How to Build A Free Website With the Easiest Website Builder

Siterubix is the best FREE website builder tool available on the Internet that does not require any download or installation. Some decades back, building a website took weeks if not months to build. Furthermore, the websites were not of quality. That time is gone. Anyone can now have a beautiful website that is ready to make money.

The easiest Website builderWebsites are the real estate business in the online world. There are so many other benefits of having a website. But if you do not know the route to take it is going to be the hardest thing to do.

Websites within SiteRubix are built within a blink of an eye…

Are you kidding Tony?

No, am damn serious, in fact, you can do that for FREE with the siterubix platform

What is SiteRubix?

Siterubix the most advanced website building software that is used to build beautiful websites in seconds.

It will handle all the technicalities like coding, hosting,etc

Why am I involving you to build your website?

  • You will be making money.
  • It will be your business.
  • You will be working at your own pace.
  • You will be doing ONLY what you love.
  • You will be helping others.

Now, How is the Process of Building a Website?

Before I show you the process, I want to tell you that every business and every person needs a website. If you start blogging today on your site, you will be surprised how much you will achieve after a period of 1 year or less!

Do you know that somebody is willing to pay you just for sharing your knowledge?

That is the power of blogging and online marketing.

Before you start thinking of having a website, first you need to choose a niche. Please make sure you consider the following things before building your website:

  • Do you love what you do?
  • How can you make money through the site?
  • Is your Niche Too competitive?; dare be a competitor too.
  • Is there enough support along the way?
  • How am I going to get traffic to my website?(Hint: blogging)

If you already have that in mind, you need to start building your website right now and start your business todays as no one knows what tomorrow has for us.

Step 1: Go to here…

The website looks like this…

Turn anny passion ito successful online bussiness with site rubixI the field written “Choose your website name” , write the name of your site then Click “build my free website button as indicated above.

Step 2: There is some Uniqueness With SiteRubix

A pop up will appear after you click “build my Free website“.

This is where support comes in. You are not building an average website therefore you need experts around you. You will be required to register. This is the place that you will get the support that you will ever need.
Sgn up for wealthy affiliate throgh sire rubixYou are now almost done…

Make sure you do not waste a lot of time in the next step. Most people waste their time while their website should be running already.

Step 3: Choosing a Theme

There are a variety of themes to choose from. Choose the one the interest you and looks good on your eyes. People will the community that you registered will also be giving insights to ensure that you get the best website.

Step 4: You are done

Can you see how easy it is to have a website? You are now required to be blogging and learn how to drive traffic to that website.
Not yet have a Website? Build it below…

This is just the beginning. The next blog will cover some more advanced tutorial. Come back next time if you are already done with these process. Take a break as and be prepared for the next blog!

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