Eight of the Best WordPress Membership Plugins for 2017 & Beyond

Eight of the Best WordPress Membership Plugins

If you are thinking of launching a membership site, relax while taking a cup of coffee.(or beer). I have done the hard work for you and found Eight(8) of the Best WordPress membership plugins. It is not a secret that membership sites are the most profitable… The number of membership plugins is increasing dramatically and the competition is optimum. Most […]

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How to Research and Choose a Profitable Niche For A Living- The Beginner`s Guide Vol 2

How To Research an Choose a Profitable Niche Market for a Living

Niche research is not only boring but also time-consuming. I am not sure if the best niche exists but am sure there are profitable niches. It depends on what best fits you. It is a fact that the “Make Money Online Niche” is extremely competitive. There are 3 Highly profitable niches that I will share with you along the way. […]

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SEMrush vs Jaaxy Comparison: Which One is the Best Keyword Research Tool?

You want to crush your competition. Right? No one owns keywords. You can get Top Google rankings easily if you know how to use them right. While there are so many keyword research tools. SEMrush and Jaaxy are some of the well-known keyword research tools. Although they may not perform the same function, they are all keyword research tools. In […]

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Is The Chris Farrell Membership a Scam Program?- My Review 2017

Chris Farrell Membership Review

The internet is full of junk product that promises to make you a millionaire. Aren’t you tired of this hype? Today we are going to review Chris Farrel membership. Chris Farrel membership has been on the market for quite some time and therefore so many people are interested to know what it is all about. Let’s begin. Shall we? Chris […]

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Top 10 Steps to Top Google Rankings: Get FREE Organic Traffic!

Top 10 Steps to Top Google Rankings-Featured Image

The ranking question will never end. With Google having over 200 ranking factors, it is hard to decide which ones to work more than the other. However, one can still get great rankings when the master the steps that will be discussed in this video. Always remember while writing content, you are not writing for Google. Real people are finding […]

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How Do I choose a Good Domain Name?: The Beginners Guide Vol 1

Choosing a Domain Name

I recommend that you first know what your website is about before choosing a domain name. Most people begin with a free website before they are comfortable having their own domain. The main reason is because your domain name will be the main theme of your website. But there are still questions that you are probably asking yourself… How will I […]

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What Are the Best Time To Post on Social Media For Results?

Time to post on Social Media

Content marketing is known to so many people by now and cannot be ignored. If you are focusing on content marketing you should understand how Google ranks articles. In fact there are over 200 Google ranking factors but I mostly consider only the main 10. While there are so many benefits of social media marketing, we need to learn the […]

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