Public Likes Review: The HOTTEST Scam of the Year?

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Hey and welcome to my Public Likes Review. It seems you are suffering from “Shiny Object Syndrome jumping to every shiny object” Still desperate to join? Well, read the most thorough review of public likes below.

To break the formalities. Let’s get started.

Name: Public Likes

Owners: NCL Holding

Category: (PTC)Paid to Click

Recommendation: NOT RECOMMENDED. Check my Recommendation on making money online later and continue reading my review to get the facts right.

After reviewing SocialBizConnect which received plenty of comments and critics, here is another program that is trending on social media like Facebook. It’s trending rate cannot be ignored.

F*ck off the hype. Here is the truth about public Likes!


Full disclosure: I’m not affiliated to public likes or paid to write this review. They are my views and experiences from me and other users.

If you are seeing this page, it’s not by mistake you probably found it on Google because I learn how stuff works online and do make Money along the way.

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Before achieving the Level of success, I fell from Scam after Scam. So, I made it my duty to protect internet users like you.

Update: Safaricom has suspended their M-PESA paybill No 135079. What does this mean to you?

Wait, Here are Some Red Flags About Public Likes

1. The domain name was purchased on 29th March 2017. Have you heard them? People claim that public likes were established a long time. Most people promote without digging about the company.

Public Likes Review - Registration Details

Public Likes Registration details

2. Public Likes is not from the US as claimed but in Kenya.

I get it, America is developed but_______

Public Likes Review: Location

Public Likes Location

To prove the legitimacy of this information, look at the time the curve started rising keeping in mind the domain was registered on March 29th.

3. Anonymous Owners!

Fatcow 1
Ad: Start a profitable website like this one. Comes with a FREE domain!

A company is led by a person. For Example, Affilorama is Owned by Mark Ling. Facebook by Mark and so on. Why can’t the owners come to light? Are they hiding something?

4. The main source of Income is not Clicking as Advertised but referrals. As a member, you will be required to promote public like and get others who join under you to pay.

5.Repetitive ads: You’ll be viewing and clicking the same ads daily!

6. The Highest paying in the Industry. The payments from public likes are high and unrealistic. Where do they get the money to pay?

7. High threshold. If you don’t reach the threshold which is $25(ksh 2500) you are not paid. For a starter account, It will take you 50 days to reach there. Ops! That’s VERY little Money.

Tired of Scams? See How I Make money

There you have it. If you want to go ahead, proceed with caution! You can make your own judgment and tell if public likes is genuine. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

What is Public Likes?

I Know what you are thinking!

Is public likes A scam, pyramid scheme or the next big thing that will make you rich?


Public likes claim to be an innovative social media marketing tool available in a multi-language environment. The advertisers pay and the viewers get a slice from the advertiser by clicking the ads.

Does it make any sense to you? That will be revealed later. Keep reading. 😉

Public Likes is Available in the following countries:

I was surprised to see that public likes is available in the United States.


Public Likes Review - Available Countries
Available countries

I tried to register from the United States but the page was blank. Confirmed to available in Kenya and Ghana.

Claims to be Available in:

  • Kenya
  • Ghana
  • Zambia
  • Nigeria South Africa
  • Egypt
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Did you watch the Public Likes Video Review? If not, you can do in order to find out if it’s a pyramid scheme, SCAM or Legit.

Watch Below:

Public Likes Video Review

YouTube video

Public Likes Pros Vs Cons


  • Free to join
  • Good money for the pocket
  • Diverse PTC and other earning opportunities
  • Available in many counties


  • FREE members don’t earn credits fo referrals
  • This is a new domains/business not as claimed(prove later)
  • You can barely make enough money with this
  • You are viewing ads, watching videos, doing surveys and liking pages that “you hate”
  • Not from the US as claimed
  • You don’t make money if none of your referrals upgrade 
  • You don’t own the business. What if it crashes?
  • Paid surveys that they are affiliated with
  • Expensive plans
  • You are earning pennies for a tiring work
  • Limited number of ads

An Inside Look to Public Likes

After public likes were introduced in 2017, it is receiving plenty of visitors who “want to make money online doing a 15-minute work.” By the way, welcome to the online world which is full of mess. 😆

Basically, to make money you will have to do click. That’s f*cking boring!

I don’t know about you but I do what is interesting and paying at the same time.

Here is the breakdown:

Public Likes Review - Opportunity
Public Likes Earning Opportunities

If you have been online for a while, you may have noticed the earning opportunities from the picture. The downside is that you are paid cents.

The Opportunity: Public Likes Compensation Plan

Public likes have 3 entrance points.

1. FREE aka Starter: Most people go fo this.

  • Earn up to 180$
  • Daily Ads/Likes Assigned to You:5
  • Your Earnings Per Click: 0.1USD
  • Limited Income from Referral Clicks
  • Limited access to premium ads
  • Maximum number of employees/referrals:10

Let’s do the math. Still, Hate mathematics like while in High School or College? It’s simple, I promise!

0.1 x 5 =$0.5

Can half a dollar sustain you in a day? Not really!

Prepare your wallet.

Warning: Do not be deceived by the numbers

2. Business Basic($45): The cheapest and affordable

  • Average income 375$/Month/User
  • Daily Ads/Likes Assigned to You:25
  • Your Earnings Per Click: 0.1USD
  • Daily Ads per Employee/User:25
  • Your Earnings per employee’s click: 0.04$
  • Minimum number of employees/users: Nil
  • Projected Daily Earnings:12.5$/day

3. Business Premium($140)

  • Average income 1350$/Month/User
  • Daily Ads/Likes Assigned to You:50
  • Your Earnings Per Click: 0.1USD
  • Daily Ads per Employee/User:50
  • Your Earnings per employee’s click: 0.04$
  • Minimum number of employees/users:5
  • Projected Daily Earnings:45$/day

4. Business Gold($900)[Be Careful with This!]

  • Average income 3900$/Month/User
  • Daily Ads/Likes Assigned to You:100
  • Your Earnings Per Click: 0.1USD
  • Daily Ads per Employee/User:100
  • Your Earnings per employee’s click: 0.04$
  • Minimum number of employees/users:50
  • Projected Daily Earnings:130$/day

Important Notice: You are not paid commissions from a referral that pays/upgrades but paid from their activities. That s*cks. With my business model, you are paid 40% to 100% depending on the product you are promoting.

Jvzoo First sale
100% commissions paid

Why pay all that money doing a boring thing? Writing this review was interesting as opposed to clicking ads that you have no interest about.


A business built on money alone doesn’t last.

Look at What you are Missing and Paying Too Much!


Public likes is very seductive. They want you so bad 😥

Will you fall for it?

I would call this gambling. In most cases, the staff aka admins and secret admins win this money.

1. $1, 000 daily jackpot

2. Up to $50,000 weekly Jackpot

3. Paid surveys to boost your earnings

4. You’ll also get paid some pennies for liking Facebook pages

Why Dictate the Number of Ads While I Have Time?

When your ads are over, you will have to wait for the next day to click on other ads. At times you may find yourself clicking the same ads that you viewed yesterday.


You are a hustler, not an entrepreneur. Don’t get me wrong.

You will be trading your time for money. As a member of public likes, you have to click ads to be credited to your account.

Remember, neither of us owns public likes. It may close(or not) at any time.

Does Public Likes Make Any Sense

Remember what I mentioned in the introduction?

Ops! You just Forgot.

Advertisers pay for their ads to be clicked. For example, if you watch a YouTube Video, it will have many views improving its search position which in turn increases click through rate.

As a communication student, I learn about the Bandwagon effect. Most will click because it has many views.

On the other hand for an online marketer, high click-through will increase the rankings of an article like this you are reading right now.

Public Likes is funded by you as the buyer and the advertisers. In fact, they make much profit from affiliates(people promoting it) than advertisers.

Who Is Public Likes For?

Most people who are members of public likes are people who jump to every shiny object. Don’t be caught there. 🙄 

Go easy on hype all over social media junk!

If you want to keep running after every product that hits the social media, don’t be left behind either. But if you want to build a solid business that makes money, follow this guide.

Public likes is for people who want to make money by doing things they hate but don’t care as long as they make money. Why should a lose fat ad be shown to me while I’m interested in building muscle?

But if you want to build a SOLID online Business, Public likes is not for you.

Public Likes Pricing?

Public Likes Review - Pricing
Public Likes Pricing

Is Public Likes a Scam, Legit or a Pyramid Scheme?

First, Public likes is

Ponzi Scheme. It depends on new referrals to work. No serious company advertises on their network either.

It has paid its members since it was started. Since it’s a new thing, you have to proceed with caution. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

But wait, is public likes a pyramid scheme? It seems like because it is not affiliate marketing. You are not paid a percentage of the commission your referrals paid.

The public likes is just another Ponzi Scheme. You are paid by the people you recruit and not taking legit business activities.

Public Likes at a Glance

Name: Public Likes

Owners: NCL Holding

Price: FREE, $45, $140, $900[All paid Yearly]

Rank: 54 out of 100

Category: (PTC)Paid to Click

Recommendation:  Check out Here how I make money Online  

My Closing Thoughts and Recommendation

Public likes involve a lot of risks. Keeping in mind that with the free account, it will take you 50 days to make $25 which you can make in a day with affiliate marketing.

To make money you will need many people under you seriously working for you and for themselves. That is, your success depends on their effort and conversion from FREE to paid.

That makes it almost similar to MLM(pyramid schemes) where you will have to recruit to make money with the program.

If you are looking forward building a profitable online business. Check out this article about affiliate marketing. In addition, you can check my top business training with a community, website, and support that you need to succeed online.

It took me from a complete newbie to making real money online.

Have you heard about Public Likes? What are your views and experience? Any complaints or compliments? Share with us in the comments thread below.[Affiliate links and Spam comments will be deleted automatically]

Thanks, for reading my Public Likes review. My pleasure to have you here. 

Thanks in advance.

Please Share!
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21 thoughts on “Public Likes Review: The HOTTEST Scam of the Year?”

  1. is bootspal the new scam in town…….

    But it seems people are making monies from it too………..
    But needs more info on it before I invest in it……

    Help help plz

  2. Boostpal is a scam, the website is completely deleted and it has gone with people’s money. This pay bill number 770190 and the the company name BIKRON KNIGHTS LTD. These are robbers

    1. Boostpal is the new scam in town. Their website looks like Public Likes’. They are just the same guys with a different name.

  3. And now its survey moons,they have gone with our money,do research about it they changed everything but their website is still on

      1. Okey Mr omari,do check please,thankyou,can I join wealthy affiliates using a smart phone or i must use a desktop

        1. Yes, you can still use your phone to sign up but make sure you use my link to get my support easily when inside.

  4. Josphat Wekalamoyo

    Real we are stuck since we have not withdrawn money and we hear of this site being a scam from social medias.please for lasting solution for your clients.

  5. Nice and informative article Mr. Omary.

    Unfortunately a I am a victim of the PL. I knew it from my past experience with con men and pyramid schemes that whoever will promise anyone to double their income will end up embarrassing the person.

    Can you guide me on making money on WealthAffiliates. I signed up a month ago but I don’t seem to be making any move at all. I’ve also tried Clixsense and “Neobux”.

    I am desperately looking for away in which I can make even 10K/month. Any help will be sincerely appreciated. Happy Blogging

    1. Thanks, Kennedy and glad that this article helped you.

      When it comes to making money online, everyone achieves different results. As you say, anyone promising you heaven is lying.

      Clicksense and Neobux pay pennies so it’s hard to make a sustainable income.

      If you signed up for Wealthy Affiliate, start taking action. Click on the GREEN getting started button and take massive action.

      It is the same place that took me from $0 to profit!


  6. From public likes to ——————————————————————————another RussianAdSite
    Here is the link: [Link removed]
    You will have to use it with Google’s translate feature to make your way around.
    It’s in Russia. Yes! A certain Russian ad network is paying 5 rubles—for those who don’t know, that is Russian money, for each “captcha” you solve.
    I say “captcha” because it’s not technically a captcha but looks like one. All you need to do to get your 5 rubles, is view the ads, key-in the displayed number and press Continue. That’s it.

    So how much can you make from it? From 1500 to 5000 rubles
    It’s COMPLETELY FREE for now but who knows how long that will last.
    Is it a Scam?

    1. While researching, it seems that there is no information online concerning It’s NEW!

      But it seems a SCAM because: It doesn’t have an SSL(https), hyped claims, not international and doesn’t pay throgh PayPal which is the most convenient payment method.

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