Empower Network Review 2018: Legit Opportunity or a Scam?

Empower Network Review

Hi and Welcome to my Empower Network Review. You are going to discover if Empower Network is a scam through my detailed and honest review. As the name suggests, you are building a network, will empower network really empower you or is just another pyramid scheme? Get all answers to your questions through my Empower Network detailed review.

Before I give more information about Empower Network, below are some of the things that you may need to know about EN as we move together in this review.

Name                        : Empower Network

Website                    : www.empowernetwork.com

Owners/ Founders  :David Wood & David Sharpe

Price                         : $25 + More upsells

Product Category: Multi -Level Marketing/MLM

Recommendation: If you want a partially built website, check out affilojetpack or Learn Build Earn if you want to profit from selling your own information products.

Empower Network just like any other business, meaning that anyone can make money with it as long as they have the skill on how to do it. Most people fail in MLM and affiliate marketing before they see results. Affiliate marketing is like building a skyscraper. It will take the time to build it but then the results are for a lifetime.

What Exactly is Empower Network?

Empower Network is a Multi- level marketing(MLM) company that is meant to make people money online. The main goal is to make the promotion of the company more easier to members.

What has made empower network so famous is their blogging platform. They have the knowledge on how to rank on hot keywords(Get most traffic)

Register for a FREE webinar on how to drive floods of Traffic

What makes a company different from the other is if they have both training and support. If this is not offered where you are working, then you are guaranteed to fail. Empower Network is no different, you need to have the skills, tools, and support to make it.

Empower Network Founder/Owner Background

This is what mostly determines the reputation of a company. For how long has the owners being online or what other products do they own? If the founders do not have any level of success, there is no point of following their strategies.

Empower Network was started by two like-minded people who knew the right method to generate traffic. The individual names are David Wood and David Sharpe. What they have in common is generating traffic to blogs/website.

David Wood specializes in free traffic blogging (like me!) while David Sharpe is an expert in paid traffic methods. Free traffic is my best since I have some knowledge of keyword. That is how you found my article. 🙄

What I liked About Empower Network

The training offered at EN is pretty Ok. For that reason, you will find most of their blogs ranked on top of search results. If you have a blog and you do not know how to drive traffic to your website/blog, then you need to add some skills to your arsenal. No matter how stunning is your website, you make no sense if you have no traffic!

Motivating Inner Circle training. Almost everything starts with the mindset. The inner circle membership has a collection of videos by people who have already made it in internet marketing. They are like testimonials from real people. One is given the strategies on how to maximize their profits.Make $10k/month Webinar

The commissions within Empower Network are high if you are a fun of high ticket products. If you want to make more money as an affiliate, be ready to spend more at!

What I did Not Like About Empower Network

In order to benefit from the entire program, you must pay for the upsell. I prefer a program that has only one membership like the wealthy affiliate. Programs that have both Free and paid options are the best for me.

It is hard to make money if you do not find a successful mentor.

You cannot try the program for FREE. If you are new to the internet world, it can be hard to know what exactly you will be doing to make money. Most legit companies have a trial period for clients to try before they purchase. Companies like, Commission miner, IMPho, Affilorama and wealthy affiliate. You can also learn about my 10 proven ways to avoid scams online so that you know how to protect yourself.

Recruiting family and friends can be very disappointing at times. In fact, you may lose all of your friends simply because you promised that they will make money after a certain period.

MLM is full of fake promises. There is no short-cut to making money online. Am sorry if you are looking for one. You will be spending money and fall to a thousand scams before you believe it. Believe in my words there is nothing like ” Easy Free money online” or Methods to get rich overnight not even by taking a magic pill. 🙂

People at the top of the pyramid swallow almost all the commissions. This is a fact about MLM that we cannot run from. If you are starting, it may take your time to have a huge downline and be on the top of the pyramid to swallow commissions just like others do.

Purchasing all the products will cost you over $5000. What are you looking for if you already have over $5000? Some beginners may think that it take only the advertised $25 to make millions which are not the case.

Who is Empower Network For?

Empower Network is for people who already have a huge following. You can rarely make money if you do not refer people to EN. This is one of the best methods to make money within Empower Network.

EN is also for people who have money to spend and can be patient enough to wait for results. If you are not ready to spend over $5000 then avoid EN.

I do not feel that the products they offer are of that value. They offer the blogging platform for $ 25/month. You can build your own website for Free or purchase your own domain for less that $12/ year. This is the most effective.

Empower Network Products and Pricing

Are you ready for the prices? Be ready to spend. You need to have a budget of over $5000 to make it Empower Network. There are so many products to purchase from EN. The time you purchase, you will be in a position to make over 70% commissions from high ticket products.

Below are the products that you will get when you step to Empower Network. All the products perform different functions and increase your streams of income.

#1. Viral Blogging Platform($25/month)

This is the main type of membership that is advertised. It comes along with lead capture pages and some training materials to aid you to get online as fast. It is also a done for you system. empower-network-viral-blogging-system


It is the fastest and the easiest way to get your content online. There are no technical issues in doing this all. It is done for you plus there is a more training on that.


  • These websites do not rank even better that a free Word Press site. It can be hard to drive traffic to your site if you are relying on search engine traffic.
  • It is also very expensive. You can build your own website for FREE which will be of more value than the one offered at EN.
  • You do not own the blog. This is very risky as your blog may be deleted at any time. EN has the right to do so since you do not own it.

#2. Viral Blogging Academy(One Time of $297)

Empower network scam review-viral blogging academyHere you will get 5 recorded webinars from top-blogger earners in the industry. The main aim is to make you discover your target market for most results.


Tells you exactly how to target a market and make profits from the market. It teaches how to target people who do not know where to get started.

#3. The Inner Circle Membership(For $100/Month)


Empower Network scam review-inner CirclesThis program deals with the mindset. It has a series of motivational videos from top earners. It shows that MLM works and one can become rich. It all starts with the mind.


  • The videos are kept fresh and added weekly.
  • Videos can be downloaded.
  • One can sell the same for high commissions.


  • It is hard for some people to change the mindset

#4. Costa Rica Intensive(One Time Of $500)

Empower network scam review-costa -rica intensiveYou get quality videos from live events that took place in Costa Rica. This is to make sure that you grasp all the techniques and concepts of the system. You will be putting your training to practice.


  • You will learn the proven selling techniques
  • You learn the psychology of building a business.
  • You will have more authority



#5 . High Ticket Academy(One time of $497)

Teaches on selling high commission products. High ticket means high commissions. There are 5 webinars where you will find the training which is always available.


If you already have customers, you do not need to find new. You simply sell the existing customers you high ticket products.

#6. 15k/ Month Formula(One Time of $1000)

Empower network scam review-15k formulaThe Internet marketing world is dynamic. Therefore, we should come with newer marketing strategies as well as the internet changes. Members who have purchased this are in a better place to make money than those who only buy the basic membership.


  • Being updated makes you better than your competitor
  • The webinars are easy to follow and understand

#7. Internet Traffic Formula(One Time of $997)

Meant for advanced marketers. As you continue getting experience online, you realize that there are some things that you are missing. This package teaches how to get paid traffic. If you do not like blogging or writing, then this is right for you.

#8. Masters Course(One Time of $3500)

This is also a package meant for advanced marketers who are still in Empower Network. The concepts within this package are accelerated so that one may start being into profits as first. To me, this course has no real value. One just buys to sell later.

#9. Top Producer Formula(Cost $197)

David trains one how they can sell anything and make tons of money in this industry. I also found this package of no value since one can learn the basics of internet marketing for free. You need not to pay too expensive to make money online.

Buy Now, you know that Empower Network is not cheap. Check out Learn Build Earn which is an advanced creation that can take you from $0 to profit.

What About Empower Network Compensation Plan?

The compensation plan of Empower Network can be both confusing and complicated to some of you. here is a summary of the compensation plan.

  • You earn commission from only the products that you have purchased. If not they are passed to your upline who qualifies.
  • You get 100% on all products except the Master’s course which you make $3000 out of $3500. Did you like that?

Video Proof: A Former Empower Network Member

This is a video by Ian(NoMoreBsReviews) who was a former member of Empower Network. Although there are some good this about En, Negative things are more!!!….
Enjoy the video…

As you may have seen, Empower Network can make you make more money nut only if you are on top of the pyramid. What irritates more is that one cannot make money unless they buy the package. If you make a sale of $500 for Costa Rica and you had not purchased it, you make $0.

There are better options than that. You do nit need to spend over $5000 just to start a business while you can even start it for FREE. See My option below…

wealthy affilliate scam review join button

Can You Really Make Money With Empower Network or it is a Scam?

Some people value money than what they do. If your only focus is money then you can have tones of them within Empower Network. With the basic $25, you can still not make money.

But how do I makes me money? You may ask….

You need to pay an additional $19 to sell their own product. But to make commissions, you need to buy the products first. Got me right?

Empower Network is not a scam. I have never heard any of their affiliates complaining that they did not receive commissions. If you are one, report here but the fact still remains, only those that are on the top of the pyramid make millions.

IF you have less than $6000 to invest, you should avoid empowering network at all cost. Learn Build Earn cost less that $3,000 and can pay you a lifetime!

My Final Opinion and Recommendation

With MLMs like Empower Network, it is hard for a beginner to make money. One needs a mentor and have the right mindset. MLM companies are branded in a way that makes making money online seems so easy which is not always the case.

Most pyramid schemes come branded as MLM companies since it is an illegal business.

If you really want to make the BIG BUCK$ Check out Learn build Earn that will teach you exactly how to move from $0 to profit.

There is another program that I would recommend you to take a look at if you want to make real money online. The program is FREE to try. If you have to pay, you pay less than $400/year. Your build websites, host domain names, get moral support and much more….

Below is a comparison table that I compiled to make the process of making up your mind easier. Check it carefully. 🙂

Hope you found this Empower Network review helpful. If you want to learn the basics of internet marketing and learn how to start making money from today, make sure you check my #1 recommendation. In the meanwhile, Check out one of my latest reviews here.

Do you have any questions or want to clarify something? Are you a member or were you associated with this program in one way or another? Feel Free to share your experiences or concerns. I will make sure I reply to your response soonest.

Is Wealthy Affilliate scam-Banners


The Sky is the Limit,


Scam Prevention Team.

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  • Dear Tony,

    Thanks for your informative review on Empower Network. I was about to do my own research about this product but fortunately, I came across your review which was very helpful. With brief explanation you made, all my doubts are cleared. I will come back to your website to learn more information. Thanks once again!!! Wishing you great success!

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  • I read a blog the other day that “Empower” had run out of money and were shutting down. Is this true???

    WA member and, I like your website.


  • when you have to pay to be able to start and build a team of people who also have to pay. it’s a no go for me.

  • Hi Morris,

    I am glad that you found my article on Google First page. That is a proof that the training that I take works since I beat most empower network blogs.

    If you need a hand in starting your online business or want to skyrocket your existing one, let me know so that I may help.

  • Hi Kyle I came close to falling into this one, but since I ve been sucked in before I thought I d Google it and thank goodness I did, your site came up and after reading the first part of the article I quickly came to realise that I had a lucky escape. Hi, Thank you for this great insight in this scam I nearly bought into it, but just something in my gut said- check it out first I typed Empower Networks into Google and got your link at the top Read this and thanked my lucky stars.

  • onlinedesignersincome.com has potential, you can make your blog go viral easily using one
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    • Hi Clyton,

      Having the knowledge of keywords is the way to success. when started blogging, I knew nothing about keyword or how to get targeted traffic. I am now happy that this site is generating traffic. You can learn the techniques here and start making money today.

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