Global Internet Fortunes Review 2023: A Scam or Genuine?

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Hey, Tony Omary here with a Full Global Internet Fortunes Review 2023.

Global Internet Fortune Review

You landed on the right page!

The chances are that you have found me on Google because I have learned about the whole process of blogging, SEO, and making money online ethically!

Let’s get started with the review.

Name: Global Internet Fortunes

Owner : Kimathi Kamundeh

Price    : $25( Ksh 2,000), $ 42, $88, $35, $27[The Price has been everchanging since 2014]


Rating: 42 out of 100

Located in: Commerce House
AddressMoi Ave, Nairobi, Kenya Next to Kenya Cinema

Verdict: Not RECOMMENDED, No actual products to sell, offline training, pyramidal structure.

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Short Review: SBC is a Multi-level company located in Kenya.

There are digital products, hosting, and autoresponder that you’ll get if you decide to join.

You have to sell the program to family and friends to make serious money. No thanks!

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Thanks for your Support. The Comments, the shares and the Reads. I appreciate. I wrote this when I got my start in Affiliate Marketing back in 2015 but the article is up to date!

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Heads up: Avoid Alliance in Motion Global

A Brief Introduction of Global Internet Fortunes/Back Story

“Global Internet Fortunes” has evolved from My Fortune Builders, Social Biz Connect, and internet Marketing Africa.

Don’t you think that is fishy? Let’s not be quick to judge. It may be just for rebranding.

GIF was first introduced to me by a high school buddy, Charles,  while I was a struggling college student.

If you have been to campus, you know how challenging life can be.

There is no money to grab some drinks, no money to take your girl on a date, not forgetting the essential commodities.

Since I was inexperienced and new in the game, I went to the commerce house. I also took one of my best friends with me.

The sponsors would sell dreams of becoming the next millionaire.

“Just invite two people and the two people invite two Bla Bla Bla.”

Global Internet Fortunes Members Invited

That would seem easy, but it is not easy for people to believe you with their hard-earned money.

After the training, you are to gather as a team with the person that invited you. Upgrading is what is now preached at the table.

That means that your sponsor will earn some coins.

To cut the story short, I recruited more than 70 naive people just like me and recover my money.

It was a lousy experience chasing after family and friends only to find out that only the people on the top of the pyramid are the ones making it BIG.

To date, I have shifted from network marketing to affiliate marketing.

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Global Internet Fortunes Orientation

Global Internet Fortunes Disadvatages

Before you are introduced to the scheme, you are required to visit one of the branches.

During orientation, you will be taught the basics of network marketing.

You’ll have to pay a fee though in order to attend one of the orientations.

One message remained dominant. Upgrading your account to premium.

You will be sold dreams in order to make decisions based on emotion which is a bad idea.

Surprisingly, a lot of people upgrade immediately after the orientation expecting to make money the next day which never happens.

Global Internet Fortunes Branches

Global Internet Fortunes has six main branches where you will be attending your orientation and get to meet your team members.

  • Nairobi Branch: Commerce House 4th Floor – Along Moi Avenue near Kenya Cinema
  • Mombasa Branch: Olemonana House 1st Floor – Along Moi Avenue, next to Toyota Kenya Show Room.
  • Kisumu Branch; Guilders Plaza 2nd Floor, Odera Street Off Oginga Odinga Street Opp Nyanza Woolen Shop.
  • Nakuru Branch: Baraka Plaza 4th Floor – along Kenyatta Avenue, opposite Equity Bank.
  • Eldoret Branch: Safina Plaza 2nd Floor – Room S1, Ronald Ngala Street next to MT Kenya University.
  • Kakamega Branch: Shiva’s Arcade, 1 st floor Kifinco Road, Opposite Holden Mall (Chandarana Supermarket)

You are expected to do your training within those towns and meet your mentors.

Global Internet Fortunes vs Wealthy Affiliates; See the Comparison Table Below!


By now, you know that there are better options out there instead of chasing after family and friends to get referrals.

See other Disadvantages of Global Internet Fortunes

Is Global Internet Fortunes Registered in Kenya?

Global Internet Fortunes is registered as a limited company in Kenya and is also registered with Kenya Revenue Authority(KRA).

The government registration details PVT-RXUE8B and the Kenya Revenue Authority Details P051651061X.

Global Internet Fortunes Video Review

Don’t like videos, continue reading the Global Internet fortunes review instead.

Global Internet Fortunes Contradictions.

Global Internet fortunes, like any other internet marketing opportunity, take place online.

Since Internet Marketing is new in Kenya, those who are more experienced train the newbies in the industry. I’m not too fond of the fact that the training is offline.

This makes people around Nairobi, Kenya to be given priority.

Global Internet Fortunes has a FREE platform.

The social platform is just like Facebook as you will be interacting with fellow members, but you CAN NOT make any money as a FREE member of SBC.

I would instead be interacting with a community of like-minded, active entrepreneurs and not the inactive SBC social media platform.

Update 3: It seems that GIF slashed the social platform.

I have no idea how members would interact with one another.

When you log in, you will see plenty of articles but Meh!

They are probably PLR articles of low quality. Unfortunately, they don’t rank.

Related: Disadvantages of Global Internet Fortunes

Global Intenet Fortunes Products and Services

Global Internet Fortunes have a set of products and services that they offer to its members.

Global Internet Fortunes Domain Names

Global Internet Fortunes Domain Names

You can register a domain within the Global Internet Fortunes platform.

A “” cost ksh 1,000 while a “” cost ksh 5,000/year.

A .COM, .BIZ, .ORG, .US & .INFO will cost you Ksh 1,500.

I’m always against the idea of buying domains from third parties. What if the company crushes tomorrow? Your brand will be on the line.

ALWAYS buy domains from established registers like NameCheap that have been in business for decades.

Global Internet Fortunes Web Hosting

Global Internet Fortunes web hosting costs $59/year and $99/year.

Here are the features.

  • 5 GB Web Space
  • Free .com domain included
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 99.9% Service Uptime
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Sub Domains
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Free pre-build website
  • Easy to use Control Panel for all website administration
  • Free SSL to Secure Your Website and Emails

The only difference in pricing is the space. You get 30GB if you choose the latter.


Something fishy is here.

Global Internet Fortunes claims to have powered websites like Apple, Dell, Intel, and more.

Global Internet Fortunes fake hosts

Let’s have a look at who hosts Apple.

That raises some questions about trust and transparency. WPX Hosting and BlueHost are receiving the best ratings in the market.

Global Internet Fortunes Lead Capture Pages

Socialbizconnect in Nairobi Kenya-a scam or genuine?-Lcp

Leads are crucial for any marketer. The person that said that the money was on the list was very fitting. The LCP captures the email of a visitor.

When you have an email, you can send them a gift, offer, or promotion at any time. If you want to generate $10,000, then capture 10,000 email addresses.

With Aweber, the Leading autoresponder, you can only capture 500 email addresses for the same price.

You can use these capture pages to promote other products and services.

This is a brilliant tool for companies and organizations yearning to grow.

By the Way: Capture pages are commonly used by MLMers. For real businesses, you need a landing page or a funnel.

Sidenote: You don’t need leads if you do not have a business! Start yours today here.

Global Internet Fortunes/Socialbizconnect Auto-Responders

Sbc Auto-responder- is Socialbizconnect genuine

This is where the idea of making passive income comes about.

You create your emails and decide when Autoresponder will send the emails.

You can also send periodic emails using the system.

Just have the initial setup and see your income grow.

For example, there will be an automated reply when you capture an email.

Do you need an Auto-responder? Grab the email marketing tool used by professional bloggers.

You will get a 30-day FREE trial if you decide to buy from this site.

Watch the Free Affiliate Marketing Training

Free Affiliate Marketing Training for Beginners 2022 by Builderpreneur (Affiliate Secrets 3.0)

The Opportunity: Can You Make Money As a Free Member?

No, even if you pay $25 to access the products. Why not get your start in affiliate marketing for FREE? Seriously!

It claims to Facebook that it pays but it is nowhere close to Facebook. To prove that, their adverts are not seen anywhere on the internet.

Some people also think that SBC is FREE to join. That is true, but only premium {Those who pay $ksh 2,000) make money}.

Don’t join SBC Unless you have another plan (not making money online) or you are ready to chase family and friends to join under you and ruin your reputation!

Some folks would sacrifice whatever they thought they would be millionaires overnight.

Global Internet Fortunes Compensation Plan (Payplan)

As mentioned earlier, the compensation plan keeps changing from time to time.

I’m about to get tired of updating it every time they make a change in their pay plan.

Payplan 1: (Customer) When you pay $20($10 for membership and $10 for a domain).

You will get paid $5 for every paying customer you refer.

A serious marketer cannot promote such a product. How many sales would you make to reach the $1000/month mark?

PayPlan 2: (Agent). It cost $42(Ksh 3600). Please don’t ask me why there is a huge difference in converting dollars to KSH. I’m not the owner. 🙄

My best definition of a pyramid scheme is an MLM with “Products“. It makes no difference to me!

This is the payment plan that keeps on changing, from the power of five to pass-ups then the power of four.

I have no idea of the next.

This is what they are using.

socialbizconnect compensation plan
Hey, can’t you see that’s a pyramid?

They make it seem simple to make money with them, but it is not accessible by just promoting a product that makes you $5 or $10 a sale.

Oh, you didn’t see it was pyramidal structured? Here is a more precise picture…

socialbizconnect pyramid scheme
Do you see? The person at the top remains green because they joined SBC a long time ago. So, they are guaranteed to make sales from their down lines(those who join after) who want money!

Can You Make Money with Global Internet Fortunes?

Yes? But…

If you are comfortable running after family and friends, go for it! With me, NO THANKS.

How about the client following you? I bet that You found this article on the first page of Google.

It is not there(on the first page) by mistake.

I have learned how to create content that gets ranked and brings traffic to my site without a hustle.

I know some people don’t care how they make money, but you may lose your money.

If not enough, You may also ruin trust and friendship.

I do care about my reputation, confidence, and goodwill. Money is just a by-product!

I also Don’t like them because you can only promote their program.

Come on dude; you can promote many programs and make money! Learn How to build a Successful Online Business

Online opportunities are not for quitters or people who want to make instant money.

They are for people who wish to generate full-time and lifetime income through the internet.

Please Note: Global internet Fortunes is a Multi-Level company and not affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you pay nothing to promote the product.

Update 5: Recently, Kim, aka “double KK”, introduced pass-ups and proved that SBC is not affiliate marketing but a Pyramid scheme.

Those on top of the pyramid make even more money!

There are other digital products like:

  • E-books
  • Computer training
  • MLM Academy

Honestly, there is no market for such products. Therefore, the only way to make money is by introducing others to SBC.

Update 6: Recently, Hosting and domains were introduced in GIF. Although I haven’t tried their hosting(I don’t intend to), It cost $10(Ksh 1000/month).

Ops! It seems to have a lot of confusing updates!

The Downside of this is that you have to purchase a domain name from their site, which I’m sure they(domains) are affiliated with the owners meaning the hosting commissions out of that.

While there is nothing wrong with that, Why make it compulsory for all members? Hey SBC, You are kissing established businesses Goodbye!

Are there alternatives to Global Internet Fortunes?

Here are the best alternatives to (Global Internet Fortunes)GIF:

  • Affiliate Secrets 3.0: Spencer Mecham is the first Clickfunnells affiliate to generate over $1 million in commissions. He teaches what he has learned along the way.
  • One Funnel Away Challenge: This is the ClickFunnels Flagship course that cost only $100
  • Amazing Selling Machine Foundations. Want to get a discount on the Amazing Selling Machine? this course also sells for $997, and it’s worth every penny
  • One Product Challenge: Forget about launching a product in weeks. For only $97, you can launch your product in only seven days.
  • Amazon Bootcamp: A comprehensive course by The Selling Family
  • Kevin David Amazon FBA Ninja: KD had around 1.5M Subscribers on YouTube and thousands of followers across other networks. His system is receiving a favorable rating among students.
  • The Amazing Selling Machine: This is their flagship course and one of the best in the market. it costs $4,997
  • Wealthy Affiliate: Wealthy Affiliate comes at only $49 and teaches the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, not forgetting the tools and support that you will get
  • BuilderAll: You can easily create your store using BA and collect payments, although you will fulfill the orders. It can also be an additional tool in your arsenal to create capture pages and send periodic emails to build rapport with your customers.

Global Internet Fortunes FAQ

Is Global Internet Fortunes Illuminati?

No. You are not selling your soul to the devil or signing any contracts.

Your earning potential is dependent on you, and you can quit at any time if it isn’t a business model for you.

Who is the Owner of Global Internet Fortunes?

Kimathi Kamundeh is the CEO & Founder of Global Internet Fortunes Ltd

How do we make money with Global Internet Fortunes

Unfortunately, the main way to make money is through recruiting others to the scheme.

Is Global Internet Fortunes a scam/Pyramid scheme or legit?

Global Internet Fortunes is genuine and not a scam.

It always pays its members on time, and you will be paid every coin that you make.

The payment structure and recruitment strategy are of a pyramid.

Is Global Internet Fortunes Legal?

Yes. Global Internet Fortunes is registered as a limited company in Kenya and is also registered with Kenya Revenue Authority(KRA).

The government registration details PVT-RXUE8B and the Kenya Revenue Authority Details P051651061.

Is Global Internet Fortunes Genuine or a scam?

Global Internet Fortunes is genuine and not a scam. It always pays its members on time and you will be paid every coin that you make.

On the flip side, the sales page lies. It is not as easy to make money as they make it. Without skills and training, you can rarely make a cent.

Falling into the wrong team is the worst scenario. You depend on your team to make money. I don’t mean that you cannot make money.

Unlike affiliate marketing, you can only promote one product.

It s*cks and makes you a HUSTLER. (Chasing & Hustling family members and friends to join under you.)

Check my recommendation to learn affiliate marketing. You can promote as many products as you want and earn Unlimited commissions.

Do you want to start making money online today? You are going to discover the secrets of making money online.

You will know what you have been missing. Click here to learn more. Until next time, bye-bye and take care!

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Thanks for your Support. This is one of my first articles that I did while Starting this Affiliate Marketing Business back in 2015! Time really Flies!

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Thank you for reading my Global Internet Fortunes Review 2023. Do you have any questions, your review, complaint,s or anything you want to share with us? Feel Free to drop them below.

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122 thoughts on “Global Internet Fortunes Review 2023: A Scam or Genuine?”

  1. albert mangale

    I enjoy how Tony keeps driving people to his site in order to get traffic. He has convinced many that affiliate marketing is a way better business than MLM.
    Do you even know what MLM is?
    I am both an affiliate marketer and still a member with GIF. Anyone who wants to know what affiliate marketing is? You simply advertise products of other companies for example jumia, and get commission from it. Yes its free to join, but Tony has not told you how to get traffic on your affiliate website. I will tell you. There is free traffic where you go post on groups or your facebook page timeline to get customers buy the products.
    There is paid traffic where you need to use money from your pocket to drive traffic in your affiliate website.
    Now, since he has convinced tou affiliate is better than GIF, where do you get the website to start affiliate marketing?
    Who said you need to refer people to GIF in order to earn? GIF offers websites, a website needs a domain to function. Domains are like or Thats a domain.
    If you come to GIF, buy the domain, website, storage, autoresponder etc as one package and have a website where you do not need to go pay more money over 10-15k to have your website functional with themes and plugins etc, you just pay ksh5500 and have a website where in that website, you can use it to do affiliate marketing. Do you need to refer anyone to earn?
    People like Tony have webhosting affiliatw sites, where they will direct you there and buy a domain name so that he gets commission. I also do that….i do webhosting with hostgator where you get a domain name for wordpress and have a website with wordpress.
    People like tony will convince you to go to his website to learn about affiliate marketing and you do not know he is paid for traffic in his website.
    People in Kenya are easily fooled because they lack knowledge of the online world. And just like that, you loose an opportunity to better your life and struggle with the everyday jobs that stress you out or move up and down looking for jobs that you cannot find and yet the job opporunity one person said is a scam could save you.
    I do MLM, i do affiliate, my advise is, before you make a decision because someone wrote something is a scam, find out.
    I am here confidently telling you, GIF is a web hosting company where its uses a marketind strategy called Multi-level marketing to move its products and services it provides and compensates those who do it for a commission. Even affiliate marketing needs money invested for it to work. 1, you will need a website. They are not free if you need it for affiliate marketing. If you want to be ablogger you can use sites like to have free website and post banners on the website in order for you to get commissions from the affiliate company you are working with. My friend. You think your website will automatically appear on google search for peole to access your blog? No, you will pay for it. Even jumia pays for its jumia site.
    So if you think small and believe Tony well then you will remember me when reality hits you about the awesome ‘affiliate marketing’ he is talking about.
    Why not do both in GIF, you will have commissions from selling GIF products and have commissions from affiliate marketing. So do not waste your time with this people claiming its a scam. It it was that but, why then did the government approve it? For those who did not know. GIF is registered by the Government.
    Am here saying if you are interested in GIF contact me [Phone number removed]

  2. Hey tony, just because it didn’t work out for you in sbc , that doesn’t mean the company is a scam. And I bet you really don’t know the meaning of the word SCAM.
    This being a business world, the fact is you are using Global internet fortunes company name to promote your WA business. Don’t lie to people. Go and know more about the company first then I advise you to come and repost content here. People are earning in GIF. So if you joined and didn’t get to earn cool cash, you are the problem not the company’s system.
    And in GIF, one doesn’t have to be at the top for him to earn money, in fact you can earn big money than the person above you.
    And one can start earning as soon as he or she joins. For instance in my first week I got paid 120$. And I proved the legitimacy of the company.
    And I also have a website courtesy of GIF.

    Have a good time anyway.

    1. Oh! I see you are a great grammar teacher. Awesome teacher David, I don’t know the meaning of the word scam!

      Whatever I decide to promote, I give my readers my own taste of a program through a review or the articles I write. Go promote GIF on your website your way my friend.

      Just to make it clear to everyone reading this, I pay out of my pocket or get “free review access” before doing a review.(I also show a purchase proof) I have an account with GIF too Dude.

      Congrats on making $120 your first week and your first website. Amazing!

      1. I appreciate you Tony by mind opening us on functionality of these networking businesses, actually you explained it more clear than one who was enticing me to join GIF. No telling how you make money on it, there is always that hidden truth of joining that Affliate program is their main way of making money,

  3. They call it online marketing,what do they PROMOTE; (You going to your family, friends….begging them pay registration fee to join GIF).
    I have a friend of mine who joined GIF some months ago, he earn 20 bucks a day on average ,i had a hard time explaining how have become a scammer-agent. Of course he is oblivious of how social engineering ‘HACKING’ works , it’s more of a psychology thing rather than coding in Python .
    Now Tony O. who will help us get rid of them …..

    Dennis Mbui

    1. There are some legit opportunities out there that help you build a completely automated, successful online Business.

      Don’t get me wrong, there is some work involved in order to drive people to your offers and you’ll be shown exactly how.

      Anyways, you can contact me if you have anything regarding Affiliate Marketing & SEO.

        1. Hey Felix,

          I’m no longer part of Global Internet Fortunes.

          Check out Wealthy Affiliate if you want to learn how to make money online.


  4. Hello Tony,
    Any updates on sbc(gif)… I just went for the training and seems like they now have these sessions in 3 towns :Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret.. They now charge $55 for subscription on the first month and $35 every other month. Wanted to join but had my doubts..I would like to learn more about affiliate marketing.

    1. this is a group scam there own people. who are poor but they are putting high hope in there dreams of money fast. Not true I seen all these scam. As a former FBI and CIA. don’t get into these lies

  5. Tony, you’ve got no idea how much you have saved people money and time. Even if it’s that Ksh. 200 they call training/orientation fee, it still makes a difference.
    I also wonder why they need to identify with different names after a while. Another fishy thing I sensed is the fact that they will not mention the Ksh.4,000 (or whatever the amount it is) initial investment deposit. I think honesty should be a basic virtue especially in business, coz why would you want to collect several 200 bobs from some young hustlers who honestly are not in any position to invest the 4k? That way you become a con. From the onset, this SBC/IMA/GIF or whatever they may decide to call themselves after today… should communicate honestly if they have no intentions of stealing 200s from thousands (if not more) of innocent Kenyans with no progressive plans.
    No wonder the physical offline trainings…
    God bless you Tony

  6. Hello everyone. I agree with you that it has become harder to make money with GIF previously known as SBC. I have been a member and I have not seen the fruits of my labor with a high subscription fees of ksh 3500/= monthly.

  7. Hi
    I am just from recieving trainig in global internet fortunes. Honestly i think they have changed nowadays since they do the referring for you at the start. All you have to do is give them your phone contacts of the people you want to refer and they will do the rest for you. Though one thing that i don’t like about them is that they rush you into paying registration fees(now-4500/=).
    Honestly i just want to create a website and get ads.
    It would be good if they would have a money-back offer incase people are not pleased with the serivices. I think people would be more willing to join SBC. Haha, who am i kidding, they will lose their money.

    1. Hey,

      Global Internet fortunes is a business too. It’s just another model.(Multi-level Marketing)

      When you build your website, you can hit me up for other monetization methods apart from GDI and make a killing online.

      Have a great week ahead.

  8. Hello
    Part time and full time Online business Opportunity Available to People within NAIROBI & ELDORET where they can Earn 5,000-15,000 on a weekly basis.
    For more information send your name and location to [Phone number removed for privacy]via whatsapp ONLY.

    1. Did you just say online business opportunity? Why looking for folks from Nairobi and Eldoret

      Online business is location independent.(Don’t imagine where I am right now)

      Do yourself a favor Simon. Build a website that generates its own traffic and sales.

      Get in touch with me if you need help along the way.

  9. hello tonny,
    Have read and being a member there i can prove that you are right. just need your help;
    is there any online platform that does not require you to.invite others (under you) so that you can get paid? please advise.

    1. Hey Esther,

      You need to know the difference between MLM and affiliate marketing.

      To be honest, it’s extremely HARD to make money online without investing a dime. Otherwise, you may end up spending a lot of time to find what works.

      My two cents: Pick a proven system that works and work toward achieving your financial Freedom.

      Let me know if you need further help Easter.

    2. Hello Randy, you see ignorance is a disease that can be cured if one concentrate on the ongoing trainings about online business. For your case, I think you can’t get any cure,because you are asking for an online business opportunity that doesn’t require inviting. In this SBC/GIF platform that Tonny is feeding the public with lies, you earn,in fact massive earning without inviting. Here,you wikk be earning as a customer of GIF, where after purchasing the products, you will be given a fully customized blog, with ready traffic and companies will visit you blog, see the traffic and they will give you banners which you will pin on your blog. When your traffic click on the banner, they will be redirected to that particular company, and that the company wiik know you have done an advert and you will earn your advertising commission. Say for example,, in 30 minutes, 100 people click on one banner, and the ckmmision per click is kshs.10, how much would you have made in 30 minutes? = kshs.1000,and in 24hrs?
      Stop thinking that grass is always green on the other side of the valley. I am in GIF and thus is how I make my earnings. If you’re stuck somewhere, just reply here I help you get started

      1. Hey Stephen,

        Glad that you are making a fortune with GIF

        The fact remains, the main method of making money is through invitation.

        I haven’t seen top Blog from GIF members thriving.

  10. Hi Tony,
    I tried sending sbc an email to terminate my account since that is what is indicated on their website as to how I should terminate it.

    My would be spline says only until it lapses can it be terminated. Is this true? I want to erase this sbc from my life.

    I lost money because I made a quick investment without considering the technicalities involved which I am not willing to pursue. Money lost, lessons learned.
    Also, goes to show the incompetence: why say something different on the site…?

    Kindly help.

    1. Hi Joy,

      I’m Sorry that SBC ripped you OFF!

      I had also been scammed before finding legitimate ways to make money online.

      No NEED to DELETE your account because they don’t take anything from you.

      Take the baby steps and learn affiliate marketing here in a few. No Hype!

      Feedback me with any questions or concerns Joy!

      1. The SBC company is real from my experience, I have been paying my school fees and rent since I joined SBC here you can reach me on how you can make money online[Phone number removed!]

        1. Awesome that you have been paying your school fees through the scheme Joel.

          It means you are great in referring but I still wonder why you left your phone number.

          Anyways, Thanks for commenting. I appreciate!

  11. Hi Tony,
    I totally agree with you.
    I joined SBC thinking it was a smart way to make money for a person like me who doesn’t like chasing after people to purchase a product. I am not wired for customer care…in fact, if any person should decide that they don’t like what I’m selling, I’d tell them to walk off. I don’t put up with people so well. So you can imagine my predicament trying to convince people to join a business in which I find unnecessary hustle and no real product to at least make marketing easier.
    My questions are… Can I recover my money and if so please help me out there. Also, how can I leave SBC and leave no trace of myself there?


    1. Hi Leila,

      Hope you are having an awesome weekend.

      Most people join SBC because they are too desperate to think and make sober decisions. “We want money. We need jobs” That is the mind of many. After all, one ends up becoming a hustler rather than an entrepreneur.

      I didn’t trace their refund policy. (Hint: I am a member who left back in 2014)

  12. SocialBizConnect is does not really help people make money online. Instead, the business steals from them.

  13. It was good to be introduced to SBC, i just went through the training a week ago in Eldoret town and i still want to take time to observe how it works b4 i join it fully, otherwise if what i learnt and those that av read here + Tonny’s explanations r right then i have no doubt in mind to join SBC

    1. Hey Levie,

      Wealthy affiliate is free in over 95% of countries in the world. Mind you, it was FREE when I joined. Due to high levels of fraud, some countries(around 9 ONLY) like Kenya, Nigeria, and Egypt were blocked from joining WA. You can my Wealthy Affiliate Frequently asked questions here.

      Either way, I’ll update with a program that is FREE in Kenya but keep in mind you have to spend time & money to make good money.

      Have a great week ahead.

  14. Am only 19 years old. I saw an opportunity in social biz connect from western kenya. Now am the one funding my entire family, traveling world wide. proof to me that SBC is a scam broh,and you were not the lazy one. if you want i can send a screen shot to you i have people from tanzania and Nigeria

    1. Back to English classes Eusters,

      A SCAM is a dishonest scheme. Is SBC really the EASIEST way to make money online in the shortest time as claimed in the sales page?

      Honestly, making good money online takes time and effort. It is not easy. Also, remember that the primary way to make money is recruiting.(Hope you understand how a pyramid looks like.

      Anyways, congrats that you are a bread winner of your family at 19!

      Keep grinding!

      1. You are just trying to make money from your blog through sabotage clever trick my friend you may have deceived others but not me shame on you am also a blogger and i know how bloggers earn. Please dont deceive others and prevent them from making better their lives yet you know you are just lying. May God punish you for your selfishness

        1. I tried the program. All are my opinions. Since you are a blogger why don’t you go and write your opinions on your blog?

          Anyways, thanks for the engagement.


  15. hey there, hope you are being paid to post that,,,it shows that you feel guilty since you didnt succeed so you dont what others to succeed too,what do we call that,, but do you want you can never change a made up mind and the company is growing fast.

  16. Hi Tony… Thank you for your misinformed presentation… I will advise you to look into the update of the company.

    Secondly… SBC is not for lazy people… it’s not that you work for one week and give up… if no one is upgrading, it means there’s something wrong you’re doing and not the company; you cannot wait for the company to come and work for you then you make money. That is called laziness.

    If you don’t take time to grow and learn in the business or ask others how they are making it in the business or failing to approach others for help, what do you expect?

    I’m proud to be in SBC and I’m benefiting from it.

    Anyways… please stop sharing information and you barely have an update about it…

    And btw… there is online training for those who are not around Nairobi or Eldoret. But I, as my own boss, has my own specifications and preferences, if I choose Nairobi and Eldoret, it’s up to me and I have no apologies for having my preferences… At the end of the day, there’s a reason as to why those are my preferences…

    1. Hey Yettah,

      I agree with you that SBC or any other online business is not for lazy people but that does not change the fact the cartels at the top are making a killing while the “Litle guys” keep on chasing after family and friends.

      I have an account with SBC so, STOP Imagining I guess what I write.

      The internet is global. If there is an online training, why does it have to be in Nairobi and Eldoret?

      Keep crushing Yettah!

  17. Everything you have said is amiss. Get your facts right before publishing. Why use another company’s name so as to promote your business? I don’t blame you. It’s called business. Sbc is a legit business and I can attest to that. Your opinion is your opinion. Do through investigations. All the figures you have mentioned there apart from 7920 are false. Even you don’t have an idea of the products and services offered yet you claim to know. Get a life

    1. Unless you are just a member who joined the other day. The video doesn’t lie. It clearly shows what is inside the member’s area.(Refer to the video from min 3.36, you’ll see my back office inside SBC)

      Can you make money with socialbizconnect? I mentioned that. You make money by referring others to SBC. In fact, I was a member of SBC. It is really hard to go against negative comments and claims about SBC here as shared by other members.

      Anyways, keep up recruiting but I’m sure you’ll benefit more from affiliate marketing rather than being a hustler chasing after family and friends.

  18. I have a question.. When you walk into a hotel… do you go sit there idle or you have to buy something in order to get their accommodation?

    Secondly… You just lied… I paid 88$ to have my website hosted for the year… not 10$ per month.

    And ow yeah… Thank God, I landed in the right team. Yes… it is not for the weak, or lazy person… But it is rewarding.

    1. You have the answer.

      You are right. I get it. One has to spend money to make money. Even with Affiliate marketing, I spent money too before making money.

      I know the updates may be confusing as mentioned but I strive. It costs around $10 to host elsewhere not in SBC.[I’ll edit & update]

      Great that you fall to the right team but the concept is the same. Recruit to make money.

      All the best in your Venture Yettah!

  19. Hey Tony. First i appreciate that you are a namesake. Secondly, i really appreciate your conclusive review. I have taken my time and read your full review of the Wealthy Affiliate and really found that it is the way to go if one really wishes to make good money online. The numerous comments from other wealthy affiliates like you further confirm to it that this really works. I have went further and signed up to wealthy affiliate only to find out that the free version doesn’t work. Am in Kenya. Could this be just a way of enticing us to sign up as many others do? I need to first work with the free version and later upgrade to premium. Please advise.

    1. Hey Tonnie,

      I appreciate your time reading my review of the wealthy affiliate. I’m also a Kenyan. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to sign up as FREE members as I mentioned in the FAQ.

      What you saw in my review is what exactly WA is. That’s why they give you the ability to try them for FREE.

      Anyways, the premium is where there are plenty of benefits like mentoring, private messaging(including owners), host up to 25 domains, support and much more.

  20. hello am glad to read this … and to let you know am just from attending the 3 hours training just this afternoon …. everything that u said is like you had eavesdrop in the room ….

    may Almighty bless you…. the problem is that I need money and am anguishing in poverty …
    hope God will open door for me.

    1. Hey Dennis,

      I’m glad that you shared your experience with us. I was once where you are and I know how it feels.

      Thanks for the blessings. To make money online you may need to spend time, money or in most cases both. Since Wealthy Affiliate is not available for Free in Kenya, Check out Internet Marketing Forum but Remember Wa is the best as it made me build my first website from a scratch.

      Let me know if you need help or have a question along the Way Denis.

      Have an awesome week ahead

      1. hi tonny I currently registered with sbc but whenever I want to log in they say is wrong password or user name am even regretting why i waste my money because I have never earn anything and its a month now

        1. There is a way you can reset and get a new password if you forgot your password Savako.

          To be honest, it takes time to make money online. SBC is hyped to make you one believe that money can be made easily. If you are sure that you want to make money with SBC, you have to recruit others to join the scheme.

          Alternatively, you can check a guide here on affiliate marketing.

  21. Am very green and i realy want to know. Is this a company? Do you employ people? Pliz tell me all abt this and how it works.

    1. Yes, Socialbizconnect is an MLM company.

      It does not employ people. In order to make money with the program, you have to pay $42(Yet to confirm, they keep on changing the price as well as the pay plan)

      The Only way to make money is by referring others to the scheme who actually pay the subscription fee.

      Hope that helps Shaka. Let me know if you need more help concerning an online business.

      1. Thank you so much for your advice.I was just about to enter into the business until I read this am not ready to do this pyramid staff.Thanks alot

          1. Happy that my socialbizconnect review helped you, Benard,

            Check out Wealthy Affiliate. It is the place where I got my start, build websites and make money.

            Let me know if you need further help, Benard.

  22. Hey Tony,I recently attended the socialbizconnect training and was about to join till I read through your argument. Am not sure whether that can be a good direction for me since am not that kind of a guy who is ready to run after family and friends but have a burning desire to join online business. Please advice on how I can go about wealthy affiliate or commission miner.

    1. Hello Ogada,

      Glad that you finally made it here. For the past 2 years, I have been saving people from scams as well as directing them to the right programs.

      Like many, if you cannot run after family and friends, I suggest you build you own business.

      You can read a review about Commission miner here or of Wealthy Affiliate here.(I’m involved in both)

      If you are a newbie or just starting out online, join wealthy affiliate.

      Let me know if you need further help Boaz!

    1. Hey Cashback traffic cannot make you sustainable income. Its just the same as my Paying ads(If you ever had about it).You will need a lot of investment in both time and money. You should have a minimum of 3 traffic units which is equivalent to $30 and one paying person under you in order to get paid.

      Hope this shed some light about cashback traffic.

    1. Thanks for Sharing Your opinions., and Now are owned by the same person.

      If fact, All of them now redirect to GIF Kenya.

  23. Hi Tony,

    A guy tried to hype the business before on a facebook group and I shot him down. He ended up calling me a failed fool!! Well am a failed fool with my money intact!!

    I am looking for an online opportunity to make money and I don’t mind the work since am 24/7 infront of a laptop. Just need some good leads to great sites where I can work and get paid. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hey Raphael,

      Socialbizconnect is over-hyped to make one believe that making money online is as easy as 123. Those who promote it not only lose friends but also credibility as online marketers. You are not a fools since you saved yourself not only from losing your money but also your friends.

      Just replied to your comment on the wealthy Affiliate review which is the program I highly recommend both for newbies and advanced marketers.

  24. Saning'o Nkorruma

    I like the way you outline but I have one issue, why are you scamming another company to promote the company you are in???????? Of course you are winning people to join your business but they also join the free site only? The rest is premium (domains @ 13.99$a year right) and yiu call it free. I bet you that you will not approve this.

    Keep rocking build your business but you don’t have to Scam another company just because it’s a competitor. Ethics in business.

    1. Hey Saning’o,

      Glad that you like my way of writing. I approve all comments as long as they are not spams or containing abusive language.

      I am very ethical guy Nkorruma and care about my reputation. That is why I give the cons and pros of the product. The decision is completely up to you.

      Your issue with domains…

      You HAVE TO OWN a domain. In fact you don’t have to buy domains from wealthy affiliate. To further prove my ethnicity, I gave a thump down to wealthy affiliate against Name Cheap.

      Hey what’s up with the new SBC relaunch? You have to buy domains from them.(I bet they have affiliate links)
      Keep rocking too.

  25. Haloo I once attended the three hrs session but i didn’t like the fact that those guys don’t tell people the truth by claiming that u can sell goods online ,advertise etc when u log in bt it remains that u only earn through inviting. Thanks for that information…
    I think they should offer training first before imposing them to join and pay before they understand anything about it cause that sucks…otherwise I like it i will give a trial someday.

    1. Hey Monicah,

      Glad that you understood you can only earn through chasing and inviting family and friends.

      You don’t have too while there is a free alternative(hint; not MLM or what you are thinking) that offers so much for free than what SBC offers for a price.

      See yah!

    2. Before you point your finger at SBC, you had a session for asking questions… Did you ask your question and didn’t get it answered?

      1. Hey Yettah,

        I agree, After the training session, we are given an opportunity to ask questions.

        Keep in mind that most of us expected in to be a real job as advertised only to find that you had to recruit people to the scheme in order to make money.

        I quit and started building a real sustainable Affiliate marketing business even if I was already successful with SocialBizConnect(Now Global Internet Fortunes)


  26. Thanks for the insight but i would like to know if you have a better alternative because i have lost alot of money to internet scams

    1. Hello Ivan and sorry for falling into scams.

      Anyway, Am glad you made it here while researching.

      Check the wealthy affiliate and see what it has to offer.

      It offers the fundamentals in affilite marketing and gives you 2 free websites.

      End of search,

  27. hello Tony
    I have heard about social business network but I have alwyas had my doubts .
    I always view it as a pyramid scheme because in Kenya there are no jobs and they offer you one on a silver platter..
    But I get your argument on online business
    so my question is …is social business network worth my interest …should I try it or not ??!

    1. Hey kareeh and thanks for stopping by.

      Your doubts are right. It is a pyramid scheme because there are no real products to sell.

      If you can chase after family and friends this is for you. But if you want to get targeted people just like how you found this site, there is a place you can learn Kareeh.


  28. Samantha Naisula

    Thank you for providing us with this quality information. It was an insightful read and I love the beautiful and elegant website design layout you have. Keep up with the good job.

    1. Hello Samantha,

      Thank you for your kind words. They realy mean a lot to me.

      It has always been my happiness helping internet users with the information they need.


  29. Hi AmmovinOn,

    I love the fact about your review. Affiliate Marketing can be a big plus for many individuals. This system gives the “Average Joe” a way to market quality products across the globe, with no inventory whatsoever. It is one of the best methods webmasters can use to monetize their sites.


  30. This is one of the best blog because you have giving powerful and correct information. Today all we lack is powerful and legit information. You article is very helpful for those for who seeking career in showbiz. You really giving them correct and powerful information. There dozen of fake information and that’s the reason why people give up on their dreams so quickly.

  31. Very well my friend , your site looks very proffesional and awesome , got your pics and videos wich is amazing , you know how to keep your visitors in here , very atractive arcticle i realy like it , well done my friend , keep up the good work 🙂

  32. Hello Tony, I come from that part of Kenya where civilization is still ongoing and I would love to help my brothers and sisters understand what SBC is. For that reason please break it down for me in a layman’s language how one makes money on SBC. For example break it down as follows:

    1. Join SBC ( I understand that part)
    2. Do ABC (not clear to me)
    3. Get paid.

    1. Hi Martin, I did a previous review of what SBC is in general. In summary, it is a muilti-level company therefore the only way to make money is by inviting folks to the paid option. If no so, you make NOTHING. One get paid on M-PESA weekly.( For International members, you can use paypal too)

      If you are looking for a real way to grow you business, Immerse yourself into wealthy affiliate. This article is about ONLY the products that I personally love. Hope this helps you Martin. If you need any more help or clarification, am here to help you as a fellow entrepreneur.

      The Sky is the Limit,

  33. This is a good web site with a lot of great information on how to make money online. Nice images makes for an enjoyable read.The only thing I didn’t care for was, I thought it was a bit cluttered with advertising. It was good but to much on 1 page. But that’s just my opinion.otherwise great Job.

    1. Am Glad that you found this website helpful. Anyone who is ready to make money online can grab the information in this website for maximum profits.

      Socialbizconnect seems to be genuine only that I do not like the idea of pass ups. Otherwise Wealthy affiliate and commission miner remains to be my best programs.

  34. This all seems a bit squashed to me – I’ve never really heard of internet marketing training coming out of Kenya before. Then again – you know more about the product than me!!
    If I was looking for a more western based internet marketing training what would you recommend to me?

    1. Hi Chris,

      It is a new program that is less that 5 years old, so it is just like a kid that is growing. I have the bset program that have turned to be my best way to generate traffic and make more money. The program is free for 30 days.

      Auto-pilot income co-op gives you the opportunity to make money and generate traffic for your existing business. Anyone can join as long as they have a paypal account!


  35. Hey, Tony!

    SocialBizConnect is something entirely new to me, but I loved reading your review on the program 😀

    I also love the idea of having my own capture page and autoresponder because I’ve heard that they can be very effective online business building tools to help increase sales and profits.

    This program sounds great, so I’ll be clicking your link for more info.


    1. I love the products within socialbizconnect but hate how the system is designed. It can be hard for a newbie to make money with socialbizconnect. MLM are always branded in a way that makes making money online so Easy.

      For advanced marketers, the products are just awesome. I would NEVER recommend this program to a newbie(Who wants money) unless I already have a mentor I trust.

  36. I’d never heard about Social Biz Connect before, but I must admit, those lead capture pages look good. Also, I like the idea of having an auto-responder. I’ve not got into email marketing yet, but I hope to soon.

    I notice you also like Wealthy Affiliate. Which do you think is the best out of Wealthy Affiliate and Social Biz Connect? I am currently a member of Wealthy Affiliate, but I am wondering whether it would be better to be a member of SBC instead. What do you think?

    1. To me, socialbizconnect is not a community. You need to stay in a community that you are in Marcus. Wealthy affiliate remains to be one of my top rated programs.

      If you needs an autoresponder at a cheaper price, consider the CMC Portal.

      I use convertkit as my smart autoresponder.


    2. Hi… I’m sorry… but I’m a member of SBC and it for me, is a family…

      I have a group of mentors that help me when I’m stuck, check up on me, and if I’m struggling they give me advise.

      Tony, Please stop marketing by making us look bad and make your company look good. It’s unfortunate that you call yourself ethical and yet, your simply compromising another’s dignity to make yourself look good.

      That is so unfortunate and please give people a chance to decide that for themselves.

      1. The decision is up to you. I don’t decide for anybody. People deserve better opportunities and information to stop Giving internet marketing a bad name.

        Being loyal to one Company? No Thanks. I publicly recommend affiliate marketing proudly and not enslaved to any company!

  37. This is truly an eye opener for me. I never know that SocialBizconnect was developed to eradicate employment in Kenya, what an honest way to give people hope.

    It’s glad also to know that the business plan not based on pyramid because if they do,it definitely another scam online.

    From your review I can see that SocialBizconnect are legitimate because they give opportunity to try it first before commit to their plan. Great info for me now.

    1. Hey Saiful,

      When you try SBC, you cannot make a dime. Its MLM and not affiliate marketing where you can promote a product for FREE.

      You should also consider the recent research that proved that Over 96% of those who join an MlM company quits before they make any money.

      In addition, with affiliate marketing, you can promote as many products as you wish.

  38. Hello Tony,

    It’s good to find out about opportunities and what they have to offer the ordinary person so your review here is interesting.

    You say there is a free starter position but only premium members can make any money, is that right? Why would anybody choose free if they can’t earn any money from it and if the training is offline, do you have to wait to have a meeting before you can get any training at all?

    Wouldn’t this be so hard for people who know nothing about the internet or having a business?

    How does this compare to a program like Wealthy Affiliate where all the training is online and is suitable for complete novices to internet marketing please?


    1. Currently(July 2015) only premium members can earn. In one sentence, there is no affiliate program. Since the training is offline, they are targeting people around the capital city(Nairobi-Kenya). One has to register for the training in order to be invited for the meeting. The FREE platform is just for interacting with other members.

      This would be hard for people who know nothing about internet. In this business, one requires a great mentor or someone with online experience and already successful.( I can Personally help anyone along the way). It is not so hard to get started since it is internet based. In my opinion, anyone can get started here as long as you understand what you will be doing to make money!

      Wealthy affiliate is very unique. There are quality training modules that teaches one how to build an online business from a scratch. Socialbizconnect is much far from wealthy affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate remains my best!

      Wishing you success Mark:)

  39. Hey Anthony how are you
    Sounds like a pretty good company with a low price point. So this is a network marketing company with an online presence, but the training is done offline. I would say eventually they will offer online training. This is no doubt giving hope to people in Kenya, that is a good thing. You nailed it when you said online business is not for quitters, that is what happens to a lot of people, they give up too soon. Good review, keep up the good work.

    1. I am Fine Randy,

      Socialbizconnect is a great company that is evolving. If only one can combine Socialbizconnect with wealthy affiliate, there would be so many benefits. You can grab the training, build website and generate revenue using the two programs. When you are a member, you will not require to pay for auto-responders or lead capture pages. (Aweber is a bit expensive)

      Most people join a network Marketing Company and quit before they see results. With online business, things are done differently. Your learn, build then succeed. Most people quit during building. Thank you Randy.

  40. Dear Tony,

    I love the way your Website is laid out. So appealing and neatly organized. I never knew about Social Biz Connect until I read this Blog Post.

    I usually am one for trying a program that has a Trial Version first before investing cash into it to continue the Training I liked further along.

    I think this lacks greatly in comparison to what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. There are plenty of Mentors available who are more than eager to spread caring words of advice to help push you along the path to online success and financial freedom should you so desire to make an online business as a full time job.

    I am glad to read this Review and thank you greatly for raising awareness on something I knew very little about. 🙂

    Here’s to you and your upcoming success online above and beyond the horizon,


    1. Thank you Angel for coming around,

      I am glad that you like how my website is and thanks for the compliment. It is now great that you know about this program and what it has to offer. Some people join marketing companies before even knowing what they will be doing.

      Just to clarify, Social Biz Connect has a free version to where interested people can join(but don’t want to make money). I would have felt guilty if I compared socialbizconnect with wealthy affiliate. As you just said, there are plenty of mentors out there. I have met so many Online Millionaires Mentors who are always willing to give me a hand along the way.

      Wishing you success too Angel.

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