Lurn Insider Review 2020: Launch a Successful Information Business Now!

Hey and welcome to my Lurn Insider Review by a successful entrepreneur who has generated over $100,000,000 in sales.

In this review, you will learn

  • How to create your own information products
  • How Anik sold over $100,000,000 online
  • Why it is important to serve first rather than focusing on money
  • Why creating information products is the most profitable business model
  • If Lurn insider is worth it
  • How you can move from $0 to profit
  • The bonuses you’ll get when if buy from this site

It’s important to notice that I laid my Hands on Lurn Insider myself.

Lurn Insider Review - Order Details
Hey, I bought Lurn Insider!

Let’s jump to the review right now.

Lurn Insider Review - Members Area
Lurn Insider members area

Name: Lurn Insider


Owner: Lurn Inc

Category: Creating & Profiting from information products

Lurn Insider Affiliate program: Apply Here and get Guaranteed Approval.

Who is Anik Singal?

Before determining the credibility of a program, it is important to know the history of the owner.

The story of Anik Singal is a long but I’ll try to shorten it.

Like Mark Ling to whom they have co-founded with Learn Build Earn, entrepreneurship started back in college.(It seems I share the same story with them 🙂 )

It pissed him off living as per people expectations. Just like you, he wanted to make money and live on his own terms as an entrepreneur.

Money was a real problem and college education was boring. He went to his friend, Google.

To cut the story short, he realized that people were making a decent living by selling their own information products.(Over $50,000/month, not bad)

I know you might be thinking that this is SUPER easy like buttering a bread. Anik struggled for over 10 months working over 10 hours/day.(After falling from scam to scam)

After reaching out in a “secret forum” when he wanted to call it all quits. Someone told him to follow some simple steps. He worked overnight. The next morning, when he opened his Clickbank account, guess what, he had made more money overnight than he EVER made for the 18 months of working online.

From then, he has NEVER made less than $300/DAY

He wants to teach you how to do the same following his exact strategies and steps responsible for generating millions of dollars online.

Watch him giving a talk on how to cure World Poverty 🙂

What is Lurn Insider?

Lurn Insider is a proven system by Anik. It is the same system responsible for generating over $100,000,000 in profits and getting him from $1.7 million in debts after 16 months.

He shares the knowledge that he has been using for over 13 years in his entrepreneurial journal. It makes it easier for students to follow a proven formula that has been working for over 13 years.

Ever bit of knowledge on how to move from $0 to profit is shared within the training modules.

Disclaimer: I got Lurn Insider during the pre-launch period!

Lurn Insider Summarized Review

[schema type=”review” url=”” name=”Lurn Insider” description=”Lurn Insider is a complete set of tools & resources that you need to launch a successful information business. It is perfect for newbies, intermediates, and advanced marketers.” rev_name=”Lurn Insider Review” rev_body=”Apart from product creation, you will get all the steps in setting everything. From setting up a WordPress membership site, creating opt-in pages that convert, get quality traffic for less, writing engaging emails that make sales and more.” author=”Tony Omary” pubdate=”2018-04-01″ user_review=”4.2″ min_review=”1″ max_review=”5″ ]

Lurn Insider Video Review

Did you watch my Lurn Insider Video Review or you hate videos? No worries. Continue Reading... :-D 

Lurn Insider Pros Vs Cons


  • Easy to follow training
  • You save big on the yearly membership
  • The training is step by step and in drip format
  • Affordability
  • The welcoming price is pocket-friendly
  • You are learning proven strategies responsible for generating over $100,000,000 in sales
  • Downloadable PDF during the training to keep you on track
  • Weekly live classes on different topics
  • Access to the best tools used by successful internet marketers
  • Different courses on product creation
  • Active support
  • The training works/ Over 150,000 students trained
  • Community support. Lurn is a family


  • Be ready to be bumped with upsells & down sells
  • Some features are removed during the trial period
  • There can be information overload
  • The videos are long which can become boring
  • Like any solid business, it takes timeWhat do you Get when you Buy Lurn Insider?

By now, you know that there is a lot that you and your business can benefit from the training and resources from lurn Insider.

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The Basic Training

The cart is now open.

When you pay, you are going to get access to 3 courses.

#1. Power Start-Up 101

Les Brown got my attention here. In this course, you will learn the top 5 Mindsets that millionaires share. You only need to stop and think.

It has 5 videos around 6-10 mins each but there is a long one on goals that is around 50mins.

What is covered:

  • Gratitude
  • Sacrifice
  • Preparing to fail.(Yes, you read that right)
  • Focus
  • Goals

#2. The Scaling Mind- 60 Minute Entrepreneurial Bootcamp Breakthrough

What do you get?

  • The only two things required to build a successful business
  • How to train your mind to focus on your goals
  • How to build a million dollar business in a year
  • Step-by-step system anyone can deploy

#3. Profit Labs: The Blueprint to take your Business Live

Lurn Insider Review - Profit Labs
I got it! - Inside Profit Labs Module

This module has 10 lessons which should be completed in 10 days! They are:

  • Internet Business
  • Niche selection
  • Monetizing
  • The "Chosen one"
  • Creating your opt-in pages
  • Tools & Technology
  • Copywriting
  • ...much more

# 1. Tools Insider

You will get the best tools to automate your business that will give you an unfair advantage forcing you to make money.

The tools are geared towards helping you get the results you want and live the life.

Here are the key benefits of using the tools:

Lurn Insider Review by Anik Singal - Tools Insider
Tools Insider
  • You will make money within a shorter time
  • Your business will look profession even if you are a complete newbie
  • Your business will be automated
  • You'll create a perfect product outline in less than an hour
  • You'll have your own membership site and be running
  • You'll do less work but make more money
  • You'll learn how to create a highly converting opt-in page
  • You'll learn how to make more with less traffic or list
  • and much more

Here is the Course breakdown:

  • The Best Websites To Find A Writer
  • The Best Tools To Build Your Sales Pages
  • The Best Payment Processors
  • The Best Affiliate Marketplaces
  • The Best Opt-In Page Templates
  • The Best Autoresponder Software
  • The Best Members Area Page Builder

#2. Monthly Students Case Studies

The fastest and proven way to success is finding someone at the level that you want to then follow along.


With Lurn Insider, every month, the most successful student will share the strategies that made them successful for you to apply in your own business.

In the exclusive members only videos you'll learn about:

  • Opt-in Pages- What make their opt-in pages convert? Is it the headline or the magnet or design?
  • Sales copy- Come on! Your sales copy needs to convert. You'll learn how to make it more engaging and persuasive without hard-sell
  • Product content- This is your selling point. What makes your product stand out?
  • Email strategy-What makes your emails engaged, opened and clicked?
  • Free gifts, marketing, pricing - Learn the most important factors to generate more sales!

#3. New(12) Mastery Courses Released Every Month

In this courses(about 45mins long videos), you will learn how to become a master in your own information business.

This will ensure that your business is always moving forward and profitable.

The courses cover all levels from beginners, intermediates to advanced marketers.

Here is what you get: Lurn Insider Review - Mastery Courses

  • Digital Publishing Boot Camp - Fast-track your way to a completed digital product that generates interest, sales, and bottom line dollars!
  • Getting Started With Facebook Ads - Tap into the 1.65 BILLION-user Facebook market by mastering today’s fastest growing online advertising source.
  • Story Telling And Marketing - Master marketers are master storytellers. Learn how to tell a great story that can deliver extraordinary results!
  • How To Create Great Video Content - The world today watches videos. Follow the simple steps to creating a captivating and engaging video that sells.
  • How To Make Money With Books - Never considered yourself an author? It’s easier than you think. Learn the streamlined approach to creating mini-books, eBooks, and full-length books!
  • Secrets To A High Converting Funnel - Successful marketing funnels can DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your sales and revenue. We show you the shortcut to a winning funnel.
  • How To Build A Membership Site - Even if you have NO technology experience and NO tools, you can create a membership site faster than you think!
  • Free Traffic Machine - It’s what every marketer wants: FREE quality traffic that’s dependable and predictable. Our Free Traffic Machine answers the call.
  • How To Use Outsourcing - Now you can get TWICE the work done in HALF the time by finding the right outsourcers to tackle your project.

#4. Community

Support is crucial to any type of business.

With Lurn Insider, you'll get access to the community as well as email support. If you get stuck ask for the community support.

Key benefits:

  • Help to answer your questions
  • Keeping you on the right track
  • Recommend the best tools for productivity and automation
  • Motivate you
  • Testing your ideas or advice otherwise
  • Review your business and give you professional feedback

#5. The Modules

This is now the main course.

By now, you know that Lurn Insider is totally worth it.

Let's look at the modules. Shall we?

  • Digital publishing boot camp - Your first steps
  • Getting Started with Facebook ads
  • Story-telling and marketing- This connects you with your list
  • How to create great video content- Most videos are boring and that s*cks
  • How to make money writing your own books
  • Secrets to a high converting funnel
  • How to build a profitable membership site with WordPress
  • List of Niches Ideas- The niches are highly profitable and yet untapped
  • 5 ways to confirm your niche is great
  • Experts by association
  • Free traffic Machine - Learn how to generate traffic with little to no cost
  • How to use outsourcing - Only quality matters
  • Video marketing
  • Creating continuity programs
  • Sales copy: Everything you need to know
  • How to find and recruit affiliates(Hint: a great source of traffic)
  • Affiliate Marketing 101
  • Advanced Facebook ads
  • Keys to boost the deliverability of your emails
  • How to get traffic from email media
  • The secret to awesome content
  • How to get free traffic blogging - Solve people's problems
  • How to drive traffic with Twitter
  • Ways to improve your opt-in pages conversions - Color or design or...?

#6. Live Q & A with Anik Exclusive for Lurn Insider Members

Lurn Insider Q and A
Lurn Insider Q and A

Anik is on demand but he commits live Q & A twice a month to help students.

This is where you will get ideas, strategies, and secrets to grow your digital publishing business.

There are replays available for the previous webinars

  • $1 Million case study - Anik shares a powerful $1,000,000 product funnel(You'll notice some if you buy any of his offers here)
  • Email Mastery hub - The goal of the email is to sell. Wrong. Learn how to make the most out of your list and keep the subscribers loyal
  • Offer Master. Find the best products to promote in your niche.

Who Is Lurn Insider For?

Lurn Insider is for people who want to profit from digital publishing. That's the first module

Are you a newbie, intermediate or advanced? Lurn Insider has got you covered. There is a lot you can grasp about product creation, creating converting opt-in pages, driving traffic, making more profit and more.

Are you a product owner not making the most out of your product? There may be some key elements that you are missing.

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Lurn Insider Bonuses

Apart from the core training, there are also some killer bonuses that you can't afford to miss exclusive for my website visitors. 🙄

#1. Passion to Profit

This book is for anyone who wants to start a business that generates income. Using the book, you can easily turn your passion into lifetime passive generating income.

What you'll learn:

  • How Anik made his first sale online and also Revelation of fail-proof method

    Lurn Insider Review Bonus - Passion to Profit
    Passion to Profit
  • How to create an automated business that generates income while you are asleep
  • The 7 simple steps of launching a successful information business
  • How to find your perfect niche that is popular and has potential lifetime profits
  • How to make your first $10,000 Online
  • How to create your own winning information business even if you don't know how to write, not creative or don't have an idea
  • Scaling your business to a million dollar empire

#2.The Email Lifeline Book

Basically, this guide will teach you how to create engaged loyal fans who will be happy to buy products from you.

What is covered?

  • Lurn Insider Review Bonus - The Email Lifeline 5 reasons email is better than any other source of traffic
  • How to make every email worth
  • Proven ways to get leads to your list without spending a dime
  • Case study: How a student build a list from 0 to 44,000 in just 8 months
  • Learn how to craft subject lines that get crazy open rates
  • Learn 8 email rules that will force your leads to click
  • The underlying secret to growing your email marketing revenue
  • How the  story method can get engagement, clicks and more sales
  • Case study: How one event generated $610,000 in just 9 days(Event-based marketing)

#3. Full Report of top 23 profitable Niches(Value $ 997)

Get access to the top 23 niches:

  • They are proven profitable
  • They are competitive meaning many buyers
  • They can be digitalized(Converted into information)
  • They are popular
  • Long-term income potential

#4. The best virtual events with Anik(Value $1997)

  • Big 3 Niches: Health, Wealth, relationships - Discover how to maximize your growth in this popular but yet competitive niches
  • Discover how you can convince the world that your product is better than competitor
  • Perfect product outline - How to create you first product FAST
  • Why marketing funnels are still important and why you should use them
  • Great resource to find freelancers- Get your staff get done FASTER, BETTER & for LESS

#5. $10 million mailing plan with Anik($497)

Anik is giving you his entire business model to copy & paste

He reveals, WHEN to Email, WHAT to Email, WHO to Email and WHY  Email. HERE IS what Anik will handle you:
Lurn Insider Review - How to Make the Most with emails











You'll also be handed over how to make the most out of these offers Lurn Insider Review- Email marketing Blueprint














Buy Lurn Insider Here and access All the bonuses

Lurn Insider Pricing

If you are lucky(I got it before the launch), you can get access to the Lurn Insider program for Free. More details here.

There is also a $4.97 14-day trial then $67/month to continue accessing the community, case studies, support and continuous training. You can save big on this by paying the annual membership of $397.

Want to be a master in email marketing? There is a course on email marketing alone called "Email Mastery" costing $47 one time payment.

10k formula and 10k formula lite at $197 & $97 respectively. All the upsells are optional but may be important according to your needs and goals.

Lurn Insider at a Glance

Name: Lurn Insider


Owner: Lurn Inc - Anik Singal is the CEO

Price: $5, 14 day trial $67/month thereafter, $397 Annual Membership, $47 Email Mastery, $197 10k formula, $97 10k formula lite.

Lurn Insider Affiliate Program: Apply Here to get approved easily

Category: Creating & Profiting from information products


My Final Thoughts on Lurn Insider

Considering the price and the training, Lurn Insider is totally worth it keeping in mind it's all about profiting from product creation.

A course like Learn Build Earn which is an A-Z course on a product is a bit expensive but the lifetime value is priceless.

If you want to profit from digital publishing, Lurn Insider is the way to go.

Adventures on the River

Get Lurn Insider Here and the Bonuses

If you are a total newbie and not interested in creating products, you can still get started in affiliate marketing and turn your passions to profit. Check out Wealthy Affiliate to learn more.

Thanks for checking my Review of Lurn Insider by Anik Singal. Do you have any questions, reviews, complaints or comments about Lurn Insider or previous Anik Singal products? Share them in the comments thread below.

Also, please share to support.

Go, digital publisher,
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  • Israel says:

    Hi Tony!

    I didn’t really know Lurn Insider or Anik Singal, but it looks a very interesting program at first glance.

    Many information, all levels of knowledge and step-by-step training… The upsales though, but as long as they’re optional and you can just buy them as you adapt to the system, that’s reasonable.

    Thanks for the thorough review. I’ll look into it more deeply.

    • Tony Omary says:

      Hi Israel,

      Anik has a good track record. He has created other products like inbox blueprint and helped thousand of students.

      The upsells are optional but may be important depending on your needs and the goals you want to achieve as an entrepreneur.

  • Nisha Garg says:

    It is world wide accepted program today’s requirement is money and smart professionals do smart work to earn. A milestone to them is the Learn Build Earn

    • Tony Omary says:

      I agree with you Nisha. Learn Build Earn is a great program if one wants to profit from digital publishing.

  • Joe Petruzzi says:

    $100,000,000 seems not only to be a large number, but an unrealistic one. If there was more detail ($101,456,298) maybe I would believe it but I really don’t. That’s not to say this program is a scam or anything, but if it is genuine, the marketing needs to improve because I am already turned off just by the headings and story.

    • Tony Omary says:

      Hi Joe,

      The Number indicated wasn’t made overnight. So, Lurn Insider is not a Get-rich-quick Scheme either.

      It’s over a hundred million in sales since he started his online marketing career more than 10 years ago.

      We all have different tastes. Some people would prefer affiliate marketing and not willing to cross the bridge to digital publishing.

  • Richard says:

    Great Post with tons of information! Lurn insider seems like a viable way of pursuing money making opportunities online. With all the different ways of making money online it is nice to learn about some viable options.

    One suggestion, perhaps you can add some artwork to make the post a bit more visually appealing. Overall great job and best of luck for future posts!

    • Tony Omary says:

      Lurn Insider motivated me to build my first product which I’m still working on.

      There are plenty of artwork. There was an issue with my images though.

  • Mary says:

    Hi, I’ve never heard of this program up until now. Now that I’ve looked it over a little bit it seems somewhat interesting. There seems to be quite a bit of training, and the bonuses sound good too. I’m not a fan of upsells and downsells though…so that would be a negative for me. I’ll look into it further. Thanks for the info!

    • Tony Omary says:

      For 5 bucks it’s a no brainer keeping in mind that information business is one of the most profitable ways to make money online.

      You can lock yourself in today to get the bonuses. lol

      The upsells are great but Completely OPTIONAL Mary.

  • Bob says:

    I tested it out and to be honest I wasn’t all that impressed with Lurn Insider.

    I found their only motive within the program to get me to buy other stuff and one of their many upsells. I have come to expect this online but I am really started to get frustrated when I buy something that I need to spend more money just to get the goods. Money that I wasn’t told about before hand.

    Do you have any suggestions for a program that doesn’t do these upsells all over the place. I am getting fed up with this crap. I want to know up front how much something costs, not be surprised into $100’s per month in other fees like Lurn wants me to spend.

  • Prasad Rao says:

    Hi ,

    Can you let me know about the Zero up founder Fred Lam program, is it similar to Anik Singhal’s or different .

    Do Wealthy Affiliate is the best among in the current scenario

    • Tony Omary says:

      Hi Rao,

      They are almost similar but not the same exactly. Anik has been involved in creating the Zero Up course.

      Wealthy affiliate is affordable and newbie friendly.

      Sorry for the delayed reply

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