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Bold Cashers Pesamoni Review 2024: Is Bold Cashers a Scam?

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Hey, What’s up guys, welcome to my Bold cashers Pesamoni review in 2024. I hope you are safe wherever you are. Don’t panic!

With the current situation, the number of people who want to work from home is increasing tremendously. This calls for more opportunities for people to make a fortune online.

In this article, I will share with you everything you need to know about Bold Cashers and making money online in general.

Make sure you read the entire article to get each detail that I will share with you today.


I have some Killer bonuses for everyone who joins through this website. In the past, I have had people asking me if they can get bonuses if they bought a product or elsewhere.

The bonuses are exclusive to EliteAffiliateHacks Readers Only. No Exceptions. You are lucky to be here.

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Let’s cut straight the BoldCashers:

Here is what you will learn in this BoldCashers Review:

  • What are Bold Cashers?
  • Is BoldCashers a Scam?
  • How to register with Bold Cashers
  • Some Boldcasher testimonials
  • How does Bold Cashers Work?
  • How to Earn with Bold Cashers
  • How to spin in boldcashers
  • The Bold Cashers Chat App
  • How to get my Killer Bonuses for FREE
  • My Honest Final Verdict

Name: Bold Cashers

Owner: Pesamoni LTD


Price: Ksh 1,550

Elite Affiliate Hacks Rating: 2.8 out of 5(See why by reading the whole article)


Bold Cashers Video Review

If you like Videos, watch my Bold Cashers video review below or Directly on YouTube Here

What are Bold Cashers All About?

Bold Cashers ReviewBold Cashers is a Financial Company with an application that provides payment services to its customers at an affordable price with Pesamoni LTD as the parent company.

Bold Cashers was started in Uganda back in 2016 and then branched to Kenya & Rwanda in 2018. Ever since people have been using it to transfer funds using:  Mpesa, Airtel Money, Visa, MTN, and MasterCard users. Thanks to the Chat App.

Bold Cashers Pros Vs Cons

There are always two parts to a story. It is no different with bold cashers.

Bold Cashers Pros:

  • Affordable start-up capital
  • Risk-FREE
  • One-time payment
  • The parent company is fully registered
  • SSL Certificate(you are served on a secure server
  • Easy signUp Process
  • Earning opportunities for Kenya, Uganda & Rwanda
  • An affordable way to send money to a friend or family from a different location
  • A great source of side hustle income

Bold cashers cons:

  • Not a sustainable business model
  • Not a Worldwide market
  • You don’t own the business

That being said, I don’t know what you are waiting for. To create an account and start earning. For only Ksh 1,550, why not?

Create your Free Bold Cashers Account Now

How to Register with Bold cashers

To register with Bold Cashers is simple and only takes a minute. Remember, you have to be from Rwanda, Uganda, or Kenya to register. It is completely Free.

If you are From Kenya, here is a Walk through the entire process in 3 -Easy steps

Step 1: Use my Unique Affiliate link here or below

Step 2: Activate your bold cashers account. To activate your account, you need to Pay only Ksh 1,550. It’s easy, you just have to follow through

  • Enter Paybill number = 4040043
  • Account number = BC
Boldcashers Review- How to Activate Your account
Activate your boldcashers account
Boldcasher Pesamoni Review - Verify Your Payment
Verify your payment by entering your M-pesa code
Enter Your M-pesa confirmation code

Step 3: Promote Your Affiliate Link. You can promote your affiliate link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook Ads.

I share more advanced tactics on my bonuses to assist you to make money as soon as today!

Step 4: Start Banking!

How About Some Bold Cashers Reviews and testimonials from Fellow Bold Cashers Members?

Let’s keep it to the old religion. A picture speaks a thousand words.

BoldCashers Tetimonials and Reviews
Boldcashers Reviews

How can You Make Money With Bold Cashers?

I know most of you guys want to make money using Boldcashers. No matter what it takes. With the current economy, everyone understands.

The main method that you are going to make money is by referring paying customers to the company. Imagine how many people are willing to make money. Almost everyone wants to make money in the comfort of their home.

Here is How you earn in one paragraph.

Bold Cashers will pay you Ksh 650 for the 1st and 2nd Person. From the 3rd person to eternity, you will get paid Ksh 1,150. That is it, guys. Go make some money!

What is the Bold Cashers Chat App?

BoldCashers chat app is an application that can be downloaded in the Google Play store that makes it possible to send and receive money and also advertise on the app. (All the other things are useless as they can be done via WhatsApp)

NOTE: While the App may seem amazing on its website, they have very low ratings & reviews among users. I don’t recommend anyone reading this to join the app. Join at your good.

Is Bold Cashers Pesamoni a Scam or Legit?

BoldCasher is not a scam. As you may have seen from the reviews above. They have a very-positive rating among users. A 4.8-star review means that there are little to no complaints from people using Boldcashers.

My Killer Bold Cashers Bonuses(No One Else Does This)

*I receive so many requests in my emails. You can only get my bonuses if you become a paying customer within 7 days. No exceptions

Get all your questions answered here.

Before I reveal the bonuses, Let’s agree on one thing. Say this with me: ” I am going to reinvest the money I make with Boldcashers in long-term business and create a better lifestyle and future.”

Bonus 1: MY Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing(Value $47)

If you have undergone any sort of training, you know how important a mindset is. In this guide, I will share with you my results doing affiliate marketing and show you what’s possible.

Bonus 2: The Best Affiliate Marketing Courses(Value $97)

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. That being said, there are so many scams out there. With over 4 years of experience under my belt, I know what works and what doesn’t

Bonus 3: Most Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niches(Value $139)

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Bonus 4: Access to my private Facebook group with over 1,000 members worldwide & Growing. In the group, you can share your struggles and wins with our community.

Bonus 5: Direct Access to me(PRICELESS)

I get a lot of messages on my social media channels. Ie Email, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube. Some request to pay for coaching. For you. It’s Free.

Bonus 6: How to Promote Bold Cashers the Right Way

I want you to make money as soon as today. I’ll show you how you can promote your unique link and get sales right away. This little hack will save you plenty of hustle.

Bold Cashers vs Wealthy Affiliate

While you can make money with bold-cashers, it is not the best way to create a stable online business. See why using the comparison table below. It is the same place I got my start and made my first $1,000 online

Bold Cashers FAQ

How do you earn from bold cashers?

You earn from bold cashers by referring paying customers to boldcashers. We will show you how!

What is bold cashers all about?

Boldcashers is a Financial app that gives you discount when you send money. To use the platform, you have to be from Kenya, Uganda & Rwanda. Welcome on-board.

What is Pesamoni

Pesamoni is an internet based application that allows people to make money transfers all over the world. Kampala, Kampala, Uganda. Industries Apps, Internet, Mobile Apps, Social Media Founded Date Jan 1, 2016 Operating Status Active Number of Employees 1-10.

My Final Bold cashers Verdict & Recommendation

If you want to make fast money, you can join bold cashers right now and start earning as soon as tonight. It is very easy to promote the program and make money easily.

The starting capital is also very affordable. Therefore, your money will be compounded at very high interest.

On the Flip Side: You are not in business. Can you imagine what would happen if the company crashed today? I always recommend that everyone have multiple streams of income that will supplement one another.

If you want(After you have made some money with BoldCashers) to Build a Sustainable, long-term affiliate business, check out Wealthy Affiliate which will show you exactly that. It is the same place where I got my start online some years ago and I have been making thousands of dollars in passive income.

Thanks for checking my Bold Cashers Review in 2024. If you have any questions, complaints, reviews or compliments about boldcashers, share them in the comments below.

Take care!
-Tony Omary

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