Need a Website?

Creating a Website.

 A website is a bridge between the consumer and the producer.You should therefore give accurate and quality content in your website. Make your website as friendly as possible.


website as a bridge

Make it look attractive to your visitors. Remember you need visitors to get “blessings” In an African setting, visitors are a blessing. A website will be your central point of communication between you and your visitors. You want them to enjoy the experience visiting your site.


What are the types of websites?

There are two options when it comes to websites:

Build A Free website with wordpress1.You can build a FREE website. I recommend It is simple to build and has a wide variety of themes to choose from after building your website. If you are completely newbie or even a pro, you can join Wealthy affiliate for free here.  All the technicalities will be handled. It is an awesome community. From training to unlimited instant support from other members of the community.

Purchasing domains2.Purchase your own domain. Purchasing means you own it. When you own something you will feel proud as no one can scratch it from you. is where you can purchase one. The process is simplified .In addition there are no up sells.(Websites go for around $10-$12/YEAR).This is cheap if you are serious about expanding your business.


Build a FREE website below…

Room for Improvements?

Yes. All websites can be changed from the way they look. You do not have to fear messing up. Everything can be changed. Are you afraid of this?you can build your website under training from experts.No more worries then.

This website you are seeing started from a free website. How can you see it now? You seriously need one. You can use it for your personal use: It will be your web space. You can build one here for free! If you are a blogger, a marketer, you own a product or want simply needs web presence, a website will be the foundation of whatever you want to make. It’s all up to you!

Purchasing your own domain. As I discussed it briefly above, purchasing your own domain is important for anyone who needs web attention. It will make you look more professional and your brand will be more trusted.

Here is my suggestion. Choose a niche(The category of people you are targeting) relevant to the services you provide. You can check the training here to find a niche relevant to your passion. We do what we like!Chosing a niche

You can choose from…Its all up to you. Make sure while purchasing a website, you choose a theme that you are interested about. You will never get bored while writing about the theme that you chose. If this is for you purchase your domain.

Wealthy affiliate slogan is turning any passion into revenue. For sure you want this! Remember when owning a website, you must write to attract even more visitors.

While writing, you can use a free KEYWORD TOOL. Jaaxy. This will assist to in getting your articles ranked on Google. When your article is ranked at the top page of Google search results, you get more clicks. Imagine you article appearing first when someone is searching for information. Isn’t that great?

Read here some more information about websites and the keyword tool.

Attentive still? Do not purchase a already built website, build it yourself!


Facts about Owning a Domain

It is your own brand. You do not have to be like the rest, be the best. Have something that differentiates you from others. The uniqueness in your website is what will attract more visitors to your site. Starting from; themes, banner and most importantly quality content. As you will love seeing your website different from others, the visitors will like it more seeing your website different.

You own it. Ownership is wealth. Anything that you own you can decide to do anything with it to get revenue. It all depends on how creative or social one is. You will also decide what to include in your website and what not to.

You will feel proud. Am not talking pride. I mean the feeling of accomplishment. Those who were laughing at you will see you as a different person altogether. It will be like who is laughing now?

You are in full control. You will decide whether to post or not, what to post and vice versa. But do not misuse it.(You understand this, do what is good for you and your visitors)What I want to emphasize is that you must give accurate and quality. Again there is no perfection in writing. Perfection lies in the eyes of your readers.

Its value appreciates. A website is like real estate. As you give it content more and more people will get to know it. Some people have websites and blogs with thousand view but have never earned. Here is the answer, you must learn. I found a community that teaches you how to. You can join here for FREE.

Quick note: Have you been using the internet?

Oh sorry, some already thought they were filling surveys. You must have met adverts along the way that promise you that you be a millionaire after six months even without a website. Its is a big Lie! All those gurus have their websites running. Do not fall for it. You need it!




Wealthy affiliate Free HostingBetween a website that loads faster and that loads slowly, which one will you be visiting more frequently? Following this perception will make you host your website in super servers. You no longer need to pay those expensive prices for hosting. Wealthy affiliate has combined all the tools to make you successful. What could you be waiting for? Joining is FREE. What you will get is priceless. We really want others to uncover the secrets of making money online.

Thanks for Reading…

To your success


If you found this article helpful, share it with others to help them too. Feel free to ask questions or comment on your views. I will respond.

  • Tobis says:

    Awsome article.I now understand the importance of having a website. Keep the good work.You are great!

  • indifly says:

    Great information. It can be frustrating to start your own website. Great tips

    • Tonnie says:

      Hey Indifly. I can see you are working on you great fashion website. Keep moving! It seems that you understand now the importance of a website.

  • Justin Sloan says:

    Great page, very informative, very easy to read , very clean, pleasing to the eye, keep up the great work

    • Tonnie says:

      Hey Justin,

      Joyous to here that my post is informative. That is not the end, I want to keep improving daily. I believe even more success is possible.

  • Gary says:


    Thanks for this straightforward and logical explenation of the importance of owning your own domain and website. Also how important it is to keep it current with fresh quality content to keep your readers engaged!

    Great job and I really enjoy the layout of your site as well, my best,


    • Tonnie says:

      Hey Gary,

      That is my goal. I want to give my visitors the best experience online. The information I give must also be of relevance to my readers. People who are serious about building an online business should consider having a website. I love your website too, it looks great man!

  • Bobby Keeler says:

    Hiya Anthony

    This is a great start to your WA site

    I like your menu bar its clean and tidy

    Couple of thing to possibly consider :-

    There are lots of people like me who see long pieces of text and think man that’s a lot to read. Id consider chunking up the the text into smaller bits and making more use of images to lead the reader.

    Maybe you could make more use of WA banners instead of having texts links etc etc.

    Maybe picky but Id have a look and consider the colours used i.e the theme of this site is Red and Black however you have added blues greens and some orange which for me slightly detracts from an otherwise aesthetically pleasing design.

    Other than that I think the content is really good

    Good luck with everything you do

    Power to the People

    Cheers and Good Luck


    • Tonnie says:

      Thank you Bobby,

      Your website looks awesome too. I like it. For anyone who want to build an online business, a website is one of the basic tools and foundation. Why wait for the “right time?” It never comes or it actually don’t exist. Build one here today.

  • Bill says:

    Hi Tonnie, After reading your post is is completely clear to me that I REALLY NEED a website and WA looks like an awesome community to be in. ! I am looking forward to new articles on how to promote our designs online!

    • Tonnie says:

      Helloo Bill,

      I like it that you know the importance of having a website. There are many way to promote your designs online. The truth is, I cannot promise that promoting it will be simple. It is just like any other online Business. I will consider that in my next posts to come.

  • Her Google AdSense Earnings says:

    It’s difficult to find experienced people about this topic, but you seem like you know what you’re talking about!

    Many thanks

  • Victor Spano says:

    Personally we believe in building long-term relationships and making certain that our clients succeed in all their goals because their success is our success. What do you think about that?

  • Fernande Hageman says:

    Very good blog you have here but I was wanting to know if you knew of any user discussion forums that cover the same topics discussed here?
    I’d really like to be a part of community where I can get
    advice from other knowledgeable individuals that share
    the same interest. If you have any recommendations, please let me know.

    • Tony says:

      Hello Hageman,

      You have the secret. Being part of a community sharpen your mind. It is a grat thing interacting with like-minded individuals. There is no any other community that I can recommend other than wealthy affiliate. There are over seven classrooms.(Website development included). Everyone who joins gets soomething new to learn. Create your Free account here and immerse yourself.

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