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Welcome to My Digital Course Secrets Review in 2023 which is a Course by Kevin David that Claims to teach you how to create successful digital courses from the skills that you already have.

Is this course the real deal or hyped like any other course out there to persuade this to buy?

Stick with me Elites Because I will reveal everything you need to know about creating successful digital courses even if you are a beginner or don’t have any existing audience.

What you will Learn?

  • Who is Kevin David?
  • Which is the most profitable business model?
  • What do Your Favourite entrepreneurs do for a living rather than what they are telling you?
  • How to Validate your ideas to make your course more profitable
  • The #1 Mistake Beginners make while starting to build an audience
  • How to build a Passionate Follower

Let’s Jump right into the Full Digital Course Secrets Review…

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Who is Kevin David Amazon FBA Masterclass Review

In a Very Short Time, Kevin David has built a following of hundreds of thousands of inspired Entrepreneurs!

He quickly became a 7+ Figure eCommerce Seller utilizing the power of Amazon FBA, Shopify, and Facebook Ads!

After Mastering the Process, he began pursuing his PASSION.

His Training has helped thousands of like-minded individuals to leave their 9-5 Jobs Behind and Free them from Corporate Slavery!

His pieces of training continue to create Success Stories all over the world for Thousands of his Students.

Will you be next?

Apart from That Kevin David has also been featured on your favorite news websites like Forbes, Enterepreneur Magazine, Inc, The Huffington Post, and The Profit just to mention a few.

What is Digital Course Secrets by Kevin David?

Intoduction to Digital CourseSecrets by Kevin David Digital Course Secrets by Kevin David is a 6 Chapter Training that teaches you exactly how to use your passion or skillset to make passive income online.

Kevin David Realised that people have many talents and skills while others are dying to get a solution to a particular problem.

That call for a bridge to close the gap.

After creating his successful online businesses, he decided to follow his passion and teach others the whole process of mastering the creation of digital courses.

The Main Components that Make this course stand out:

  • Learning how to build an audience of passionate followers who will BEG to buy your course.
  • Strategies to market your course so you can see an immediate return on your investment
  • ‘Everything for Free’ world-class lead generation strategy
  • Kevin David has already done over 8 Figures from his Digital Courses

Digital Course Secrets Pros Vs Cons


  • One-time Fee
  • Accommodates all levels of marketers
  • Step-by-step video training
  • You are learning from somebody who has been there and done that
  • Advanced strategies for getting leads for FREE
  • You are building a brand and name for yourself
  • Very timely support
  • Kevin David is available in the top 3 social platforms
  • Thousand of successful students that you can learn from
  • It shows you how not to burn your money and minimize your ad spend
  • Training is always updated
  • A nice easy to follow the navigation


  • Digital Course secrets are not cheap
  • You have to take action
  • You require a budget for advertising

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An Inside Look Into Digital Course Secrets by Kevin David

Digital Course Secrets Overview

Kevin David’s courses have been creating success story after success story.

While there are so many business models like Affiliate Marketing, Shopify, Amazon FBA, Social Media Marketing Agencies, and real estate, creating digital courses is the most profitable according to Kevin David.

But why Tony?

Well, you can sell a digital course more than a couple of million times while you created the course just once.

As the creator, you will only be updating your courses from time to time.

The hardest part after creating a course is getting people who are willing to pay you. That is covered as well in DCS.

DCS is divided into 6 main chapters.(There will be bonus chapters added and I will keep you updated)

Chapter 1: Choosing your Niche

Choosing a Niche Inside Digital Course Secrets

This is the first step and is very important.

You don’t want to choose a niche that no one cares about. You’ll discover an EVERGREEN Niche course that Never runs out of style not gets saturated.

Key take- Aways from this Chapter

  • How to find a brand name to impress customers
  • Why certain businesses succeed while others fail terribly
  • Finding pain and Pleasure points to sell your digital courses
  • How to build a mindset of success

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Chapter 2: Building Your Tribe

David Digital Course Secrets Review - Building a Tribe

You need attention if you want your brand and course to be recognized.

What you’ll get:

  • How to build an email list of hot buyers
  • How to create a Facebook presence with groups and ads
  • How to dominate YouTube even if you are nobody now
  • How to be a genuine person that connects with real people
  • How to offer Free staff to generate leads

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Chapter 3: Validate Your Course Idea

Validating your Course Idea in Digital Course Secrets

In this chapter, you will learn how you can beat your competition and dominate so that you can profit after you create your first course and be the”go-to ” when people want solutions to their problems.

What you Digest:

  • The top 3 questions customers have that will hinder them from buying your courses.
  • The 4 reasons why people buy a course and how to implement your course
  • How to be genuine and truthful to increase the # of sales

Chapter 4: Organising, Planning, and Pricing Your Course for Explosive Growth

Building Your Course For Explosive Growth Digital Course Secrets

You are not going to profit if you don’t have landing pages, sales pages

, email sequences and everything organized well.

When you master this chapter, you will see more massive profits than you expected.

Why this chapter is important:

  • You will understand the basic software you need to organize and sell your course
  • How to use pre-existing resources to organize your content
  • How to sell a premium option price for your market
  • Mentality and accountability partners that will help you achieve your dreams

Chapter 5: Building Your Course Technology

Technology evolution in Digital Course Secrets by Kevin David

You don’t need to hire a developer or learn programming skills. That will cost you additional money.

In this chapter, you will learn how to use technology to have a fully automated digital course that makes you money while you sleep.

Why this chapter is important:

  • How to create a sales funnel to get your customers to your desired final destination
  • Using proven sales copy to emulate to your course
  • The membership funnel to host your videos and restrict content from the public
  • How to send order fulfillment emails automatically
  • Use the Problem, Agitate, Solution, and Sales copy for your course

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Chapter 6: Marketing Mastery

This module ensures that you make the most after you launch your very first course.

Why this module is flawless: Marketing Mastery Digital Course Secrets

  • Learn how to combine a good course and marketing for maximum profit
  • How to effectively communicate organically using Facebook, YouTube, and Email
  • How to use Curiosity, Exclusivity, and Scarcity effectively to boost sales and conversions
  • Facebook advertising vocabulary(Lookalike, custom, etc)
  • Places to find examples of highest converting FB ads
  • Learn the art of storytelling
  • Learn how to master Facebook ads
  • Create perfect Facebook ads
  • Marketing tools and objectives
  • Visit all of Kevin Kevin’s highest converting ads for inspiration
  • Test and take advantage of on Facebook
  • How to scale up effectively

Digital Course Secrets Bonus Chapters

There are some more bonuses if you decide to taste the Digital Course Secrets waters.

The bonuses catalyze your success so that you see massive results first as a student of Digital Course Secrets.

Here are the Bonuses:

Bonus #1 – Raising Your Army   ($997 value)

Financially incentivizing your students to advocate and market for you is the easiest way to market your product.

  • Step-by-Step Tutorials to Set Up Your Affiliate Program
  • Ways to 10x Number of People Promoting Your Digital Course

Bonus #2 – Facebook Messenger Bots ($1,997 value)

Chat with Many with ManyChat

  • What is a Messenger Bot
  • Why is Messenger Important
  • Can’t I just Use Email?
  • Dashboard Walkthrough (MOST Important Sections!)

Bonus #3 – Automated Evergreen Webinar (Priceless)

The Strongest Workhorse on EarthYou’ll get access to a fully automated webinar that works non stop for you, 24/7, relentlessly spreading your message.

  • Access to My Actual Webinar Script
  • ​’Plug and Play Webinar Funnel
  • A Fully Built Out Email Sequence

Total Bonus Value: $2,994

Who is Digital Course Secrets For?

Digital Course Secrets is for Complete newbies who want to get the course creation process right from day One!

Are you an intermediate or advanced Marketer? You are in good hands! Why not take what you already know to the Next Level? You can Scale your business dramatically.

Have you tried other business models like eCommerce and affiliate marketing but failed miserably? This may be the last course you need!

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Is There Support Inside Digital Course Secrets?

You will be getting support directly from DCS members from a very active and supportive group and also from Kevin David himself.

Kevin David is also super active on YouTube and Instagram.

Email support is also available if you need anything along the way.

You will be learning from 6 and 7-figure earners when you join DCS

Digital Course Secrets Price

Digital Course secrets have only 2 Price options.

You can choose a one-time option or an instalment option.

That is:

One-time payment of $1,997(You save $998 Instantly) or 5 X 599.

That is it!

Digital Course Secrets at a Glance

Name: Digital Couse Secrets

Owner: Kevin David

Price: $1,997 or 5 X $599

Rating: 92 out of 100

Category: Digital Courses Creation

My Closing Thoughts and Opinion

The digital course industry is over $342 billion industry.

Most millionaires have uncovered the loophole and started creating Digital Courses on Topics that they are passionate about.

Your favourite entrepreneurs like Tai Lopez, Garry Vee, and Tony Robbins make most of their money selling courses rather than doing what they are teaching you.

That calls for more millionaires like you and me!

With Digital Courses, it is easy to scale as you have full control of the entire business.

Digital Course Secrets by Kevin David is Worth Checking out.

Get Digital Course Secrets for $1,997 Now(Installment plan available at checkout)


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Thanks for checking out my Digital Course Secrets Review 2023. If you have any questions, testimonials, complaints, or compliments about Digital Course Secrets or any of his courses, be free to share them in the comments below.

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The 7-Steps to Become a successful Super Affiliate

FREE 6-Part Video Series

The Leave Your Soul-sucking 9-5 Blueprint

How To Quit Your 9-5 Job & Achieve Financial & Time FREEDOM

Kevin David Digital Course Secrets Review (2023)
Digital Course Secrets Review

Digital Course Secrets Review 2023: Has Kevin David Cracked the New Digital Course Secrets code? Click this article now to Learn More about DCS and join!

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