• Adrien says:

    Very informative post. U made almost 1k from this course. Can u help me to clarify my doubts:

    1. How long did it took for you to make your first sale through this system?
    2. How much did you spent on traffic on average per month?

    I’m don’t have lots of Money to spend. Im just worried about the cost of traffic after signing up for this programme.


    • Tony Omary says:

      Hey Adrian,

      1. It took me around two months(hint: I already had this website) So, it may be shorter or longer for some people depending on your following, expertise, dedication and other factors

      2.I didn’t spend any on paid traffic. It’s all organic.

  • Fritz says:

    Is it ok to buy this program even if i dont have any website or any internet business? will i still be able to make money?

    • Tony Omary says:

      Inbox blueprint will teach you how to have a website and thus an online business

      • Fritz says:

        You mentioned that you already had a website. How about for people who dont have any existing product/service to sell will they still get good results by purely selling affiliate offers?

        • Tony Omary says:

          People who have a website or list will get faster results.

          No problem if you don’t have a product, you’ll be promoting affiliate product for a commission.

  • Mike says:

    Hey Tony,

    DO you use Wealthy Affiliate too?

    I started recently and I was very tempted to just go for the inbox blueprint as I’ve read Anik’s Circle of Profit book.

    I’ve heard good things but I couldn’t warrant the price of this course.

    It’d be great if you could tell me why this is better than WA?

    I’m looking to get pop ups and places on my website to sign up to my email list, but I still don’t think it converts well.

    [Links Removed]

    Could you click through on my opt-in page… I’m wondering whether my TYP should be my initial page and my TYP should be a clickbank product.

    Sorry this is so too the point and for posting my links I would really appreciate your feedback though

    Thanks for your post


    • Tony Omary says:

      Inbox blueprint is great if you want to learn how to generate income through email alone.

      The landing page should be a free offer while the thank you page could be a clickbank product.

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