You are a Bitch and Everyone Else Is!

Are you insulting us Tony?

Of course am not. I just want to make life a reality and not a drama or a holly wood film.

Why do some people think that they are better than others? It is good to believe in yourself but do not look down upon others. I know men have a very weak ego that is why at times we think we are wealthier,smarter or famous than others.

It’ts great to be confident and believe in yourself but do not despise those who have a low social status than you. You don`t have to move along the streets shouting with your chest high saying, ” I am the Best or there is no one like me!”

You are so wealthy, Right?

But you are still someone`s bitch.

Even if you are stinking rich, you are still someone`s bitch. Where did you get all the money to invest? You got that money from wealthy people, your friends family members and other people of good will.

I do not intend to mention anyone but I will have to give some examples.(One or two to clarify my point)

Let me start with a woman,

Fatou Bensouda is powerful woman. She has the power even to prosecute a president of a country like Kenya. Yes, she is powerful, but if anything goes wrong with the witnesses who are for or against the president(The prosecuted), She will have to answer why. In addition, when she goes home, she is still under her husband therefore someone`s bitch.

If that is not enough, think of the United States. This may be so extreme…

President Barrack Obama is a bitch. He is not only a bitch of every wealthy people who gave him money for campaign but also a bitch of all of us. Every time he does something or says something, they must be a question that he must be in a position to answer. Even in his speech, he has to be very careful in what he says.

What does all this mean?

No matter how famous, wealthy or smart we are, we must be accountable in whatever that we do. It does not matter your position but at the end of it all, you have someone who you will have to answer why you did what you did.

Are you ready to focus on ego free lifestyle and success? Join me here and let us focus on greater things because we are all someone`s bitch ūüôā

Let me now hear from you. Share you experience with us on what make you fill better and how do you do that when you fell you are better than others while we are all bitches. Until next time. Bye bye and take care!

The Sky is the Limit,

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