventory To Arrive


  • Building a Foundation for Success  – The Most Important Steps To Take To Build Your Brand Online and Maximize Sales
  • ​Creating Your Domain Email Account
  • ​Creating Your Brand Website  – The Easiest and Fastest Way To Get Your Website Setup
  • ​Creating Your Brand Facebook Page  – Creating a Facebook Page to Power Your Product Launch
  • ​Setting up Manychat For Success  – How to Provide a Professional Brand Experience
  • ​Important ManyChat Features  – One of the Most Important Tools in Your Toolbox
  • ​Building a Subscriber List For Launch  – The Best Way To Future Proof Your Brand and Maximize Success in Your Product Launch
  • ​Get More Reviews On Autopilot With ManyChat – More Reviews = Higher Conversion Rate = More Sales.
  • ​Adding Content to Facebook and Instagram page – Constantly Growing Your Audience and Providing Social Proof.
  • ​Registering Your Brand Name Across All Social Media Sites  – Setting Up for Scale and Long Term
  • ​Module 4 Wrap-Up and Action Items Recap


  • How To Craft The Perfect Amazon Listing To Crush Your Competitors
  • ​Strategic Keyword Research For Top Amazon Rankings  – How To Find The Best Possible Keywords To Target For Your Product To Get Maximum Traffic And Sales
  • ​How To Craft The Best Title To Gain Traffic And Conversion
  • ​Bullet Points That Sell  – The Secrets Of Creating The Best Possible Bullet Points Using Benefits And Features Of Your Product
  • ​How To Create A Compelling Product Description That Steals Sales From Your Competitors
  • ​Product Images That Attract And Convert  – Along With The Title, Your Product Images Are The Most Important Element Of Your Listing. Here’s How To Get Them Right
  • ​Product Pricing For Profit  – How To Choose The Right Price To Get Both Traffic And Sales, But Still Have A Significant Profit Margin
  • ​Creating Your Complete Listing  – How To Add All The Elements To Optimize Your Listing
  • ​How To Craft The Perfect Customer Emails For Engagement And Reviews
  • ​Taking Advantage Of Downtime  – Maximizing The Time You Have While Waiting For Your InventoryHow To Craft The Perfect Amazon Listing To Crush Your Competitors
  • ​Strategic Keyword Research For Top Amazon Rankings  – How To Find The Best Possible Keywords To Target For Your Product To Get Maximum Traffic And Sales
  • ​How To Craft The Best Title To Gain Traffic And Conversion
  • Bullet Points That Sell  – The Secrets Of Creating The Best Possible Bullet Points Using Benefits And Features Of Your Product
  • How To Create A Compelling Product Description That Steals Sales From Your Competitors
  • Product Images That Attract And Convert  – Along With The Title, Your Product Images Are The Most Important Element Of Your Listing. Here’s How To Get Them Right
  • Product Pricing For Profit  – How To Choose The Right Price To Get Both Traffic And Sales, But Still Have A Significant Profit Margin
  • Creating Your Complete Listing  – How To Add All The Elements To Optimize Your Listing
  • How To Craft The Perfect Customer Emails For Engagement And Reviews
  • Taking Advantage Of Downtime  – Maximizing The Time You Have While Waiting For Your Inventory


  • The Amazon Launch Process  – Understanding The Objective
  • ​Planning for Success  – Key Preparation Steps for a Successful Product Launch
  • ​Tracking the Data to Inform Decisions  – What Numbers Matter the Most For a Successful Launch
  • ​Introduction to Amazon Sponsored Product Advertising  – Why It’s An Important Piece of Your Brand Strategy
  • ​Structuring Campaigns for Success  – The Most Effective and Cost-Efficient Way To Structure Your Ad Campaigns on Amazon
  • ​Using Samurai Seller  – Take the Pain Out of Amazon Ads
  • ​Getting Your Initial Reviews  – How To Get Your Initial Product Reviews
  • ​Creating Promotional Coupon Codes
  • ​Optimizing Price Against Rank and Sales  – How and When to Optimize Your Price and Increase Profit
  • ​Sustaining Rank Profitably  – How To Hold Onto Your Spot When Achieve Ranking on Amazon
  • ​Running Out of Inventory and Reordering  – The Most Effective Way to Maximize Sales and Minimize Loss of Rank when Running Out Of Stock


  • The Importance of PPC and KPIs  – Discover how to use ads to reach your sales goals
  • ​Recap of Campaign Structure & Keyword Match Types
  • ​How Does The Advertising Auction Work?  – Learn the ins and outs of the Amazon Sponsored Ads Platform and how to
  • ​Foundations for Success with Amazon Advertising
  • ​Budget Management  – Avoid overspending on ads relative to your profit 
  • ​Bid Optimization  – Get the most value with minimal spend for each ad you run
  • ​Keyword Optimization  – Bring in customers who are ready to spend by targeting the right keywords
  • ​Understand Advertising Reports  – Learn how to use data to make critical decisions for your business


  • Optimizing Traffic and Conversions  – The Simplest Way To Make Data-Driven Decisions
  • ​Building and Utilizing Your Performance Checklist
  • ​Amazon Ads Optimization  – Get Complete Clarity on Scaling and Optimizing Your Ads For Profit
  • ​Relaunching When You Have Lost Rank or Run Out of Inventory  – A Proven Strategy To Regain Rank On-Demand
  • ​Growing Your Business for Cash Flow or Cash Out  – What You Should Be Thinking About When Making Key Business Decisions
  • ​The Benefits of Brand Registry  – Getting Almost Instant Approval For Brand Registry
  • ​The Raving Fan Customer Service System
  • ​When to Launch Your Next Product
  • ​The 3 Ways to Grow Your Business  – Any One Of These Can 2x Your Business
  • ​Amazon Promotions  – How to Win Big With Amazon Promotion Campaigns
  • ​How To Split Test Improvement To Maximize Conversion
  • ​The Power of Product Variations  – Piggyback on Your Existing Product To Increase Traffic and Sales
  • ​Choosing Your Next Product to Launch
  • ​Launching Your Next Product  – How To Leverage Your Existing Customers


This is An Image Showing Module 7 of the Amazing Selling Machine that Mainly focuses on Traffic
ASM Module 7 Training: All About Traffic
  • Testing New Strategies and Having a Growth Mindset
  • ​Using Facebook Messenger to Build a Subscriber List  – The Most Impactful Way to Build a Raving Fan Base For Your Brand
  • ​Using Facebook Ads to Get Subscribers  – Introducing Your Brand to Your Target Customer
  • Distribute Coupon Codes to Subscriber List  – Simple Approach to Distributing Promotional Codes During Launch
  • ​Amazon Attribution Beta Program
  • ​Using Google Ads to Get Subscribers and Sales  – A Little Known Tactic For Getting Highly Targeted Traffic That Converts
  • ​Dominating with YouTube Ads – Make The World’s 2nd Largest Search Engine Work For Your Brand.
  • ​Working with Influencers To Launch Products and Drive Sales
  • ​Using Instagram to Boost Traffic, Sales, and Reviews  – FREE Highly-Engaged Traffic and Raving Fans
  • ​Building a Team To Run Your Business  – The Fastest and Most Effective Way To Build A Skilled Team


Who Is Amazing Selling Machine 13 Evolution?

  • Someone looking to sell on Amazon
  • Have you tried to sell on Amazon but failed? 
  • Have you been looking for training geared towards getting you results?
  • Successful Affiliate marketers who want to increase their income streams
  • Newbies who want to start selling on Amazon right from day 1
  • If you can afford $4997 and more

Who Is Amazing Selling Machine 13 Evolution Not for?

  • ASM 12 is not for everybody
  • If you cannot afford $4997
  • Suppose you are not motivated to learn & get results. How many cheap courses have you bought by now? Did they give you anticipated results?

Are you ready to Join Amazing Selling Machine 12 and get my Killer Bonuses?

Yes, Let me Join Amazing Selling Machine 13 Evolution for $4,997 (Save $985!) or 6 x$997

No thanks, I Want to Learn More About Amazing Selling Machine 13 Evolution Before Investing.

How Much is the Amazing Selling Machine Evolution? (ASM 13 Pricing)

Amazing Selling Machine has Only two prices.

Pay one Payment of only $4997(save $995) or 6 payments of $997.

That is it.

Ops. I almost forgot some Killer bonuses if you buy ASM 13 through this site or my Affiliate link.

I know $4,997 is a BIG deal but below is a video explaining exactly that!

Oh! There is Even More…

Forget about the 30-day money-back guarantee, the mentor program, the community, and the private resource vault.

When you buy ASM today, you’ll get additional tools that will automate your entire business.

The tools alone would cost you an additional $10,000 or more if you had to do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

The Brand LauchPad

Traffic is what makes most businesses fail.

This is your fail-proof tool and step-by-step training that teaches you everything about getting traffic on Amazon.

You will get 6-month FREE access to this tool as an ASM member to ensure that you get consistent sales daily like clockwork to be profitable within the shortest time possible.

The Powerful Amazon Analytics Tool

You already have traffic.

It is time to track that traffic and see how it converts to tweak to increase conversions, sales, and profit.

This tool will also allow you to send custom email automation to your customers to increase your reviews and trustworthiness as a brand.

It also tracks your inventory to ensure that your products are NEVER out of stock and also have the ability to check where you rank against your competition.


Two other secret tools are only available to ASM members. You will get them all when you join ASM.

Is Amazing Selling Machine 13 Evolution a Scam?

Have you heard of other people calling Amazing to sell Machine 13 evolution a Scam? 

There are reasons for that…

  • They are competitors. Other courses teaching you how to sell on Amazon may be diverting your attention using “Amazing selling Machine 9” to drive traffic to their offers.
  • They have NEVER tried the program. It’s unfair to call a product/program a scam if you haven’t tried it yourself.
  • You have tried and failed Amazon Business. It’s not all wrong. There is still a way out.
  • It’s a risk. I agree $4,997 is not cheap.

Amazing Selling Machine 13 Evolution Frequently Asked Questions

Since the Amazing Selling Machine launch, there have been some commonly asked questions by both members, non-members, and those who are still over the fence to decide where to Invest in an Amazing Selling Machine or Not.

Isn’t Amazon Too Competitive?

Amazon is growing bigger. In 2017 alone, over $170 Billion was made. It is projected to make $220 Billion this year(2018)

Besides, the number of people who want to buy from Amazon even if the product is available in their local supermarkets is drastically increasing, increasing the need for even more sellers.

What is this Training Doesn’t Work?

The Amazing Selling Machine 12 comes with a 30-day question-asked guarantee, plus the training intends to get you results. Mind you; your first advert will be done for you for FREE as an ASM 12 member.

Can this Program Work in Any Niche?

Yes, you are given a list of the most profitable categories to start with. After mastering, you can diversify and start selling more products.

I’m on a Budget. Can I do this?

Yes, there is a payment plan where you can pay 6 payments of Only $997

ASM is committed to getting your results

Is there a discount when I buy the Amazing Selling Machine?

Yes, if you pay the full price of Only $4,997, you Save $985 Instantly!

I’m a complete Newbie with no Existing Audience. Is that OK?

Yes, on module 7, you’ll learn advanced tactics to drive traffic plus, there is a budget set for you when you launch your very first product.

How much money can I make if I Buy ASM?


These member’s results may not be typical. ASM members joining between 2013-2016 who completed the program and launched a new brand had median annual revenue of $60,750.00

This is based on your capacity, business experience, ability, and level of desire.

Some people make over $10,000 in sales within their first month, while others generate over $1 million a year as ASM members.

Is there proof that this works?

Absolutely. Members share their success stories and progress in their Facebook group.

This is an Image Showing the Success Proof of Amazing Selling Machine Students
ASM Success Story Shared

Also, you can get their Free training and see how it works.

Is there Support?

Yes, you’ll get responsive support directly from experts, plus every week(in 8-weeks), you’ll have an opportunity to get your questions answered live!

Is this Real as it Sounds too good to be true?

Yes, it is real. ASM 13 evolution is risk-free since you are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 60-day buyback guarantee.

Someone Offered me an Older version of ASM at a lower price. Should I buy it?

No, you should get the most updated version. Here is why:

  • It’s illegal
  • You’ll are not sure if the training is updated to what is currently working on Amazon.
  • You’ll not get the committed support to get your results
  • You won’t get the ASM 9 Guarantees
  • You won’t take it seriously
  • You’ll miss done-for-you Facebook ads
  • You won’t have profit spotlight 4.0 that reveals profitable Amazon products in seconds.

I don’t have any experience. Can I do this?

Yes, the training is step-by-step so that anybody can follow regarding their experience.

I live outside the USA. Will ASM 13 work for Me?

Its internet business. So you can work from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Here are some more questions answered by one of the founders.

Amazing Selling Machine 13 Evolution Review at a Glance

Name: Amazing Selling Machine 13 Evolution


Creators: Matt Clark & Jason Katzenback

Price:1 Payment of $4,997 (Save $985!) or 6 Payments of $997

Category: Amazon FBA

Verdict: Recommended

Are There Cheaper Alternatives to Amazing Selling Machine Evolution(ASM 13)?

Amazing Selling Machine Evolution(ASM 13) is one of the Most expensive courses you’ll ever buy. There are little to no complaints about the Amazing Selling Machine.

While there are some courses out there, no course comes close to what is offered in ASM.

You will be learning from people who have been there before and therefore understand the possible struggles.

Some of the Courses are Zero Up by Fred Lam which comes with FREE software to Automate your Shopify Store. ECom Success Academy by Adrian Morrison shows you how to build 6-figures using Amazon, Shopify, and Facebook ads, Kevin David Zon Ninja MasterClass.

SellerPro teaches you how to increase sales, profit, and conversions without any additional product, and Amazon Bootcamp shows you the Basics of Amazon FBA.

Related Post: Amazing Selling Machine Cheaper Alternatives.

If you aren’t interested in Amazon FBA or eCommerce but still want to earn a side income online, check out the Wealthy Affiliate if you are on a tight budget or the Super Affiliate System if you want to get faster results.

My Closing Thoughts on Amazing Selling Machine 13 Evolution

With Billions of Dollars spent on Amazon Every year, Amazon needs more sellers to increase its revenue to feed the hungry market.

The increased number of people buying from Amazon is astonishing since most people buy a product that Buyers can find in their local stores.

With their money-back guarantee, buyback guarantee, top support, killer bonuses, and step-by-step training committed to getting results, ASM is hard to pass up.

Get Amazing Selling Machine Here For Only $4,997 or 6 Payments of $997


Register for a 100% FREE MasterClass

Thanks for Checking my Amazing Selling Machine 13 Evolution Review in 2021. What are your views about the Amazing Selling Machine or e-commerce in general? Do you have any questions, clarifications before you buy it? Share them in the comments thread below. You can also share your reviews & experience with Amazing Selling Machine.

PS: Aren’t you sick and tired of buying cheap products that don’t get you results. Most products give you just one puzzle, and you are left figuring out by yourself how to complete the pattern by finding other puzzles. Join Amazing Selling Machine Today, Which is a Complete training that Guarantees results & 100% risk-FREE.

  • Antonio says:

    Hi  Tony

    That is one interesting review on Amazing Selling Machine X. I got to admit I have not heard about this before.  I have heard of so many FBA business promising this and promising that.  It is difficult to know which of the programs are genuine and which are fake.

    The the programme itself sounds very interesting, but the price tag is a bit offputting as paying nearly 5 grand in this belt-tightening times.  It looks like a lot of hard work but then yet again you cannot expect something for nothing. 

    In general, how many people make money on it, compared to schemes of a similar nature?


    • Tony Omary says:

      Results don’t cheat Antonio,

      Which other Amazon FBA course has $100K advertising budget for its customers to help them launch their business faster?

      Which other Amazon FBA course that is constantly updated?

      Which other Amazon FBA course has 30 days of money back guarantee?

      Which other course has 60 days buy-back Guarantee?

      Do you see?

      I’m not sure about the number of people that make money off it.

      Your business is independent and you can only see when people share their results publicly.

  • Richard says:

    Im not sure if I have missed the point here but other than the personal brand name on your products, how is this method superior to drop shipping? In my experience one can negotiate with the suppliers to include your brand on the products for a fee.

    Almost $5,000 for the product is incredibly high and I see this as an enormous barrier to people wanting to purchase the product. I was unable to see in your article if there was a trial version or Lite pack to test suitability before laying out the hard cash for it?

    • Tony Omary says:

      There has been a lot of Debate on DropShipping VS Amazon FBA/Selling on Amazon.

      Drop shipping is less costly but also has low-profit margins.

      On the other hand, Selling on Amazon is a lot easier since they are already warmed up customers and the people buying on Amazon will continue to increase.

      Don’t you want a slice of the pie?

      There is a FREE training Available Here:

      Go watch theFREE training right now.

  • Gomer says:

    I know the price is way out of my league at $4,997 but I can make way to avail of this in the near future. I have a business offline that’s generating profits, so maybe I should save money for the purchase of this course. I really want to learn how the titans are making money with Amazon, and this one from Matt Clark seems like the answer to my searching. To realize my purchase of this sooner, I’d like inquire if installment payment is available like for example divided in 2 or 3 payments?

    • Tony Omary says:

      You will be glad that you did Gomer.

      Awesome that you have a flourishing offline business.

      You will be learning from people who are doing it and interacting with fellow sellers sharing your success, milestone and challenges.

      There are only two option…

      Pay the Full prize and save $985 or 6 Instalments of $997.

      See you on the other Side.

  • Chris says:

    I quite like the way that this system implements a trusted business such as Amazon in it’s setup…but I am more than a little worried about the price of the product. 

    I’m the type of person that usually isn’t sure about something until I tried it – is there any sort of refund setup with this product or maybe a ‘try before you buy’ option? I’m just worried it won’t be for me and I then can’t recoup my money?

    • Tony Omary says:

      Hi Chris,

      There is a FREE training series that you don’t have to pay anything upfront.

      On top of that, you get a 30-day money back guarantee.

      If you are not satisfied, you will get all your money back/refund. Therefore it’s RISK-FREE on your Side.

  • Todd Matthews says:

    This program definitely rings legitimate but the pricing is far out. However, you do get what you pay for, so the value, especially with all those bonuses listed, rings true. Add in the fact it’s only a one-time payment unless someone goes the $997 route. I’m a Kindle author who also sells via Print-on-Demand, so for us Kindle authors who have our own product on Amazon, would this program be worth investing in or are there others?

    • Tony Omary says:

      Hey Todd,

      You can either choose the 6 x $997 Instalment option or get other Amazing Selling Machine Alternatives listed on this page.

      When you can afford, Amazing Selling Machine is worth the Price.

      For now, Check SellerPro and See how you can get more 5 star ratings on your books and how to drive targeted traffic from one of the largest traffic source.(hint: YouTube)

  • Adrian Holland says:

    Thanks for bringing ASM, back into my thoughts, it is a program that, in it’s many guises I have considered on a number of occasions. A number of points have put me off in the past, not least of all the cost of enrolment in the program. I as I, am sure do most people, turn to the internet as a last resort to earn enough money to pay the bills, and with only a very slight ambition of becoming wealthy (what is wealthy anyway? If not only a personal perception). 

    As such very few of us would either have, let alone be prepared to part with such a considerable amount of money on such a long-shot.

    Yes. I agree that access to the techniques of creating a successful profitable relationship with one of the retail giants, is highly desirable, at what cost? So I guess that my question is; can there be any point over the short term of this course that the returns could ever be considered to outbalance the outlay?

    • Tony Omary says:

      I agree Adrian,

      The Amazing Selling Machine Price Tag is hefty,


      How many cheap courses have you bought but haven’t got the intended results?

  • Lindsey says:

    I once looked into selling on Amazon. I did a lot of research, but in the end, was not confident or 100% sure in what I was doing. If you are serious about selling then this looks like a great program. The $5000 price tag was a huge eye opener though. I personally could not afford this, but if I ever get the chance this would be a great option for me.  

    This seems like a great program for someone who already has a product that sells and now wants to market it to a wider audience. I have a friend who patented her own product and this would be a great resource for her. Thanks for the post!

    • Tony Omary says:

      I get that question from Plenty of people from time to time.

      “Is the Price/Cost of Amazing Selling Machine Worth It?”

      I know that’s a lot of money for those who are just starting out.

      But if you can afford the money, why not sacrifice it for FREEDOM and Multiply it?

      You can always get back on this page.

      This May 2019, you are getting $1500 Discount if you Buy Amazing Selling Machine. That’s a Huge Saving.

      Yes, be FREE to share with someone that it could help them better their lives and they will be thankful for it.

  • Shannon says:

    Thank you for sharing such a complete break down of the Amazing Selling Machine program, it sounds true to its name – amazing. I see there are previous earlier versions of the system released. If I purchase the current version 9, will I have to purchase an updated version 10 in the future if and when policies are updated within Amazon and a new version becomes available and goes live? Thanks!

    • Tony Omary says:


      The training, the trainers, the Founders, the Support and the Students are Amazing.

      We are now currently at ASM X and not 9 as you stated Shannon.

      The training is always up to date since what was working a year ago may be a complete recipe for failure right now.

  • Josh says:

    I’ve seen A LOT of ads for Amazing Selling Machine on Facebook recently and now it makes sense because they have a 100k budget. I’m always partially skeptical of MMO programs that are advertised on FB, but it seems like ASM might be a really good option for people.

    While I’ll be honest the cost either way is a little out of my price range currently. I am wondering what you meant by people diverting attention using ASM 9?

    Sorry just a little confused there. Then one final question have you personally used ASM X? and if yes what are your results.

    I’m definitely interested in this system in the future once I save for it.

    • Tony Omary says:

      Hi Josh,

      I agree Amazing Selling Machine spends so much money on Advertising.

      That’s not including the $100K set aside for ASM members to advertise their businesses so that they get results faster and without so much hustle.

      You can Still get some FREE training on this page using any of the links. It’s total GoldMine.

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