Zero Up 2.0 Review 2021: Surprisingly Profitable Shopify Store!

Hey and thanks for stopping by to Check my ZeroUp 2.0 review 2020 which is a product by Fred Lam which is a complete software, easy to follow step-by-step training showing you how to build a successful E-commerce store that generates up to 6-figures for you. ZeroUp review-Main Course

Does it deliver? Let’s get to the review and see if it does.

Name: Zero Up


Owner: Fred Lam

Price: 3 payments of $597 or $1497 and save $294 Instantly

Category: E-commerce

What You’ll Learn In This Review & Inside Zero Up by Fred Lam:

  • Who is Fred Lam
  • Why it is important to start an online store
  • The fastest selling products you need in your store
  • Integrating with your favorite email service providers to follow up with your customers based on their interests
  • How to Fulfill and track orders without any manual work
  • How to connect your store to Shopify and Alixpress
  • How to build an online store in minutes 
  • How to advertise for maximum profit
  • Building highly converting sales funnels
  • Creating Coupons that trigger scarcity and generate more income
  • …and more

By now, you know that Zero Up can help you start a profitable online store. Skip the Entire Review and get Zero up Now!

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Who is Fred Lam?

Zero Up Review- Creator
Fred Lam

Fred Lam is a young, visionary entrepreneur whose literary went from rags to riches.

He was one a dishwasher but he has now generated over 20 Million dollars using this software that I’m about to share with you.

Fred is a paid traffic genius.

He teaches people how to create a successful e-commerce business in an easy to follow a step-by-step process and maximize their profits. Some of his students are generating up to 6 Figures a month with the help of his software and training.

It doesn’t end there…

He believes in giving back and has been donating to charities since 2014. (Water Liberty and Trees for the future.)

You can Also See Fred Lam Interview on ClickBank here.

By now, you know that Fred is someone you can trust and let him help you build a successful online business.


What is ZeroUp?

ZeroUp Review - What is ZeroUp?

ZeroUp 2.0 is an easy to follow step-by-step training that takes you from creating an online store, creating a sales funnel, advertise your store, managing your store, advertising it and scaling it up for vast profits.

It is backed up with a software that automates the entire ordering and tracking process to ensure that you focus on only what matters.

It also shows you the fastest selling products that you can generate money with a few days after purchasing ZeroUp today.

ZeroUp Pros Vs Cons


  • E-commerce Automation
  • Connects your Shopify Store to World largest Dropshippers in minutes
  • Easy to follow the step-by-step training
  • One Time payment. No Upsells
  • Most people like shopping online, so, there is a guaranteed profit
  • Access to a product responsive to making millions
  • The most profitable e-commerce niches are revealed
  • There are already successful students
  • Very little manual work after setting up your store
  • You are learning from an industry titan and traffic genius
  • You can create a Shopify Store in just a few Clicks
  • The profit multiplier increases scarcity and puts more money into your pocket
  • You don’t need any technical ability
  • Newbie friendly
  • Works in any niche
  • Ability to integrate with the leading autoresponder like Aweber, Convertkit, GetResponse and more
  • For Only $1497 you get access to all that…


  • You have to pay the price
  • You cannot add Amazon product automatically(There are plenty of products from Shopify and Alixpress though)

By now, you see how easy it can be to have a fully automated online store. Jump the rest of the review and get ZeroUp here.

An Inside Look At ZeroUp by Fred Lam

Let’s dive into the whole Review now.

Fred has done the process of building a business and a brand super easy.

With just a few mouse clicks, you’ll et your Shopify store up and running filled with hot-selling products that guarantee you success and profit.

Back to Basics:

Just like any other website, you’ll have to follow some steps.

Before you proceed to the next steps you need 3 main things set-up.

  • Connecting your Shopify Account
  • Connecting Your Aliexpress Account
  • Connecting your Facebooks ads account

The process is broken down into 3 main building blocks…

Step 1: Select a theme of Choice –  Just like WordPress, you need to decide on how you want your online store to look. There are dozens of FREE themes to choose from

Step 2: Select a niche – I know this can be confusing for affiliate marketers because you start with a niche first before a theme. Zero up is using another approach.

Zero Up Review- site Creation Below are Zero Up Profitable niches:

  • Event Decor & Supplies
  • Electronics & Supplies
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Automative
  • Pets
  • Storage & Organization
  • Exercise & Fitness
  • Games & Toys
  • Photography
  • Survival
  • Household & Kitchen Supplies
  • Women’s Apparel & Accessories
  • Women’s Jewelry
  • Men’s Apparel & Accessories
  • Kid’s Apparel & Accessories
  • Men’s Jewelry
  • Travel
  • Beauty
  • Health & Personal Care
  • Sports & Outdoor
  • Home Decor
  • Gardening
  • Baby Care & Accessories

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Step 3: Store Details:- This is the last step and almost automated. It includes your store name, email address, country, refund period, privacy policy, the refund policy and, terms of service.

Zero Up Tools

As you may have guessed, zero up is not only a training program but also a software with a set of tools that makes the process of building a Shopify store easy and fun.

The Product Engine

Zero Up Review - Product Engine Just like a keyword research tool, you can type the keyword, URL or market and rating to add a product from Aliexpress with just a few mouse clicks.

Ad Ideas

Zero Up Review - Ad Ideas How many times do you run out of ideas while you want to create an advert or just want to create epic content for your followers? This feature allows you to see which ads are performing best on Facebook in real-time. You just type a keyword and leave the software do the magic.

Furthermore, you’ll also get insights like Shares, likes, comments, date published and the link to the post within your Zero Up dashboard.

Email Integration

How many times have you purchased a product via a link on email?


You can integrate your email marketing software to your Shopify store. It’s super easy and connects with all your favorite email marketing providers.

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Funnel Builder

If you are running ads, you always need a bridge page.

For Affiliate marketers, you cannot directly link to your affiliate links. That’s why a landing page is a handy tool to use.

This is where you can collect email address and follow up later to increase conversions, sales, and profit.

There is a total of 10 customizable templates(More will be added) that have proven to generate thousands of dollar on e-commerce stores.

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The Profit Multiplier

Just like the name. It aims at an increasing profit.

Stupid simple.

This combines the power of psychology and selling.

Short story…

When you buy something, your mind comes into a state called  “the buyer mode”. You are most likely to buy more products after your initial purchase.

You can also incentivize first-time visitors with a limited time discount.

Visitor + Great offer + Scarcity = More Sales/profit

With the Zero Up Profit Multiplier, you can also offer a coupon after an inial purchase to increase “the Buyer mode syndrome buyers”

Zero Up Training

Whenever you get involved in something new, you have to get some sort of training.

Zero Up by Fred Lam is no Different.

He will teach you how to get the maximum on his product. He is a traffic genius.

It has 8 Main Modules all about traffic. Zero Up Review - Training modules

Module 1: Store Creation

  • Discover the step by step procedure on creating your very first eCommerce store.

Module 2 – Inventory Arbitrage

Zero Up Interface

    • Discover the Inventory Arbitrage method to sell any physical products.

Module 3 – Turbocharging Your Store

    • See a list of apps and configurations needed to turn your store into a cash machine.

Module 4 – Creating A Sales Funnel

    1. Learn how you can maximize your revenue from every new customer you acquire.

Module 5 – Advertising Your Store

    • How to attract unlimited targeted customers to your website and turn them into profit.

Module 6 – Store Management

    1. Learn the tips and techniques to maintain and run your store.

Module 7 – Other Traffic Strategies

    • Expand your presence in other advertising networks to reach more customers.

Module 8 – Scaling Up

    • Discover how to scale your store, increase its brand presence and sales.


  • Knowledgebase: Frequently asked questions and tips.
  • Weekly Webinars: Live training with Fred when you get your questions answered live by Fred himself
  • Members-only private Facebook Group where you can interact with 7-figure Shopify sellers

Who Is ZeroUp for?

  • Complete Newbies who want to make easily from day one
  • Advanced Internet marketers who want to supplement their income and add another income stream
  • Someone who hates creating content
  • Someone who have money but don’t know the best place to invest
  • Anyone who wants to run an automated profitable online store
  • Already have a store? Why not automate the entire process?
  • Someone who wants to learn from a millionaire mentor
  • People with little technical ability. No coding needed here

Zero Up Pricing

You get billed Only Once $1497 and save $294 Instantly here or 3 payments of $597

That is it.

Is there any Additional Cost Involved When I Buy ZeroUp?

I believe in total transparency and care about my reputation.

Yes, there is an additional cost that you will incur.

I recommend that you take them because you will need them after your purchase.

1. Shopify Account: The software is integrated with Shopify which means that you’ll have to have a Shopify account to take full advantage. Shopify basic costs $29 a month. You can get risk Free 14-day trial(No credit card required) via my affiliate link here.

2. A Domain Name: You need a name for your business like,, etc

3. Email Autoresponder: You Can Get Free Trial from Aweber, Convertkit, and GetResponse on our site.

You will also need to pay your advertising cost and Shopify app.

Hope that sheds some light on what you are venturing in.

My Closing Thoughts on ZeroUp

Building a successful online store is tough.

You may need to hire someone to build you a store that runs on complete autopilot. That may turn up to be extremely expensive.

It doesn’t end there…

You will need to know how to drive people to your store consistently and make automated sales daily.

When done right, it is one of the easiest and the fastest way to make BIG Bucks from products you probably have NEVER seen or Touched.

ZeroUp is here to save you a headache and the expensive fee that you would pay if you decide to outsource a designer.

Choose your Pricing and Take ZeroUp Here!


Sign Up Now for 100% FREE
Training on How To Build a 6-Figure Business From Products You’ve Never Touched or Seen

Thanks for stopping by to check my ZeroUp Review 2020 which is a product by Fred Lam. Do you have any question, have your review, need clarification, have a complaint or compliment about ZeroUp or any other product by Fred Lam? Feel Free to share them in the comment section below.


  • Anthony says:

    Thank you for the insight and your honest review.

    I have a question. Does Zero up integrate with Active Campaign?

    And Can I just build a sales funnel without having to have a shopify store?

    • Tony Omary says:

      Hey Anthony,

      Yes, Zero Up Integrates with your favorite autoresponders including Active campaign, Aweber,Drip, Send Lane, Mad MimI, Mailchimp, ONTRAPORT, Constant Contact, Get-response, Send Grid, ConvertKit, Drip, FlutterMail, and Infusionsoft.

      You need to have a Shopify Store to make the most of Zero UP as it automates most of the process after initial set up.

      • Anthony says:


        Thank you. This has been the most helpful review because you are the only one who mentioned the additional cost up front and for that I would prefer to buy from you.

        How much money are you making with Zero Up and can you provide proof of one of your store?

        • Tony Omary says:

          How much one makes depends on what you implement as the software and training does most of the uplift for you

  • Anthony says:

    Okay, have you passed the $10K mark as that’s usually a good indication that the software and training. Plus your own experience will help to determine the type of support I may need in the future to get off the ground with a flying start.

    Again thanks for taking the time to answer the question.

    I just recently read on Zero Ups FAQ page about additional cost, then went on the apps that were mentioned, lots of negative reviews on the shopify external apps that are recommended by Fred.

    So are their alternatives to those apps or is my success solely dependant on what Fred recommends us using along with his software?

    • Tony Omary says:

      Yes in terms of sales but not in profits.

      It was my first time trying ecomerce.

      It’s your business, you can decide to use then or not as you have complete control. There are always alternatives.

  • Tribbey says:

    Have you tried this program? If so, have you had any limitations in drop shipping for our customers?

    • Tony Omary says:

      Hey Tribbey,

      The process is automated so you don’t have to do it manually.

  • Anthony says:

    Hi Tony, (My Name sake)

    My names are Anthony Kabandize, I have read your ZeroUp review and got a few answers. I am honestly picking Interest in this exciting online business although I have never done any myself. As yo can tell I am a Nubee.
    But you seem to be an honest guy who is willing to lead on others, I hope I can confide in you to help me join this amazing business only if you help me overcome my fears, like to be honest I fear scammers because there are so many out there and I hope you are not one yourself ( sorry I don’t say it rudely).
    So lets see if I can confide in you.
    Let us start on that note.
    REPLY P/S.


    • Tony Omary says:

      Hey Tony,

      Glad that you are reading and excited that you want to start an online business.

      Fred Lam does a great job trying to automate your entire business so that you can generate passive income for a lifetime.

      If you can afford the investment it is totally worth it. Keep in mind that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It will take some time to see results.


  • Hopeton (The Money Guru) says:

    Very detailed review Tony, keep up the good work!

  • easy1up says:

    great article, I was very impressed about it, wish you would have stayed next share

  • Rebecca says:

    Can you do this from a mobile device or do you need a laptop or PC to do this.

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