Happy Birthday EliteAffiliateHacks: Another Success Story!

Happy birthday.

Happy birthday my Online family.

Happy 1-year Anniversary. Time really flies.

Happy Birthday EliteaffiliateHacks.com

Why I’m I celebrating?

I started my very first website in 2015.

Instead of giving you my 2016 Year in Review that you are used to with other websites, I will share my story at this Time of the year.

What is Your Driving Force?

Millionaires set Goals

When you ever think of giving up, Always remember the reason you started in the first place. What were your goals when you started.

Could it be:

  • The job that you hate?
  • Lack of money doing the things you love?
  • Paying your bills and shopping in your favorite malls without straining?
  • A dream of wearing expensive designer clothes and jewelry?
  • Lack of time to travel the world?
  • Going on vacations any time you want?
  • Dating the hottest chicks?(Our goals are different!)

You will have to remember.

Success doesn’t happen Overnight but you must remember why you started. Ops! I have stressed that enough.

You have all reasons to be Happy!

Fight for your happiness.

Everyone loves money. Including our grandmothers!

My happiness comes from positive feedback I receive from folks that I help along the way.
Happy Customers, Happy me!

The money would mean nothing to me if I help no one!

My Crazy Story

When I started this website, I was not sure of the direction to follow.

I never even had my own laptop and could not afford to buy data to keep me online full-time.(Hint: Used FREE resources available to everyone around me)

It was slightly after I was a freshman in college that I started. If you have been there you know how life can get tough at times. You need money for rent, food or even may be a bit of fun.

So, you have no reason not to start right now. Be ready to make mistakes here and there but you’ll be glad you did!

My website had a completely different name when it started.

I knew I could make money online but did not know exactly how.

So, I continued blogging thinking that I was moving in the right direction. Boy, I was wrong. I spent around 6 months earning very little from the site.

At times, I thought of giving up and call it all quits but thanks to my online family that always encourage me and raised me up again.

FREE Webinar: How to Make $10k/Month Online If you are curious, you can check this post and see the name of my website back then.

Note: In the post above I also explained how you can move your website from one Domain to another and keep your rankings.

A little help: If you experience technical errors navigating my site, do let me know.

My Main Challenges Along the Way

To make it, you must always have challenges. I know I have failed a couple of times but used my failures as stepping-stones and lessons that will teach others. I hope I’ll help even just ONE Person today!


A website without traffic is doomed!

I was hard for me to create content on a daily basis. In fact, in the year, I created less that a 100 post and pages(Including pages like privacy policy, income disclaimer and contact us)

Content creation was a challenge
Took that screenshot Today.


Honestly, I did very little in content creation. There is a time I created only 2 posts in 7 WHOLE months.(That’s not a joke)

Imagine how much money I could get if I created more content to attract more traffic?

2. Resources

I never had my own computer.

The free resources were not reliable. Today internet, tomorrow no internet. I think you understand.

Maybe you have a computer and a 24/7 internet. Man, you are sitting on Gold.

3. Money

This is HUGE!

Although you can make money without spending much money, you steal need money.

I needed money for hosting, autoresponder, some premium plugins and so on.

If you cannot afford money for rent or food, don’t start an Online Business as it is a venture that requires plenty of investment and effort.

Fair Warning: Don’t use business money for personal things. Don’t get me wrong. That is your money and you have the right to use it but make sure a certain percentage is invested back to grow your business. This applies to any type of Business.

Happy Valentine!


I got you.

The last valentine is when I bought EliteAffiliateHacks.com.

Added More years to Serve You
See EliteAffiliateHacks at the bottom? 2 More years Added

So, this website is only one-year young.

I have added two more years to it to serve you guys.

Most Loved Content!

My main goal is to help you guys start thriving online Businesses or if you are an affiliate to make more commissions to get those fat paychecks.

There is are important pages that are a must to any affiliate website:

Start here page should give first-time visitors the ability to start from where they are at the moment. This page tries to solve problem commonly found. This could be traffic, Creating content that people loves or starting a business from a scratch.

The resource page includes best of Internet marketing resources. Don’t recommend junk products for the sake of a buck. Trust is very important.

Blog Post

There are some posts that have attracted floods of traffic since they were created. Have a look and remember to share and comment.

NOTE: Some stats don’t show since I switched from HTTP to https


A lot has happened since starting this website. Here are just a few.

EliteAffiliateHacks.com Landed a guest post from a fun. Thank you for your content!(You can contact me if you want to guest post here with “Guest Post” as the subject)

Content that would get through easily

  • Case Studies
  • Tutorials
  • Ultimate Guides
  • Infographics[Backed up with rich content-Link and to this site(and logo) in the resources]
  • Expert Roundups
  • Interviews

Side Note: I don’t Pay Guests. This is for your own exposure and also give you a share of my traffic.

I have so many page one Google rankings for highly competitive keywords.

Success in Google Rankings
Guess who is #2? QuickSprout, a well-known Marketing Blog!

I was once featured in an expert round-up on the best programs to start a business. In addition, OPF Kit also took an Excerpt from my review and used them in the testimonial area. See pictures below.

Tony Omary Featured in an Expert Round up
Which is the Best Internet Marketing Training? I answered this!


Check out the Review of OPF kit here.

Shout Out: If you think my website is worth a mention or a link, don’t hesitate. I’ll be glad to reach newer people.

My traffic is going well by now and growing My Traffic Analysis


A website is an asset that appreciates with Time. By now, I already own several domains.

You can buy yours here and start building your business today.


How could I talk about my achievement without talking about money?

I wanted it to be almost the last thing.

As you may already know(or not), I don’t really like talking about money publicly. But how do I show you that I actually make money? 

The Feeling

This is BIG!

It gives me the energy to remember where I came from.

This energy gives one a supernatural sprint to be successful online!

My first big paycheck from one affiliate site(I promote several) was $791.07

Recent payments for EliteAffiliateHacks.com
Payment from one affiliate account(Clickbank)Not bad for a 22-year-old college kid!

I know.

It may not be much to you. Mind you, it’s only from one affiliate account.

When I logged into my account I was so happy. My heart throbbing, hands sweating and that look of disbelief on the screen. Could it be real?

Obviously, it was real because I could withdraw it. I cannot forget the feeling at the ATM waiting for it to count all the money.(Not the single sound most of us are used to)

Valentines paycheck
Surprises are good!

I love valentine!

Way Forward

I’m looking forward to producing top-notch content for you guys.

You will not have to worry about thing to do with traffic, content creation or making more commissions as an affiliate.

In my resource page, you will find the best of online marketing tools and resources. I have discounted Most of them for you or offer free Trial. Make sure to check them out here.

If you want to start an Online business or take your existing business to the next level, check out wealthy Affiliate for $19(59% discount here) Check out a review here.

I Appreciate You!

Thanks for your support.

You Own EliteAffiliateHacks, I manage it. Let me know what you would want to see on this website now or in the future.

Remember to share!

The Sky is the Limit,

Tony Omary Signature



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  • Michel says:

    Well, a very happy birthday to your website. It looks like you are doing well and maybe will soon be doing this full time. Who needs a boss anyway.

    Even through all the obstacles of not having internet and a computer, I applaud you for pulling through and carrying on.

    What is the secret of such a healthy looking Clickbank account? Just helping others and writing content, or do you use paid marketing?

    • Tony Omary says:

      Thank you Michel,

      I will probably go full-time soon before I graduate. lol .I don’t need a boss or anyone to dictate how I use my time.

      Just giving out the best and networking. As you saw, I produced less articles during the year(but try to make it the best). Of course, perfection lies in the eyes of you my readers.

      See you around Michel and keep visiting.

  • Samira says:

    Hello Tony,

    This is of course my first time on your blog and reading this lovely post of yours obviously goes ahead to prove the point that everything is possible in this world if one perseveres to the end.
    I do wish you all the best.

    • Tony Omary says:

      Thank you Samira and thank you for stopping by. I’m glad you visited my site.

      You are right, when one perseveres, you can achieve a lot. Expect more staff in future.

      Wishing you all the best too Samira!

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